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He Demands Respect, but he gives No Respect

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He demands respect, but he gives No Respect.  He gives no respect to the Pope.  He gives no respect to Merkel.  He gives no respect to the Constitution of the United States of America. He gives no respect to you, or me. He gives no respect to the Congress of the United States. He gives no respect to Democracy. He gives no respect to democratically elected leaders when it suits him not to do so. He gives no respect to the citizenry of the world. He gives no respect to the rule of law. He gives no respect to the environment. He gives no respect to freedom of speech or of the press.  He gives no respect to boundaries. He is one spoiled child who some believe is a tough cookie; so tough they believe him to be, indeed, that they are willing to hail him, and to hold him up in the stature of a god, or a near god. 


How sad that through ignorance, fear, and/or intimidation of the many by a very few good liars who do his bidding, we have become a village of savage dwellers akin to those dwellers, sometimes cannibals, who populated the oodles of Tarzan jungle stories; worshipping a man who has created a cult to himself, a god with a small, “g,” who deserves no more worship than the white-man-god who, through fear planting and misguiding wisdom a/k/a manipulation, ruled over the honest, trust giving, but completely ignorant savage dweller living right smack in the midst of Tarzan’s jungle stories.


How sad that there has sprung a cult to Bush this late in the game of supposedly civilized nations, and in a nation which ... once upon a time and not so long ago, was a beacon of democracy, imperfect though it may have been, a beacon nonetheless. How sad that this cult to a man whose greed for oil, and lust for power and control, could wipe out the entire planet through nuclear war, or disregard of environment, or a combination of both.


How, Bush a dictator with clay feet has made himself out to be a demi-god, although, reality uncovers him as a man who is afraid and fearful of his shadow, is beyond me.


Bush, a man whose attempt to hide his elite inheritance and country club soul, in the checkered shirt and leathered boots of a Texas cowboy, pulls the wool over no one’s eyes, even when the poor souls of the power hungry like Tony Snow and Chris Matthews lie press conference after press conference, and Hardball night after Hardball night, for their master. It is hard to fathom that that checkered shirt, or those cowboy boots, or the fake Texas Twang, or the famous codpiece piece ever pulled, or continue to pull the wool over the eyes of those who lie, or constantly bleat for him while wrapping him in virtue’s clothing, or savior’s attire, indiscriminately, on demand, and most conveniently as it suits their propaganda.  Ask anyone in that White House Press Room if they believed Tony Snow’s bullshit about Bush being in the frontlines of the war in Iraq. If they are honest enough in their answer, they will laugh out loud in your face.  They should actually laugh a big, loud, scornful laugh at Tony Snow in his face for daring to say lie, after lie; or for even thinking that he is conducting some sort of Kindergarten Class with punishment up his sleeve for people hungry for truth.


Bush has enslaved America in the same jungle of smear and fear that his Poppy did in the late l980s against Michael Dukakis and in the early 90s against the Clintons and Al Gore.  The same game of smear and fear which, so many have learned to play these days without batting an eyelash, or having any regard for the truth. This Bush has mastered the fear-and-smear technique to a greater degree than his Poppy, applies it more freely, at any time, and to anyone who opposes him, dares to call him on the truth, or is honest enough to use the truth.  He and his Poppy know that fear and smear will buy for them those goods that they lust after and that truth and honesty never will.  The same game of smear and fear continues to dog Al Gore; Hillary Clinton, of whom Poppy has promised to, “give hell to,” if she dares to run for the White House—a hell that Chris Matthews has personally taken up the baton for and exposes us to, night after night, that is, if we still can stomach to watch him, and listen to him bleat all of the False Virtues of Bush, and those of the Republican Wanna Bes White House inhabitants. Bush smear is now also being spread on to Michael Moore and his valiant effort and courage to speak up for truth in the interest of people like you and me and our National Health Care and our real doggone need for Universal Health Care.

  They know how to manipulate Fear, as in a malaise that spreads slowly but surely throughout an individual’s emotions and throughout a society’s fabric of life, until it paralyzes an entire way of life.  They know how to spread fear to shut people up, as in the, “we will not talk about politics” comments all over the United States, in family gatherings, where families have differing opinions about Bush, the Bushes in General, their bald-faced lies, their occupation of Iraq, their tax cuts which hurt the economy, the poor, state and city governments who have either to raise local property taxes to make up for the Bush tax cuts, or do away with programs and services that benefit entire communities for lack of funding, or even offer up, as an alternative to high insurance costs, the ability of a home owner to choose whether or not he or she wants to carry windstorm insurance in those places known as hurricane alley.  I mean, really! Is that any sort of real choice for any home owner in hurricane alley? ...  They have down packed the manipulation of fear to an art form ... a slow eating worm, gnawing at free communication between people who experience retaliation for expressing their anti-Bush stand under their constitutionally given right of freedom of speech.  Retaliation which comes in the form of having their names smeared, or black listed, or being called traitors, or having unfounded gossip about them spread throughout who knows how many emotional rivers and tributaries which carry with them the potential of wiping out the individual, his family and friends connections, his life’s sustaining nurturance, by something akin to people running away from the targeted individual as if one were running away from someone afflicted with cholera, or pestilence, or drug resistant pneumonias ... when all the while, we should all be running away from Bush and his lies.    

Fear permeates the atmosphere of the jungle in Bushland.


Paralyzing fear, as in not being able to ask heart probing questions, when unexpectedly meeting an Iraq veteran, in the course of one’s daily routine, as to what he thought about Iraq, or Bush’s war. Fear, as in being afraid to ask, “How was your experience in Iraq?” “Are you alright?”, “Did you suffer any wounds ... Do you have any psychological scars, I mean, since there are no visible signs of physical wounds?”, “Do you subscribe to Bush’s war?”  Fear as in controlling what the Vet is able to offer up on his own about his experience in Iraq.  Fear as in only being able to say, “Thank God that you are out and that it seems nothing of grave consequence happened to you”, when in fact your heart has wanted to ask all these questions, and shout out with gladness, “You are out! Thank God! Thank God! Thank God that Bush’s greed for oil, that his veneration to the gods of Fascism and Imperialism have not placed a dark and heavy burden on your soul.” And you feel powerless and cowardly for not having had the courage to ask the questions you really wanted to ask, or say the things you really wanted to say, or offer much comfort to the Veteran when you hear him say, “Iraq is not a good place to be in these days,” while you want to shout, “Tell me how bad is it,” and all you can say is, “I hate Bush and his greed for oil. I hate his immoral war. I hate what he has done and what he is doing ...” and your voice trails off and you can’t add, “... what he is doing to you, to me, to this country, to Iraq ... to the whole world.”


In Bush’s world of No Respect, there is evil in the jungle indeed.   The evil is the slow spreading gas of fear let out by Bush which poisons rational thinking, gnaws at civilized, rational thinking and opens up the floodgates of reactive emotions to any sort of rational thinking.  It is the gas of fear let out by Bush and the Bush people which plants hatred, divisions, and exalts the supremacy of only a few.  It is the gas of fear which plants bitterness and hopelessness in entire populations and fractions them into submission.


There is a certain hope for change in the bitterness rising among a population which feels abused and disrespected by Bush and his dictatorship; by the lies Bush and his people tell to keep themselves afloat in their jungle of lies while holding on to the reigns of power because, the only thing that matters to them is power, the wealth they acquire with it, and the domination they need to retain their power and ever increase wealth.


There was certain bitterness in the Iraq Veteran’s inability to say what he really thought, perhaps for fear, or acquired wisdom, about how people would react to his truthful story of just how bad it is to be in Iraq these days.

There is a certain bitterness in my heart that we are having to repeat history's tales of repression, right here, right now, and in these United States ... while Bush gets away with it time and time again. 


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