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Mandatory Drug Inoculation To Control and Eradicate Americans? The Choice is Yours!

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Mandatory Drug Inoculation To Control and Eradicate Americans. The Choice is Yours! Who are the most sadistic people on the planet? Who fraudulently invents diseases out of ordinary human peccadilloes and then demands that they be treated? Are these terrorists and conspirators to defraud and frighten people into accepting complete mind and body control by drugs and surgical experimentation procedures like the Bushites, Bilderberg's, Nazi's and Fascists ultimate hero, A. Hitler had practiced? Controlling you with forced Drug inoculation and sterilization is their goal. Ron Paul has one solution to this problem; his opponents have many tied to drug company profit increases. Should the Legalized Big Drug Dealer corporations, who appear to be trying to addict everyone in America, be charged with Terrorism and conspiracy to commit fraud, racketeering and, murder? Have you watched TV/Cable much? If so, you cannot help notice the slow insinuation of a drug culture for all Americans. The depraved fantasy of impotent power mad, self-appointed, "Elitists." If the Bushites, Bilderberg's, and Fascists are Elitists, anywhere other than their own minds, then Mickey Mouse is Superman. Pay close attention the next time they interject into your watching space, a drug commercial. Peruse it carefully; and as you do so keep in mind the TV interview with the CEO of the one of world's largest drug companies, when he said, "I want to see, in my lifetime, every man, woman and child in the world on our drug products." Translation; Healthy or not, it matters not what they think, they are in need of correction of matters they think minor, but we know to be threatening not only to them but to all of society, he wants mandatory drug use. Yes, indeed, pay close attention the next time they air a drug commercial; view it carefully, and as you do keep in mind exactly what are the underpinnings of it. The commercial may start out with a person or persons engaging in something normal, but which the drug companies see as an opportunity to frighten and intimidate the majority of Americans. A normal tic in one's behavior, or false move and the drug companies will create out of it, a disease that needs to be treated. It used to be said by comedians that they invented a drug for which there is not yet a disease. It is now true; they can always make up a disease that fits it later, after they test it to see how wonderfully it destroys humanity. Hardly has the newest drug Commercial on the air, before millions of frightened Americans are panicked into their doctor's office demanding that very drug to control their tic. (I wonder whom they voted for. Three guesses.) The fear tactics and lies of the Legalized Street Corporate Drug Dealers are what inspired and motivated the Bushites that Nazism is Wunderwaffe! "You may be blinking "too often" (dry eyes); Get our Pee-in-your-eye pills! You may be tapping your fingers when anxious, or when trying to solve a problem, or tapping your feet, get our Paralyze You Now Pills. Or perhaps, you may desire sex too often. If so get our Get it Down pills! You'll be limp in no time at all! "Maybe you cannot get it up often enough, get our Iron Pole Pills. It could be you are eating too little. "You are thin? Anorexia! Get our Gluttony Now Pills. Are you eating too much and now are you too obese? You need our Annas-Rexia-Gag me Vomitorium Pills. "Do you become crabby depressed when your team loses, when your girl friend or wife are seen publicly having sex with another man, or a woman, or even a Gnu, or an ox? You mustn't take things so seriously; you are too sensitive. Here take 3-4 or these and call your Doctor in the morning. After a week on these you mother and father could be attacked and burned at the stake, your dog shot by a neighbor, your car stolen as well as your credit cards and your identity, your girl friend is gang-banging the entire NFL on TV, twice a day, at prime Time and at high noon in Times Square, and you won't even flinch from the La-La Land we've cooked up to fry your brain and central nervous system. "If you are too opinionated, too independent-anti-social and you need a drug to make you more compliant, more easily induced into going along, being cooperative, being more like the rest of the people, then they will like you and you will have lot's of friends. If you suffer, the now popular and infamous, Fatal Event, however, please call in this order: Us so we can invent a way to get off the hook for killing you, and then your doctor or more likely your embalmer. See that's why we want laws so you can't sue us when we kill you on purpose or otherwise. It may seem that we are asking you to be impotently accepting of all of this, but Hell, with us rich and you impotent and/or suffering a Fatal Event, we get all the money and all the pretty Gold Diggers, as well!" However, do please take note of the fact that in a sing song, pleasant manner they relate the side effects as though they were naught more than a day at Disney Land, or a naked frolic in a Paradisial Meadowland Garden of Eden, with your fantasy Eve or Adam. Note, please that mixed into the lulled drug side-effects are the clinchers: fainting, Stroke, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Hemorrhage, "Fatal Events," drooling, pawing at your Blankie and saying, "Mommy, where's my Valium." For a lighter look at this problem try The Infamous Drug Company Fiasco here on opednews or elsewhere. This is what is in the sick minds of the drug companies; diseases to be corrected and the drug companies have just the fix for you. However, for the Bushites this is just the means of making you into a Zombie that works or fights their oil wars, until age 35 until they are ready to put you out of your misery, with a new inoculation or two. Anyway by the time they are finished doing a number on your manhood or womanhood, you, they think, will probably kill yourself, saving them time and trouble, and the fifty cents for the bullet. The Patriot Act, The Military Commission's Act of 2006, and the newest horror, the H.R. 1995, The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, this one sponsored by Jane Harman, a California Democrat, merely sets the stage for a variety of sobering, if not downright Orwellian insanities. Under these bills and others, the difference between you and the average, or not so average citizen or even average patriot, and those sent to-Adolph Hitler-inspired, rendition/torture chambers-Concentration Camps that would make the Cardinals in charge of the Spanish Inquisition drop to their knees in contrition and shame, is naught. The Bushite signing statements and Executive Privilege Comments, make all laws subject to the whim of anyone in any sort of power, evilly, infallible and inscrutable, including your neighborhood police or the now easily available in every community, Blackwater mercenary-Legalized Vigilantes. For instance, suppose you ascertain that you are sensitive to, allergic to, or philosophically or scientifically opposed to, certain inoculations or vaccinations and therefore refuse to take them? Now, God knows there have been enough serious side effects including; brain squishing, mind altering, personality deforming, Zombie making, occurrences and "fatal events," to warrant anyone refusing to take them. This would be overruled and you would be forced to take any, all, and as many drugs as the Bushites desire you to take-your health, state of mind and sanity be hanged. You will be labeled a terrorist who seeks to allow a contagious disease to infect him and spread a biological terrorist epidemic to wipe out America. Then they might inject you with the "Hypnotic Terrorist Maker" drug which will cause your will to be overcome and for you to create a "terrorist" event and then in the process kill yourself, proving that they were correct about you all along. Many doctors are already acting like fascists, for instance: A perfectly healthy woman went to a physician for a hemorrhoid "Rubber-Banding." A simple, in-office procedure, which removes the problem painlessly. Now, her father had died following a Colonoscopy as it punctured his colon causing it to hemorrhage, thus sending him into shock and as they stemmed the tide of the bleeding from the Colonoscopy, he contracted a major infection and died in the hospital a few days later. Well the doctor to which she went refused to do the banding unless she underwent a Colonoscopy, a very invasive procedure. She told the doctor of her fear and he "...waved it aside, hubristically" she said. She said she did not come to him to find out if she had cancer or polyps but to eliminate the hemorrhoid. He refused. She had to suffer on with it until she finally, after many tries, found a highly qualified doctor who did as she asked and she was off and running without pain, bleeding or the other problems associated with this relatively minor problem. That is like going to a doctor for a hangnail and has him talk you into an arm amputation. The previous doctor wanted to pad his bill, pay his debt to his sponsoring hospital, and more. His assertion later he was watching out for her future, she and others interpreted as simply trying to make a few brownie points with the hospital, and avoid a lawsuit if it turned out that she had cancer. Both are unethical and unjustified-she was right, she went to him for the "Rubber-banding" not to find out if she had cancer. She was willing to give him a letter saying she refused the procedure stating moral or undue stress reasons. Besides, if she or her physician thought she needed further testing they would have asked her and she would have agreed to an alternative procedure to determine her state of health. Forcing of people into drug programs is the one of primary strategies behind the Bushites desire to destroy Class Action Lawsuits and Personal Injury Lawsuits. They wish to eliminate any possibility of interference in the mandatory drug treatment and distemperization program they were planning for the future, which is now facing Americans head-on. The fascists will cry out against those who refuse drug therapy saying they are terrorists who wish to spread their contagion to the rest of the nation. They will then imprison the citizen objectors and they will never be heard from again or they will force their treatment in Nazi/Dr. Moreau like fashion, and America will become "Escape From New York," or worse. Where is this going? I'll tell you where; to Mandatory Drugging and surgery of all citizens-that, is exactly where all of this is going, complete with mandatory, sterilization and depopulation, is where all of this is going.

Ron Paul, is among the non-mainstream, dump the drug companies, group, and in that regard I salute him and others who believe as I do. Please remember that the other candidates welcome the Legal, Corporate, Drug Dealer's cash. Ron says he will not accept it.

By his desire for a limited Libertarian form of government would, I must say, eliminate the above possibility, by negating such Fascist social programs. I am and remain a Progressive, but all with great ideas are welcome, and Ron has some great ideas. Go his website with an open mind and see for yourself.

What is the solution? One of them is my plan to tax the bejeepers out of companies that outsource use the tax to finance Healthcare. This is about personal choices and freedom of choice. Washington and the centrist One Party system are supporting the profiteers in the Drug Business. I am not, neither is Ron Paul.

A strong part of the solution is to hear what people like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul have to say about health care.

Ron Paul, further says: " Americans are justifiably concerned over the government's escalating intervention into their freedom to choose what they eat and how they take care of their health. I also opposed the Homeland Security Bill, H.R. 5005, which, in section 304, authorizes the forced vaccination of American citizens against small pox. The government should never have the power to require immunizations or vaccinations. "I have introduced the Health Freedom Protection Act, HR 2117, to ensure Americans can receive truthful health information about supplements and natural remedies. "I support the Access to Medical Treatment Act, H.R. 2717, which expands the ability of Americans to use alternative medicine and new treatments. I oppose legislation that increases the FDA's legal powers. FDA has consistently failed to protect the public from dangerous drugs, genetically modified foods, dangerous pesticides and other chemicals in the food supply. Meanwhile they waste public funds attacking safe, healthy foods and dietary supplements. "Last week the congressional Joint Economic committee on which I serve held a hearing featuring two courageous medical doctors. I had the pleasure of meeting with one of the witnesses, Dr. Robert Berry, who opened a low-cost health clinic in rural Tennessee. His clinic does not accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, which allows Dr. Berry to treat patients without interference from third-party government bureaucrats or HMO administrators. In other words, Dr. Berry practices medicine as most doctors did 40 years ago, when patients paid cash for ordinary services and had inexpensive catastrophic insurance for serious injuries or illnesses. As a result, Dr. Berry and his patients decide for themselves what treatment is appropriate." Do you want to be a guinea Pig for Nazi ideological nutcases? Do you want to be a shower room gas murdered victim or a zombie? In lieu of the, no longer with us, FDR, I support Ron Paul at least for a cabinet position in charge of health care in America in the next administration, or maybe as Czar, Guru of Common sense-a roving domestic ambassador against the "Let's make the drug companies richer and enslave Americans, party, which right now aside from Paul and Dennis Kucinich seems to be the One-Two Party system-one for two and two for all, The Republicrats!

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