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FLASH!! Health Care, American Troops Footing The Bill For Cheap Oil, With Their Lives, Governor Elliot Spitzer And Pete

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FLASH!! Health Care, American Troops Footing The Bill For Cheap Oil, With Their Lives, Governor Elliot Spitzer And Pete Bagnolo Elliot Spitzer, The Bushite attempt to Scuttle Healthcare for kids, Governors in Uproar, friends in places high and low, taxing the hell out of outsourcers, paying a large minimum wage to stay at home spouses, Huge Corporate Welfare, Socialized, Corporate, USA military, and much, much, more. Spitzer, Pete, The Stock Market and College Administration Goofs We go back a long way, Elliot Spitzer and I. Had he run; he would be my first choice for President in this election. He may not remember me, but I do indeed remember him. Our contact occurred when I was heavily into the market and saw the criminal activities of the so-called "finest American corporations," cheating shareholders every step of the way. At that time, I was making hundreds of trades per year, Elliot Spitzer was NY Attorney General, and hot after corporations, and Stock Brokers, which were defrauding shareholders. I was right on top of them all, and frustrated by the ineptness and/or lack of interest of the FTC, I was seeking a White Knight. An attorney friend, CEO of one of the nation's largest law firms, who had pro-bono helped me seriously rattle the cages of and frighten half to death the diminutive minds and massive egos, of, what in my eyes was a corrupt college administration said, "Pete there are no White Knights, except maybe you and I, and I am not so sure about, Me!" Later he amended that to include Spitzer. I won my wars at the college and turned my ethical outrage toward doing battle with criminals in the government and business. That is how I met Elliot Spitzer. I spoke with Spitzer once and told him I had damaging evidence against some of the firms he was interested in chasing down, brokerage firms, their criminal analysts and the corporations whose shares they were selling, analyzing, price-pumping-pimping, or destroying. He asked me to fax the material over. He found it interesting and helpful, but had already accumulated similar or the same evidence through his investigation, but thanked me and invited me to stay in touch. In my opinion then, and still now, is that he is that "White Knight," and in a New York Minute, I would support and vote for him as President, as he takes the very path to the White House FDR took, so many decades before. As for the moment, on Monday August 27th, Eliot Spitzer, Governor of New York State, made imminent, his desire to sue the federal government that their newest regulations concerning children's health insurance which violates the extant program covering the children of lower-income families. New York had planned, under the State Children's Health Insurance Program to extend coverage of children which parents earned 400 percent or less than the federal poverty level, raising it from the 250 percent current coverage. The new federal regulations published on August 17, however, indicated that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would have states cover 95 percent of poverty-level families before expanding access to children of middle-income families. This had the appearance of having been written or influenced, by the Insurance lobbyists or their clients to discourage such humanitarian assistance, so their profits would remain intact and grow, but of course, I as an ex-polio victim in the era of FDR, perhaps expect too much of the selfish and avaristic, soul and conscience deprived Neo-cons, Fascists, Republicans and others of that ilk. Those new regulations require that children be without health coverage for one year before they can join the state plans. This is an unconscionable action, which could seriously impair and compromise the health of many children and fits neatly into the depopulation plan of fascism and the New World Order, anti-humanitarian, inhumane, unchristian planning forces. I wonder where the present pope, the patron and previous political supporter of the current fascism that has invaded America, stands on slaughtering by neglect, America's poor children which he and the Bushites (and I) supported bringing into this world, but now they appear to part with me about once bringing them in, keeping them alive and healthy. On the other hand, perhaps they have heard from the funereal Lobby, who may want to bring them in and quickly dispatch them off, more profits all 'round! A revolving door, save them brings them in, let them die off, fast and therefore, depopulate, and steal the land of their families! Spitzer told reporters, "There is a moral imperative that we cover our children with health care." The Children's Health Insurance Program was renewed in early August, adding $50 billion, funded in part by a cigarette tax increase of $00.45 per pack (forty-five cents a pack of cigarettes). Spitzer was adamant in calling attention to the lawlessness of the President's actions. He also noted that the present children's federal health insurance plan lapses on September 30, and therefore he might just wait until that date to file the lawsuit. Spitzer's state, New York, is going to extend its horizon to add 70,000 children, to the 340,000 now eligible. The income level would increase from $43,000 to $69,000. Besides New York, seventeen other states are expanding their Children's Health Insurance Program. American Troops Footing The Bill For Cheap Oil, With Their Lives: Nationalized, Socialized Bullshit! President George W. Bush has, as expected by true Christians, threatened to veto the plan, calling it nationalized health care. Is that anything like a Nationalized Military? Or like a Nationalized mercenary force? Or a Nationalized Halliburpon? Or an Iraqi Nationalized Oil Contract exclusively however, for Public Oil companies, but bought and paid for by taxpayers through and by the lives of 4,000 America troops, and 50,000 casualties. You see folks it is cheaper to inveigle the American military to do the dirty work of killing everyone in sight who might object to the oil companies stealing their oil, because searching and drilling is far more expensive than soaking the taxpayers with creating the chaos which enables the oil companies, at NO COST, to steal and sell oil they are now producing at and selling here at $1.00-$1.50 a BARREL$3.65 a GALLON, which was selling in Iraq at $00.05 a gallon (five cents a gallon at the pump) at the pump before this oil raid better known as a "WAR" and which they will be now producing/stealing, of which they will take a 99% share and "give" Iraq a one cent share of their total cost of about $00.75-$00.85 a BARREL, which the American and Brit oil companies will sell to Americans and Brits at anywhere from $3.00 a gallon to $5.00 a gallon and for which they will make a 10,000% profit, up from their current, very poor, weak, and meager, profit of only 7800%-8800% percent profit. Bush is demanding a 95% enrollment before approval, a snide way of Bushwhacking the bill and the care of America's children. New York, one-upping him has already has enrolled 88 percent of children from poor families, but other governors are calling the 95 percent threshold requirement ridiculous. Expanding it to cover the to expand coverage to the middle-class may be unrealistic, but many experts say a great number of families are not aware that they qualify for such healthcare benefits. New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch and Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland both want U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt to scuttle the new regs and instead help the states to develop guidance in the best interests of uninsured children. Lynch wrote, "These new rules put the health of children at risk, at a time when we should be doing more to provide access to quality health care." I do not know at this point who the nominees will be, but I do know this, the spectacle of fools worrying about a "National Health Care Plan" or "Socialized Medicine," don't even realize they are being manipulated by a band of male sluts in $2,000 suits. We have always had Socialized and National everything. Humans are Socializer's that is how we survived animals twice our size, which have much greater bodily, physical weapons. We have socialized police forces and fire departments, and schools and Military and IRA service and National Police in the FBI and International police in the CIA, and a national, socialized Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard and Light Houses, and now Nationalized, but privately profited from, Oil companies. More than two thirds of the nation's corporations are recipients of Welfare handouts, but they never pay the taxpayers back, even so, they are Socialized and Nationalized Corporations, to the tune of TRILLIONS OF AMERICAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS! Right now, since we were trapped into saving oil companies a trillion dollars by attacking Iraq to steal their oil, the oil companies need to pay us back, like with free gasoline for the next 250 years. Therefore, I say the profits, if any, from Iraqi Oil should go to our children and our service people who fought to save the oil companies the inconvenience of drilling for new oil, as well as to the Iraqi's. I say, Nationalize/Socialize the Oil and all the Oil Companies and do it NOW! The oil in Iraq belongs, by moral fiat to the people of Iraq and to the people of America if we stay there. Socialized, Nationalized American and Brit Corporations My healthcare plan heavily taxes companies that outsource and limits executive compensation to no more than 25 times the average income of their employees and the employees of their contractors, independent contractors and outsourced contractors and employees and capped at $2.5 million a year instead of the $275,000,000,000 one CEO got for a job my grandmother could do in her sleep despite the fact that she has been dead these last 38 years. Outrageous Compensation Packages by corporate Executives are now at between 440-550 times average employee Compensation Packages. 25 times is more than enough. It was good enough for the great industrialists of the WW II era and for the European Industrialists today and it is good enough for America Executives, forever. Percentage never need to change they are always viable and valid regardless of profit. Any more than I have prescribed by Divine Edict is stealing from taxpayers, employees and shareholders, something some American corporations, especially the oil companies, are very adept at. Well that is over, and if they do not heed me, the next painting will reflect God's Will that they all be Nationalized, they can no longer be trusted as they are part and parcel of the warning by Generals and Presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Douglas Macarthur and many others. Corporations have no loyalty all the corporations of our war enemies sold out when the nations they prodded into war lost and so will those here in America. Their loyalty is to illicit profits and the world has changed too much in recent years to trust them with our goodies. . And the savings can be passed on to shareholders and taxpayers from which is being stolen and used for Insurance Company Free, National, Socialized Medicine and a minimum wage for one wage earner per family when the other becomes a full time caretaker of the children and not works, of no less than $75,000 a year.
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