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The King, The Pope and The People!

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A tale of Deceit, Betrayal, Murder, Lust, Avarice, and Lack of Foresight

A sad tale, to some a satire, a travesty, a fantasy, to others reality, for those frustrated that little has been done to appease our anger over the way in which Neo-Cons and fascists, and the pope have defecated all over our sacred writ: the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Reputation. (I am Roman Catholic.) These men, these political and religious corporations (the first and the second, out of evil intent, and the third, out of God knows what motivation, maybe a variety of non-reasons as described herein) have stolen or enabled, mass murder, theft from the poor and the middle class and are trying their worst to reverse all of the good FDR did for the poorest among us by setting up programs like Social Security. As a result of the Neo-Con, fascist element having taken over The White House and Congress, aided by some "Democrats" tens of millions here and in Iraq, for generations to come, have had and/or will have their lives ruined. Many Americans have seen their families seriously impaired because of outsourcing, motivated by a war against American workers, by layoffs, "give-backs" prompted by spineless union leaders, loss of medical care coverage, the destruction of the biblically inspired Bankruptcy Act, which the so-called "Christian Right" (Of which they are neither) endorsed and more. Many of the once middle class, now the new poor, will live shorter lives, and live them in poorer health and guaranteed to have several generations of their descendants see even darker futures in what the fascist regime here is fast turning into a Medieval, feudal economy. Part of the blame for the mass-murder of 655,000 civilians in Iraq, and of 1,000,000 casualties, including 35,000 Americans wounded and/or dead, must be placed on the heads of those Democrats who lacking due diligence and real patriotism would not stand up for our sacred documents or our sacred honor. However, outvoted by bloodthirsty, brutal, avaricious, Neo-cons and fascists, they were in the minority, but lacked the courage to stand up and shout and vote against the war, the Patriot Act, the Military Commission's Act 0f 2006 and much more, Eleven "Democrats voted in favor of dismantling the God-given Bankruptcy Act (which God gave Moses in Torah). A larger part must be placed upon the heads of those lazy Americans more than 60% of which failed to vote, which is the least they could have done for being allowed to live in this once great, once free, no thanks to them, society. However, which their laziness helped make into a dictatorship and a people shorn of rights for any and all. Congratulations to those among you who did not vote, may your dreams be filled with the horrors you have helped, by your indolent behavior in ignoring this sacred duty, which has cost so many, so much. Perhaps some of those who did not vote because they were ill or mentally deficient. But mental deficiency did not keep many of those who voted for Bush away from the polling places. However, a solid share of the blame must be laid at the feet of and upon the head of the present Pope, who reversed the public renouncement by his predecessor against those who initiated this war. However, I am certain that the "Faith-Based Initiatives" (Translate that as bribes) offered by Bush for votes, (Initiatives which never surfaced) had little to do with the pope's letters to American Bishop's directing them to inform parishioners that voting for those who did not condemn abortion, or which supported it, could not, in fact, call themselves Catholic. Neither do I support abortion, but I and many others foresaw the destruction of the most just system on the planet. We foresaw, the tens of millions of Americans thrown out of work and losing healthcare benefits for their families, who if they were lucky enough to find new jobs, found themselves competing with college and high school students for salaries 75% lower than their previous jobs but without benefits. They saw their descendents facing unhealthier lives, shorter life expectancies, and their hopes for college dashed, resulting in more than 150,000,000 of future generations of their seed living in a Medieval, feudal economy, of near slave labor, their freedom rescinded by fascist rule, where incarceration sans Habeas Corpus, deportation "rendering" to torture laden concentration camps, where the Geneva Convention is mocked and inhuman suffering is hidden from public view and the Red Cross are ostracized. We could/should easily forgive the present pope for a youthful indiscretion, even a youthful abomination, borne of teenage zeal and misbegotten patriotism, even of lack of foresight, due-diligence and Unenlightenment, and/or perhaps misguided by those who should have known better, to allow such a boy, at such a tender age, to join the Hitler Youth Movement and then the military. (But perhaps he was conscripted, rather than volunteered?). We give him the mitigation of youth, during which many of us made grievous, though temporary errors not repeated once past prepuberty. However, to write as Cardinal and again as pope to support a party and a man so obviously displaying all the signs of a pathological liars and of fascism, to support a man whose actions this pope's predecessor sharply condemned right to his face, is inexcusable. What is even less excusable is this pope's ignoring the actions taken since his foolish lack of judgment. He has never, to my knowledge apologized either to the people of America or the people of Iraq for his lack of foresight-foresight many, much younger and less educated than he, but obviously more blessed with clairvoyance, did clearly envision. He should be prepared to, along with the Bushites make financial reparation to the Americans and Iraqi's murdered or wounded in this war and to those who lost their homes as a result of his unintelligent interference into America's election process-would that the church held to such Republic and Democratic Nobility and Freedom for both genders. Not, to my knowledge, has this pope publicly confessed his sin, his rank insensitivity, nor has he shrouded himself in sackcloth and ashes, torn out his hair, and begged humbly and publicly for forgiveness, and even now, at this late date, he has failed to condemn this president and this fascist regime which has stolen the Republican Party and ruined two nations and plans to ruin several more, one of which is decidedly Catholic. This pope supported a candidate for President, whose ancestors lent Adolph Hitler millions of dollars between 1932 and 1942*, to build factories and "infrastructure" and we all know what part of that infrastructure was, ovens and pesticide showers, torture and concentration, Death camps. All that from the firms of Brown Brothers, Harriman* and UBC, managed by Prescott Bush*, "Bunny" Harriman and assisted by Walker, which capital and stock was confiscated by the Congress for "trading with the enemy". The firms employed three Nazi's overseas and held $3,000,000 in escrow for another, here in America. Although the lending began long before the USA entered the war, it was plain to many here and overseas, exactly what was brewing in Nazi Germany from, at least, the late 1920's onward. *(Wickapedia and other sources-Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. was the main Wall Street connection for German companies and the varied U.S. financial interests of Fritz Thyssen, who had been an early financial backer of the Nazi party until 1938, but by 1939 had fled Germany and was bitterly denouncing Hitler. Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. had bought and shipped millions of dollars of gold, steel, fuel, coal, and U.S. treasury bonds to Germany. These were used to build Hitler's war machine. [citation needed] All the bank's dealing were fully approved by the U.S. Treasury department, which insisted that trusted Americans handle all the German business in the United States. [citation needed] Once war was declared in December 1941 President Roosevelt signed the Trading With the Enemy Act. On October 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of all German banking interests.

In 2003, the company moved from its signature location at 59 Wall Street, which it had built and occupied since the 1920s, to the Marine Midland Building at Broadway. Today Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. provides global financial services to the world's largest and most sophisticated mutual funds, hedge funds, asset managers, financial institutions, and insurance companies. Its accolades include being the #1 U.S. agent bank for 10 consecutive years and ranking as "The Best Custodian Ever" by Global Investor magazine. [citation needed] [edit]Nazi Connections After the seizures in late 1942 of five U.S. enterprises he managed on behalf of Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, U.S. government documents reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, failed to divest himself of more than a dozen "enemy national" relationships that continued until as late as 1951.[1] Furthermore, the records show that Bush and his colleagues routinely attempted to conceal their activities from government investigators.[2])

See The Bushite Damage, at: click here Did this pope, in his youth fight against the Nazi's, and renounce them? No, in fact, he was a part of the Nazi youth movement and fought in WWII against the USA and all of those who hated what the Nazi's supported; which included; torture chambers at prisons and Concentration Death Camps, hideous experimental drugs and surgeries, political assassinations, abortions and sterilizations of those pregnant, who were less than pure Aryan descent, most of which were Jews, the inhuman mass murders of several million Jews, Poles and others as well as the mass burials and incinerations, preemptive war, Capital Punishment, destruction of German Habeas Corpus and wanton murder, kidnapping and private, and some mercenary, Secret Police. (Sound vaguely and currently familiar?) Now he supports G W Bush, who his predecessor was enlightened enough to severely admonish. Any one, and all of the horrors Hitler and now the Bushites have done are horrific to those of conscience, and were apparent before the election to those of foresight and spiritual Communion, and/or God Blessed, commonsense. (Is there anything Hitler has done Bush has not, given time, scale and opportunity?) Any and all of the things I mentioned above are things are reprehensible to men and women of foresight, vision, interior revelation, Bestowed Enlightenment, Infused Contemplation, and/or Enlightenment by The Holy Spirit, why not to a pope? What prompted this pope to support a president and a party which his predecessor condemned publicly to his face, (and in the presence of the First Lady), a president whose actions even his own non-Catholic, pastor condemned?

What prompted this pope to send letters to American Bishops, which, in essense, threatened defacto Excommunication of those who voted for a Democrat? Those who recognize the truth, see all of this as the replay of an ever-present cosmic battle, same souls, same angels, same demons, only with different faces different names and more money, and in a different country. Instead of their last incarnation in Nazi Germany, now the enemy lives in America, the nation which destroyed Nazi Germany and its leadership, and they have been successfully supported by the same sort of people who supported their rise in Nazi Germany, and hey all wish to make America, which is/was, the land of the free the home of the brave, into, Fascist Corporate America, the home of the brutal, the land of the Feudal Economy slave. Good Luck with that one, maybe it will do what the Democrats failed to do, awaken the indolent to vote.

The fascists incarnate or reincarnated, depending upon your point of view-have now returned in different skins and names to try all over again to turn the world into a place of hatred, mass-murder, avarice, pertinaciousness and covetousness fulfilled. So, far, supported by the uninformed, ill-informed, greedy, naïve', foolish, unenlightened, bigoted, brutish and the ignorant, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

The demoniacs have returned to undo what defeated them in WWII (1941-1945). FDR is the only piece missing here on the home front, but maybe he can inspire Dennis Kucinich, or John Edwards, or someone we do not know, to end the congressional warmongering, cowardice or timidity, or whatever the Hell it is and hire a Special Prosecutor to investigate the entirety of the War Criminal's activities of the five years and the attempts to disabuse this Republic within a Democracy, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, these last fourteen years, beginning with the attempted usurpation of a duly elected President, by political and economic, insurrection, persecution by unprincipled, demoniacs, by false charges, slander and Inquisition by hypocrites over a harmless sexual dalliance. Not doing so, is a hypocritical, slander against the Nuremberg Trials and the Geneva Convention.

That very negative, distracting, attention, wreaked upon the sexual activities of a sitting president, by a malicious congress, supported by fascist money lenders and panderers, was attention which once diverted to this silly subject* removed the congress from giving close attention/observation to terrorists, and the congress, by malevolently attacking the president over a trivial matter, doggedly wasted time, precious resources and money. In so doing, congress, thereby allowed terrorists (domestic or otherwise) to plan, uninvestigated, uninterrupted, and free from surveillance, to plan, attack and kill more than 3,000 thousand American Citizens. This, even while the then President, Clinton, and others in the Intelligence Community endeavored in vain, before and after, to get Congress to focus on that very issue. Perhaps they were paying attention to it, by provoking such attacks by distracting everyone from the attacks already in the planning stages?

Could it be that behind the $50,000,000 Investigation of an American president's sexuality,* the covert reason for the diversion was to keep the Intelligence community and the president (Clinton) from delving conspiracy to attack, still in the planning stages. Was it an effort to cover-up who was behind it-who was financing it? If so, how many knew that the attack on Clinton, was, perhaps, merely smoke screen to cover-up the 9/11 attack in it's planning stages?

Did the future President, the future Vice President, did any of the future contractors, any of the mercenaries, know what was going on? The only other excuses for allowing the attack were, stupidity, incompetence, lack of due diligence, and vengeance by fascists. Henry Hyde said, he believed the impeachment/harassment of President Clinton was vengeance for the impeachment of Nixon. How, pernicious, and less than childish, how treasonously venomous.

Had they spent that $50,000,000 on investigating suspicious enrollments in flying schools and other clues, perhaps 9/11 tragedy would never have occurred. Isn't it interesting that each Republican administration since Nixon, has created an unlawful, unConstitutional, underground, mercenary, revolutionary, secret army, similar to Iran Contra? These shadows of insurrection began to surface during the Nixon Presidency, and later, during the Reagan Administration. Is it true that, even now, an Iran Contra type, illegal terrorist group, is being run not by a lower level functionary, or mercenary, but out of the office of the Vice President of the USA? Is this terrorist organization, financed secretly with the missing billions stolen from the US and the Iraqi citizens and possibly implicated in Terrorism abroad and Terrorism, assassination and mutinous treasons here at home ala Orwell's 1984?

Is it true that the real Bushite family bible, is Orwell's 1984, Hitler's Mein Kampf, and a twisted version of the Judeo/Christian Bible? Ponder, if you can, the possibilities and wonder who will be the White Knight to make everything well again. Is there a Man living now and of the legal age, who can and will disassemble this fascist organization, which has entangled government, industry and church, like a malignant infestation, choking all and binding it to the Military Industrial Medical Energy Complex (MIMEC), which is itself tangled in a web of deceit with hypocritical, treasonous, complicity corrupting, or being corrupted by, Organized Religious Panderers? I still say the solution is, let's spend another $50,000,000-$100,000,000 investigating the Bushites, including their former privatized investigators. Let's appoint a Special Prosecutor/Counsel. I nominate, Elliot Spitzer. *Read John 4:4-42.

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