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By PetetheProf

The ultimate destruction of our cherished American way of life by greedy fascists and something immediate we can do about it.

I have joined a petition, now sent to the Pope, leader of my church, to censure President GW BUSH, as the reigning Anti-Christ, especially since this pope anointed BUSH in letters to American bishops, when he was cardinal and again when he was pope, which, in essense, using the abortion issue as his only criteria, prompted many Catholics to vote only for those who stood against that issue.

That indictment of good men, with a difference of opinion on which issues to support and which not, is a senseless invasion of their free-will, and does not mean as individuals they practice such things or do not stand against them, nor does it mean that politicians, who say they are against abortion are being truthful. I have petitioned all those running to drop or come out against abortion. Some have not, that does not mean they are worse people than those who say they are against abortion, nor is it the only life or death issue, or the most far reaching. This election of 2004, happily, Catholics choose to ignore the pope on for whom they should vote and why.

As a father and as a Catholic, I too stand against abortion, there are other alternatives, but I also stand against, avarice, covetousness, Preemptive war, torture, capital punishment, attacking a nation 1/12th the size of our own which has neither air force nor navy, and which attack was based on "cooked evidence, lies and avarice, with murderous intent, and which was designed to appease and delight rabid Fascist "Christians", who are hooked on idiotically linking fictional publications to their twisted, sadistic version of both Testaments of the Bible into a carte' Blanche' to murder, rape and pillage whomever they please.

I also stand against the systematic destruction of the strong standard of living of Americans, by outsourcing, lay-offs, downsizing, union 'give-backs', and weak and cowardly union leadership, led by GW Bush to send tens of millions of American workers into poverty, for generations to come.

I also demand that BUSH and his no-bid contractors pay reparation to the families of maimed or killed Iraqi civilians and American service people, and that the oil companies do like wise to those of us here who had to pay between $1.75-$3.90 a gallon for gasoline which costs the oil companies $1.00-$1.50 a BARREL from processing and delivery to the pump!

Who are those, which the Bushites are pleased to murder, rape and pillage? Why, of course, any nation which is selling gasoline at the pump at anywhere from $00.05 cents a gallon (Iraq before the war), $00.12 cents a gallon, (Venezuela right now), and less than the price of a Chocolate bar (Iran and Syria, right now).

Isn't it disgusting to see elected officials pandering to happily broadcast their demonic behavior as justifiable and even as "Christian" for the benefit of their bloodthirsty Fascist "Christian" supporters and the more bloodthirsty arms dealers and other profiteering industrialists and administrators of the mercenary "security" companies profiting like none ever had before in Iraq, at the expense of Iraqi civilians or as they are better known here, "Collaterally-Damaged goods."

I think under the various nefarious anti-terrorism laws we have now, we can ironically turn them upon the real terrorists, the people who created these unjust laws. We could arrest many congress people, many "Law-people", clergy people, and those who are not clergy people who make huge profits from pretending at being "Christians" supporting this evil presidency, the president, the vice president, their cabinet, the attorney general, and most of the administration staff working at the White House, a good many of those in the pretense of being journalists, but who work for corporations and in lieu of journalism are practicing a type of prostitution which reflects poorly on the far more honorable ladies of the evening. These people have given SUBSTANTIAL AID to our real enemies, the domestic terrorists, G W Bush and his fascist friends, come to take revenge for losing WWII to REAL AMERICANS, and our other real enemies overseas, those Bushites and their band of incompetent boobs. Between the two, the Al Qaeda and the Bushite fascists, there has been done more damage, injury, death, scandal, corruption and exposure of Americans and their allies to danger than any two entities in our history.

Apparently Unlike this pope as well as the so-called "Christian-Right" (of which they are neither) I and others wrote about what was to happen, having been given the privilege of foreseeing, long before the war, that there were no WMD's in Iraq, and how badly this war, with no plan for the battle or exit, even asked for by a Congress which consists mainly of lawyers, would go. (I think now I see why so many lawyers come to congress, if they cannot write a contract with specifications, as we in the advertising and architectural business must do or perish, they need to seek a tried and true way to gain fame and wealth, despite their incompetence, and inability to practice due-diligence.)

Never in our history were so many bamboozled by so few, who stole so much. Never in our history have we seen such an incompetent congress, misusing our nation, its treasury, our precious service men and women, in such cavalier, arbitrary and capricious manner. I would like to see some brilliant class-action firm of real attorney's sue the bejeepers out of the perpetrators of both parties for that one.

Who, among our ancestors, now twisting and turning in their graves, would ever have believed that our voters would put into place, a group of avaricious, fascists, who would ever stoop to hiding behind the flag and the cross, as did Hitler, to justify destroying our Bill of Rights and our Constitution? Who could have envisioned such a parade of human garbage ever attaining high office, much less, without a murmur from many of our "watchdogs" too busy enjoying the good life at the expense of lobbyists / bribers, running into a toilet, the most noble experiment for a nation ever conceived?

Who would have imagined such a corrupt, murderous, cruel, and barbarous brood of politicians, industrialists and clergy, could be born of the blood of American families?

Moreover, who would ever have thought that a minister of one sovereign nation, the Vatican (they now call themselves a sovereign nation to protect their assets) trying, and succeeding, in convincing American voters to vote for the man of the Vatican's choice, the man who promised the clergy "Faith Based Initiatives" (cash, to blow as they wished)?

Who would have thought that no one either in congress or the media would call him on that, and worse now that his lack of foresight has ruined the lives of tens of millions, still no one has called this pope on it. It is almost like only the prophets saw this disaster coming and no one listened, and now the new congress is making noises like, "We came to get ours, don't bother us about wars and corruption."

See NYT:
Congress Finds Ways to Avoid Lobbyist Limits
Lawmakers continue to invite corporate lobbyists to help pay for fund-raisers that look a lot like the ones that Congress just barred lobbyists from sponsoring.

Well, it appears that there will be no impeachment, though Congressman, Henry Waxman is pursuing Blackwater and others, and Fitzgerald is pursuing Libby, Abramoff, and ultimately Rove and Cheney we hope, how can we get more immediate satisfaction? Well maybe there is a way, and here, which I've hinted at before is the idea:

While Michelangelo was creating the LAST JUDGMENT on the Reredos of the Sistine Chapel, the Master of Ceremonies under Pope Paul III, Monsignor Biagio de Cesena, protested to the pope about the "shameless nudes " and "pornography" painted by Michelangelo.

Livid over the envy, pettiness and ignorance of Biagio, Michelangelo painted a portrait of him, with the ears of a jackass in Hell, ensnarled in the coils of Satan in the form of a snake, devouring Biagio' s Genitalia. When Biagio complained to the pope about his placement in the Hellish situation and place, Paul III maintained that had Michelangelo placed Biagio in purgatory, he could intervene and redeem him, but since Michelangelo had placed him in Hell, from which there is no redemption, the pope had no jurisdiction. Therefore, there he has stood for nearly 500 years, in constant embarrassment, shame and Hellishly, pigmented, pain.

When hysterical people in droves complained about a naked breast at the Super Bowl, last year, (which breast I missed when I sneezed and I saw no instant replay of the event that night during the game, DAMN!) I was overwhelmed with the hypocrisy. Much like fascists, now complain about sex and nudity on screen, while they ignore slaughter of 655,000 Iraqi's and Americans, and 1,000,000 casualties, in a vigilante atmosphere, where the greatest military force on the planet, is commanded by sadistic leaders to burn, strafe, and bomb the bejeepers out of innocent bystanders, mostly Muslim's, much to the delight of some so-called "Christians", and politicians on both sides of the aisle.

The pope, however, partially to blame for the event, (the slaughter, not the Super Bowl or Janet Jackson's lovely bared breast, which I am sorry to have missed) has said little to nothing of his vast blunder in backing the man most enlightened people, Christian or otherwise, have dubbed as the 21st Century's first Anti-Christ. I am mortified first of all, that the church, has not apologized for his blunder and lack of prophetic vision.

In a dream an angel came and said, "If you, Peter, paint into Michelangelo's Last Judgment, some of those now, who much more deserve the same treatment as Biagio, perhaps you and others will rejoice at what follows." Therefore, I did as Michelangelo had done; and, I hope, if I snatched the image of my artwork correctly is the result. Unfortunately, the image would not come on screen. I shall attempt to put it up in the Diaries portion for your viewing pleasure.

If you find it, see, if you can pick out the Neo-Con villains, corruptors, Religious Right, hypocrites, and the War Criminals, which are attempting to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and encroach upon the edict against the establishment of a Theocratic State, from which form of Government all of our ancestors escaped Europe, Asia and the Middle East to come to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Here, in this sanctuary, enlightened men and women are free to worship as their conscience, dictates, in their own way, or not, as God asks of them, as free individuals, not under the influence of fools, whose view of God is narrow, driven by their hatred, bigotry and darkened and limited, intellect's.

Biagio' s crime was that he was unenlightened and perhaps envious of Michelangelo's giftedness and failed to recognize, perhaps in hypocritical prudishness, or perhaps in ignorance of the edict of God to respect those upon which he chooses to bestow extraordinary gifts. Those crimes were bad enough, perhaps not quite enough to merit the punishment Michelangelo dealt-out to him, but they pale in light of the horrors of nearly 1,000,000 casualties, close to 675,000 dead, tens of millions economically destroyed here and abroad, the blasphemous, sacraligious and disrespectful manner in which the Name of the Lord is taken in vain, the slanders, lies, and treasonous actions, all with hubris and contempt for God's poor in spirit and in material possessions and necessities. Indeed, if Biagio' s crimes against an enlightened one merited the serpent in Hell, these deserve no less, according to my dream.

Professor Emeritus Pete Bagnolo
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Professor Bagnolo has majored in: Cultural Anthropology, Architectural design, painting, creative writing. As a child prodigy, abed with polio for almost two years, he was offered an opportunity to skip three grades at age 8.
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