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Scorpio Full Moon, April 20, 2008

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Scorpio Full Moon, April 20, 2008

The important thing to remember about New and Full Moons is that they are part of a cyclic relationship between the Sun and Moon and Earth – the Soli-Lunar cycle. The Sun, which we on Earth can't look at directly, reflects off the Moon, in a waxing and waning cycle which begins at the New Moon, culminates at the Full Moon when it is opposite the Sun, and then wans back to the next New Moon. The Moon takes the Sun's light and tones it down to a silvery reflective light, like a mirror, which makes solar activity objective and clearly perceptible (like how dreams reflect back to us the truth of our conscious lives); she transforms the solar impulse into a thing to be analyzed and actualized. The phases of the moon represent how consciousness develops gradually throughout the month, as well as nurturing the purpose of the month's solar energy.   Just like tomatoes, we can only  grow in the dark.   In Moonlight and Starlight. In our dreams and sleep.

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Every 13 to 19 months the moon cycle flips, so that the Full Moon comes before the new Moon in a sign.   During these months,  things feel out of synch.  It's not bad, just out of harmony – more like the difference between major and minor chords in music. The usual cycle is reversed. When a Full Moon comes in a sign before the New Moon, we have to take what's already been realized and make something new of it. We must become conscious first and then give our instincts room to play. So it feels more difficult and needs more consciousness. Did you feel like that for the past year and a half?  As if there wasn't an easy flow to your life?

This Scorpio Full Moon will end the present reversed Moon cycle that began on September 22, 2006 with the second New Moon (a solar eclipse) at 29 Virgo. Starting with the Taurus New Moon on May 5th the cycle will revert back to 'normal' with another Full Moon at 29+ Scorpio on May 19-20. For the first time since July 21, 2005 we will have what is really a blue moon - two Full Moons in the same astrological sign - which is probably the original Blue Moon.   What special significance would two full moons in a calender month have?   It is special, however, to have two full moons in an astrological sign – signifying a shift in the cycle and an emphasis on the two archetypes constellated by these signs .

So when the shift happens, it concentrates energy in two signs, either as two new moons or as two full moons. This time it shifts in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, the two signs that deal with life and death, summer and winter, values and worth-both inner and outer, acquisition and letting go, security and change.

When the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus the new year energy of Aries takes hold of materiality. Intuitive choices are made. Like the land in springtime, things start to grow again. Miraculous! Life! Aries energy contains the new cosmic impulse of life, which wants to explore and go off in different directions of discovery. Now that this year's Aries Fire was weighed in the Libran scales at the last Full Moon, the Taurus Sun feels it's potency – the bull is an apt symbol for the power of that incarnated energy. Horses are frolicking, flowers are budding, the winds are blowing.

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So how is it affecting you? What gets you fired up? What's worth your time, your energy, your trouble? What new inspiration is going to flower in your garden? Taurus says that gardens sustain us, love creates beauty, beauty love; that life is meant to be sweet; that fragrance opens us to other worlds; that love, beauty and creativity are the essence of our existence. What is life telling you about your possibilities?

The Scorpio Moon reflects back the light of the Taurus Sun and looks for the hidden agendas of our Taurus values. Are the values we subscribe to our own, or society's? Do we really believe in them or do we just think we should believe? Are we denying our real needs and goals because of fear? Are we concentrating on the outer at the expense of our inner knowing? Scorpio gets down with our instincts, the motivations that lie deep within our unconscious. To what's essential. Scorpio is the sign where we are open to the depths of life - and death, and so it symbolizes the occult or psychic realms, as well as power and sexuality.

Between this and the next Scorpio full moon, we must take an inward journey to explore what deep, dark parts of our soul have to be reclaimed from suffering, brought to consciousness and healed so it can blossom with new life. For many people who want to get involved in re-shaping our world but don't do it, perhaps you might explore a past life when you died as a revolutionary. Perhaps you fear that same death again, but it comes out in you as indecision and non-action. Perhaps you have to balance your life better to fit activism into it? What stops you?

Perhaps you look for inner peace? How do you find it? You might have to find the neglected feeling aspects of your psyches which were wounded either early on in this life, or in a past life. Probing, feeling, sensing the inner terrain helps us grow wiser and deeper. But we have to step back and gain perspective on what we discover so we don't get trapped in the old wounds, and we need friends to help us laugh at ourselves and remember the goodness of life. Once we really understand our motivations, we can get rid of the barriers that hold us back from taking soulful action in the world.

This first Scorpio full moon, in the first degree of Scorpio, invites you to weigh the worth of the inspirations the Aries New Moon two weeks ago brought up for you (look at the house it was in). What do you want to do? Is it worth your while? Remember, this is the last full moon before the change of the cycle. We need to consciously work it. The second Scorpio full moon, at the last degree of Scorpio, will be our chance to release and transform the old complex that keeps us from doing it. For example, look at the state of the world and ask yourself, how could I heal this issue?  Think outside the box with your imagination for the answer!  Then ask: what stops me from doing it? Then at the second Scorpio moon, remove the block!

What feelings do we have to transform so we can find our self-worth and live by our real values? Pride, aggression, assertion, humility or humiliation, fun, kindness, fear, depression, trust or its lack, confidence, betrayal, lust, greed, cruelty? Scorpio roots out the feelings and either indulges in those feelings or transforms them. Feelings make everything worthwhile. When we act from unconscious wounds, our actions ultimately fail us, whether they bring us outer success or not.

So work to clean out your limiting beliefs, your wounded feelings, your negative thinking. Use them as compost for this year's garden. This is Saturn's addition to our full moon energy, for this planet's energy builds responsibility, maturity and 'reality' and it is about to turn to direct motion in Virgo, the sign of healing and integration. Its energy promises success because Saturn's 'slowing down to turn around' motion anchors a very creative grand Trine – ie. A perfect triangle in the sky - with Pluto still standing in Capricorn's doorway re-gathering his Spiritual Will for the years of change ahead, and the Sun in Taurus, delighting in Earth's Life and wanting its peace (and lilacs)! A milestone is reached. This change will last. Transform your shadow feelings into golden consciousness and step into the world. We have a lot of work to do if we want to grow a garden, raise a child, open a business or create change for ourselves and for the world. We'll need all our energy, vision, and creativity and this next astrological month of Taurus is the time to begin it. Remember, it's a process. It takes 9 months to grow a baby – and 9 months to change your life!

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We need to change as a society. We need to honor the Earth and return the sovereignty to Her. Happy Earth Day!!! Her Health is the source of Our Health. We need to take ourselves and our world seriously. What do we think and feel are the important things in life? And what are we willing to do to get them? We need to open to our intuition and imagination and think outside the box of our old perceptions of the world. Venus and Mars once again rule this full moon. Mars is the warrior, and he longs for Venus to give him love. So I ask: Why did ancient warriors always imagine that after all the killing, the brutality, the hunger, cold and aches, at their death they would live a life of love and joy and peace and sex. If they want it so much, why can't we spend our time and energy making THIS world - That World. Women want it. Men's secret desire is to be comfortable and loved. So when will Mars give over sovereignty to Venus/Aphrodite? Why can't it be true that “All You Need Is LOVE!” ?

We need to be the heroes and the lovers of our world, and get motivated to do something this year to help transform ourselves and our world into what we say we want to be. If each of us makes the effort to deal with our own inner hypocrite – we all have places in our lives where we say one thing and do another - perhaps we can stop the hypocrisy of our leaders. With the North Node of Destiny and Neptune, the planet of spiritual vision and imagination, passing over America's Aquarius Moon, it is We the People who are called to stand up for our beliefs, both privately and publicly. Mysterious Pluto demanded that we evolve – or else we'll devolve - when he stepped to the door that opens upon Capricorn (January 26, 2008). He gave us a good look at our society in these past few months. Now that Pluto just turned in Capricorn's doorway to look back towards the Galactic Center in Sagittarius for the next few months, we're being given the opportunity to renew our sense of purpose so we don't fall asleep again. Nobody is going to save us, change us, transform us but ourselves. If we want a better world, we have to make it. And to do it right, we have to live and breathe our values and find our self-worth.

This first Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon starts in the personal but then emerges into the collective sphere. We need to find out what our values are, what stops us from living those values, and how those values can feed not only our private lives, but our community lives as well.   Taurus wants peace – how not, with Venus/Aphrodite as its guardian spirit. Taurus values of Love and beauty can only be celebrated when Scorpio's warriors - ruled by Mars and Pluto - give up the fear that keeps them fighting, instead of seeking heaven on Earth in the arms of those who love them. The second Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon on May 19-20 might see the transformation, if we do our work between.

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Cathy Pagano is the author of a new book, "Wisdom's Daughters: How Women Can Change the World". Cathy trained at the C. G. Jung Institut-Zurich in dream interpretation, then got her M.A. in Counseling Psychology in Feminine Spirituality, and along the way became a certified Life Coach. As an astrologer and storyteller, she weaves the Cosmic Stories written in the stars and from The Bard's Grove, comments on emerging archetypal themes in movies. Cathy works with the tools of the imagination - dreams, alchemy, myths, astrology, symbolic language, storytelling, ritual - to awaken the Soul's wisdom.

I believe that Americans are called to a higher consciousness at this point in our history. We are called on to live up to our ideals and create the country our forefathers imagined. Inner consciousness needs to be acted upon for social justice.

Cathy believes that our writers and artists must take up our responsibility to create art that inspires, teaches and heals our humanity.

Cathy writes about political, psychological/spiritual, and cultural issues.

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