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What I've Learned About Pizzagate

By       Message Lee Burkett       (Page 1 of 1 pages)     Permalink    (# of views)   3 comments

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Here's the thing:

In a moment of utter stupidity which I have now come to regret, the other day I decided to research the whole pizzagate controversy. I originally spent about two hours investigating it. The amount of time I've spent investigating it since I posted the results my original investigation has now expanded to over 30 hours as I write this, for reasons I'll go into later. Here is my original post, edited to include details I came across after first posting it: "Pizzagate- a primer on how investigative journalism actually works. Well, I've spent most of the last 2 hours researching this. I began at the source, wikileaks, and did a filtered search for podesta/clinton/pizza. Found a number of references to pizza, most of them in a single email chain, referencing a pizza party to be scheduled on April 10. The rest dealt with a series of emails relating to a planned dinner within which the term pizza oven was used. In particular it was an inquiry if there was a pizza oven at a certain location in order to use it to prepare Indian cuisine. One of them refers to a handkerchief left on a table in a pizzeria.

The "break" in the story comes from a website entitled "Stillness In The Storm." It describes itself as an agent for consciousness evolution. They promote the idea that there are Satanic forces at work in the world. The co-founders of the site are Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles. They describe themselves and their site in these words: "Two beings staunchly devoted to discovering the truth in our own lives and making the world a better place through living that truth. But what is The Truth? What is a truth? How do we tell the difference, and what does this ultimately mean for ourselves and what is happening on Earth? Collectively we can discover this and more firmly place it within our understanding. Searching for truth, verifying it with persistence and open-mindedness is our primary goal. The Stillness in the Storm Show and Blog is an ongoing conversation about world events, hidden truths, and empowering information; how our thoughts, emotions and actions mold our collective reality. A different perspective on MSM (mainstream news), practical knowledge, news on health and wellness, alternative history, science, law, and much more!" A visit to the site reveals quite a few alternative points of view, including references to the Rothschilds' connections to Zionism and the Illuminati, Satanic practices and Luciferian teachings.

Here's a quote from the site in reference to it's revelations about the Podesta emails: " (Stillness in the Storm Editor) According to Wikileaks releases, there were code words used by certain individuals connected to John Podesta, referring to various elicit sexual activities involving children, in his emails. I cannot confirm or state how these words were deciphered, but reading the below emails it certainly doesn't seem like they are just referring to mundane things. If this data is accurate then it is part of the full disclosure release of information, something that the powers that be likely wanted to delay due to the obvious insidious nature of these communications. ' It then goes on to reveal the deciphered code: hotdog = boy pizza = girl cheese = little girl pasta = little boy ice cream = male prostitute walnut or nuts = person of color map = semen sauce = orgy

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We have this, from a Jonathan Carty. as a preamble to these revelations: "Before reading on I just want to share some personal thoughts about this whole thing. This is the part of the apocalypse (unveiling) that we have been waiting for. It is not pretty, it is very disturbing. Some people may shy away, some might get sick and angry, but this is part of the healing process as we move into the golden age. We have to go through this part first. Everything that has been hidden seems to be coming into view now. We as a whole must face this part of the transition so ultimately we can move forward towards peace. Like David Wilcock said 'once you throw up you'll feel better'. We now know thanks to whistle-blowers, both past and recent, that the elite (in the monetary sense) are engaged in Luciferian ritualistic pedophilia and human (child) sacrifice. What you are about to read is extremely unsettling and disturbing. When I first started reading through these e-mails with the coded words I became sick and wanted to cry. I then thought it's one thing to be aware that these things are happening, but to see the e-mails where these high-level people in government are using well-known code words to describe exchanges and activities with children is an entirely different thing altogether." There is no source given for the code word interpretations. It simply says the code words are well known.

There are some videos, one which is so dark you can't see what's going on while a creepy voice talks about an aborted fetus, which mentions that the event is happening at Comet Pizza, and another that presents a woman painting on white walls in what appears to be blood a recipe for "Spirit Cooking." The first video is the source of the connection between James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong. He's the owner. He's also a well known supporter, organizer and fund raiser for the Democratic party. He is not mentioned in the Podesta emails, but Comet Pizzeria is, as a possible site for a fundraiser for Clinton. The second video is in fact Marina Abramovic, a well known avant garde artist, also known as an enthusiastic supporter of the Democrats. She is shown creating an art installation entitled "Spirit Cooking" at Studio Stefania Miscetti in 1997. Her creation of the piece was videoed. She is mentioned in the Podesta emails.

If you want me to believe this send me your links, because right now, I'm more convinced than ever that the whole thing is a crock. All sources that I've uncovered eventually link back to "Stillness In The Storm."

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You're welcome. The point is we don't need to invent elaborate theories to condemn Clinton and the DNC. They've done all of it for us. In fact, throwing sh*t like this into the debate only serves to make all the real revelations subject to rejection. Pedophilia is a true and horrible situation. As a nation we do need to go after all pedophiles, no matter how wealthy or politically connected they might be. But this, this is ludicrous." I cannot recall anything I've ever written that has produced more controversy, more anger, more venom than this. And I'm no stranger to writing about controversial issues. I have been attacked, ridiculed, called a moron, a shill. I've been accused of attempting to downplay or dismiss pedophilia itself, of mocking survivors of pedophilia. I've been accused of knowingly or unwittingly helping to cover up sexual child abuse at the hands of the Clintons, the Podesta Brothers, the Pope (yes, the Pope), Denny Hastert, Jeffrey Epstein, the people responsible for the murder of Johnny Gosch, James Alefantis, the James Saville pedophile ring uncovered in the UK and the Canadian pedophile sex ring that produced over 200 arrests. People obliged my request to send me links for further investigation, and I researched each one as promised. As a result I've gotten familiar with the Johnny Gosch disappearance- a real tragedy and a prime example of botched police work. This heartbreaking story is being put forward as proof of the Podesta- Clinton pedophile ring which I sourced to a certain Paul Bonnaci. Paul Bonnaci claims to have been indoctrinated into a Satanic cult, where he was used as a sex slave for the amusement of many well known governmental and business world leaders. He has come forward and stated that he personally witnessed Johnny Gosch at a party, where they both forced to perform certain sex acts. This is the same Paul Bonnaci who was interviewed by Alex Jones almost a decade ago and was claiming that he, personally, had witnessed George H. W. Bush sodomize a child and then cut the victims throat in a ritual sacrifice. Sadly, Noreen Gosch, Johnny's mother has stated that she believes him. She also believes that Johnny came to her home, a decade after his disappearance with an unidentified companion, giving her sordid details of the life he's been forced to live. After a brief visit, he left. I've investigated the story of a Cathy O'Brien who claims to be a survivor of an MK Ultra mind control experiment where she was programmed and groomed to be a sex slave for highly placed government officials. I read a portion of her book, about being forced to perform oral sex on Hillary Clinton. It reads like pornography, not journalism. She, too, is being presented as proof. I have waded through hours and hours of videos that all claim to be well researched and thoroughly documented proofs the pizzagate conspiracy is in fact a real thing. Following sources provided, I have uncovered an amazing amount of information about "spirit cooking", many of which offer up the "well known" connection between witches and the eating of children. I did a search for spirit cooking, and found any number of sources that claim Aleister Crowley invented both the term and the ritual. All of these sources are quoting each other, without attribute, to the point where I've found it impossible to find the original source, other than the Art installation referred to above (1997), but they are all dated after November 4th, 2016. A number of these sites maintain it involves the use of menstrual blood, semen and ritual cutting as a sacrifice to a goddess named Thelema. According to Aleister Crowley 2012, a website devoted to promoting the books, beliefs and practices of Aleister Crowley, Crowley never used the term spirit cooking in any of his works or correspondence. He describes no ritual that calls for menstrual blood, semen and ritual cutting. Thelema is the name of the religion founded by Aleister Crowley. Thelema is the Greek word which means "will." One thing all the sources offered seem to have in common is a stated revulsion for pedophilia coupled with a morbid fascination, fed by innumerable, frankly revolting details of the crime. most of which are provided by anonymous sources. As I pointed out in one comment, I could spend the next week, the next month, the next year doing further investigation. The amount of information, opinion, suspicion, circumstantial evidence, unconnected events, unsubstantiated claims, and belief floating around out there seems to be limitless. And thus far, every source provided, every connection people claim to find between the Podesta emails and a vast worldwide Satanic pedophile ring being run by and for highly connected and powerful people leads to one of two souces: The Stillness In The Storm website and a video link on reddit posted on Nov. 4th to rTheDonald reddit community, an avowed Trump support group. Everything springs from these two sources. But all of the above has nothing to do with what I learned about pizzagate. Pizzagate has taught me that facts don't matter. People seem incapable of accepting a fact that questions what they want to believe. I've believed this, as a gut feeling, and I've written quite a bit about it. This whole thing is the proof, the facts I've needed to confirm what I believe: Nobody wants the facts. I began my investigation with no preconceived opinion, no emotional attachment to the issue. I wanted to confirm or debunk. I wanted to track the evolution of the story. And now I find myself very emotionally involved, not about the story, but about the anger directed at me for investigating the story and presenting the facts I'd uncovered. What my investigation of pizzagate has taught me is that the muzzling of the press, the undeniable use of the press to mis- and dis-inform is only half of the story. The other half is that when a journalist does the due diligence, goes to the sources, accepts nothing at face value and follows the leads to the facts, if what they have uncovered is counter to a belief structure, their work, and they themselves, are attacked and discredited.

(Article changed on December 11, 2016 at 08:23)


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Lee Burkett is a proud member of The Screen Actor's Guild and a writer/activist.

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