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Russia to US: Checkmate!

By       Message William Helbig       (Page 1 of 1 pages)     Permalink    (# of views)   1 comment

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Russia to US: Checkmate! By William H. Helbig

According to Michel Chossudovsky’s article on the webpage, War in the Caucasus: Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation, Mr. Chossudovsky claims that Georgia’s military intrusion into Southern Ossetia was carefully crafted by the US military and NATO. One of the desired effects of the invasion by Georgia is the destabilization of the region, and the possibility of a larger confrontation with a US – NATO assault against Russia. Since the Bush propaganda machine likes using dates like September 11, 2001 (911), and July 7, 2005 London bombings (7/7), another relevant date is August 8, 2008 (8/8). That is when Russia responded in kind to the brutal assault by Georgia in Southern Ossetia while Vladimir Putin sat across from George W. Bush at the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. Mr. Putin has certainly learned a thing or two from George W. Bush concerning the manipulation of the media. Russia and China are symbolically intertwined and have announced to the world that they are superpowers that can now challenge a Bush administration that is playing in their backyards, concerned only with oil profits and greed.

Russia’s military incursion into Georgia is certainly a bold move, especially when the entire region is energy rich with fossil fuels and oil transit lines. Russia relied on the Powell Doctrine: to use overwhelming superior force when combating an enemy. Russia systematically destroyed most of the military hardware sold to Georgia by the authorization of the Bush administration. Then Bush accuses Russia of a disproportionate military response in retaliating against Georgia. Since Bush is accustomed to attacking countries with no military armies to speak of, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, his high moral ground has vanished. When Bush invaded and occupied Iraq, that singular event opened the door for any country to invade any other country, like China invading Taiwan, or Russia invading Georgia, on a flimsy pretext. Russia actually has an army, one that has technical parity with the United States, in some cases technical superiority, so Bush may talk tough, but he will not do a thing to agitate Russia militarily. Deep down inside George W. Bush is only a puppet for a larger group of elite corporatists who are running the United States government. A prolonged war with Russia is a losing proposition. Napoleon and Hitler are two familiar examples of mother Russia’s stamina and perseverance. The Russian Bear has emerged from its lair, provoked by Bush’s agitation in the East Central Asian War Theatre, and is now on the prowl.

The area under immediate interest is the Caspian Region and holds vast reserves of fossil fuels, with the Black Sea to the West and the Caspian Sea to the East. All major American oil companies such as Exxon Mobile are duly represented in the region with $billions invested in oil concessions and bribes. The region is crisscrossed with oil pipelines running through Georgia, originating in the Caspian Basin with countries like Azerbaijan and Armenia and other breakaway Soviet Republics like Kazakhstan providing the oil. The pipelines terminate in Turkey with one of the ports in Ceyhan. One famous oil pipeline is the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan oil line, which is a non-OPEC transit line that delivers approximately 1 million barrels per day, and bypasses mother Russia altogether. British Petroleum controls the BTC pipeline and the presence of this oil transit line has dramatically changed the geopolitics of the Caspian Basin. Whoever controls the route of the pipeline, or has the money to re-route the line, creates a vacuum that everyone falls into, all involved positioning him or herself to make a profit – albeit by war if necessary. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Bush Administration has arrived in Georgia and the destabilization of the region has begun. The presence of Bush in this region is certainly not about democracy, altruism, or humanitarian responses, but strictly about the control of the oil resources, about shareholder value, and huge oil profits. The Bush elites see nothing but profits from emerging countries that are not privy to the working history of capitalism, and whom are unfairly being befriended by wolves in sheep clothing, who are hell bent in making huge profits, and keeping oil sales in US dollars. If oil were not present in these breakaway republics, peace would be the order of the day. Now, there are unconfirmed reports that the BTC pipeline is severely damaged and no longer transiting oil. Yet the price per barrel has stabilized and in fact is going down slightly, just in time for the November elections in the United States.

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Again, we see a common pattern forming in these oil rich countries whereby Bush and others sign military agreements with countries such as Georgia to protect Anglo-American oil interests in the region. Bush then sells massive amounts of military hardware to these countries, and in the background, the oil giants, such as Exxon Mobile, throw cash at these countries like a drunken sailor to secure oil concessions and build pipelines to transit the oil to warm water ports like Ceyhan, Turkey, and bribe everyone along the way. The oil giants are inextricably linked to the Bush administration because they know that the US military will come to the rescue if conflicts should arise. In 1999 Georgia signed the NATO military alliance (GUAM) agreement and has been the recipient of extensive US military aid, as well as joint military exercises between Georgian and US troops, the latest being Immediate Response in July 2008. Now we see Bush flying humanitarian supplies, using the US military at US taxpayers expense, into Georgia one day after the cessation of hostilities, much faster than his response to the Hurricane Katrina victims in Louisiana. Since Bush has no moral high ground to stand on, with his invasion and occupation of both Afghanistan and Iraq based on pure lies, leading to the loss of a few hundred thousand lives, the destruction of an entire country, and the enrichment of the corporate oil and defense industries, he certainly has no authority to criticize Russia in any appearance. Bush has done nothing but incense Russia and a few solid examples would be the planned installation of US missile interceptors in Poland and a radar system in the Czech Republic. As of this writing, Poland has symbolically agreed to the US Missile Defense System. The Bush administration has its fingerprints all over the Caspian region vying for oil concessions in all of the former Soviet era breakaway republics. If you play in a Bear’s back yard, prepare to be attacked. How would Bush respond if Russia installed an anti-missile shield in Cuba?

From a strategic point of view, it appears that Bush and others, and Russia are vying to control the strategic Caspian basin and its oil reserves. Global Research reports a large US naval armada is heading towards the Persian Gulf region. This may indicate an attack on Iran is imminent. All of the pieces are in place – US Navy Commander Shawn Bently, who controls the United States’ nuclear weapon arsenal, has been relived of duty for loss of confidence, and the SEC has lifted the limits on price restrictions on short selling. Now, nuclear weapons are most likely under the control of Dick Cheney, and when war starts in Iran, the elites will profit by short selling margins on the fall of the stock market, and hedge on the rise in oil prices. The profits potential exceeds all projected numbers! If this is the case, then the Georgian military incursion into the Autonomous Region of Southern Ossetia is part of a larger military plan by the Bush Administration and others. The only two countries separating Georgia from Iran are Armenia and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan holds large amounts of fossil fuel reserves and American oil interests are duly represented in this republic. The TBC pipeline transits this oil through Georgia. If Bush can get away with the same thing he did to Iraq, in Iran, he can secure one of the largest oil fields in the world, when combined with Iraq and Azerbaijan, and control most, if not all, of the world’s remaining oil reserves, and possibly decommission OPEC. The profits would be astounding! The shareholders would be duly satisfied! In addition, Russia would be burdened with the lower price of crude on world markets, and possibly be weakened in the process, thereby changing the dynamics of the entire region.

From a Russian energy point of view, the entire strategic chess game in the Caucasus region is now in Russia’s favor and the Bush administration has been dealt a checkmate. The oil and gas reserves in this region are now under Russia’s control and the US and other oil interests will now veer away from Georgia. By George W. Bush meddling in this oil rich region, his blunders and greed have empowered both Russia and China to stand up to Bush. A new world order has grown out of the wanton greed by Bush and the Anglo-American oil interests he represents. At this point, I must make one salient quote from my favorite author, the late Kurt Vonnegut, who said, in his book, A Man Without a Country: “George W. Bush has gathered around him upper-crust C-students who know no history or geography, plus not-so-closeted white supremacists, aka Christians, and plus, most frighteningly, psychopathic personalities, or PPs, the medical term for smart, personable people who have no consciences.”

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Vincent Bugliosi, in his book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder, claims the United States, under the leadership of Bush, is a nation in serious decline. Bush relied on lies to invade Iraq, changed the rationale several times, and yet Americans bought the nonsense in what Bugliosi claims is fine Pavlovian form. As one can remember from psychology class, this is classical conditioning, whereby a dog salivates upon the introduction of food, and it is based on a simple reward and punishment scheme. He then quotes Einstein: “there are only two things that are infinite: the universe and the stupidity of man.”


Yahoo News (AP). Navy relieves commander of air recon squadron. Ed. Chelsea J. Carter. 2008. 13 August 2008


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I hold several degress from the Pennsylvania State University and I love to research what most people call conspiracies. I dabble in physics, electronics, and am a voracious reader. My mission is to provide a different perspective on world events, (more...)

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