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The Greatest Scandal of Our Time

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Message William Helbig

I recently wrote an OpEdnews news piece about the possible connection between apparent insider trading and the mysterious domestic cross-country flight of a B-52 bomber carrying live Nuclear-tipper Cruise Missiles.  When I assembled all of the relevant facts about the events that occurred within this short period, which is late August of 2007, it occurred to me that I had failed to offer a critical analysis of motive.  This is the classic phenomenon of who benefits from a crime, and who loses from the same.  The B-52 Bomber incident put in motion a series of events, possibly pre-planned by the Bush Administration, to bomb, using Nuclear-tipped weapons, targets presumably in Iran.  However, when all the dots are connected, I see something far more insidious, something on the level of a Sith Lord lusting for power, wealth, and a disdain for sentient life.


I will now summarize the time-line of the historic events below, and then I will offer an analysis of the motive behind the strategy employed by the individuals involved in this narrowly averted worldwide disaster.


Early August – Karl Rove submits his resignation as presidential advisor effective August 31, 2007.


August 27, 2007- Unknown entities place $billions in put options contracts in both United States and European stock markets.  The contract runs from August 27 through September 21, 2007.


August 30, 2007 – A B-52 Bomber armed with five Nuclear-tipped Cruise Missiles flies from North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.  Air Force Personnel quarantine the Plane.


September 6, 2007 – Israel bombs Syria in an unprovoked attack on a remote object in the Syrian Desert.


September 9, 2007 – The Russian Newspaper Pravda reports that the United States Military brought a super-secret KH-13 Spy Satellite out of orbit to prevent its use by elements of the Bush Administration to use, ostensibly, the satellite to target the Cruise Missiles on the B-52 Bomber.


September 23, 2007 – Qatar and the UAE buy stakes in the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.


Analysis of Motive


Karl Rove was supposedly the best friend of George W. Bush, and as many in the media referred to him, George Bush’s brain.  Rove was possibly the architect of Bush’s successful second term in the White House, and many policies and strategies that successfully controlled public opinion.  He was arguably the master of manipulation concerning public opinion, and the engine driving the continuous volume of daily events that drive history.  So why would Bush’s best friend abandon him instead of riding out the rest of Bush’s second term as a lame duck?  It is clear to me that something extraordinary had to propel Rove to resign.  One could speculate that he simply did not agree with how leadership in the White House was planning the final stage of events in the Middle East.  Therefore, we can all possibly agree that an extraordinary event would propel Rove to resign as presidential advisor.  To drive a wedge between best friends, the hammer must be incredibly powerful.


The insider trading that occurred on August 27 was in the $billions of dollars.  Option traders referred to these trades as “Bin Laden” trades, referring to the insider trading that preceded September 11, 2001.  What makes these put options (short selling) so spectacular is the trigger necessary to make billions in profits, a downward market-move of 50 percent, would require a world-shattering event as the primary catalyst to drive the markets down.  Would the bombing of Iran with Nuclear-tipped cruise missiles provide such a trigger mechanism to drive markets downward?  On the other hand, was something far more sinister in the works? 


As reported in the media, on August 30 a B-52 Bomber armed with five Nuclear-tipped Cruise Missiles flies cross-country in direct violation of US Air Force regulations concerning the transportation of live nuclear weapons.  It flies from an Air Force base in North Dakota and lands in Barksdale Air Force in Louisiana, where Air Force personnel immediately quarantine the bomber.  On September 6, 2007, Israel bombs Syria in an unprovoked attack.  The attack destroyed a possible nuclear site or a military ammunition dump.  Three days later the Russian newspaper Pravda reports the US military purposely removed one of its spy satellites from orbit to possibly prevent it from targeting the cruise missiles by the Bush administration for, ostensibly, an attack on Iran/Iraq. The satellite lands in Peru where hundreds are sickened by radiation poisoning.  The reporting concludes that there is an extensive divide between the US military (Pentagon), and the Bush Administration (Cheney, Bush, and Rice).  If these facts are true, a few brave Air Force personnel prevented World War 3, and denied the people who planned this event, their share of profits in the insider trading fraud initiated on August 27, 2007.


After reviewing the relevant facts, and other analyses of the event, I have concluded that the White House, not the Pentagon, initiated the flight of this bomber on a special covert mission to bomb not Iran, but targets inside Iraq, including the possible peripheral damage to US facilities and US troops in-country.  The ultimate goal of this covert attack on Iraq would be the immediate finger pointing by the Bush Administration at Iran.  Iran, now blamed for this nuclear attack, would now be the new target of attack for the Bush Administration.  An all-out nuclear assault would be hurled against Iran by the United States and Israel, thereby initiating hostilities and starting World War 3 in the Middle East. I would also go so far to conclude that the possible targets in Iraq would be the cities with the most violence, or opposition to US military forces.  Since these Nuclear-tipped Cruise Missiles were scheduled for decommissioning, the savings would be considerable to US taxpayers if they were detonated over problem cities in Iraq, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.   The insurgents would be squashed, the US taxpayers would not have to pay for the dismantling of nuclear tipped weapons, and the pretext to wage all-out war on Iran would be set in stone.  The markets would surely move downward on such news, the profits from the insider trading would be in the $billions.  One should also take notice that the financial scandals that rocked the United States, and conveniently the banking institutions, began in August of 2007.  Is this just a coincidence?  Alternatively, did these financial institutions partake in the largest insider-trading swindle of the new century?  I would speculate that Cheney and Rice had something to do with this fraud, and possibly alerted friends in the financial world about the possibility to make a large profit on a sure bet.  It is my supposition that Cheney, and possibly elements of the US government, like the CIA, had informed the financial institutions in question about the possibility to engage in this insider trading fraud, with the payoff in the billions.  However, the put-option contracts expired, thanks to Air Force personnel and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and conversely, the people who took Cheney’s advice, lost everything, thereby placing the financial institutions in serious debt, unheard of in these times.  I am sure these institutions got together and planned for some months, before releasing their well thought out lies, in secrecy with Cheney and the CIA on exactly how to handle the public relations concerning these huge losses, and finally concocted the readily accepted story of the sub-prime and mortgage-housing crisis.  As of this writing the sub-prime disaster is getting worse, with Fannie May and Freddie Mac requiring possibly a $trillion dollar bailout.  United States taxpayers:  Heads-up – you are paying for it!


This insider trading then segways back to the original insider trading that proceeded September 11, 2001.  Here, we now see a pattern unfolding – insider trading preceding 911 and now late August 2007.  I argue that the same people who had advanced knowledge of 911, and late August 2007, and dispersed this information to the CIA and possibly the Federal Reserve System and the related commercial banks and private financial institutions, are the very same  people at the top of our government, most likely, Dick Cheney and elements of the intelligent agencies.  This is government gone wild!  Fortunately, the nefarious plan did not work, the agencies and businesses involved lost billions, conveniently concocted a housing/sub-prime mortgage crisis, and then instructed the Fed to print money at astronomical rates to make up for the phenomenal losses. 


This leads to another avenue concerning the fact as to why no one has come forward to expose the government officials involved in this covert attempt to bomb Iran/Iraq, and the associated insider trading that also occurred.  The answer to this question is the following:  Title 18, United States Code, Section 371 prohibits conspiracies to defraud the United States.  It is simply against the law to engage in this criminal activity.  This is treason, which is the serious crime of disloyalty to one’s own nation, and sedition, which is covert conduct heading toward resurrection regarding one’s country.  In addition, serious insider trading laws were broken.  These individuals involved in these crimes could possibly face a firing squad, because the crimes are serious enough in nature.  Therefore, the people involved will never be exposed, and these crimes will follow them to their grave.  The nature of government in general, is the acquisition of power and the use of that power to manipulate the populace.  Throughout history, the rich ruling class can get away with so much, until the people rise up and replace the government.  Then it happens again, and again….

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