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Judgement Against the Austrian Courts: Persecution of a Troubled Austrian Journalist

Message Rebecca Em Campbell

Judgement Against the AustrianCourts: Persecution ofa Troubled World-Class Journalist

"No one calls for justice;no one pleads his case with integrity.They rely on empty arguments and speak lies;they conceive trouble and give birth to evil.Their deeds are evil deeds,and acts of violence are in their hands. Their feet rush into sin;they are swift to shed innocent blood.Their thoughts are evil thoughts;ruin and destruction mark their ways.
"The way of peace they know not;there is no justice in their paths.They have turned them into crooked roads;no one who walks in them will know peace. So justice is driven back,and righteousness stands afar off; for truth has fallen in the public squares, and righteousness cannot enter.
"Truth is nowhere to be found,and whoever shuns evilbecomes to thema prey.The Lord looked and was displeasedthat there was no justice. The Lordsaw that therewerefew who stoodfor justice;he was appalled that there was no one to intervene;so his own arm worked salvation for the upright,that theirown righteousness would protect them."-- Excerpts, Isaiah 59
The government of Austria, which --like virtuallyall of the national governments within the manipulatedmandate of the European Union --is a front for the Rothschild/Rockefeller-controlled banking and pharmaceutical cartels --is presently attempting tosilence through its corrupted courtsthe
courageoustruth-teller Jane Burgermeister.
This is theAustrian-Irish investigative science journalistwho last yearfiled criminal charges with the FBI and the Viennese City/State Prosecutorexposing the fraudulent, genocidal H1N1 Global Pandemic Emergency declared by the corporate-controlled UN World Health Organization last year.Many of her criminal charges havebeen investigated andvindicatedby the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and various European national governments, as well by such respected mainstream publications as Der Spiegel in Germany and The Guardian, The Daily Mail and the British Medical Journal in the UK.
FrauleinBurgermeister has sinceblogged several searing investigative reports that further must havegreatly alarmed those hiding theirmalefactions behind theaforementioned manipulated mandate of the European Union.This includesreportsconcerningthe false flag airline "accident" that supposedly killed 96 members of the maverick Polish government, with several plausible motives for their mass murder elsewhere tellingly revealed.Thesealso includeothersconcerningthe Rothschild-funded Lainz hospital, where over fortyseniorshave beenmurdered byhospital staff in the past, and many others -- including her late father and elderly aunt -- are having their estates stolen through the Austrian courtsby various Lainz Hospital-connected doctors, solicitorsand magistrates colluding togetherin the present.
It was thissecond series of blogged investigative reports, thatdetail themachinations ofthese corruptly colludinghospital-connected court and hospital officials,that triggered one of them to seek to gag Fraulein Burgermeister byissuingan order that she-- as aallegedly "mentally incompetent conspiracy theorist" -- be made aninvoluntaryward of the court, supposedly to protect herpatrimony from beingprofligately dissipated, thus paving the way for her soon to be legally silenced, neutralizedand eventually, possiblyeliminated, as well as her inheritance confiscated/controlled by these corrupt hospital/court-connected officials.A hearing for this cruel mockery of justice is scheduled for mid-August.
Knowing what this maymean, if this order is so unjustly and vengefully enforced,Fraulein Burgermeister on her blog has vehemently declared that she will not spend one minute under it, andthat she will take her own life if it is.
If this happens, the hiddenhand behind the Austrian government, that has in this case openlyplaced its fist upon the scales of justice to overbalance them, will be covered with blood as the color of the law, as will the hands of all those who have assisted it in committing thisgrave court-sanctioned crime.
The pen is so much mightier than the sword, that the sword is now swinging wildly worldwidein a desperate attemptto cut offthose -- this woman among them --who most mightily wieldthe pento help bringauthenticfreedom and justiceto the world though truth. Two other European journalists were recently found dead or disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Poland andGreat Britain; those affiliated with the Wikileaks whistleblower website are now also under siege by the hidden hand's puppet governments, including that of the United States.
If this fraudulent court action is derailed -- possibly by her appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and timely action by her fellow citizens--Fraulein Burgermeister will be free to continue tohelp expose this hidden handnow so tightly gripping the throat of humanity,covered with the blood of others, if not her own. It is also greatly to be hoped that she will befree to obtain theproficient, principled professionalhelp she may need to allay such extreme emotional distress asshe has shown in her recentself-immolatory ultimatum and her longstanding problematic interpersonal behavior, likely caused by unresolved emotional trauma.
This author wishes to make abundantly clear that, with this last statement, she does not in any way endorse thecontrived contentionof the Austrian courts that Fraulein Burgermeister needs their supervision because of supposed mental illness. Rather, this author is stating that it is a measure of this woman's sanity that she --as shown by herso masterfully revealing the concealed evil of this bank-based global empirewhileexperiencing
such extreme emotional distress,anddoing sowhile also experiencing suchstate-sanctioned harassment and repression -- is supremely mentally competent. This is what isnow salient inher present extreme emotionaldistress and her need for the freedom to seek proficient, principled professional help by which this distress could be authenticallyhealed.
To be well-adjusted toa global societycontrolled by unimaginable evil, such as this one presently is, is certainly no sign of sanity.Indeed, such emotional maladjustmentas exhibited by prophets, geniuses and sages throughout history is a sign ofsupreme emotional and spiritualhealth,when balanced withsufficient humility to work throughone's own weaknesses, as Fraulein Burgermeister is now being conspicuously and intensivelychallengedbythe present crises in her lifeto do -- as are we all during this time of planetary crisis.
Fraulein Burgermeister's fate is particularly
significant, because of the plans of the the corporate-controlled World Health Organization and its nearly 200 accessory national governments --- including most, if not all of those within the European Union and North America-- to unleash a new wave of medically lobotomizing, physically debilitating vaccines in seasonal vaccinations, as well as in our food, water and even in geneticallymodified life forms such as mosquitos: the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation located here in Seattle, Washington Stateis currently fundingthe latterreal-life science fiction horror scenarioat a high level. Confirmatory evidence of all of this can be found on any search engine on the internet, which anyone reading this is strongly urged to quicklyresearch for themselves.
Justice in Austriahas, in any case,beenrevealed to be blind only to the counterfeit coins that routinely overbalance her scales against the citizens of this nation, as well as against virtually allothers under the current manipulated mandate of the European Union. Austria --unless its people rise up against this abominationand pack the courtroom where Fraulein Burgermeister's upcoming hearing is to be held on August 12, 2010in defense of her freedom as well as their own--is evidently a nationdoomed to repeatitsrecent totalitarian past; a pastmost ofthis people, with obstinate obtuseness,have thus far refusedto recall. It is apparently a nation that does not sufficiently value the lives of those citizens whose presencemost gives it the semblance of a civilized society, and therefore may be onesociety that may not survive this present planetary crisis.
Thisunimaginable evil in any case shall not stand much longer on this earth, nor shall those whoscheme to maintain it at so high a price. The tables of the moneychangersare about to be permanently overturned, and those wholive by the letter rather than the spirit of the law shall soon findtheir inflated figures of wealth and poweras much erased from therecords of eternity, as they and their crimes against humanity and natureshall be written indelibly upon them.
For the real estate they seek to seize in the case of Jane Burgermeister and other truth-tellersis the Fourth Estate -- that of freedom of speech, of the right to know,and of the press, bequeathedto the sovereign people of this planet by our heavenly Father.They havein so doing acted directly against the statedprovisions ofour Father'swill.It is therefore by thefaithful action of us,His rightful heirs --who act uponour Father'suniversal legacybycontinuing to so brilliantly shineour lightupon such darkness -- thatthis darknessshall soon be disinherited from this world.

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Judgement Against the Austrian Courts: Persecution of a Troubled Austrian Journalist

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