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It's Distractions That Are Destroying Us And We're Allowing It!

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When I woke this morning, as every other morning, it was to the local news on NBC as my wife wants to hear the weather and traffic report before she gets dressed and heads off to work. It's one of the very few times that I look at a network station for much of anything since I've gotten this idea in my head that if we all boycott the establishments and businesses who we believe are contributing to the deterioration and ultimate demise of our middle class, or I should say , working class, we will eventually put a financial hurting on them, weakening their position of power and establishing an opportunity for a coup, or overthrow of the military-corporate administration who now controls our government.

Pretty naive, Huh? Maybe, but aside from writing editorials and running my mouth it seems that there's not much more that I can do on an individual basis, and I truly believe that if even all of the people who feel as I do would stop shopping Wal-Mart, watching the major networks, driving any more than is absolutely necessary, etc.,  we could actually succeed in imposing our will on the greedy establishment of power, and even impeach and prosecute this dictator and his administration, which in fact would be the first major step in a government coup d'état. Yea, that's what I believe needs to happen, a coup. Would you rather hear a revolution? C'mon, I'm already a prime candidate for an "accident" or a "heart attack." As you can see, I have a speech problem, I can't shut up.

But I did digress, sorry.

Fact is, when the local news was over, it went into the Morning Show, with their babbling band of gossips and clowns amusing the sheep and preparing them for their dose of daily propaganda. This morning, buddy Matt was in China, one of the worst, most oppressive communist powers in history, kissing their asses and telling us everything that the Chinese officials would allow him to. In other words, doing what he does when he's here in America.

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Then the crap hit the fan in my bedroom. They broke into the story of John Edwards' recent disclosure of his marital transgression, as though the destiny of all Americans hung in the balance of the 'outcome' of this soap opera. Then it happened. This bimbo, whom I did not recognize although she was a bit older and should have know better, made the closing statement, "There are a lot more questions that need to be answered here."  My poor wife, who was in the bathroom fixing her hair, almost put her eye out with a curling iron as I exploded into a nonsensical tirade, shouting, "ARE YOU PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR F***ING MINDS? WHAT QUESTIONS, WHO NEEDS ANSWERS? And ON and ON and................"

Was this what I've been missing out on by ignoring the networks? Is this what's really important to Nancy Pelosi and all of the other Democrats in Congress and the Senate, who should be doing their jobs,  impeaching and prosecuting the murdering, treasonous, criminals who are screwing our country to death? The future of our country is riding on an extramarital affair of a private citizen? It was one thing when they threw our country off course while they investigated the most famous blow-job in history. That was ridiculous enough in itself, but John Edwards is no one. He is no longer seeking election or anything else. He had an affair, he copped to it, fulfilling his obligation to, who?, the media, US?, to humiliate himself and his family on prime time TV. He did his duty, he shocked the sheep. Why are there any more questions? Whose business is it? And when did the media become the National Enquirer? Who appointed them the Morality Police? When did all of this happen? It must have been long after Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, JFK, LBJ, Ronny Reagan and Daddy Bush. Oh, they didn't have affairs? No, they did, the media just had scruples back then, they had a sense of priority. It would have served no one's purpose, no one of any importance to the future of our country, anyway, to disrupt our nation, notify the rest of the world, who, by the way had the common sense to keep their own affairs private, and reduce our media standard to that of a third rate gossip rag by disclosing what was, and still should be, considered private matters which have nothing to do with anyone except the spouse of the guilty party.

This is just a distraction, developed by the neo-conservatives and their talk show hosts during the Clinton administration. This is when they discovered just how juvenile and easily distracted the people of this great nation truly are. So much so that we would ignore the overthrow of our government while we applied all of our attentions to mindless, meaningless drivel such as sexual scandal, O.J. Simpson, Terry Schiavo, Elian Gonzalez, (just the fact that you recognize these names is testament to the success of the American propaganda machine) not to mention the "issues"; gays, abortion, immigration, all which, individually, are important to some, but as a whole are just more distractions from the things that truly matter. Like the fact that we have been taken over by a dictator who represents the richest of the rich, the military-industrial complex whose aim it is to destroy the middle class, replace their overpaid labor with third world immigrants from Mexico and China, who will work for dollars a day. Or the fact that we went to war in a country based on lies and forged documents from the CIA, under the direction of the Bush administration for no other reason than to manipulate the oil market in the favor of Bush and his bosses. Or that the most devastating act of terrorism in history took place on our shores, one year into Bush's presidency, which shows every indication of inside assistance and complicity in the way the buildings were destroyed and which buildings were destroyed. All of this and people eating live bugs and smearing themselves with hyena excrement or prostituting their ex-marital partners, or their parents for money on "Reality Television," anything which makes us say, forget the president's speech, "Who Wants To Ball My Trans-Sexual Sister" is coming on in five minutes.

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Why aren't we ashamed, why not embarrassed? What's wrong with us, what's happened that we pull down our pants and light our farts in front of the rest of the world and we see no real problems in our leaders or refuse to do anything about it?

We can do something and it won't take much sacrifice. Not compared to the sacrifice we're facing or already making because of high prices.

The way to start: try, as much as possible, to buy only necessities. Only for a while. When you do buy, stay away from the largest conglomerates, the ones who contribute the most toward poor employee compensations, highest prices, such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, GM, Sony. It's difficult to make a list, it's generally common sense. Try not to buy anything that you don't need right now. It doesn't seem like much but every little bit affects some CEO or stock holder who's making millions of dollars a year because their company exports jobs, pays their employees poorly or has little or no benefits, uses inferior quality materials or whose prices are too high. I've gotten into the habit of turning the product over and if it says "Made in China" I set it right back down.

Check out who your voting for. You may not realize it but their perceptions mean a lot about how they will affect you. For instance, did you know that Hillary Clinton's idea of a person in the middle class is someone who makes $250,000 a year or less? Barack Obama believes that middle class is $75,000 or less.  How many of you make a quarter of a million dollars a year?  If that's truly the norm then I can understand why no one wants to impeach Bush and Co., but I find it difficult to believe this to be true. If you can't live well on that much money then you are a dredge on society.

If we all use some common sense we can hurt the Establishment, the military-corporate greed machine who seeks our demise. And if we don't hurt them, and soon, they will hurt us. More, I'm afraid than we can imagine. "I'm nuts." I hear some of you. "There's no boogie man out to get us." Would you dare consider the concept, the possibilities of what all evidence points to? First, the facts, as most Americans now recognize them. The administration in power now, "took" the office. That, in fact, is a coup. They lied and created false evidence and documents to enter us into a war which was not in anyone's best interest except their own. That, in fact, is Treason. There is every indication that there was some degree of complicity in the 9-11 attacks on our country. That, in fact, is Murder, among other things. They have prevented or interfered with any investigations into any of these affairs. That, in fact, is Conspiracy. Now, in light of the facts that this administration is guilty of Conspiracy, Treason and Murder, in the very least. Is it unreasonable to believe that they have designs to eliminate a portion of the population, who are costing them the most in profits, and replacing them with the third world immigrants who they have been allowing access to our country with open arms? Do you want to take that chance, based on the evidence at hand? Do you not believe that they could give this nation a dose of super-flu and would? Sounds like a B-movie? That's what they count on.  I believe that they are capable of the most heinous of acts as they have already committed. If you still think I'm nuts then there's no point of reading on. If not, then go on. Maybe we can do something after all.

Boycott the major networks, don't purchase from their sponsors, shop for lowest prices and don't buy new unless it's necessary. Shop locally owned business and restaurants, avoid the fast food giants. Don't drive except to work, as much as possible. Anything else you can think of. It's going to cost us for a while but it will cost us much, much more in the future if we don't take back the power.

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And let's hope that Barack Obama is the savior he claims to be. I know that it's not in his best interest politically to call out for impeachment but let's hope, for all of our sakes, that he's reading OpEd and liking what he sees.

We have to vote right, I believe we dodged a bullet with Hillary but that's not the end of it. The Republicans have a funny way of winning elections without votes so we must be vigilant in this matter, but we must also assume some responsibility for affecting the income of the enemy, and our "enemy" they are and their income is their power.
And forget about John Edwards, the citizen. He has his own demons to fight without our noses up his ass.

And if you want the news, you're better off with the satire of "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. His comedy is closer to the truth than the media's truth is.


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