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Democrats Have Won the Battle, But Can Still Lose the War

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This is a time of celebration for the Democrats. Whom the mainstream media has determined is the worst president in American history has been defeated resoundingly. For four years liberals could not wait to get this man, President Trump, out of office, and it appears they will have their wish. However, this win was not as dominant as one would expect in beating the worst president ever for re-election. Could it be the Democrats are not reading the tea leaves for what they are? And will this victory give them a blind confidence that their message is more accepted then it really is and cost them in future elections? Let's read the tea leaves for what they really are.

I will not go as far as to say Donald Trump was the worst president in American history. I did not live through the times of James Buchanan or Andrew Johnson. I respect that this point can be debated. I will say he was the worst president I have lived through. My major issues are not so much the policies he enacted, but his lack of decorum, respect for the office, respect for the constitution and civics, his ego to never be wrong and always the best, the need for yes men, his lying, his children and loyal friends placed in important positions based on relationship to him, and not qualifications. Basically, personality factors that made him a great candidate to become an authoritarian if allowed. I feared what would happen if our country were attacked, and how he would use that to accumulate more power. Bottomline, there is not referee in his head telling him something is wrong and not to do it. If he can profit and get away with it, he would. For instance, if he could silence the press that was critical of him, he would, and would not care about the bigger picture of the first amendment and allowing the press free speech.

The point of this work is not to just list off the problems I personally have with President Trump. Sure, pieces like that spread through the echo chamber of liberals and leftists, but essentially what does it accomplish? I only mention this opinion of him for two reasons: first to understand the opinion of the author, and second and more importantly, to use it as a baseline to analyze the state of the Democrats which is the intent of this piece. And for this analysis to work, we must first agree Donald Trump was one of the worst presidents in American history. Even if you voted for him, for the sake of this piece suspend some disbelief and accept he was a bad president, so we can then accurately judge the position of the Democratic party in American right now. I promise Trump lovers this is not a piece attacking him, but if you can hold off on your personal opinions and assume he was an unpopular president, then we can agree the performance of the Democrats in 2020 was pathetic.

In the liberal leaning press (which yes, is most of the press) it is brought up that Joe Biden won with the most votes ever for president in the history of America. But what should be assumed with the way population grows, is that in every presidential election a candidate should have the most votes ever. Yes, Biden has 76 million votes, and in 2016 Hillary Clinton had 65 million like Obama had in 2012, with Hillary a few thousand more. Obama had 69 million in 2008, but it was also a monumental election with the first Black candidate on a major party ticket. If we continue though, Bush received 62 million in 2004, and he 50 million in 2000, Bill Clinton had 47 million in 96, and 44 million in 92. The obvious point is the vote totals will always increase over time. Having the most votes ever is not a sign of mass acceptance nationally. Especially when your opponent received the second most votes in history. The electoral vote total will resemble close to how Trump won in 2016. Back then only Trump considered it a landslide, and the Democrats did not, why should that perception change now? On top of that the Democrats also lost seats in the house. Which means people chose to vote for Biden, and yet still changed their down ballot vote for Republicans. How often does this happen? This means these voters liked the Republican message over the Democrat, but still felt Trump was not fit to hold office. Which makes sense from the view that Trump is the worst president ever. So, these Republicans voted him out, but still went down the line Republican, because the Democratic party they do not agree with. This cuts into the idea that the Democratic platform was so universally accepted. The undeniable fact is this: if Trump was the worst president ever what does that say about your platform to only beat him by 3 percent of the votes cast.

The problem is the Democrats and liberal media do not think it says anything bad about them. Instead they think it says something bad about America. Joy Reid and countless other pundits have asked the question what does seventy million votes going to Donald Trump say about America? John Oliver presented it as only two options: they actively supported his bigotry or were comfortable enough with it. And that is the left elitist false narrative that everyone who voted for Trump is a racist or cool with racism. It is remarkably out of touch. Twenty percent of them just feel abortion is murder and would never vote Democrat. Some feared what would happen to their guns, some liked the economy under him with the tax breaks. It is such a level of ignorance and arrogance to believe everyone who voted for Trump simply did it because they were racist. As if Racism was his only position. What can they say about the fact then that Trump gained in votes with Latinos and Blacks? Trump won the most non-white votes for a Republican candidate since 1960the election before Lyndon Johnson's civil rights act that flipped the demographic of racial voting in 1964. But instead they continue the narrative of Trump a racist (which he might still be) and all his voters are racist (which is definitely not true). Instead of asking the hard but honest question: what about our messaging made so many people still choose one of the worst presidents in history over our candidate?

Some Democrats did ask that question and managed to completely misread the information. Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (a former CIA agent mind you) said they never should use the word socialist again. Her argument was basically the positions of the far economic left (universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage) were what hurt the democrats in this election. However, no evidence confirms this. Every democrat that supported Medicare for all won re-election. Florida, a state that went red for Trump, their electorate voted for an amendment for a fifteen dollar minimum wage. Four states voted to legalize marijuana. Universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, legalize marijuana, all positions supported by Bernie Sanders and his faction in the Democratic party, and proven popular in this election. Yet the democratic leadership takes this information and concludes the far left is their problem? Well the far left is the Democrat's problem, but not the economic far-left, but the cultural far-left.

Wokeness for lack of a better identifier, cancel culture, identity politics, are the bane of the Democratic party. The Democrats are losing this culture war. Generation Z is turning conservative the way Generation X turned liberal when during the eighties and nineties the religious right tried to ban movies, music and video games. And what is going on right now? The woke left is trying to ban movies, music, and video games. The through line here is that Americans never favor censorship and being told what to see, hear and think. Compounding this is now, similar to how the religious right shamed people that did not agree with them as fornicators and sinners, the left now shames people who do not agree with them as racists. Everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, even if you are black. When 50 Cent said he supported Trump, Chelsea Handler said she had to remind 50 he was black. I am sure 50 did not forget. Did Chelsea forget she is white? What level of superiority does a white person think they have to tell a black person how to vote because of their skin color. (And amazingly the woke crowd does not feel her comment was racist.) The truth of this election, which was so devoid of actual policy, left most voters to make their decision based on hate. They either hated Trump, or they hated the wokeness culture of the left. And it was a close call. What will happen when the Republicans do not offer one of the worst presidents ever on the top of the ticket, while the left continues their unpopular woke parade?

The elite corporatists leaders of the Democratic Party, however, do not see their faults or will not admit them. Why did Hillary lose, did they admit the obviousshe was not well liked, and the significance of the first female president was not enough if people did not like hernope, of course they did not. Instead they blamed Bernie for not campaigning enough and Russia. They live in their own echo chamber of their controlled media and do not honestly appraise themselves. These corporatist leaders act like that jerk who when a woman denies him, he assumes she must be a lesbian. They cannot for a moment possibly consider there is something wrong with them. It must be that the American voters are that racist, or the progressive economic left hurt their message. With Biden's win they will only feel more justified in their view. They will try to move the party more right and silence the progressive voice more. Remember at the Democratic National Convention popular sitting progressive congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only got two minutes to talk, while a former Republican governor, John Kasich, got fifteen minutes. They will again continue to deny their faults, misread what the voters actually want, and deny the truth that without Covid, Trump probably gets re-elected. This victory will blind them. They will continue to please their corporate contributors over the working class, promote woke messaging, and support right-moderate leaning candidates.

And they will catch a reckoning in 2022 and 2024"

Only to blame Bernie, AOC, America, and anyone else but themselves for why they lost.

But thank got in 2020 we got someone out of office who can't admit when they are wrong.

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Drew D'Amato is the author of the novels Social Studies and Bloodlines. He also has a masters degree in history, and has taught at the high school and college levels. When not writing he spends his time getting himself into trouble.
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