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"911!" and 9/11: A Different Connection

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"911!" is the title of my new book.1 You immediately recognize the title as the nationwide telephone number to call for help or rescue. My choice of this title was deliberate. America and the world need to be rescued from the wrongdoing and evildoing by the power elite of America's corpocracy, or the Devil's marriage between Corporate America and Government America, with the latter the lackey of the former.2


My new book rose from the ashes of a failed attempt to get an earlier manuscript published. I never heard from some publishers and the rest liked the manuscript bur rejected it as being unrelated to their catalogues' themes. The manuscript did receive 10 glowing endorsements, but those did not impress the traditional publishers. Nevertheless, it was a fortunate outcome because I must admit the book had no newsstand appeal and worse, failed to explain adequately my rescue plan and how it might be funded. My new, self-published book, if I do say so myself, is far superior. It has newsstand appeal due to its title, which is printed in red, my name in blue and the background white for patriotic appeal, is written in a very conversational style, and gives a thorough description and explanation about the very expensive rescue plan and its proposed funding.

Highlights of "911!"

1. The power elite are put under my "psychoscope" to examine their abnormal characteristics such as their human disconnectedness and their psychopathology.

2. The power elite's wrongdoing and evil doing are catalogued at length for industry in general, for several very consequential industries, and for government in general.

3. The power elite's trail of harm done at home and away, much of it destructive and deadly, is thoroughly catalogued.

4. The power elite's "props" are thoroughly catalogued. Lack of accountability is but one of many examples of a prop. Corporate America and Government America feed each other the props. Without their props the power elite would lose their iron grip on America's domestic and foreign affairs.

5. What I think are some creative and useful concepts are presented in the book. Two of them are the power tower and the power rectangle,

The power tower illustrates five levels differentiating the amount of power one has, that is, the capacity to control one's life and that of others. The power elite occupy the top two levels. The U.S. President, by the way, occupies the fourth level. JFK found that out the hard and final way. At one time I was at the third level, which includes "functionaries." I was a functionary, or water carrier, for political appointees and other top dogs. Most of the corpocracy's evil doing is ordered or expected of functionaries to implement. I can vouchsafe that I committed no wrongdoing or evil doing as a functionary.

The power rectangle symbolizes what you might expect, power equality, as opposed to the power inequality represented by the power tower, or triangle. The power rectangle is not flat because a purely egalitarian nation is unworkable as is an anarchy where no one rules.

Switching my geometric metaphors symbolizes my aspirations for a People's America:

" at peace with itself and the world.

" politicians who are public rather than

" corporate servants.

" laws with teeth for the benefit of the

" common good.

" the power tower flattened into a power

" rectangle of shared power.

" where the living field is leveled.

" where all Americans have the same

" universal rights.

" where all Americans can reach their

fullest potential as human beings.

My aspirations, incidentally, could be turned into indicators for knowing the success of my rescue plan if it were to be implemented.

I want to make it perfectly clear that my power rectangle does not mean wealth redistribution, despised by superficially thinking capitalists and propagandized by demagogues scaring the public about creeping socialism. What is symbolized is power redistribution. Except for the possibility of retroactive taxation on ill-begotten, undertaxed wealth, the present level of wealth held by the power elite would not be redistributed, but they would no longer be in positions to exercise the power they once had to become even more powerful.

A Few Details Briefly About the Rescue Plan

Democracy Pow!er on Paper

I call my rescue plan, "Democracy Pow!er." The exclamation mark signifies relentless determination, not a physical fight, and for two reasons. Seeking to overthrow the power elite by force would be foolhardy. The power elite has all the force. Furthermore, the only path to peace is peace itself.

It is an extremely detailed plan, reading like a "rescue technical manual" (the only potentially tedious and boring part of the book), and has two parts, each needing the other to succeed. The first part is analogous to a head, the "drivers" so to speak of the plan, without meaning at all to deprecate the "passengers," or the second part. The Occupy Movement, by the way, fizzled partly because it did not have the "drivers" part.

The First Part

The U.S. Chamber of Democracy (USCD)

The USCD is a deliberate counter to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the wealthy cheerleader for Corporate America. The USCD is given a vision, a common goal, a strategy for meeting the goal, suggestions for a few leaders and 12 alliances of associates to carry out the strategy.

An example of an alliance is the "investigative and research alliance." It would comprise subgroups of associates investigating and researching for their own targeted props and for alliances targeting other props.

The most important subgroup would comprise associates convinced that the power elite are stonewalling investigations of the real cause of four traumatic events in America's recent history; those of the assassinations of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, JFK, and RFK and the infamous 9/11 tragedy. The 9/11 event should be given top priority because the voluminous literature I have read nearly convinces me that a few of America's power elite were responsible for the tragedy.3 1

The Second Part

The People's Reignbow Coalition (PRC)

America is not really the "United" States that its power elite drill into our heads. We are in truth the "Divided" People of America on many issues plus the great divide I call the "life quality gap." The power elite created these divides and intends to continue them. What is needed is a massive coalition of dissident individuals, groups and organizations to apply unified political pressure to lessen the corpocracy's resistance to the initiatives of the USCD.

"Reignbow" is a homophone for the Rainbow Coalition, a generic term for any coalition of groups or parties opposed to the reign of America's power elite. I got the idea for it from the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Recall that he garnered over 3 million and 6 million votes respectively in his 1984 and 1988 presidential bids. While his coalition is mostly of historical significance today, I give him credit for what he did. He, like Ralph Nader, was simply up against the corpocracy.

In the book I identify 17 segments of America's divided and conquered heterogenous populace that could become the PRC. The alphabetical list starts with "Activists, Angry and Aggrieved Individuals" and end with "Veterans." If the PRC did indeed materialize, there would be many millions of boycotts, petitions, protests, demonstrations and whatever else coming from one source. All previous failures from divided and conquered reformers could become successes. When, for example, the USCD launches an antiwar initiative, it would be backed by all segments of the PRC, not just by a few antiwar organizations. The White House, the Department of War, the CIA and Congress could be surrounded by millions of demonstrators. Poof go the props!

The Proposed Rescuers: A Summary

My rescue plan would be extremely costly to create and operate, in the millions of dollars at least. In seeking sources for the first version of Democracy Pow!er, I made the beginner's mistake of contacting some 400 non-governmental organizations (NGO's) without first vetting them. Only four were supportive! Stunned, I researched the declining and non-responding NGOs.4 I studied their mission statements, their many well-heeled sponsors, their flush budgets, their getting government incentives such as grants, their trophy boards of directors, their large staffs, and their purported accomplishments. Three clues jumped out at me: their cozy, quid-quo pro with the corpocracy; their mostly platitudinous mission statements; and their mostly minor to negligible accomplishments. I was sadder but wiser. I was not going to commit the same mistake twice!

Meet the Super-Rich: TGP

There are some super-rich multi billionaires whom I plan to ask to invest in making my rescue plan happen and succeed. It is not a crazy idea. It occurred to me when I read a most unusual novel with the title, "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us."5

Its author is Ralph Nader. One of his real-life characters in the plot is the legendary multibillionaire investor Warren Buffett. When reading about the real life of Mr. Buffett, I learned that he plans to give his money away.6 He and Bill and Melinda Gates, richer even than Mr. Buffett, in 2010 formed The Giving Pledge (TGP), a group of now over 200 super-rich philanthropists from around the world whose pledge is "a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back."7 Unfortunately, I did not know about TGP until recently. Better late than never, though!

TGP is not an NGO or even an organization. It is an informal social group that meets yearly to brainstorm various topics. TGB apparently does not have a staff or even a telephone number. The only way for an outsider to contact TGB is through an embedded contact form on the website. TGB does not publicly identify any specific initiatives any members fund as part of their pledge commitment, nor report on whatever the impact may or may not be of the funded initiatives. TGB does include on the website press releases that mostly tell about the new pledges who joined during the reported year and the topics discussed during brainstorming sessions.

TGP's Guiding Principles Quoted Verbatim. "A commitment to philanthropy. The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back. The Giving Pledge is an effort to help address society's most pressing problems by inviting the wealthiest American families and individuals to commit to giving more than half of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes."8

TGP Members' Most Recent Positions in Industry. TGP members have held such positions as CEO, co-founder, director, executive chairman, owner and the like in such industries as finance, food, health care, manufacturing and engineering, pharmaceutical, property development, technology and venture capital.

Why TGP. The industries I just cited are among those responsible for numerous incidents of wrongdoing listed in my book. This fact does not necessarily mean that I am being unrealistic or foolish to expect TGP to fund my rescue plan. In my book I make it clear that not all members of the corpocracy's power elite are wrongdoers and evildoers. I also list 12 reasons why they should be the rescuers, and I plan on telling them so. Here are the 12:

· Gates says, "we've got to put a lot of

money into changing behavior."9

· They can easily afford the cost.

· They have been handed a historical


· They need to invest in America's future,

not today's corpocracy.

· They can make good capitalism possible.

· Their own descendants will need a future.

· They will be immortalized as America's

and the world's heroes.

· Their wealth is useless if doomsday strikes.

· They will shame billionaires deserting for

space escapes.10

· They can avoid being negligent ancestors

of the future.

· They have the opportunity to prove their

critics wrong.

· Whatever they decide the world will

eventually know.

The Lesser Rich

Considering the possibility that TGP is not persuaded, I shall beg the lesser-rich. Among them are hundreds of celebrities who have supported social activist endeavors. I know their names and will not hesitate to contact them if TGP rebuffs me.


If the super-rich and the lesser-rich are not going to rescue us, then they cannot say I did not tell them that doomsday in the form of Armageddon, biological warfare, ecocide or evolutionary apocalypse is just a few decades from now.11

In Closing

The Ultimate Question for Everyone

· What if anything can outlast the corpocracy?

· How it will be outlasted?

· When will it be outlasted?

· And if it is outlasted, will it be too late?


At this moment anyone in the general public cannot know that my book exists, and even if they did, they would not be able to find it on Amazon Book's website, the bookstore for the book! I have told Amazon about this repeatedly to no avail and have said I may take legal action against it. I wonder if a functionary at Amazon, wanting to impress the CEO, an archetypical member of the corpocracy's power elite, is blocking the advertising of my book. If so, it apparently will not be the first time that Amazon has mislead the public about a book's availability.12


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