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Zinc Dimes, Tungsten Gold & Lost Respect

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[Ed:Martha Rose Crow submitted this article as a follow-up to her article about dirty gold.]

In 1964 the US Govt. introduced the zinc dimes clad with silver. They at least admitted the debauchery publicly. Now pre-1964 silver coins are all considered different, and valued differently too, higher. Rome committed the same coinage fraud 1900 years ago. Their Empire went bust as the city burned almost concurrently. Ayn Rand is a guiding light for Alan Greenspan, the enabling destroyer of the US banking system, destroyer of the US household archipelago, and dispatcher of the US industrial base to Asia. He is the hero icon worshiped by Wall Street. The irony is thick, that his career was spent following Old Europe orders that delivered the slow motion coup de grace to the American Empire. Ayn Rand wrote"If you want to know when a society is set to vanish, watch the money. Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men's protection and the base of moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owner a counterfeit pile of papers."The Chinese are learning this lesson the hard way, challenged to convert their US Treasury Bonds and US Agency Mortgage Bonds into true wealth before the paper becomes untradeable. Actually, the bonds will eventually be redeemed by the US Fed with newly printed money, when an avalanche occurs of foreigners seeking redemption en masse. For almost ten years they have been exchanging their finished products to the US & West for paper with ink on it, in questionable stored wealth. The Chinese are cashing in on their paper, trading it for new global power.


The tungsten deposits come in very high grade ore, located in shallow rectangular deposits dispersed widely across the world, segregated in unusual vault heap leach mineralizations. In October, the Hong Kong bankers discovered some gold bars shipped from the United States were actually tungsten with gold plating. This is the exact same Modus Operandi as the silver clad zinc dimes from 45 years ago.History repeats itself. The parallels to mortgage bond fraud with either sub prime borrowers or multiple property titles used in bond securitization is easy to spot. A consistent theme runs through the American management of finance and dissemination of fraudulent assets on a global basis. Tungsten gold bars are a feat difficult to surpass. Credit must be given for not leaving any potential for fraud untapped. Refer to insider flash trading, naked shorting of bank stocks, commodity trading on behalf of the US Govt., and much more. No disrespect is intended for the trillions counterfeits of superstar grade. Refer defense appropriations, US Treasury Bond sales beyond issuance, and missing Fannie Mae funds. These are legacy crimes.

The initial discovery was something like four gold bars, which the Hong Kong bankers drilled invasively to test the contents. Reminds me of drilling the earth and measuring how many grams of gold per tonne. The Hong Kong bankers hoped to have 99% gold yield in their drill program for the resident bars. They found something like 1% instead and 99% tungsten. By the way, tungsten sells for less than $70 per ton, which makes its swaps for gold to be 60x more profitable than silver bar swaps. Another handy usage for the Gold/Silver ratio in calculations. The hunt was on. Now not a single assayer on the planet is available, as all are tied up. They have been commissioned to test the gold bars shipped from the United States of Fraudulent Banker America in their own bullion vaults. They use basic methods of four drill holes with direct assay of shavings, but also less invasive methods like electro-magnetic waves to examine the metal lattice structure. When highest level methods are needed, they turn to mass spectrometry. NOW ALMOST NO GOLD BARS WILL LEAVE THE LONDON OR NEW YORK METALS EXCHANGES WITHOUT SOME AUTHENTICATION, AS DISTRUST IS WIDESPREAD.

The global bankers must deal with toxic bonds and phony gold bars. Talk circulates that the entire contents of Fort Knox might have swapped a decade ago. Evidence is being accumulated and compiled. The assayers have also been commissioned to assist in authentication of gold bar delivery the world over from the US exchanges. Current estimates among the gold trader community run well pasta few hundred thousand 'salted' gold bars, maybe over a million. So the introduction to sophisticated Wall Street methods of currency management during the Decade of Prosperity had a side game running simultaneously. In an age where the lines between patriotism and treason are blurred, this tungsten episode brings new meaning to the word HEIST.


The bust cometh, and it will be spectacular. The stories told in the press will be peculiar, since not told objectively. The headlines might be a comedy, with phony reports of foreign subterfuge, when the perpetrators are home grown. The focal point for attacks is actually London at their metals exchange. The early October events included numerous offers by exchange officials to settle gold contract deliveries in cash with a 25% extra big bonus. Much gold was drained from London on demanded delivery, thanks to a small army of lawyers, a small blizzard of contracts, and a few key judges at the courts. They were all Asians, the majority Chinese. Gold was taken, thus enforcing futures contracts, which happen to be binding contracts. The pressure at the end of November will be worse to make good on gold contract deliveries. Recall the stories back in April for a Deutsche Bank rescue by the Euro Central Bank with a very large (over one million oz gold position) provision made. Deutsche Bank was in trouble. The pressures are mounting every couple months. Next March will be a climax of the breakdown, or else June.

Breakdowns come from extreme pressures. Each delivery month event includes more gold removed from the London exchange, more gold demanded from it, and more movement toward a breakdown. So the next events have even more pressure, with less gold supply and continued relentless demand. Recall also that the exchange, along with the COMEX in the Untied States, exempt certain parties from maintaining 80% collateral when they short gold & silver with paper contracts. Thus the name suppression, or better yet corruption. They are being caught in their naked shorting game. The December 1st events surrounding settlement delivery demands will be more contentious and stressful than October 1st. In sequential manner, the March event will be even more pressure packed, with precious little physical gold in store and more targeted Chinese delivery demanded. The June event will be even more pressure packed still, a backup date for a potential breakdown if it does not occur in March.

The common denominator for the parties demanding gold delivery in London is simple: they are all Asians, all, as in all, and the great majority are Chinese. One can safely conclude that the US and British banks will be broken with the nexus being their gold management, which underpins the US Dollar. Other pressure is sure to mount. Not the kind of pressure you might imagine. Pressure is mounting for senior bank executives and politicians to start revealing the identities, deeds, locations, and dates of the gold tungsten swap, the mortgage bond fire hose, and other pervasive frauds protected by the US Govt. and British Govt.


The gold & silver prices are moving in lead fashion, and have done so among the currencies for at least the last three months. The major currencies fiddle and diddle, but gold & silver continue to rise. The Chinese, according to word from connected sources, intend to push the gold price and the silver price relentless upward without explosive parabolic moves and without painful huge sell off corrections. That way, the army of public investors will not lose heart, and will remain on the path, in full phalanx support of the Chinese Govt. initiative. The Euro currency has hit the 150 level in mid-October and in mid-November, only to fall back a little. The Euro is not ready for a powerful move to 160 just yet. Such an advance would bring with it a painful effect to German exporters again, not desired. As a result, the gold price in Europe has made significant moves, and is in the process of challenging the 785 high from February. The key to a massive gold bull market is confirmation in terms of other currencies. The gold breakout is being led globally in US$ terms, since it is the weakest currency among the majors. GOLD IS TAKING ITS RIGHTFUL PLACE AS THE PREMIER GLOBAL CURRENCY, AFTER A BREAKDOWN IN THE MONETARY SYSTEM AND INSOLVENCY IN THE BANKING SYSTEM.

My 1130 midterm target for gold has been hit, stated at least three times this summer and autumn in public articles. One must wonder if a sizable sell off in gold is coming. My view is that given the lack of sudden sharp upward thrusts in the gold price, the prospect of a sharp correction is lessened. Charts tend to show symmetry oftentimes. Besides, the Beijing Put is becoming well-known in the financial circles. The Chinese are using some reverse technical analysis, buying heavily when the gold chart indicates imminent weakness. That way the clueless Western gold sellers will be denied their cheaper re-entry, and will be forced to buy at higher levels. The Chinese are employing an unusual pattern. They are accumulating gold. The Chinese will continue to buy gold with both hands until the supply is exhausted of turkeys who fail to comprehend the Paradigm Shift, fail to comprehend the US Dollar revolt, fail to comprehend the broken Western banks, fail to comprehend the endless stimulus, and fail to dismiss the mindless gold bubble argument that seems to be floating around in recent propaganda ploys. Its author overlooks the US Treasury bubble of gigantic proportions.

Whether or not a notable pullback correction comes for gold, who knows? Who cares? This is not a time to go in & out, selling & buying back a gold position. It is a time to acknowledge a powerful global shift that will send the US Dollar into the dungeon, and deliver gold to unheard of heights. The next target for gold is 1300. The targets for gold are dictated by the size of the jumps from the head and shoulder of the inverted Head & Shoulders pattern. The lost respect from the gold bullion bar fraud, the Weimar output of printed money, the monetization dependence from global isolation, and the lack of leadership all tend to pull the US Dollar down. More accurately, these factors will push gold up into a dominant currency position fully recognized, as nations struggle to rebuild their banks after toxic US infection that does not end.


The Scotland gathering of bankers had some key signals to report. Note the signal how they ignored the US Dollar as a topic in the open chambers. Conclude they wish for benign neglect, where the US$ can find its true value much lower, and eventually depart as the global reserve currency. Note the signal how they urged continued global stimulus. Conclude they wish for the major governments to continue to debauch, undermine, and destroy the major currencies such as the US Dollar, British Pound, European Union Euro, Swiss Franc, and Japanese Yen. Conclude they wish for the emerging market economies to be given massive assistance by the industrialized submerged market economies. The more the prominent older nations render harm to their banking systems, economies, and balance sheets, the easier it will be for Brazil, Russia, India, and China to conduct the business of walking the earth as new leaders. The new BRIC nations will build their dominant positions one brick at a time. The Paradigm Shift is away from the US Dollar, with power shifting from West to East and in particular toward the BRIC nations. Their most recent visible victory is killing off the G-8 Meeting, which does not convene anymore. Not only does the G-20 serve as the global banker conference forum, but the Chinese have a lead voice, precisely as they demanded. Creditors win their way.

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Richard W. Overfield is an artist/writer currently based in New Mexico after living in Vancouver, Canada for 20 years.His paintings are represented in over 300 public & private collections in the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, France, England, Japan & (more...)
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