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Pissed off Patricia (aka) Patricia Ernest

Playing Russian Roulette With American's Emotions by Patricia Ernest

Most of the World Thinks Bush Sucks.  Why Don't We?

A Bush in the Bird

Bush Blows!  Is It Holy Smoke or Wholly Smoke and Mirrors?

Bush Calls for an Amendment to Ban Democrats

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(A Satire)

Bush's Deadly Deception In Our Name;

"Oops", is NO EXCUSE for WAR.

Can You Hear Us Now?

Dr. Judith Steinberg Is In!

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Governmental Uterus Registration

Hey Sister! It's Not Your Body

If Your Heart Isn't Broken, Check Your Pocketbook

I'll Always Remember Where President Kennedy was the Day I was Shocked.

Is That What It's All About?

You put your Right lies in

You take your Right lies out

You put more Right lies in and you jerk us all about

That's what they're all about!

Let's Hit the Brakes on This NASCAR Foolishness!

Saddam Would Have Been Free if Bush Got His Way

(A short and sweet response to 'A sure thing ')

Senator Kerry, Let's Go Take Back Our Flag!

Sixteen to Nothing

Trading Soldiers for Contracts, Such a Deal!

Two Lives Too Many

War?  Don't Even Think About It The Iraqi War; Bush's Gift to Osama was launched based on Saddam's Thoughts?

We've Partied Too Much!

Who Fueled the War for Oil?

WMD is All We Found Last Night

You Can't BS Jesus


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