Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Narcissists

Born or bred, sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists are dangerous, hartful, evil predators without conscience or caring. Some hurt and kill, some hurt and steal or become violent and some are executives at major companies, religious leaders or politicians. 

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 07/19/2015 Bill Cosby-- Predatory Psychopath? What We Can Learn  (View Stats) 75 
2 Article 07/19/2015 Transcript: Interview M.E. Thomas Author, Confessions of a Sociopath.  (View Stats)
3 Article 06/14/2015 Fast Track Trade Traitors Murderers and Enemies  (View Stats) 42 
4 Podcast 05/31/2015 Henry A. Giroux; Culture of Cruelty, Neoliberals War on Education,  (View Stats) 2 
5 Article 05/18/2015 Mega-Psycho; When The Most Successful, Smartest Psychopaths Go Bigger-- Think Pyramids  (View Stats) 32 
6 Article 05/15/2015 Conservatism as Top-Down Culture That Leads to Parasites and Psychopathologies  (View Stats) 43 
7 Article 05/13/2015 What Are the Biggest Lies and Delusions That Keep People Voting Against Their Own Best Interests?  (View Stats) 124 
8 Article 03/18/2015 How To Create An Evil Character-- Sound Familiar?  (View Stats) 28 
9 Podcast 01/11/2015 Ross Rosenberg: Narcissism and the Human Magnet Syndrome  (View Stats) 3 
10 Podcast 12/17/2014 Positive Psychologist Robert Biswas-Diener, author, The Upside of Your Dark Side:  (View Stats)
11 Podcast 11/26/2014 Scott Keiller; on Patriarchy, Narcissists and Women, Authoritarians...  (View Stats) 1 
12 Article 11/23/2014 Rob Kall and David Swanson Debate David's Article "Can We Really Blame Sociopaths?"  (View Stats) 2 
13 Article 10/09/2014 Transcript 3: Scott Lilienfeld, President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy  (View Stats)
14 Article 10/07/2014 Transcript: Scott Lilienfeld-- President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy  (View Stats) 2 
15 Article 10/07/2014 Transcript 2: Scott Lilienfeld, President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy  (View Stats) 1 
16 Article 10/05/2014 The Power of Charisma-- It Can Actually Inhibit Higher Brain Function in "Believers"  (View Stats) 29 
17 Podcast 09/23/2014 Rob Kall Facilitates a Conversation Between Paul Craig Roberts and Noam Chomsky  (View Stats) 16 
18 Podcast 09/22/2014 Archetypal, Mythic Strong Women and Patriarchy-- A conversation with Jean Shinoda Bolen  (View Stats)
19 Article 09/21/2014 Proposal: The Psychopathy Defense and Optimization Research Project  (View Stats) 41 
20 Podcast 08/27/2014 Daniel Shaw: What Is Narcissism, Victim Process, How It Develops, Cults, Tea-Party, Clinton...  (View Stats) 3 
21 Article 08/03/2014 Transcript: Paul Craig Roberts on Ukraine/Russia, Psychopath Nazi Neocons, The End of the Dollar Reserve, Monsanto, ,  (View Stats) 11 
22 Article 06/25/2014 Lawrence Wilkerson Intvw Transcript 2; Psychopathic Corporations, Neocons, Snowden and NSA  (View Stats) 2 
23 Article 06/18/2014 Interview Transcript: The Corporation Movie/Book Creator Joel Bakan--part 2  (View Stats) 2 
24 Article 06/15/2014 Interview Transcript: Joel Bakan-- Author/Producer The Corporation-- on How Corporations are Psychopathic, part 1  (View Stats) 8 
25 Podcast 06/12/2014 Paul Craig Roberts On Russia De-dollarization, Psychopaths, Monsanto GMO and more  (View Stats) 20 
26 Article 06/11/2014 Part 2 Intvw Transcript: Evolution of Morals with Frans de Waal  (View Stats)
27 Article 06/09/2014 Interview Transcript: Frans de Waal: Primates, the Evolution of Morals, Top-down and bottom up Morality  (View Stats) 8 
28 Podcast 06/04/2014 Interview With Phil Rockstroh-- on Capitalism, Evil, Psychopaths, Soul and more  (View Stats) 1 
29 Podcast 05/28/2014 Lawrence Wilkerson-- Blood on The Streets  (View Stats) 7 
30 Article 05/22/2014 Transcript: Interview with a Psychopath Neuroscientist Entrepreneur  (View Stats) 23 
31 Article 05/22/2014 Transcript: Interview with Neuroscientist/author of The Psychopath Inside  (View Stats) 6 
32 Article 05/12/2014 What is the Opposite of Psychopathy?  (View Stats) 55 
33 Article 05/09/2014 We Need a New Planetary Economic Model  (View Stats) 16 
34 Article 05/07/2014 What Would a Psychopath Do? Here are Five Things  (View Stats) 31 
35 Article 04/29/2014 Interview Transcript Part 2; FBI Expert on Psychopaths Mary Ellen O'Toole  (View Stats) 10 
36 Article 04/27/2014 Interview Transcript 1; FBI Expert on Psychopaths Mary Ellen O'Toole  (View Stats) 3 
37 Podcast 04/24/2014 Interview with Scott Lilienfeld, President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy  (View Stats) 3 
38 Podcast 04/16/2014 Gary Null on Psychopaths, Sociopaths-- In Corporations and Government  (View Stats) 6 
39 Podcast 04/16/2014 David Swanson-- We debate and discuss How to Handle Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Predators  (View Stats) 4 
40 Article 04/04/2014 A Bottom-up Exercise in Understanding Top-Down, Hierarchy. Domination and Predators  (View Stats) 36 
41 Podcast 03/30/2014 11 Years After THE CORPORATION-- In Depth with Author/Producer Joel Bakan  (View Stats) 1 
42 Article 03/27/2014 Exclusive Interview: Alan Grayson on House of Cards, Foreign Money in Elections, NSA, Snowden, Greenwald & Surveillance  (View Stats) 1 
43 Podcast 03/20/2014 I Talk With Alan Grayson On TPP, Psychopathic Corporations, corpomemes, Whistleblowers, NSA  (View Stats) 1 
44 Article 03/12/2014 Why People Love Hit TV Series Featuring Psychopaths, like Breaking Bad and House of Cards  (View Stats) 34 
45 Article 02/15/2014 Chomsky Talks about Psychopaths and Sociopaths  (View Stats) 31 
46 Podcast 02/12/2014 Noam Chomsky; On Hopeful News, Billionaires and Psychopaths  (View Stats) 7 
47 Article 02/09/2014 Monuments Men, Gestapo Generals and Billionaires  (View Stats) 63 
48 Article 02/04/2014 Psychopaths and Narcissists-- Overcoming the Inhuman Minority; Ian Hughes Interview Transcript, Part 2  (View Stats) 1 
49 Article 02/02/2014 A World Damaged by Psychopaths and Narcissists-- Ian Hughes Interview Transcript Part 1  (View Stats) 8 
50 Podcast 01/07/2014 James Fallon, Psychopath Neuroscientist  (View Stats) 1 
51 Article 12/22/2013 Looking At a Bigger Picture: Criminals and Rogue Organizations Within  (View Stats) 47 
52 Podcast 12/19/2013 interview With FBI Profiler of Psychopaths, Mary Ellen O'Toole  (View Stats) 4 
53 Podcast 09/17/2013 Ian Hughes-- A World Damaged by Psychopaths. We have the Answer  (View Stats) 1 
54 Podcast 09/16/2013 Frans De Waal; Primates, Fairness, The Evolution of Morals  (View Stats)
55 Podcast 09/09/2013 Pamela Jaye Smith; Mythic, Archetypal & Symbolic Aspects of Evil, Bad Guys, Sociopaths and the Dark Side  (View Stats) 1 
56 Article 08/14/2013 Who's a Psychopath? Walt on Breaking Bad? Obama? Politicians? Corporate Execs?  (View Stats) 21 
57 Article 07/29/2013 Corporate Psychopaths and Bullies, Transcript of Interview with Clive Boddy, Author, part 2  (View Stats) 2 
58 Article 07/28/2013 Corporate Psychopaths, Transcript of Interview with Clive Boddy, Author, part 1  (View Stats) 8 
59 Article 07/24/2013 Hell Has Arrived, With the Help of Sociopaths and the Eleven Percent  (View Stats) 40 
60 Podcast 07/18/2013 The Power of the Herd; Non-Predatory Power and Horse Sense; Intvw With Linda Kohanov  (View Stats)
61 Podcast 07/08/2013 Part 2 Interview With a Sociopath  (View Stats) 1 
62 Podcast 06/28/2013 Interview with a Sociopath  (View Stats) 9 
63 Podcast 06/21/2013 Clive Boddy, Author, Corporate Psychopaths  (View Stats)
64 Podcast 06/14/2013 Interview with Sandra Brown, On Sociopaths, Psychopaths and other Cluster B Personality Disorders-- How They Hurt Victims  (View Stats) 2 
65 Article 06/08/2013 Transcript: Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Anti-Social Personalities-- interview with Psychiatrist Donald Black  (View Stats) 28 
66 Article 06/08/2013 Transcript II: 8.5 Million Sociopaths: interview with Psychiatrist Donald Black  (View Stats) 6 
67 Article 05/22/2013 Advertisers Encouraging Lying, Deception  (View Stats) 14 
68 Article 05/20/2013 Attacking Psychopaths and Sociopaths from The Bottom and the Bottom-Line Up  (View Stats) 16 
69 Article 05/18/2013 One Terrorist, A Million Psychopaths, Eight Million Sociopaths  (View Stats) 147 
70 Article 05/15/2013 Patterns of Psychopaths/Sociopaths; The "Psychopathic Bond"  (View Stats) 20 
71 Article 05/14/2013 Tamerlan-- Namesake for a Sociopathic Narcissist Mass Murder?  (View Stats) 40 
72 Article 05/06/2013 Questions about Sociopaths and Anti-Social Personality Disorder?  (View Stats) 3 
73 Podcast 05/06/2013 Sociopaths, Anti-Social Disorder-- The Guy Who Wrote the Book  (View Stats) 34 
74 Article 02/06/2013 Low US Rankings, Losing Saturday, Privatization, Stench, Sociopaths, Cowards and Anyone but Hillary  (View Stats) 17 
75 Article 10/03/2012 Calling Out and Challenging Evil... While We Still Can  (View Stats) 48 
76 Podcast 09/07/2011 Obama's Great Betrayal, His Narcissism.... with Michael Brenner  (View Stats) 1 
77 Podcast 04/21/2010 Mikhail Lyubansky Varieties of Evil, Varieties of Justice  (View Stats) 30 
78 Podcast 02/11/2010 Thom Hartmann Threshold Book, Sociopath Cancer CEOs  (View Stats)