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There is no solution in Iraq!

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Message winston smith
Even though we are failing at all fronts in Iraq we are still there and even hear about the successes of "the surge". There are reasons why we get propaganda
instead of facts. We have a questionable 4th estate!

We have George McGovern currently and a Comedy Central comedian less than 2 years ago uniting in blasting big bro 43. Why hasn't the years old Colbert criticism been emphasized on even Colbert's show? I mean both he and Jon Stewart have prime time shows and joke about bringing more news to people than the US MSM.

It was less than 2 years ago--April 29, 2006, that Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner reamed W out about the multitude of crimes that W has committed including :
missing WMDs,
international and domestic propaganda photo ops most notably "Mission Accomplished" on aircraft carriers-in ill fitting air pilots costumes no less, and within the US at hurricane disasters,
melting glaciers,
Cheney shooting people in the face,
and last, but not least in this abbreviated list, the dismantling of our civil rights by policies such as W's N.S.A. illegal eavesdropping on US citizens.

Since then we've learned that W, both in foreign and domestic policies, has stuck to his principles of lying and failing. Iran wasn't building nuclear weapons--as the Iran NIE indicates, but a few days before the NIE comes out W and Cheney are blaring that Iran's nuclear WMD were an "imminent threat". Sounds familiar. Who does he care about in the US? We are beginning to understand that W's cronies making sub-prime loans for huge profits for themselves is threatening the US economy. It is being labeled the hugest white collar crime in US history and it occurred because of W's lack of monitoring of these loan making companies. Why did it happen? W wanted his "Rangers" and "Pioneer" chums to make huge piles of money. W is guiding us into a recession and it is a look into his dark soul. W's initial intercession into this tragedy of 2 million US citizens going through foreclosure last year and a like number predicted for this year revolves around making sure that his top 1% chums in this scam don't lose their ill gotten profits. "Compassionate conservatism" is a vile hypocrisy that lets the bottom 99%--who, in this instance were bilked into accepting loans that they had no ability of meeting, suffer for W's selected allies gain.

Colbert went on about W's 32% popularity and the sad--as in ironic, not funny, thing is that it has stayed about there-even though "the surge"-which is all of the rage in the GOP, has caused record high numbers of both Iraqis and US soldiers to die this year.

The article "2007 Deadliest for US Troops in Iraq" at,8599,1699043,00.html
describes both. Regarding innocent it states "Iraqi civilian deaths also peaked in May with 2,155 killed. That
fell to 718 in November and 710 in December. For the year, 18,610 Iraqis were killed. In 2006, the only other full year an AP count has been tallied, 13,813 civilians were killed."

Regarding our own it states "The second half of 2007 saw violence drop dramatically in Iraq, but the progress came at a high price: The year was the deadliest for the U.S. military since the 2003 invasion, with 899 troops killed."

How does "the surge" get to be labeled such a success and why isn't the 4th estate doing its job?

It is not only that we have lost a record high number of troops this year but also "American commanders and diplomats, however, say the battlefield gains against insurgents such as al-Qaeda in Iraq offer only a partial picture of where the country stands as the war moves toward its five-year mark in March.
Two critical shifts that boosted U.S.-led forces in 2007 - a self-imposed cease-fire by a main Shiite militia and a grassroots Sunni revolt against extremists - could still unravel unless serious unity efforts are made by the Iraqi government."

In other words it is horrible and likely to get even worse because why would there be political reconciliation? The Kurds want their oil profits--who wouldn't? They have already signed deals that don't include the Baghdad central government. In the history of the world the Sunnis and Shiites have been killing each other in the Baghdad area. Why would they ever stop?

Colbert isn't part of the 4th estate. He's on Comedy Central. Why does he get invited by the White House for the Correspondents' Dinner? If you watch his show
he comes off as an extreme right-winger, but so rabid that it has to be taken as a farce. Maybe W saw his show and thought he would be helpful in disseminating his fanatic conservative propaganda. Back in that time period W nominated Harriet Myers and made a few other stupid decisions. It seemed like Rove wanted to let the dunce try handling himself in preparation for his early departure due to his role in so many crimes, including outing Wilson's wife.

"Turd Blossom" knows that "The Decider" is a moron. Maybe he realized that W is convinced that just because his term is finishing that W can't be proven guilty in an impeachment or other legal matter. Maybe Herr Karl showed
him a comic book with the theme being that "Tricky Dick" was never penalized for expanding the Vietnam war and convinced "bubble boy" if he was impeached this era's "Tricky Dickless", the reckless, feckless, impotent Cheney would pardon him as Ford did Nixon. Cheney had experience in that as he was Ford's Deputy Assistant to the President, Assistant to the President and White House Chief of Staff.

Colbert's White House spokesperson job application routine included a spoof centered around Helen Thomas asking about Iraq. We've shown that both US soldiers and innocents Iraqis are dying at record setting paces. Now Iraqi soldiers are executing US soldiers.

The article "Iraqi soldier accused of killing US GIs" at
click here
tells how "An Iraqi soldier is accused of turning on two decorated American servicemen and shooting them to death during a joint operation in northern Iraq, the U.S. military said Saturday. An Iraqi official said the suspect may have links to militant groups.
The shooting the day after Christmas in the northern city of Mosul, which left three other U.S. soldiers and a civilian interpreter wounded, was the second known attack by a member of the Iraqi military on the American troops who train and work closely with Iraqi forces."

That has to be the death knell for our occupation of Iraq. Why the 4th estate is obsessing about a presidential campaign at this early stage while Cheney and his "bubble boy" destroy the USA is beyond me and I'm not alone.

George McGovern who endured "Tricky Dick's" era also ponders some characteristics that are common to both awful regimes in his article "W is the worst ever. Why I Believe Bush Must Go. Nixon Was Bad. These Guys Are Worse."
He puts it "As we enter the eighth year of the Bush-Cheney administration, I have belatedly and painfully concluded that the only honorable course for me is to urge the impeachment of the president and the vice president.
After the 1972 presidential election, I stood clear of calls to impeach President Richard M. Nixon for his misconduct during the campaign. I thought that my joining the impeachment effort would be seen as an expression of
personal vengeance toward the president who had defeated me.
Today I have made a different choice...
Bush and Cheney are clearly guilty of numerous impeachable offenses. They have repeatedly violated the Constitution. They have transgressed national and international law. They have lied to the American people time after time. Their conduct and their barbaric policies have reduced our beloved country to a historic low in the eyes of people around the world. These are truly "high crimes and misdemeanors," to use the constitutional standard...
In a more fundamental sense, American democracy has been derailed throughout the Bush-Cheney regime. The dominant commitment of the administration has been a murderous, illegal, nonsensical war against Iraq. That irresponsible venture has killed almost 4,000 Americans, left many times that number mentally or physically crippled, claimed the lives of an estimated 600,000 Iraqis (according to a careful October 2006 study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) and laid waste their country. The financial cost to the United States is now $250 million a day and is expected to exceed a total of $1
trillion, most of which we have borrowed from the Chinese and others as our national debt has now climbed above $9 trillion -- by far the highest in our national history.
All of this has been done without the declaration of war from Congress that the Constitution clearly requires, in defiance of the U.N. Charter and in violation of international law. This reckless disregard for life and property, as well as constitutional law, has been accompanied by the abuse of prisoners, including systematic torture, in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions of 1949.
I have not been heavily involved in singing the praises of the Nixon administration. But the case for impeaching Bush and Cheney is far stronger than was the case against Nixon and Vice President Spiro T. Agnew after the 1972 election. The nation would be much more secure and productive under a Nixon presidency than with Bush. Indeed, has any administration in our national history been so damaging as the Bush-Cheney era?
How could a once-admired, great nation fall into such a quagmire of killing, immorality and lawlessness?
It happened in part because the Bush-Cheney team repeatedly deceived Congress, the press and the public into believing that Saddam Hussein had nuclear arms and
other horrifying banned weapons that were an "imminent threat" to the United States. The administration also led the public to believe that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks -- another blatant falsehood....
The basic strategy of the administration has been to encourage a climate of fear, letting it exploit the 2001 al-Qaeda attacks not only to justify the invasion of Iraq but also to excuse such dangerous misbehavior as the illegal tapping of our telephones by government agents. The same fear-mongering has led government spokesmen and cooperative members of the press to imply that we are
at war with the entire Arab and Muslim world -- more than a billion people."

McGovern remembers how Woodward and Bernstein caused "Tricky Dick's" fall. Now we have a comedian blithely listing W's crimes, less than 2 years ago, and the 4th estate allowing new crimes to be added to the old ones without performing its function of a protector of the truth-which they are required to follow no matter where it leads.

W has made an argument that Nixon couldn't. Nixon tried to get the apathetic to believe that the "domino theory" threatened them, but that failed which lost Nixon the control of the 4th estate. He tried to make us all see that pinkos and Commies such as "Hanoi Jane" were working against the US in Vietnam, but he couldn't.

Now our society has become numb. The young aren't as upset as was our youth in the Vietnam era because they aren't being drafted--so they don't have as much to lose. The "baby boomers" aren't as incensed about "GWOT" and its "Operation Iraqi Freedom" for the same reason.

Herr Karl sold the apathetic red staters on W's "GWOT" even though the "baby boomers" saw through it.

The 4th estate was labeled as being against the interests of the US if they didn't go along with W's fear and war mongering. It mattered little to the "intellectually incurious" W and his hordes of red state drones, who emulate his every apathetic habit, that W declared an everlasting war against those who were against us-even though everyone knows how the "Crusades" worked out.

The latest ruse is to blow out of proportion the local leaders successes in Iraq. Read the 2 articles "New Leaders Of Sunnis Make Gains In Influence -
U.S.-Backed Fighters Find Empowering Role" at

and "Sunni Security Unit Leader, Colleagues Killed in Attack Encouraged by Bin
Laden" at
You'll understand that the successes that these Sunnis are having in "pushing al-Qaeda in Iraq out of areas it once controlled" isn't going to be a lasting solution for a variety of reasons. The Shiite don't want their ages' old enemy getting US provided firepower. Why would they? The Iraq military killer of the US soldiers was thought to be from the al-Qaeda in Iraq group. And finally, al-Qaeda in Iraq has a bad habit of killing these "Awakening" heroes. As a matter of fact the hero of the first article ends up being the martyr in the second one as "On Monday, Riyadh al-Sammarai, an Awakening leader who backed Hadi's men, was killed in a suicide bomb attack, one of several recent attacks against Awakening forces."

This guy Hadi is described as "Riyadh Hadi is the field commander of the Lions of Adhamiyah, the Awakening force in a middle-class Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad. Tall with a long, goateed face, the 37-year-old Hadi said he commands 1,400 fighters, 700 of whom receive a $300 monthly salary from the U.S. military."

That pittance to be at constant peril and if they advance far enough, like Riyadh al-Sammarai, they'll likely be up with the virgins that bin laden promised all of his jihadists. I wonder if they get the women if they are
employed by the US infidels? If they have our blood on their hands who they are paid by probably doesn't matter. After all they can work for our money, but still be able to kill us, thanks big bro 43!

We have to calmly think about the 4th estate's collusion in W's crimes. On prime time TV running against Comedy Central MSNBC's Keith Olbermann is doing a great job exposing nightly all of W's crimes. The hatred of W has increased lately. That is why Olbermann keeps his job. Phil Donahue was equally as disgusted with W as Olbermann is, and was rapidly shown the door. If the market doesn't buy their product news-people are ancient history. Colbert went on about the 32%. If the presidential campaigns cause people to like the GOP more then Olbermann loses and maybe even W doesn't get embroiled in legal battles. He has committed so many crimes, as McGovern said-we just don't seem to have a Democrat who is willing to expend all of the energy that an impeachment requires.

The fact is that if we don't the international community has every right to ostracize us for W's transgressions.

There is no solution in Iraq! W and his boys will have to keep on distracting us until they can push this quagmire onto the next president's to do list. That has always been W's hidden agenda in this mess. He can funnel more money into his chums pockets and proclaim "Mission Accomplished" again, even as our soldiers are mutilated and killed.
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