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Bush Blows Big Bonanza In BagnoloPoll and Others!

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Bush Blows Big Bonanza In BagnoloPoll and Others! Some of the polls herein and the smartass adds-on are mine with some help from network polls as well. Have fun and love them for they are all you have if you are a person inured to justice.

(This Just In! Bush Vetoed The Healthcare Bill To Help The Children Saved From Abortion. But $194 Billion For Killing Men, Women, Pregnant Women And Babies, Was Passed. Well At Least None Of Them Was Aborted, Right? So Now We Have Those Babies Saved From Abortion And I Applaud That, But No Way To Care For Their Health Once Saved? Now I Ask, If The Dems Really Wanted This Bill Passed, Why Did They Not Make It A Tag-Along On The $194 Billion For The War, Huh?????) Truth, Fantasy, or Satire? I would like to issue personal congratulations to the president of the USA and the congress for doing such a great job of ruining our once happy, idyllic, republic/democracy. It appears that the Hitlerian dream of digging into to an ultra luxurious mountaintop bunker afar from the pollution and unwashed hoards (Why won't the hoards ever wash?) has caught even the imagination and avarice of democrats. However they, (The Democratic Congress) do not have much to crow over, their approval rating of 38%, while it still dominates that of the Republican Congressional rating of 29%, is still no bargain or record high-this according to Washington Post-ABC News and several other polls over the last few weeks and ending Monday morning. The figures below are taken from a half dozen recent polls with the figures from my own BagnoloPoll, some details of which can be found at the end of this article. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Bush's ratings are soaring, to a stratospheric (for him), 33%, up from his depths at 23%-24%. Cheney, however, is still mired in his expected level of 12%-14%. (I hear that Satan's Poll-numbers and even the still dead; Saddam's are a bit higher than Cheney's.) It is un-fortuitous that Most Americans oppose fully funding President Bush's $190 billion desire for the "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan, (the former which is and always has been about oil, the latter which is and has always been about the pipeline the oil companies wanted Clinton to pay protection money to the Taliban, to allow it to be built, which is why when he refused, the impeachment process was begun). That pipeline, bytheway is now in place in Afghanistan. The protection money payoff? Two million acres of Bright Red Poppies, which the USA Air Force was alerted not to ever find, though the red flowers are hidden in plain sight in the Afghanistan tundra. Well, to those who are a part of this administration, not seeing poppy fields, killing and maiming can be almost as much fun as shooting baby ducks in the rain barrel, and for the many sadists who have graduated, moved upward and onward from shooting baby Ducks, pulling wings off flies, setting fire to living puppy-dogs, and roasting live Blackbirds on their grills, can now do the same to human targets and with impunity. What unmitigated joy this must bring to some mercenaries. Well, that hardly matters since many mercenaries are already fully invested, even without the classic hand-basket, in rapidly rocketing themselves, to the Hell they don't believe exists. (Hell, wouldn't you try to talk yourself into such disbelief, if you had not an ounce of self-control or self-restraint, and got sexual pleasure which you could not get from a woman, because you couldn't get it up? Jeepers, if their bosses and their bosses, bosses can't get it up. Why should they?) However, they are going to be slammed-dunked, some already have, and therefore may not pass go or collect their $200.00-the $200.00 would burst into flames the moment they passed through the rocks doors to Hades anyway. While GW AC (AC=Anti-Christ) Bush loves to pour our money into killing and maiming, a striking majority of Americans would rather invest that money in a no-cost healthcare plan to keep those children Bush does not want aborted, healthy. I don't want them aborted either, but I do want them cared for once they are born. What amazes me, is that many people who are not getting rich and never will, support the idea of spending trillions to kill, maim and commit religious/ethnic genocide, and yet still claim to be Christians, and vote against health care for other Americans. They rail against "Socialized Medicine," which is a holdover rag from the fascist picnic of the Joe McCarthy days. These people are less than not very smart or logical, or even simply sadomasochistic. They object to what they give the jargonized logo, Yellow-Journalistic-"Socialized Medicine," but say nothing about massive government support for the armed forces, police, fire departments, local hospitals, orphanages, schools, libraries, museums, grammar and high schools, colleges, Universities, Community and Junior Colleges and myriad other free and near free, social services. What kind of sick/sub-par minds can equate two such obtuse and conflicting/opposing ideas as their philosophy of life and what they call "Socialism? Would they prefer anti-social people and societies? That kind of twisted mental aberration sends people's souls to Hell on the express-lane, no matter how many Sunday's they attended church. The oddest thing about these substantially uncouth, unwashed, anti-intellectuals, is not their lack of erudition, or their mental handicap, nor even their suffrage from the Incubus Virus* (a disease which suppresses or destroys the conscience and empathy, and causes covert/overt fear of impotency) it is their very hubris-to have hubris to such degree one must have something over which to be arrogant, they have... N O T H I N G. However, Bush wants to veto healthcare for kids, and certainly for adults. He and his backers do not want us living too long that is why they are busy little toxic bees wrecking the environment, they all have their homes and offices replete with totally Green Environmental Geothermal and hydronic water and air cleaning systems, while they seek out the mountain bunker retreat Hitler allegedly started digging too late, so that the toxins they rain down upon the rest of us won't get them. I have some bad news for them, where they are all going next, there are no water and air filters, but the good news is that they should pack very light weight, asbestos clothing, of any, because will never suffer from the cold down there. Meanwhile, most congressional Republicans are sitting on the wrong side of public opinion in foreign and domestic policy legislation. Of course, they really do not care about the polls or the next election, perhaps because Cheney has confided in them, not-to-worry, because there won't be a "next-election" there won't ever be a "Next-election" so the polls are meaningless. His partner Osama Bin Laden, formerly of the Bush family Business The Carlyle Group which has made $16 billion in profits since the Iraq "war" began, is with his pals, Bush and Cheney, planning an election-stopping, martial law initiating, disaster for America. Maybe several of them, and then Bush will remain in charge and plans to set about making America into a version of Iraq, but 12 times as large. The new Washington Post-ABC News poll also shows incredible unhappiness with the president and with Congress. In fact, even the Democrats have fallen 14 points from the just post election figure since they assumed control in January. That is mostly driven by their inactivity and The Pelosi factor. Pelosi and Feinstein are making a good argument for a Cindy Sheehan Candidacy, f irst for Pelosi's seat and later, after moving, for a senate seat replacing the aging Feinstein. There is huge support for pulling out of Iraq, for transferring the "war" trillions into health care. The economy was beginning to compliment the Democrats, but now they are losing their advantage as more and more people leap on the need to harness the president and his puppeteer and are seeking Independents to fill the seats of some disloyal Lame Stream Democrats. A good deal of the anger against congress has been recently directed at those same Democrats, 27 of which voted with the administration to continue to fund the war, and 143 in the House voted to censure MoveOn.org, even as people of Common sense urge them to get American troops out of Iraq. Americans seeing that Congress is dragging its heels on the war and betraying the peace movement, are beginning to sense a conspiracy for American troops to remain targets of the insurgents, by staying in Iraq so the oil companies can steal the oil and the administration and mercenaries can murder Muslims to make oil companies rich and appease nut-case, mislead, sadists who fancy themselves, (erroneously) as so-called "Christians," which they are far from being. Some Democrats and concerned Republicans have seen the light, while the leaders of both parties are fumbling around in the dark listening to their "handlers" who know diddley-squat about what is really happening to America. They are clueless that the most concerned Democrats are angry with Congress, furious that they have not forced the president to get out of Iraq and stay away from conflict with Iran. The greatest level of anger we have encountered is aimed at Nancy Pelosi, as much for what she is not doing as for her heeding the advice of Emanuel Rahm, the mad-ballet-dancer wannabe-whose issue is, first and foremost, money. Moreover, for that mortal sin of major proportions-much akin to those who did nothing to avert or stop the Holocaust, are now watching idly, a Middle Eastern Holocaust. For that for that the blood of everyone who dies or suffers, Iraqi or American is upon his soul, as well as the souls of Lieberman, and the Neo-Fascists in the White House and congress. 67% of voters believe that congress should be flushed after nine months of hobbling, limping and skipping around the issues. However, they blame most of the inaction on Bush and the Republicans. Overall, however, 55 percent of all Americans want the Democrats in congress to challenge the president's Iraq policies. Less than 33% feel they have gone too far. The level of agitation for more action in opposition to the war has not dissipated since August 2005, when Democrats were the minority party in Congress, but neither has the level of action to stop the fighting and I fact now the democrats, apparently smelling the BIG Military Medical Industrial Complex Dollars available for them from the war profiteers are selling out the voters. In short, many experts believe that the congress is down in the polls because the Democrats have dragged their heels. Nothing has really changed since they took control in January. In July 60% of Americans wanted the Bush Murder Machine out of Iraq. More than 80% of Democrats said Congress has been too timid, and many Republicans, once again living up to their stock and trade-spitefulness, less than a full measure of intelligence and morality, and a far too large measure of hubris, say it has been too aggressive. Nevertheless, a majority of Independents, more than 53%, want action to stop the war, while nearly 70% wants war funding cut to force troop evacuation, now. There is wide public agreement concerning a Congressional approach to war funding. Roughly, 75% want the $190 billion request reduced, and of that, nearly 46.7% want it either drastically reduced or completely rescinded. Moreover, among Democrats, whether Liberal, Moderate or conservative, 90% want funding ended or sharply reduced. Oddly enough more than 46 percent of Republicans agree with that strategy. Democrats are very anxious about the perception that they are loafing, but so far that reported anxiety has produced no productivity on their part. So, this week the House will vote on a bill forcing the Bush administration to report to Congress on its planning for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq within 60 days, and then to require reports on continued withdrawal every 90 days. I say that is a mistake of large proportions. They should not make a gradual pullout, because that would endanger the remaining troops. They should all get the hell out all at once, covering themselves as they do and when they are gone, Bush and Cheney and Nancy Pelosi should be impeached and sent to Iraq to stand trial for Mass-Murder, War Crimes and her for enablement of the obviously mentally ill president and vice President Right now, more than 73.74% in conglomerate polls favor the planned $35 billion health care investment in Americans and 25 percent are opposed. More than 50% of all Americans very strongly support the increased investment in healthcare, with only the peanut brained 17% are against the additional funds. I go farther. We have spent $2 trillion dollars on a fake "war" killing 1.5 million people, and another 1,000,000 here in America have died, when if we invested that $2 trillion dollars in building homes, setting every American up with no-cost health care, all would prosper. America instead has allowed a maniac, whose election was enabled by a chubby-faced fruitcake, fascist, who poses as a lawyer at times when he is not worshipping Satan in the privacy of his home, with his hobby of skewering and roasting live Blackbirds. More than 81% percent of Democrats, 69% of Independents and 61% of Republicans favor the health care investment. Bush, the Republicans, the Neo-cons and their fascist allies are headed for a political aftershock when the vote comes up. The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) will be passed even if Bush is insensitive enough to veto the Federal Bill. More than 70% favor passing the federal bill with the proposed increase. Moreover more than 565 of those polled say that they trust the Democrats more than the Republicans on health care issues and only 26% say the opposite, of course one has to take into account greed and envy and lack of sensitivity along with intolerance and lack of the needed intellectual capacity of the 26% on such matters. They seem to love to kill and maim, but not to heal and care for other humans. Democrats right now have large majorities on the following issues, handling of the Iraq "war" an 18 point lead, the economy, also 18 points, handling the federal budget deficit where the Dems have a whopping 23 points lead. Even on the issue of handling terrorism, the democrats are now showing a lead. Despite all of that, when Americans look at the wider efficiency of the Congress as an institution, they are exponentially exasperated. Right now only 33% of Progressive Democrats approve of the job Congress is doing, as against 59% approval in April and only 24% of Independents approve, the same as 2006 before the election when the republicans held Congress. 80% of Americans polled still believe congress is doing little. 66% of those who see little to nothing accomplished by congress blame Bush and the GOP and only 25% blame the Democrats-who are these 25%, you ask. You know that is the same percentage of Americans who think that God is going to come down and Smite all of those who don't want to kill Muslims, and the very same percentage believe that if you gargle Draino you will never experience cavities again. Come to think of it, they are right, dead people do not "experience" cavities! The majority of Independents (51%) blame Bush, 43% blame the rest of the Republicans as well and 25% blame the Democrats. The results have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points. The Soon To Be FAMED BagnoloPoll % Of Americans with foresight-.002% % Of Americans with Foreskin- .15% % Of Americans going to Hell-Whatever % still favors this war% % Of American Christian Rightists Going to Heaven- You have got to be kidding, because with out an scanning electron microscope and Barry Bonds eyesight no-one can see that microscopic a % % Of Americans wanting Bush out of office 55% % Of Americans Wanting all troops out of Iraq- 66% % Of Americans who want a goodly number to stay for a while 31% % Of Americans with IQ's below triple digits- 31% % Of Americans wanting troops to stay .02% % Of Americans who are Satanic, stupid, impotent, avaricious, Bastards, dumber than men in short pants, or knee-pants, without zippers- .02%

The results have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus ZERO percentage points. If you are wondering what mathematical formulae I use in my polls write and ask, and watch what I reply with piqued interest


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Professor Bagnolo has majored in: Cultural Anthropology, Architectural design, painting, creative writing. As a child prodigy, abed with polio for almost two years, he was offered an opportunity to skip three grades at age 8.
Later He was a (more...)

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