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Truth Or Consequences? "Iraq Can Manage Without USA 'Any Time They Want'"

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Truth Or Consequences? "Iraq Can Manage Without USA 'Any Time They Want'" As the pressure on Bush increases, he is exerting exponential pressure and placing blame on the elected Iraqi government, which are lashing back at him and the new American commander. Little clues seeping out giving rise to suspicion that the Iraqi's, who are refusing and stalling to sign the Oil Bill which gives Brits and American Oil Contractors 99% of the profit, suspect what many here do, that the insurgency and the terrorism is either provoked by or created by sinister, covert, forces controlled by the oil industry or Iran Contra Type renegade political forces masterminded in the US. Who are The Real "Insurgents and Terrorist" in Iraq? The Prime Minister Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki said, according to several reports, (reports that would be difficult to find in detail on MSM were not it for online news media like OPEDNEWS.com), that the Iraqi police and military were perfectly capable of maintaining security there "any time they want," as soon as American troops leave. However, he also said they need a bit more weapons and security training. What he did not say, whether fearful to or otherwise, is that exiting of Iraq by the military should follow the exiting of "Contractors" who some believe are exacerbating the problem. Some believe that American and Brit underground covert operators are behind assassinations of those opposed to Occupation, murdering the innocent: women, children the elderly, unarmed citizens, and there have been reports of Americans and Brits posing as Arabs who were, at least, twice caught trying to set off bombs in residential districts and who were rescued by military forces, once by staging a prison break. If these stories and suspicions are true, were those efforts all aimed at making it seem as though our presence is needed to "stabilize" Iraq, when they real motive is to steal the oil and sell it to the world at inflated prices? (see) http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_professo_070626_prophetic_exclusive_3a.htm As you know, it is far cheaper to force American taxpayers to pay for the war and the oil, than for the oil companies to actually do any work finding and producing oil, or to invest in seeking and drilling, it is easier to let the taxpayers foot the bill for a trumped up war which only occurred because because congress did NO Due-Diligence or research on the meager evidence presented which we all saw on TV. When I saw the aerial photos I saw nothing that gave me concern of massive WMD evidence or build-ups. I tried to contact congressmen to ask for more research and was ignored. There will be little research and drilling in the Western Hemisphere when there are the largest caches of Sweet oil on the planet in Iraq, Iran and Syria. It would cost billions for the oil companies to find and extract the oil here in our own hemisphere and they do not get the hoggish profit they desire in that way. Stealing Iraqi oil is costless because you, I, and the rest of America, are paying for it in trillions in expenditures for a phony "War" and the Iraqi people are paying for it with unholy suffering, disease, and death, but the oil companies are paying nothing for it, except what is of minimal value to them, the lives of a few employees. To characters like The Bushites, demoniacs bereft of Conscience and soul, 1,100,000 casualties, or 2,200,200, or 3,300,000 are nothing. Oil and profits are everything-well almost everything. The rest is frosting on the cake. What 'the rest'? Sadism is for some few sick dogs the only way to get it on. Hey, sadism works for them, regardless of cost. For more on the above: http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_professo_070421_the_wall_2c_which_may_.htm http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_professo_070427_meet_the_the_bushite.htm Prime Minister al-Maliki is under pressure because the Bushites are blaming Iraqi's for the unrestrained violence (Much of which some believe to be instigated by the Bushites as I said above and in the articles which URL's I supplied above. The Bushites have sent the Iraqi Prime Minister a series of political benchmarks it wants to carry out, but Al-Maliki said that given Iraq's turmoil being unsuccessful so far is only "natural." One of Prime Minister al-Maliki'S aides, Hassan al-Sunned, was a bit more passionate in his assessment. He believes that the U.S. is treating Iraq like "...an experiment in an American laboratory..." as did others. He is right it is a laboratory to discover what will work for the Bushites here in America to "neutralize" true American patriots before the 2008 elections. Hassan al-Sunned lashed out at the U.S. military, for committing human rights violations, for embarrassing the Iraqi government and for cooperating with "gangs of killers" in its campaign against al-Qaida in Iraq. Whether or not he meant mercenaries under the employ of Contractors or not, was hard to determine but his criticism is one many Americans feel is justified. The danger is that he may now, for that criticism become a target of Free-lancers or become the accidental beneficiary of "mistaken" friendly fire, a Texas/DC mafia car bomb or a kidnapping, in which he may loose his head, all by the courtesy of those who wish to complete the rape and destruction of the Iraqi people and steal the oil and then go on to Iran, Syria, Venezuela and later even their "friends" the Saudi's, before or after turning their guns on Americans here at home. The reality of the so-called "Civil War" supposedly involving Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish warriors under the Iraqi native coalition, is that the so-called "Civil War" may well have been ignited and fires kept well supplied with kerosene by Brit and American Mercenary contractors beneath the radar, whose corporate names of which we may not even be aware. The rumors of a Cheney White House Basement undercover Iran Contra type operation and The Rumsfeld similar operation, may be paid in cash from the billions looted from Iraqi Banks, one just recently of $282,000,000. What bank anywhere on the planet keeps that much cash money available? How much per day would they lose in interest or investment repay, with such a stupid move? Try millions to tens of millions! However, the American and Brit "authorities" are counting on the stupidity of the 19% of those who still are Bush supporters to eat up the most absurd things like capitalists leaving hundreds of millions around not making any interest or dividends around just in case an Iraqi citizen needs to make a casual $282,000,000 withdrawal, so s/he can go shopping. Yes, those poor Bushite supporters believe the most utterly apparent things, like Bush is the messiah, Cheney is not a homicidal demoniac and FOX has a pipeline to Jesus. In new violence all over Baghdad, police are afraid to say much because they fear that certain members of the Covert Para-militaries and Iran Contra type, White House Basement directed, forces or mercenaries will kill them for spilling what they know. On Thursday, the White House Assessment of Progress on the benchmarks was pure male-bovine-feces. It is my guess that Bushite paid covert mercenary mass-murderers, and the even more fictitious "Friendly Fire mistakes," (Which in number and cost already out number those of any other war in record) will step up the bombings and terrorist attacks in the face of the do-nothing Democrats to make it appear that if the fictitious, phantom "American Led Coalition" which now consists of a few Brits, and 99.99999% Americans and a bare thimble full of highly bribed others paid merely to give the pretense of a "Coalition." And still the Dems go on ranting and ignoring the true source of the mayhem in Iraq, which has been manufactured by Bushite paid War Criminals and Non-Italian Mafia mercenaries. Prime Minister al-Maliki said Saturday, in the face of sycophantic Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari's warning of civil war and governmental collapse if the Americans leave," We say in full confidence that we are able, God willing, to take the responsibility completely in running the security file if the international forces withdraw at any time they want." Do I believe Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari's warning of civil war and governmental collapse if the Americans leave? Of course, that will happen, and it will be made to happen by the Bushite mercenaries and rogue military terrorists paid by the Bushites. The only way it will not happen is if congress arrests Bush, Cheney, and the rest, tries them and sentences them and then declares war on those Contractors, mercenaries and American Corporations, engaging in Treasonous, terrorist activities. The Pentagon has said that the Iraqi army has become too reliant on the U.S. military. General Peter Pace The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the number of Iraqi stand-alone Iraqi battalions has dropped in recent months from 10 to 6. He blamed the increase on the volume and ferocity of attacks. Most of which some believe have been augmented by the oil hungry Ghouls behind the entire Iraq "war" plan. Prime Minister al-Maliki asked only that Iraqi forces which are "still in need of more weapons and rehabilitation" to be ready in the case of a withdrawal. He also told a Baghdad press conference that his government needs "time and effort" to carry out the political reforms that Washington seeks - "particularly since the political process is facing security, economic and services pressures, as well as regional and international interference." He continued, "These difficulties can be read as a big success, not negative points, when they are viewed under the shadow of the big challenges." In the White House maintains that their increased personnel and more intense security programs in Baghdad and surrounding areas will bring peace the capital as al-Maliki gives Sunni's a greater role in the government and political process causing them to lessen their support for the insurgency. Washington claims Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish leaders are stalling, and they may be hoping Americans will leave and they seem to be putting up strong resistance to signing the oil bill which gives American and Brit oil 99% of the profits. Al-Suneid, a Shiite, stormed at Washington. He said that, "this bothers us a lot that the situation looks as if it is an experiment in an American laboratory (judging) whether we succeed or fail." He also said that al-Maliki has problems with the U.S. commander General David Petraeus, who has "purely American vision." He further said about the USA inviting Sunni groups in Anbar and Diyala, and insurgents to help fight against al-Qaida in Iraq," These are gangs of killers," he said. "There are disagreements that the strategy that Petraeus is following might succeed in confronting al-Qaida in the early period but it will leave Iraq an armed nation, an armed society and militias." He said that the U.S. authorities by constructing a wall around Baghdad's Sunni neighborhood of Azamiyah and repeated raids on suspected Shiite militiamen in the capital's eastern slum of Sadr City are embarrassing al-Maliki's government. He said the U.S. bombings on "suspected insurgent positions" are kills civilians. "This embarrasses the government in front of its people," he said, calling the civilian deaths a "human rights violation." My guess is that now, by speaking the truth, Mr. Al-Suneid, a Shiite, will become a target himself, and soon. And the Bushites will continue to "get rid of" those in the Iraqi government who stand in the way of stealing the oil and the Democrats will continue to ignore it as though nothing was happening-they are now, by such cowardly complicity, as guilty as the Bushites in the matter of Iraq. Let's face the truth. Does Bush have the Democrats wearing diapers, because they are so frightened of being victims of assassination or "Accidents," like the one that Killed Senator Wellstone and his family, that they are willing to sell out American freedom for their worthless cowardly lives and so they can get rich by playing along and BS-ing the American people? The Cowardly, or at least misguided stupidity of not impeaching Bush, Cheney, and recalling Pelosi, is mind boggling and bizarre. For certain they and the Bushites have studied the warnings of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley and are using them as he strategem for bringing about a world enslaved by a handful of Nazi's from Yale and other top schools to murder all opposition and make a small and highly guarded world solely and owned and brutally protected by corporate UnAmerica. The Ever Begging Question Why has not a peace delegation made up of Former President's HWG Bush Senior, Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter and one or two other more senior men no longer associated with this administration, sent over to speak peace with the insurgents, Sunni's, Shiites and whomever else to bring peace to the nation? Want to know? Ask your local, friendly gas station owner and then ask them to ask the oil producers who produce sweet oil at between $1.00-$1.50 a BARREL or 1.5 Cents a gallon and selling it at the pump for $3.60 a GALLON more than 300% profit.
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