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Flash! General Peter W. Pace Speaks Out! Says Why He Refused to Retire Voluntarily!

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Flash! General Peter W. Pace Speaks Out! Says Why He Refused to Retire Voluntarily! He would not walk out on his troops in combat unless ordered to do so. His criticisms and contradictions of his Liar-ups, err, higher-ups and refusal to endorse the insanity of attacking Iran were the last straw for the Bushites. See: click here For more background on this matter. Pace Refuses to Cop Out on Troops for Political Expediency! Marine General Peter W. Pace related today, June 15th that he had refused to accept voluntary retirement rather than be fired from the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Some papers claimed the changing of the make-up of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was a "surprise," that merely underscores how pathetic their insight and investigator abilities are. This writer has been saying for weeks that in not getting their way, the Bushites bribe, fire or there is an "accident" which ends the "problem." Pace said he had refused to step down voluntarily during "wartime" because would be an affront to the troops, tantamount to abandoning them. Pace, said in response to questions at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Va., on Thursday evening, that the first he'd heard that he would probably not be re-nominated for a second two-year term was in the second week of May. Three weeks later Defense Secretary Robert Gates (June 8th) announced that Pace was being replaced. In a transcript released Friday by his office at the Pentagon, Pace commented "One thing that was discussed was whether or not I should just voluntarily retire and take the issue off the table." "I said I could not do that for one very fundamental reason," no soldier or Marine in Iraq should think-ever-that his chairman, whoever that person is, could have stayed in the battle but instead "voluntarily walked off the battlefield. ... That is unacceptable as a leadership thing, in my mind." Navy Admiral Michael Mullen will succeed, Pace, whose current term ends October 1st of this year. Pace intends to stay on the job until October 1st. The firing of Pace heated up the debate over the Iraq war. Although in past the Democrats have not been making sharp criticism of military officers, directing much of their criticism against the Bushites, Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat) slammed Pace, saying he should have apprised Congress of his feelings about the war when he first recognized them. Marine Colonel Katie Haddock a spokeswoman for Pace, when told of Reid's stinging rebuke of Pace, indicated that Pace was focused on his duties as chair would not respond to reports on who's saying what. She said that his, "...40 years of service speak for itself." Pace A Vietnam veteran, related in his comments at Norfolk that his previous history of experience in that Viet Nam War, affected his decision not to voluntarily retire. "The other (thing) for me personally was that some 40 years ago I left some guys on the battlefield in Vietnam who lost their lives following 2nd Lt. Pace," he said. "And I promised myself then that I will serve this country until I was no longer needed-that it's not my decision. I need to be told that I'm done. I've been told I'm done. "I will run through the finish line on 1 October, and when I run through the finish line I will have met the mission I set for myself," he said. Pace was vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs during preparations for the Iraq war and was frustrated that the war dragged on as long as it did. Some feel that only fools and Bushites could not foresee that scenario. October 2005 Pace replaced Air Force General Richard Myers as Joint Chiefs chairman, and soon found himself in disagreement with Rumsfeld's stance on torture, but only recently has he begun to offer other criticism of the war and those perpetuating it. The decision to sideline Pace was reported throughout the news, "as a surprise," because Gates had indicated off-the-record, that he would recommend that the president re-nominate Pace. While speaking at Norfolk, Pace admitted that Gates was going to re-nominate him, but by the second week of May, he began to hear of opposition to his re-nomination. Gates said he had consulted with "various" members of the Congress before announcing "his" decision a week ago, Friday. (By "Various Members of Congress," does he mean those of different species, of which there are several in congress, or of different parties and philosophies about the war?). Gates said, he believed that Pace would face a risky Senate confirmation battle "focusing on the Iraq War." How this could have been a "surprise" to anyone in the MSM, I, of course, at once find both mind-boggling and at the same time completely understandable. The MSM has had it's head up it's own posterior orifice for years on the Iraq "War", (which "war" I prefer to call the "Slaughter of mainly innocents")-675, 000 dead and over 1,100,000 of both Iraq and Americans wounded or injured, to say nothing of the number of politically "convenient" deaths of many opposed to the war even before it began, like some imbedded reporters and photographers, and Senator Wellstone and his entire family in an "accidental" plane crash (UHHUH, and if you buy that, I have a bridge you might like to buy, also.)" Gates indicated that he regretted "His" decision not to renominate Pace. It was made with reluctance on his part. If this was "His" decision, then that would be as much news to some of us who write for OpEdNews.com, as the firing of Pace and General Edmund Giambastiani, was not a surprise to many of us, here, whose heads, unlike the Main Stream Media, are situated well above the orifice up which MSM's are permanently stuck. The man who succeeded as Vice Chairman by Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, is also "retiring," when his term ends at the end of this year. Is this another "surprise" to the MSM? That leads me to believe that they also be surprised to know that babies are not delivered by a stork.

General Peter W. Pace was promoted to General and took charge as the Commander in Chief, United States Southern Command on September 8, 2000. On September 30, 2001, Pace was appointed Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. On August 12, 2005, he was succeeded as Vice Chairman by Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani. The Joint Chief's of Staff, Chairperson General Peter W Pace, and General Edmund Giambastiani. Gen. Pace is sworn in as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by outgoing Chairman Richard Myers, September 30, 2005. On June 29, 2005, General Pace appeared before the Armed Services Committee for consideration of his nomination and was later confirmed by the Senate. On September 30, 2005, General Peter W. Pace was sworn in as the 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As I said on Friday June 8th and predicted last month, they would be, and were fired because they were against expanding the war to Iran. However, there were a few other underlying circumstances. At a White House press conference, April 22, 2005, President George W. Bush nominated Peter Pace to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The previous Chairman, Richard Myers, retired from the position on September 30, 2005. On his nomination, Pace said, "This is an incredible moment for me. It is both exhilarating and humbling. It's exhilarating because I have the opportunity, if confirmed by the Senate, to continue to serve this great nation. It's humbling because I know the challenges ahead are formidable." On November 29, 2005, Gen. Pace at a press conference given by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, at which Rumsfeld said, "the United States does not have a responsibility" to prevent torture by Iraqi officials. General Pace staunchly disagreed with Rumsfeld, saying, "It is the absolute responsibility of every U.S. service member, if they see inhumane treatment being conducted, to intervene, to stop it." Again, General Pace placed himself in opposition morally with the Bush administration, (which isn't difficult) when the White House blared that Iran was supplying insurgents in Iraq with ammunition, Gen. Pace questioned the veracity of that claim in February 2007 at a press conference, when he questioned the existence of such evidence which tied the Iranian Government to the supply of the weapons. General Pace, it is hinted was on Cheney/Rove's hit list from that point forward. It has been quite apparent that morals, ethics, and rejection of sycophantic behavior and truth are not virtues to those depleted of virtue, as such, qualities are to most demoniacs. I would also, just out of curiosity, like to see, perhaps at the next press conference in which Cheney/Rive, someone quickly whip out a crucifix, and holds it aloft in the faces of the two Triple XXX rated demoniacs, while another pulls back the drapes to let the sunlight strike Rove and Cheney and a third throws a bucket of cold water on them, to see if they utter a blood curling screech aloud, like Dracula, or gasp "Whatta world, whatta world..." like the wicked Witch of the West, as they shrivel up, crumble to dust and blow away. "I am no stranger to contentious confirmations, and I do not shrink from them," Gates was quoted as saying "However, I have decided that at this moment in our history, the nation, our men and women in uniform and General Pace himself would not be well served by a divisive ordeal. ..." Pace said Gates was accurate portrayed in those comments. "He brought me in the office and sat me down and said 'Pete, this is what's happening. I want to re-nominate you. I want you to know that this is what I'm beginning to hear, this is what I'm going to go do, this is how I'm going to go do it.'" Pace said, he told Gates that he was not afraid to go through the "contentious Process," Gates wanted him to do so. "I also told him that what he needed to do, in my opinion, was what was best for the institution, and whatever he and the president decided was going to be best for the institution was what Pete Pace was going to do." "Oh and by the way, I can read the Constitution, which says the president gets to nominate and the Senate gets to confirm, or not, and neither one of those two things is going to happen, therefore I'm not staying." General Pace further stated that, "He (Gates) went out and did exactly what he said he would do and exactly what he's been saying in his interviews. He which is he discussed the re-nomination with many members of Congress and what he heard was not encouraging." Well, some of us here have known for years that the petulant, vicious, avaricious, bastards, demoniac, spoiled-rotten fools who run this country and this world always, in one way or another, "remove" all the evidence and the people who stand in their hate-ridden driving of themselves and whomever else they can drag straight into Hell, (Yeah I said HELL-Damnation, because whether or not a person believe sin God or Hell, we all know that if there is or were such a place that exactly where we would send these sons-of-Satan!) It is just too bad the imbeciles who opposed them kept their mouths shut for five years and some of the idiot congress-people went along once again with the very thing they claimed, before the election, to oppose. Those sniveling cowardly Democratic bastards are snot a hell of a lot better than those they claim to be against. If those Hypocritical bastards think for one moment that they and those who still support them are not going to be held accountable before God, in their actions, as hundreds of thousands of casualties continue to mount up, then they know nothing of the God I know, who allows free will but not only does not condone such evil. He will, and with exponentially mounting anger and retribution, pay back to those who voted to fund the ongoing slaughter. He is now focusing on the Democrats, who on TV as they run for president, all smiles and jokes, while people. Women, old folks, children, babies, suffer unspeakable horrors and die. They, Senator's Obama, Clinton and others had better look closer at the painting above and wire their silly smiles of joy at being the center of the nations sidelong attention spans. I will be adding new portraits to the demons in Hell in that picture and they will no longer be only Neo-cons. See: http://www.BagnoloArt.com Go to and click button marked: EXPERIMENTAL Scroll down that page four rows, and see Hell on left and click to enlarge.

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