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Why So Many May Vote Independent in 2008!

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Why So Many May Vote Independent in 2008! Reasons? #1, Nancy, the Panty-waste, Pelosi. #2 Cowardly weak-kneed Congress and Strong Man Bush, #3 No FDR or JFK in Sight, ,#4 Oil price discrepancy, #5 Outsourcing, #6, Patriot Act. Military Commissions Act of 2006....

Link: http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/diarypage.php?did=3626 How Nancy Pelosi is Blowing it For The Dems! Hop on a Tachyon, and travel back a year or so, above the speed of light. Misery was everywhere; we were all looking for respite, for justice, for peace, for an end to the killing, stealing and spiteful behavior of a group of avaricious, professional hate-mongers, who had cowed a spineless congress, which did not heed prophets. Well we took matters into our own hands. We wrote jillions of letters to editors, congress-folk, the president, to newspapers to Radio, TV, cable, and for online news services. We roared, charged, and elected a new congress-took away from the Hun, their majority, gave to those we thought would do what they said they would do which sounded like what we wanted them to say and do. We were already to roll; impeachment, Independent Special Prosecutors, class action lawsuits, the works. We had them just where we thought we had them, or at least we are it where we thought we wanted to be, or where we could get our licks in good and hard. Well, after the election, things got off to a slow start. After all, they weren't even sworn in properly, yet, either. Suddenly, a few weeks went by and nothing was still happening, then in slow motion nothing happened, and then again, and again, and again, nothing was still happening even more rapidly, and finally, nada, niente', nothing occurred either. That was a bit discouraging, but hell, the frost and ice of winter was still on the sidewalks and windows, spring was just around the corner and then soon the congress we elected would got get 'em, all right! Then in response to prompting, Nancy Pelosi was seen in a great many graceful poses with the enemy. She was all smiles, all-aglow, all atwitter, like a gal at a party. What she was not, was tough and relentless. She was, instead, acting like teenager opening gifts, or getting ready for prom night. She was all glowy, putting the bacon and Patti-cakes on the table, but taking Impeachment off. She was getting bad advice-The same kind of dunder-headed advice that lost for Gore and for Kerry. Those who ran those two elections were practicing above their competencies. They didn't know diddle about how to apply strategy, and less on how to win. This time, 2006, however, we had won, not because this election (2006) was a rush to welcome the Democrats, it was a rush to dump fascism. Now they were hesitating in the wake of a great victory, and winter was ebbing away from us. But, still it was at least, not yet spring. Then the frost began to melt; and nothing else still hadn't happened yet. It was grating on the Progressives. Slowly the Liberal, Progressive base began to fester, frustration dawned, then anger, and then revulsion. Nancy Pelosi was stubbornly ignoring us-still thinking she and her advisors, the ones who blew two elections which no one thought could be blown, knew what they were doing-they don't know what they are doing. They reminded me of the Chicago Cubs in the 2003 NLCS, blowing an impossible to blow lead. Now here was the same sort of people again, the same lack of market knowledge and amateurs-amateurs don't win. Those folks were just, practicing far above their competencies, again, just like their rivals/enemies. However, you know what? The enemy was tougher, more stubborn-stupider, but bolder and less fearful. The enemy had the Dems number and the Dems acted like a sack of mushy legged, p*ssy-cats, cringing in a corner, while the idiot fringe Neo-cons showed them up time after time. Let's fast forward to March April, May, still nothing continued to happen, at least not for us-no impeachment fun, no Independent Special Prosecutors fun, no class action lawsuits fun, no the works, fun at all. Nothing was now happening at a much faster pace. Then the color yellow began to mysteriously appear crawling up the backs of at least 20 senators and Nancy Pelosi. The last straw was Bush stiff-upper-lipping them and staring them down on a timetable for withdrawal. Let's take another look at our menu: Reason #1, Nancy, the Panty-waste, and Pelosi. #2 Cowardly weak-kneed Congress and Strong Man Bush, #3 No FDR or JFK in Sight, #4 Oil price discrepancy, #5 Outsourcing, #6, Patriot Act. Military Commissions Act of 2006.... On all of the above, nothing continued to occur on a daily basis; in rapid-fire order, more and more things began to not happen. None of the above were resolved... our dreams began to recede. The Dems got our money, our loyal support, and our letters to editors and others, and they don't even say please anymore. They send an email with an order on it, call your Congress people now, and as soon as you hear our fingers snap write a, letter to the president, or this or that guy and tell them this. They don't say, please write a letter for all of us, or please make some phone calls for us. Nope, just "Call/Write, your (whoever) and do it Right Now! Wow! It's the disembodied Email letter demanding for me to act, I cannot resist it! B*ll-Sh*t! Don't you feel trapped; you gave them your political virginity, the best letters of your life? It was your first time so you asked them to be gentle and they were until they got into office then they dumped you for younger prettier, Lobbyist money and for cowardice, those twin thigh spreaders, and now you've been used and dumped. They are not going to keep those promises they made when things were hot and heavy panting was appropriate. In those days you got arthritis pounding the computer keys and punching the buttons on your phones for them, working those fingers to the bone, slaving over a hot computer, while they ran around behind your backs with young lobbyists from the Military Medical Industrial Complex, tucking jillions into campaign coffers, already bulging with cash. After that, we feel betrayed, like a whore, cast out while they run with younger, shapelier Lobbyists. Now, it began to dawn on us. They lied to get the money, to be elected, and then they ran off with the enemy. For the first time, some of us thought, that was the last straw, we have had it. Now, we are thinking seriously about supporting the Independent Presidential Candidate and lots of Independent Congressional Candidates. God help us, they've turned us into Political sluts. We can't get them and their promises out of out minds, out our systems. The over heated desire for the scent and taste of Freedom, is thick and pungent in our nostrils and the taste of victory is on our tongues and our lips and loins are begging for more-more freedom no matter what the cost. We're hopelessly hooked on Freedom, God have mercy on us one and all. They are not going to do any of the things they said they would do, we've been horribly used, all they desired was our minds, money and bodies, don't we feel cheap now? There'll be no dumping of Nancy, the Panty-waste, Pelosi, no hero making of the others, the Cowardly weak-kneed Congress, no Impeaching the Strong Man Bush, and with No FDR or JFK in Sight, we are thinking of going over to the dark side-Independents. They aren't going to fix, the Oil price discrepancy, they aren't going to fix, Outsourcing, They aren't going to fix, 6, Patriot Act. Military Commissions Act of 2006.... They aren't going to fix much from now until the time for the next election. We've been had... Hey lighten me up; I am pissed off!
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