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"Peter, Peter, Peter!"

Yes, Lord, here I am!"

"At this point, you need to get serious about explaining our plan to your readers, so I am bowing out for now so you can do that on your own."

"Yes, Lord, thank You."

This plan covers those under-employed or unemployed, or in any way not covered by comprehensive health insurance plans of their employers.

In this plan, All American citizens whether they pay Income taxes or not will be issued, The Income Status Card*, (just as they receive a Social Security Card) by the government, stating their income level or lack thereof. The Income Status Card* shall be the basis of any charges for healthcare. Whenever anyone uninsured needs medical care, they shall make an appointment and present to doctors, hospitals, clinics, dentists, psychiatrists, pharmacies and all other health care facilities, The Income Status Card*. If their income changes to move them out of their previous range the Alphanumeric, Income Status Card* will be updated or replaced.

Then, by and through, The Income Status Card*, they shall be charged or not charged. Tentatively, those making under $50,000 a year income pay nothing. Those making more than that, in escalating increments, according to income, shall pay more. On the other hand, they can all be treated freely, depending upon the balanced budget of funding. This card would offer comprehensive health care cost coverage to those with no insurance and temporary (until the rest of the bill is operational) to those underinsured, lacking Major medical or catastrophic Insurance coverage.

The plan can be implemented in one of two ways.
1)-No one, regardless of income, will pay anything but a moderate surcharge and the poorest will pay nothing.
Or 2)-Everyone will be charged on a sliding scale according to their income level excluding those under a certain income level. (More details below under funding sources).
Treating non-Citizens is optional. If they are to be treated, a trust by donors can be designed for them and funding discussed.
*The Income Status Card
This Card will be supported by new funding sources, which cost citizens of America NOTHING. These sources will be defined below.

Funding will, in the main, be derived from taxes upon Corporations which pay the lowest average salaries and benefits, those which outsource jobs overseas or off-shore, to fund the HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN, however, there will be other sources defined herein, as well. These funds will make up one of the several sources of income needed for this enterprise. The incentives for tax savings will inspire more growth in a brotherhood of profitless healthcare in America. It does no good to create a healthcare plan that utilizes one of the sources of middleman profit and interference in the medical strategies of the Status Quo Paradigm. Therefore, the first order of business is to reject profiteering insurance companies from participating in the plan.

Our first responsibilities of true business is taking care of our citizens and rescinding the effects of corporate greed, as so excellently highlighted by the corruption displayed in insurance companies which seem more interested in creatively constructing ways and means of avoidance of honoring as many claims as possible.

Moreover, outside of insurance company meddling and profiteering the "private sector" no-bid contracting in Iraq and in the wake of Katrina, has gone to great lengths to rob our citizens of health, dignity and life. The $5.6 Trillion Surplus left by the Clinton Administration, plus the nearly $1 billion wasted in a phony war have all been thrown away on the wealthy, creating for them and the dank administration the opportunity to pass on much of that money in the form of campaign contributions for another cycle of the same avarice and mass murder.

Companies, which pay all employees the highest wages, benefits and pensions, will make the lesser contributions to the general HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN and Healthcare taxation for those unemployed or underemployed. (Which, by the way must be placed in an invulnerable trust, escrow, against which NO ENTITY MAY EVER BORROW)? Such companies shall be in favored status and will likewise receive generous tax incentives for their higher salaries and benefits packages. This shall be the incentive for other corporations to follow suit. The present ideological philosophy of greed and death encourages avarice, selfishness and cruelty.

To successfully create a revolutionary a health care plan, as the HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN we can at the same time defeat, it's opponents, not cooperate with them. The opponents to such a plan are fascistic corporations and politicians.
This plan, creates a revolutionary approach to health care and all other necessities of life by taking the profiteers out of it and outlawing their participation

One of the sources of poverty is corporate compensation to executives of most corporations in the USA. Before and directly following WWII, the average CEO made approximately 25 times the average compensation package of all his corporations' employees. In many successful companies in Europe, that formula still holds true. Today in America, CEO compensation packages are approximately 400-550 times the average compensation package of all employees. Recently a CEO was given a $270,000,000 compensation package and not long ago a CEO of a Stock Market was given an $187,000,000 retirement package. To my mind, such ludicrous compensation packages are nothing short of piracy on land. When the very few have such power to raid corporate treasuries, they reduce or eliminate the cash available to the greater number of employees not only of that corporation but the shareholders as well. Why, because Boards of Directors are often rewarded for supporting such outright culpable behavior.

In addition, allowing so much slack/slush in corporate treasuries in criminal enables greater avarice and destroys the economy by creating unhealthy economic gaps between workers and executives. Moreover, with such loose use of publicly financed funds, are created questionable sums to fascist politicians as campaign contributions. This must also stop. It is the service of stealing from taxpayers, shareholders and the government, as well as reducing the wealth available to employees and therefore the greater good

For those reasons and more, Executive compensation packages, now rip away from the larger number of people great chunks of cash, just as greedy animals and sharks, rip away chunks of flesh-THAT MUST END, NOW. We hear much from the fascists about how we are a "Christian Nation," but we see little evidence of the practice of those preachments.

Avarice in corporate and government proceedings is an evil as disgusting to normal people as the worst crimes of the most violent criminals.

The most inhumane actions of the world have always flowed seamlessly from the greed of industry and government. Therefore, before one goes about trying to stick band-aides on a ripped and torn system, it is far more effective to discard and start fresh with no ties to the irrelevant and impious past.

In that light, we must first discover repair or destroy the major cause of the many being without, while the few have far more than they or thousands will ever need or spend, by making it impossible to amass huge sums of money which give executives unwarranted margins which separate our society in a 2%-6% living in ridiculous splendor and 94%-98% living in near or real poverty. We need no royalty here in America; we need no tiny percentage of incredible wealthy Haves, and massive number of Have-nots living in squalor.

Here then, is the plan, which eliminates the cause of huge sums available to corporations to send to fascist politicians to buy favors and increase their wealth beyond decency, thus depriving the many of a fair living wage and benefits, for the benefit of the few.

CEO's will be limited to no more than 25 times the average income of ALL of those under their employ, (the average from before WW II and of many current European Corporate salary caps) including their rank and file and their independent contractors and the employees of contractors and their of the sub-contractors and their employees (and so on), including out-sourced jobs and also all of the employees of those contractors, employees, or individuals as employees of off-shore, overseas, or to any other nation etc. This week even the head Neo-Con, President Bush, (gently, however) assailed CEO's and other corporate executives for their high compensation packages.

The figure of executive salaries being 25 times the average income paid all workers of any sort will become the law of the land. Companies leaving America to employ contractors or employees in other countries, which they pay less than they pay American workers, a treasonous, avaristic and harmful practice, which weakens the American citizens and therefore our nation, shall not be protected.

However, Corporations shall still be responsible for the benefits of their own employees and will be rewarded for their fair treatment of those employees to make a stronger, healthier, wealthier, America. In that effort, incomes of corporate executives will be capped at $2.5 Million dollars a year.
There will be only one exception to that law for those companies, which resist this law and resolutely continue, in defiance of the law, to outsource work to employees at pitifully low salaries. In those companies, their top CEO total compensation package will be capped at $500,000 annually.

The money saved by corporations on salaries and other financial rewards, previously paid for such positions, will be placed into three funds. One is the Fund discussed above, another is for benefits for their employees, and the other is profit for shareholders. There will be no reasons for complaints that all private or publicly traded corporations, regardless of size, shall be in the same category, and carry the same benefits and programmatic salary schedules. The time has come for all good men to come to the aid of those less fortunate, and if there are not enough good men because some are practicing avarice then they must be brought to comprehend that life is not about corporate jets and other silly, luxurious, wasteful, slothful, fringe benefits, while their brothers and sisters go without necessities. America should have no royalty, inherited, corporate, or otherwise.

A second funding source will be a National Retail Sales Tax (NRST) which excludes all necessities of life; water, food, fuel, utilities, all medical costs, telephone, Internet services, DSL phones, etc., would be advisable and would eliminate the need for the IRS, lowering costs further for families and the IRS offices and budget, could be used instead to oversee the NRST and any savings would go to the budget of the HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN.

The rationale for this unprecedented plan, WOULD eliminate the necessity for the existence of the IRS, and disallow insurance companies and any other profit making organizations to take part in the HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN.

The National Retail Sales Tax (NRST) would assist in funding this enterprise also. The money saved by the extinction of the Individual Taxpayer reporting to the IRS dinosaur would end, and the money saved would also feed this program and the structure in place at the IRS could switch over to handle the details of the HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN. For most Americans, the costly, yearly income tax would be eliminated, but not for corporations. Thus, the IRS could focus on the greatest cause of graft and cheating on taxes, the Corporation.

Now, companies, which outsource jobs, are avaristic and therefore because they deprive citizens of their country of origin of earning a living wage, and of a respected place in society, and deprive them of the pursuit of happiness, are defeating the purpose of a just society and are acting in a treasonous manner to weaken the people and fabric of our society and way of life. By doing so, they weaken our ability to make an economic power in America unmatched elsewhere, but by outsourcing and eliminating proper benefits, they weaken our future workers and fighting men and women and as such, they are, in essense, according to several new pieces of legislation, including the Patriot Act, Domestic Terrorists, and should be indicted as such, now.

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is a promise of our Founding Fathers and was never meant to be limited to a handful of greedy hoarders and corporations. As a democracy, we cannot long endure with avarice accepted as a GOOD thing. Therefore, those disregarding our people, and our way of life must be brought to justice. Our system of laws was based on Torah, the 613 Commandments and the Seven Deadly Sins and avarice is the only one of those not Criminalized. I can name a handful that should be decriminalized which are far less damaging to society as a whole than Avarice, for nothing, judging by the actions of the last several years has hurt, killed or damaged the future for so many here and abroad.

We stand at a great crossroads in a pivotal point in the existence of our society. Right now, as was Nazi Germany, and as we were in the era just before and after FDR, we are beset with a brand of Fascism, even more deadly and insidious than that which gripped Germany in the 1920's through the 1940's, and America in the 1950's, and it has a death grip on religious institutions, industry, the congress and the White House and even some of the upper echelons of our armed forces. We are poised; therefore, to either establish ourselves once again as a benevolent, power and great economic force or see our nation crumble as avaristic fascism crushes any small notion of goodness left among us. No nation, which prides itself on it's innate justice, honor, and goodness, can long endure while supporting a great evil, which not only condones but also rewards the greatest of the evils, avarice. Avarice is nothing more than selfish exclusionism and greed, supported by the willingness to do anything, including war and genocide, to keep a handful living in luxury while the rest founder. Is that what kind of legacy we wish to leave and display to the world? You, as one of our leaders, must lead the fight to do what is written herein. Greed is an evil we cannot continue to reward. That corporate philosophy must be crushed out of existence.

Therefore, companies, which disregard American's in favor of citizens of other nations, must be made to pay their share of the cost of doing business in or by America. In that endeavor, outsourcing corporations will be heavily penalized and taxed as stated above. Executive salaries will be capped at 25 times the average income of every person working for a company with a cap at $2.5 million per year, except for the culpable companies which annual upper salaries will be capped at $750,000. This will encourage those executives and all American corporations to pay decent wages and benefits, since theirs depends upon those of their employees, and if all do so the need for funding for health care will diminish and present programs and the other sources will more than compensate for what remains.

We saw this happen at the college level when administrator's compensation packages were changed to become based on those of faculty, they, who previously opposed higher compensation packages for faculty, in line with those of industry, were then only too happy to increase those compensation packages, because they benefited their own compensation packages.

Under this plan, executives of American Corporations shall all be paid on an incentive basis, tied to the success of their company, a moderate base salary plus bonuses for successful advances and for adoption of excellent compensation packages for all employees. Part of that formula for success must include, where indicated, a strong employment and manufacturing program here on our soil with excellent salary and benefits packages and this can be done with the cooperation of unions and industry in which all share in success or in failure.

The rest of what would have been their salaries, bonuses, and stock options, under the present orgy of greed, will be siphoned away to help pay for this plan for all Americans. The money will be used to support the NO-COST HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN Health Care Plan for millions of Americans. The avaristic will complain that there will be a "brain-drain" flight from America because of the lowered salaries. I predict the opposite. Other nations have already in place similar plans and those that do not, seeing the wisdom of this plan will, as always, follow suit.

Corporations seeing how much they can save on executive salaries will enjoy it once the greedy self-serving current board members and executives are removed. Now is the time to end executive's compensation packages of up to and over $273,000,000, raiding, with the aid of complicit board members, a company's treasury and our fellow Americans of salaries and benefits packages and the shareholders of profits and dividends. Meanwhile CEO's are forcing employees and unions to "give-back:" benefits and salaries, how hypocritical is that/ No wonder so many Union rank and file, in defiance' of their leadership have voted for Republicans since the Johnson Era.
Even the President, recently complained about excessive corporate executive compensation (but mildly).

Moreover, there are very few superior, unselfish, brains at the top of corporations to be drained away. I for one would be proud and happy to see all of the selfish; avaristic fascists now running American corporations go to another country and show their evil to the rest of the world.

There are, far more often than not, because of the inherent corporate culture, corruption at the top, and thus by example, throughout. In the present system, overall, people rise to the top in industry not because of their genius, because truly brilliant, innovative, and non-greedy people are scarce, often independent and therefore hard to control. Independent people are seldom corruptible; getting them to cooperate with unethical behavior is tricky.

Because of these and other reasons, often those who sit at the top of the corporate structures have climbed through company politics and by attaching themselves, through sycophancy, to a rising star and are eager to show their desire to please, willing to do whatever it takes, to advance up the ladder.

This scenario is the hallmark of corporate corruption under the present system which encourages self-serving individual greed rather than cooperative, corporate profitability and success, as we have seen by the failures of any number of the largest American industries. It also graduates into the process of government.

Successful smaller companies provide most of the new jobs in America and do a better job of compensating Americans than huge corporations which are run by corporate bureaucrats because start-up companies are owned and managed by entrepreneurs who will not tolerate a bureaucracy that weighs down a trim, fast-track, growing company. Corporate politics encourages executives the desire for large compensation packages for themselves and perks for board members who support them. In some cases, CEO's recruit and infiltrate the Boards of Directors with their own handpicked candidates.

Tightening up corporate compensation packages and other slush will reduce World Com and ENRON type criminal behavior and it will eliminate the slush available to buy politicians such as we have seen in abundance on the Republican side of the aisle and all the way to the White House. If all companies are held to the same compensation formulae, executives will adjust or perish and therefore the corruption and those who encourage it will become extinct as well. That will be good news to the brighter people, which have a working conscience and therefore often avoid corporate careers.

Take away the slush mega-profits and you take away the money going to avaristic politicians and lobbying thieves, most of which funded the impeachment of President Clinton and the oil war of president Bush. This plan will see many brilliant Progressives heading major corporations and see the demise of budding, Neo-Fascism fascism, which has dominated our nation in the years before FDR and since in interval's which become ever more voracious, such as the present one. We need a new FDR, and this is a good stepping-stone to finding one.

These avaristic, atavistic, companies who try to avoid being their brother's keepers, would possibly become the only remaining Income Taxed entities in the USA. The plan would also save billions because will/can also be tied to elimination of the IRS and all of its budget and staff can be diverted to support the HEALTHY/WEALTHY AMERICA PLAN. Moreover, additional taxes may be generated by The National Retail Sales Tax (NRST), plan which would exclude taxing all necessities: Medical, medicines, food, fuel, water, communications: Telephone, Internet, DSL phones and all other communications systems, etc.

Heavily taxing companies which create or sell, toxic chemicals or create, as an after effect, toxic waste, companies which leech or spill into streams, waterways or land, and/or make, sell, distribute to other nations or citizens of other nations, small or large arms and/or WMD's, which includes automatic weapons of any sort, including side-arms, makes good healthcare sense, as well.

Additional taxes will be levied upon companies which manufacture or sell solvents, pesticides, herbicides and other toxins, to the general public, (this practice is far more dangerous and deadly than allowing people to carry weapons, as these products slowly destroy the Central nervous system cause immeasurable suffering and tremendous medical expenses. Stopping them would reduce panoply of deadly diseases caused by toxins. The best defense is a good offense and eliminating toxins from casual use by the public would save trillions in health care costs.

At the Heart: Criminalization of Avarice
We must begin to treat the disease of avarice, by excluding it. It is, and always has been, the largest cause of poverty, corruption and lack of education, terrorism and war, in history, and must be identified early, treated, incarcerated, and eliminated, if America is to survive. There would be no terrorism, war, poverty, deprivation or envy, if all were invited to the party of prosperity. A Democracy cannot long endure by feasting/cannibalizing its least fortunate citizens, whether here or abroad. ALL necessities of life must be provided for ALL of our citizens; rich, poor, senator or beggar and all must have equal access to the SAME quality of healthcare-there must be NO discrimination.

If there is not such equality of health care, we are shortly facing defrocking and disintegration as a just people. We have already taken many steps in that direction the last six years. I know you were against the war and my Newsletters, my novel and my Blogspot and my OPED editorials have been cited by columnists and others for the accuracy of my predictions that we would find no WMD's and that the war was an excuse for piracy and genocide aimed at those of other than the Christian Right, (which is neither Christian nor Right) and myriad other correct predictions-predictions verified by my readers and were the product of careful observation and application to the whole of human history.

The plan as I have designed it, went through the same scrutiny and research. It will not cost our people-our citizens, (most of the more than 300,000,000), anything. It will, however, cost the avaricious a great deal. Avarice, the only one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Ten (613) Commandments, which when enacted, against which there is no criminal penalty. Greed/Avarice is and always has been at the heart of evil.

We must change that, for petty theft and other crimes pale beside avarice, which is the root cause of all evils. Recall that General Douglas Macarthur said, ...Greedy, Conservative German and Japanese Industrialists agitated and manipulated to create WWII... (However, so did arms dealers in America.) Also that General/President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his speech at JFK, said (I worked for JFK in Oak Park on his campaign after meeting him in his motel room at the airport before the election with a suburban committeeman and my family) that, "... America must, "... Beware the Military Industrial Complex..." (Which was pushing him not to end the war in Korea)? For us to survive, avarice must be criminalized. Profiteering in peace or war (But not fair profits on products which are not necessities), must end, and now. AT he same time we can heavily tax all Lobbying companies, which can also be contributed to the fund for a HEALTHY, WEALTHY AMERICA.

The complete annihilation of lobbying companies must become a reality, after the establishment of a NO PROFIT, NO INSURANCE COMPANY INVOLVEMENT, HEALTH CARE PLAN.

Neo-Fascism has destroyed Habeas Corpus, and therefore 9 of the 10 articles of our Bill of Rights through The Military Commission's Act of 2006, and much of our Constitution, by the heinous and treasonous Patriot Act. Therefore, herein we can kill several evils and one untenable dinosaur at once fell swoop, the evils of Avarice, and of expensive or unattainable healthcare, and the saurian IRS system).

Avarice must be recognized for what it is-a crime against humanity and therefore even without other crimes attendant, should not be encouraged and should always be punished. Executive salaries should be capped at 25 times the average salaries of all employees, foreign and domestic, including outsourced salaries, and all salaries and income should be capped at $2.5 millions a year. Companies which still outsource will see their highest compensation package, still capped at 25 times the average of all employees foreign or domestic, but with executive salaries capped at $750,000, within that 25 times employee salaries average. The argument that eliminating ludicrously high salary packages for CEO's would reduce motivation is a barefaced lie motivated by greed. There would be no other choice if all companies were held to the same compensation package, and doing so is the least the congress can do to protect the investments of those who hold shares in such companies when these corporate CEO's, in cahoots allied with board members, raid company treasuries, as well as shareholders profits and dividends, driving up costs and making distribution of decent wages and benefits to the many, impossible, for the inordinate profit of the few, who are not on their best day's, worth a fraction of what they are paid.

There are many more competent, more intelligent, and morally less culpable, people available. We need to get sycophants and avarists out of the corporate world.

It is avarice, which has led to this current and despicable slaughter of innocents here by deprivation and overseas by an unjust war initiated by pirates of the lowest order. It is avarice, which has led to all wars and all economic prejudice, and it is avarice alone of the great evils of biblical infamy, which remains non-criminalized. Why do you suppose that is so? If those who commit this crime are allowed to continue to practice an evil that every major prophet of every major religion condemned, than those religions and we, are living as hypocrites.

Many of our allies and even some of those who are not allies, appear eminently more understanding, that creating products and services is a task shared by innovators, executives, staff, and regular members employees and so should the rewards. Anything less is avarice and should be, like all the other crimes against humanity, criminalized. Petty criminals are arrested, prosecuted and often killed or wounded; yet those who steal millions/billions are excused from criminal behavior? Let us pledge that, not on our new watch, they won't.

I can tell you resolutely, through investment experience, research and exhaustive interviews, that criminal activity in the financial markets is the NORM, not the exception, it is the smallest tip of a very deeply sunken cultural iceberg. Corporate financial crimes should be excised from the civil courts and be criminalized. Thieves should be judged by the amount they steal and from how many people they steal, the more they steal, the more people their stealing affects, the greater their punishment. The only punishments most of them ever face are by Class-Action Law suits. The lawyers who pursue them, though they profit well, are the true White Knights of our society, the Robin Hoods of America and the supposed regulating agencies have failed miserably.

Please understand that before my academic career, I was an entrepreneur and an investor and am therefore not against fair profits, most especially for things of luxury. However, I can see no just cause for anyone ever profiting upon the misfortunes of others, nor of lowering our standard of living and those of other nations so that a handful of non-deserving gluttons can profit while billions starve.

Our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, guarantees no corporation; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as gifts of God to humans-men/women, not to corporations. That God, along with the documents I refer to in the next paragraph, has been ill-used and blasphemed by the current administration, which has for five years mendaciously hidden behind the flag and the cross, thus appealing to those of low understanding, lower bestial leanings and above average avaricious and violent inclinations.

Please be advised that the plan I herein submit eliminates the need for and any involvement of or by insurance companies or any other profiteers. The plan is as pure an act of altruism, as inspired by the Almighty, as was our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and must remain so.

Those of us, who have been called from our positions in the private sector to academia and then to writing and consulting to correct obvious mistakes, errors, and profitable frauds foisted upon American Citizens, know very well that the sound byte, "conspiracy theory" is a weapon of those whose own selfish interests are being served by any status quo. In fact, there is not now, nor has there ever been any event which has not been the result of a conspiracy from before and including David's setting up of Uriah 's murder in an ambush, so he could marry Bathsheba, to the crucifixion of Jesus, to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, to price gouging in the oil business, to the Bhopal disaster, to the Enron Disaster, the cigarette cancer cover-ups, to the vote fraud of the last two elections, to the War in Iraq, to ascension of fascists into top government positions, to the disastrous Patriot Act and the near worse Military Commissions Act of 2006, and most recently in the State of The Union Message, a bare-faced lie or gross exaggeration of "Acts of Terrorism Thwarted by Bush" in recent months, as fraudulent and unabashedly contemptuous of Americans and justice, and all a part of the plan to silence dissidents and destroy democracy in America in favor of the currently expanding dictatorship of the Bushites, plus countless criminal actions which are ignored by the SEC, the FDA and other regulators, but brought to justice only by heroic class action lawsuit attorney's, the only true white knights left in America aside from the non-mainstream press and the Online Press.

All the scandals we hear about every day-they were/are all conspiracies, though some may say, save the few which are the result of stupidity, but even stupid acts began as ideas and plans even if faulty. Anything and everything, except acts of God are the result of conspiracies.

Without conspiracies, most corporate CEO's could never figure out how to make an illicit profit or defraud the public, because they aren't smart enough to make money the old fashioned way, by honest labor and brilliant planning, only by swindling covered by laws that have decriminalized their diseased actions. Few rise through the corporate ranks if they are a genius, (geniuses are hard to control and almost impossible to corrupt) or one with a reputation as a whistle blower or as an honest maverick, but only as a sycophant, who plays ball.

"Well, Lord?"

"What, you want a complement for something I inspired in you?'

"Err, umm, well, sort of. I am an orphan you know."

"Your parents died after you were well along into adulthood."

"Yes, but still..."

"You did good, Peter. How's that?" He said shaking His furry Head.

"No disrespect intended, Sir, but to be grammatically correct, I think you should have said, 'You did well, Peter!'

"Well, glad to see that you are learning your craft, however, you do realize that you are not too old for a reckoning-a chastisement, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir...," I said, staring at my shoes.

"Just yanking your chain, mah boy, just yankin' your chain." He said slapping me on the shoulder and sending me tumbling, rolling, head over heels, several times until I came to rest against the wall, my feet up, head down. Funny thing was it didn't hurt and I wasn't injured, not even bruised or aching anywhere.
" Peter, I have to go now, but you are doing fine, just don't let your attention get diverted, okay, son?"

"Thanks, so long, Sir, uhh, Lord, Sir..."

"Take care, Peter and watch your back."

"Wha-, oh, He's gone. What did he ever mean by that, I wonder?" I started looking about, and every so often, I would quickly spin around, hoping to catch someone following me. There was never anyone there, though. He probably said that just to get back at me for the grammatical correction. Oh, well, He is the BIG GUY!
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