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Wake Up and Smell 2007

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March 19th, 2007 will mark the 4th anniversary of our invasion of Iraq, a war that was a pre-emptive strike based on lies to the American people, and the world by the Bush Regime. It is impossible to imagine that we will mark 4 years of this atrocity even after the anti-war movement has expended so much money, energy and time in ending this war even before it begun. So what does that tell you?

The Bush Regime decided a long time before the events of 9/11 to invade Iraq. The "Project for a New American Century" clearly delineates the push to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Our Government took the horrible events and deaths of innocent people on 9/11 by those dubbed the "evildoers" or "Al-Queda", and with that fear, drove this Country into a disgusting mess. George Bush, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and the masterminds of destruction were beating on the war drums from the moment the chatter started prior to 9/11, we just didn't know it. The American people were lulled into complacent sleep mode prior to that day, and subsequently were jolted into fear mode, never to regain their power to reason.

On that fear, this Regime has focused for 5 years. Every single anniversary of 9/11, those in power prepare for photo ops at "Ground Zero", the site where buildings should now be standing. However, as a reminder and to keep us fearful, a hole in the ground remains. You don't see them in front of the Pentagon, or in the fields of Pennsylvania. It is not as fearful an image to the American people. Every year the family members of those killed that day stand up on a podium in front of that "hole in the ground" and read the names of those who lost their lives by the Towers' destruction. Every year every single media outlet in the Country reminds us of how we should remain fearful.

As we reflect upon the last 5 years, we see our military, the most lethal and well equipped force in the world; descend upon those "terrorists". First was Afghanistan; to capture "America's Most Wanted", only to come up short. After enough of that smoke screen, the Commander-in-Chief decided to attack another sovereign nation to end "the reign of terror" and get the imaginery weapons of mass destruction from another of "America's Most Wanted", Saddam Hussein. In both cases, the ruling governments in Afghanistan and Iraq were put there by the American Government, but I digress.

After 2,000 days of the announcement of "Mission Accomplished", and after 96% of all deaths in Iraq are accounted for after that same statement, we plan for the upcoming anniversary of this invasion. We also mark the grim reality of 3,000 military deaths over 25,000 wounded, and an appalling 650,000 Iraqi deaths accounted for, and we are still an occupying force with no end in sight.

Commissions are formed and issue "reports"; meetings are held to discuss possible game plans to end this war; our elected officials banter about policy and decisions, and people keep dying by the 100's in Iraq every single day. Does anyone see something wrong with this picture? What strategy meeting does it take to say bring them home now? Stop the killing of innocent people.

Enlightening details are as follows, none of our elected officials or anyone in the White House for that matter, wants a withdrawal of our troops from Iraq!

Permanent military bases have been established with our taxpayer dollars, heavy duty equipment, massive weaponry, satellite connections, computers and networks installed by the thousands, permanent military structures to house military personnel, countless restaurants like McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway, Wendy's and Quiznos have been constructed all over the "Green Zone". Troops have to pay the same amount if not more for a Mocha Latte as we do. They have pools, game rooms, movies and actually go for R & R. Will we now admit that we are there for good? Or do you need further convincing?

War profiteers such as, of course, Halliburton, KPR, Exxon, Mobil, Blackwater, and many others have been given no-bid government contracts worth billions also thanks to the taxes of the American people. Mercenaries and private contractors are making 4 times what our men and women in uniform are, and live in relative luxury, while drilling for oil. Billions of dollars are being poured into these operations, do you think anyone in D.C. isn't getting rich off of this war?

Most if not all of our politicians are stalling. A smokescreen has been thrown up in front of the anti-war movement and peace activists by these same people who are now supposedly representing us. They no more want to end this war than the Saudi Princes, Jordan's King, or the Iranian President. Did we not learn yet that being at the top has its rewards. Those that are power and greed driven could care less about the death and destruction beneath them. Just because they walk and talk and look human, do not mean that they are.

So how do we end this war? Several ingredients, and they don't include our Congress.

(1) Massive mobilizations in the streets. Yes, we have to get our hands dirty, and put our butts on the line, no laziness accepted. Cause disruptions around this Country, end the business as usual days of our cities. Hard, you better believe it! If you review the history of any successful movement in our entire existence, it took the masses in dissent loudly protesting to get what they wanted. Sometimes it turned ugly; sometimes it was scary; and, there were very dark grim moments. In this movement, we must ALL join forces and step forward. Not on one day here or another day there. It means constant struggle, every where, every day.

(2) Do not trust the politicians and their promises. You are wasting time. We must find those companies that are profiting and boycott them. The anti-war movement must direct lots of energy and massive amounts of people protesting at the headquarters, subsidiaries and affiliates of all of those companies getting filthy rich off the dead. Hit them where it counts, in the wallet. Or else, they will keep making billions. It can be done, and has been done in the past. Weed out those specific companies and hit them hard. Let the American people demand that these companies who have been involved in war profiteering pay reparations to the Iraqi people. As well as boycotting, once we get their attention, file lawsuits on behalf of all of those damaged by an illegal occupation. Not so far fetched. If you can sue McDonald's for a hot cup of coffee, just imagine what we can do for Iraqi people and those American families who have been destroyed.

(3) Speak to a soldier. Outreach. Spend time in towns that have military families and troops. Do you think all of them want to return to Iraq 3 or 4 times? They need support and to be listened to. That is what ultimately ended the Vietnam War, troop resistance. This Government made a mistake. They trained our military to operate in small, tight platoons together "All for one and one for all" mentality. But when they decide to put their weapons down, it will be the group mentality that will cause an erosion unit by unit and they will lay down their arms together. That's impressive and will make a strong impact. Peace activists need to recognize this sooner rather than later to be the support mechanism when this upsurge reaches large proportions. It has already begun.

Until we in the movement to stop all atrocities in our name band together not only at rallies, marches, protests, letter writing, petition signing and every other activity pursued in our frustration to be heard, get to the basic ingredients of power and greed driven death and destruction around this planet, we will NEVER end anything. Those who watch us only laugh all the way to the bank.
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Anti-war activist, mother of three combat tour US marine; member of the national steering committee for the "World Can't Wait" www.worldcantwait.net and member of Military Families Speak Out (my opinions do not reflect the national position of MFSO).
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