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Bringing the Spirit of a Vietnam Vet up to Speed on Iraq

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Dale Hill
In Honor of Robert Kalsu Well, Robert, I've got to tell you, it happened again. Remember when we were in high school and had to do all those practice sessions, getting under our desks in case of an atomic bomb? As high school students, that nonsense was taught to scare us to death about the possibility of an A-Bomb attack. It was stupid, wasn't it? Hiding under a desk in case of an nuclear bomb! How stupid could we get? It's as stupid as going into Iraq without up-armored vehicles, the top kevlar jackets, and bullet-proof helicopters. Jeez, Robert, we didn't learn a darn thing with Vietnam. Not a thing. Yes, Robert, when we took our family to Washington, DC, I went to the Vietnam Wall and looked for your name. It took a while but I found it. It was just a name on the wall for most people, but for me, it was about football, ROTC classes at The University of Oklahoma, and you. Shoot, I don't know if we were ever in a company together, but we were in classes together, and I guarantee you that I didn't have to drop my test on the floor for you, like I had to for some of the other jocks who weren't prepared. Those ROTC tests were pud, anyway. Remember those dumb 35 mm films we watched about how we were having to learn to fight differently in Vietnam, and how if Vietnam fell into Communist hands, then there goes the rest of Asia. And how we were winning? By the way, Robert, Communism was a failure. Germany is one country, and Russia is stumbling ahead, trying to overcome years of backward communistic pilings. I had hoped that after the Vietnam War, that our wonderful nation would have learned something about war. War is when all else fails and a country is invading our country, ... but no, some of our head honchos are bean heads and didn't learn a thing. Most of them were draft dodgers. Funny thing, Robert, none of the bozos who made the decision to go into Iraq, actually spent any time in a war. Come to think of it, I think I may have had you in another class, ... like Geology and, ... history. Remember when all the freshman and sophomores had to take ROTC as a requirement for Physical Education. That was stupid. We didn't get enough physical challenges to even get credit for physical education. How physical is taking your gun a part and putting it back together again? And remember those"spit shined" shoes. Great for exercising, wouldn't you say? Hey, ... you remember the ROTC turkey shoot, where we shot a 410 shot gun, and the person with a pellet closest to the center won a turkey? I won one of those turkeys. Took me two times, though. The first time, I shot the other guy's target, so they had to make us both do it over, and I won. Unlike you, I decided to drop out of the ROTC program my junior and two senior years. Yes, ... it cost me. It cost me to have to go to the Draft Board once a year and put up with the "pig fodder" they had running it. Unprofessional! Don't get me started. And Robert, they lied to me. They said if I graduated and filled out all the papers for OTS, I would definitely get in and would have my own choice of what I wanted to study. They lied. I had the choice of Armory, Artillery, or Infantry. No, I wasn't accepted into the OTS program as promised. No big deal, though. I wouldn't have made it through boot camp. Why? Well, I'm 61 now, the same age as you and am totally disabled. Heck, I can't even walk from the front of a WalMart to the back and then to the front again. Worse than that, I can no longer sit in OU's football stadium, to watch a game. I have a handicapped card with me at all times. Sure helps when I have to negotiate Will Roger's air terminal. I would have never made it through Basic Training. All it would have taken was one spinal X-Ray, and they would have booted me out. It happened, anyway. I joined the Army, and then THEY burnt my draft card. Medical discharge. You think those guys that were running the Vietnam thing were idiots? Man, you've got to see who is running this Iraq War! I cannot even describe to you how pathetic these "human pig fodders" are. They think they are the "pack leader" for the Dog Whisperer's dogs. Shoot, these dogs in the White House would be eaten in China as the once a year dog-eating ritual. Who knows, maybe if you hadn't been killed, you could have been president and done some testicle kicking to get these bimbos in line. Robert, they are all whimps, ever last one of them. Every major catastrophe the United States has suffered through, this president and his posse, have failed. Shoot Bob, we have a president who thinks he's Matt Dillon with endless vacation time. He will go down in history as our worst president, ever. You are now, not the only professional football player who has lost his life in a war. Pat Tillman joined as a Special Units professional and was killed by friendly fire, in Afghanistan. The military lied about how it happened too. They covered it up. He was in Iraq when the bombing started, and he turned to his fellow soldiers and said, "Hell, this is genocide." And that is why we "supposedly" went to war because the despot in charge was committing "genocide." This president is a perpetual liar. They even lied about Jessica Lynch and how she was killing everyone and taken captive. The even planned and filmed a Hollywood rescue. Pathetic. Oh, I forgot to tell you how we got into this stupid war. The same way we got into Vietnam. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yep? All those, under-the-desk drills, which scared us into believing Russian planes would be dropping the BIG ONE, well, they did it the same way, only compressed it. You see, our leaders screwed up and had their feet on their desks instead of perusing the signs of a modern day gorilla attack. Dr. Rice filed confidential papers warning of an attack using airplanes into file 13, and two hijacked planes took out the New York Trade Towers and another took out part of the Pentagon. You see, Robert, our president was screwing around in Florida when the planes were hi-jacked and used as bombs to take out the Twin Towers and part of the Pentagon. You'll never believe what happened afterward. The president put his tail behind his legs and headed for Nebraska or Colorado, while the vice president went into perpetual hiding. You didn't do that when your company was attacked, did you? Of course not. It is the difference between professionalism and whimpologism. You're not going to believe this, Bob, but a hurricane took out New Orleans, and it took our president nearly a week to send anyone down there to help. And Dr. Rice? She was buying $2000 shoes in New York City instead of flying to New Orleans, helping her brothers and sisters. Vice president? Shoot, he shot a fellow hunter in the face. In the Military, it is called "Friendly Fire." In hunting for quail, it is called neophyte, sophomoric, ticketing, hunting accident. Then we had this red, yellow , orange alert crap about being under attack. Dr. Rice started talking about "the mushroom cloud," and how we had to take out Saddam in Iraq. Yep, ... our country fell for it, and Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder made our Congress so scared that they gave our "cowboy president" a "get-out-of-jail free" pass to invade Iraq, when Iraq had nothing to do with the hijacked planes. You see, our president wanted to get even with Saddam for trying to blow up Bush's family, and at the same time get his hands grubby in the Iraq oil. It's too embarrassing to even talk about the WMD phobia, he guaranteed. So, we have 150,000 soldiers with inferior vehicles in a country our soldiers know little about. President Bush is no Bud Wilkinson, by a "long-neck." Heck, we don't have enough translators for one Iraqi town, much less the country. The government planners for the war were shooting from their hips. They had a plan to take Baghdad, and they had absolutely no, and I mean this Robert, no plan on what they would do when they captured Baghdad. Once we took Baghdad, our troops were ordered to not shoot looters or enforce laws, and, after that, it went down hill fast. We didn't have an exit strategy. Can you believe that? No exit strategy! Bud Wilkinson would have been a genius compared to our White House fruit basket we have in their now. I know what you would say, Robert. You would say, it is time to kick butt and impeach, and believe me, we've done the first part, and we are planning on doing the second part. It will mean that we will have our first woman president; if we had had a woman president in the first place, we wouldn't have invaded a country for change of regime, unprepared. It has cost us 3,000 of our finest right now and 40K wounded. And theirs? We can throw out from 50,000 to 600,000 and still win a turkey. It's not looking good, Robert, because our "coaches" didn't even watch the films. No video game evaluation or preparation. They just went in. You would have been a better president than the fumbling bimbo we have in there now. Why, ol' Bud wouldn't have let them suit-up in a game because every time they've had their hands on the ball, they fumbled. Every time! I gotta' tell you, Bob, that Vietnam was a quagmire and so is Iraq. Remember those history classes under Dr. David Levy? Yep, ... he was right; history does repeat itself. Sooner than we thought I miss you, buddy. "Bob was selected as an Oklahoma Sooner All-American Tackle in 1967. As an eighth-round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills in 1968, he started eight games at Guard and was voted the team's top rookie in 1968. He began fulfilling his ROTC obligation with the US Army following the '68 season and started his tour of duty in Vietnam in November of 1969, where he served with Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 11th Artillery, 101st Airborne Division. His MOS was 1193 - Field Artillery Unit Commander. LT Kalsu was killed by mortar fire on July 21, 1970 at Firebase Ripcord near the Ashau Valley." http://www.landscaper.net/kalsu.htm
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Is a 34 year retired educator with a Masters Degree in Counseling - a free-lance writer with articles in Spanish and English Guideposts, Mothering, Oklahoma Observer, Oklahoma Gazette, Westview, Oklahoma Reader, The Lookout, Christian Standard, (more...)
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