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Sallie Mae - A Lecherous Leach Under Bush And His Cronies That Feeds The Iraq War!

Sallie Mae is now, nothing more than a bunch of unprofessional bill collectors who call any part of a day or night, looking to harass poor students who had to borrow money to go to school. And, ... they are worse than Saddam and Hitler about their harrassments. BEWARE, ANY STUDENTS CONTEMPLATING ABOUT BORROWING MONEY FROM SALLIE MAE, YOU ARE BORROWING FROM HELL ITSELF. What happened to this wonderful 60's governmental program which urged students to go to college by offering low percentage rates, as low as 2.3%? In fact, if you are reading this and are between 50 and 65, we all borrowed money and ended up paying them off. Is that the same governmental program for which Bush and his rich cronies ponied through, both the House and Senate, and he signed, to strengthen the bankruptcy laws so that Sallie Mae could not allow students to duck the payments, even on their death bed? You bet it is.

Sallie Mae is the worst program and company dreamed up from Republicans bowels of George Bush's hell. Sallie Mae is why so many of our 3005 young Americans died in Iraq. This cultish organization threatens students as a past-time and because of that, it threatens The United States way of life, by threatening student's and parents' credit rating. Sallie Mae is a Republican slanderous joke. An organization which was once flexible with low percentage interest rates at 2.3%, has now become a national disgrace.

Sallie Mae calls at all times of the day hounding, harassing, and threatening students and parents and breathing holy hell down on them in the process. What happened to this great governmental program? George Bush and the Republicans happened. There is a direct relationship to the 3005 Military dead and the 41,000 injured and, ... Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae and Bush are part and partial to 80% of those students who feel obligated to go into the Army.

"I just wanted to go through military so I could get tuition to become an elementary teacher," said Jessica Lynch, who was used and prostituted by George Bush and the Pentagon to get public opinion behind the Iraq War; and to use her as exhibit A for the reason we needed to "conquer" Saddam and save Iraqi's who were imprisoned in a Saddam-like Abu Grab inprisonment. You better believe that Sallie Mae has caused and still causes our young people's presence and death in Iraq. Borrow from Sallie Mae and you will be saddled the rest of your life, as the Sallie Mae big wigs, buy land, vacation all over the world, and buy base ball teams. And, again, it lands right into the middle of President George Bush's agenda. Sallie Mae was a great servicial idea in the beginning. Under Bush and the Republicans it has become a living hell for millions of young borrowers.

So, is it better to join the Army and let them pay for their college tuition or is it better to borrow from Sallie Mae and become indebted for the rest of your life. It is a modern day, "The Deer Hunter," Russian roulette, with 5 bullets in the chamber.

Our daughter owes a paultry amount to Sallie Mae and can attest to their buzzard-like existence in our society. Can you imagine students' who have borrowed $20, $30, or $40,000 from Sallie Mae? With 6, 8 and 10% interest, those students will die, owing money to Sallie Mae. One student dying of AIDS and was on his death bed in Oklahoma, "... still answered belligerent phone calls from Sallie Mae." Sallie Mae will garnish your check, even a Social Security check to pay off you daughter's or granddaughter's loan if you are the cosigner. And, ... get this, the only way you can get out of paying Sallie Mae is if you have been identified as totally disable.

Sallie Mae uses employees, who can't write a paragraph or are dumber than a stump, to badger college graduates, including doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, ministers, and even students who volunteer for Peace Corps "...(to) pay up, or we'll call your loan in! You'll have to pay the whole sum by next month." Reminds me of the Draft Office workers during the '60s Vietnam War. It was their purpose in life to scare the young people to death, with filthy language and threats. And we lost over 50,000 young people with the government enforced incarceration in Viet Nam. How bad do you think Sallie Mae is? Start by going to ""

There are nearly 100,000 websites that will get a hit with a "I hate Sallie Mae," simple search using google. We can probably multiply that number by 100 or even thousands for other students who cannot afford to get on the Internet because of Sallie Mae's "beastiality." Figure it out. It comes to many, many cool millions for the endless life of Sallie Mae!

"At Sallie Mae, the student loan giant, stock options haven't gone out of fashion: In 2001, Sallie Mae CEO Albert Lord made $33.6 million, mostly because he exercised options. Last year, the No. 2 executive at Sallie Mae, Thomas Fitzpatrick, took home $27.2 million in salary, stocks, and bonuses." Yep, it's the same croud that George Bush and his cohorts invited to their homes or to Bush's ranch for financial support. It is time, as Cheney said, to "slap-down" this ugly, green-snotty giant that gets its snot all over our children. Bush and Cheney's kids didn't have to worry about Sallie Mae, don't you know!

On the website is found this quote. "STUDENT LOANS SUCK WE ALL HAVE THEM WE ALL HATE THEM! site about that b*tch Sallie Mae..!"
Welcome to Bushville and our compassionate Republicans.

Why can't we get doctors and dentists in small towns? Sallie Mae! How about veterinarians or chiropracters? They can't afford to move to small town America because of Sallie Mae. A medical doctor will have loans exceeding a hundred thousand dollars. Try that again. $100,000+ in Sallie Mae loans. No wonder my doctor whispered in my ear, "Don't refer kids to me who cannot pay."

The chiropractic association has an entire website dealing with the huge Sallie Mae loan-sums that have been accumulated by their graduates.

Now, ... I am not going to lie to you. We have one daughter who owes a paultry sum, which is not even .0001% of other Sallie Mae loans. So I can attest to their obnoxious ways. Sallie Mae helped roll back the "direct-loan program's market share." which was carried fairly by banks. We easily payed back a bank loan of 1000 dollars we borrowed back in the early '90s in less thant 2 years. Sallie Mae has no intention for anyone to pay off their loans! Horrors of horrors, if repayment happened, Sallie Mae's big wigs couldn't own a baseball team like their boy, George W. Bush did. Sallie Mae is an evil pimp-whore, paying itself big bucks to prey on their victims, as they suck them in with the idea that the students can pay off these loans in a few years. Sallie Mae, the Iraq War, and Republicans are responsible for this pig sty littered across our nation. Iraq is "pay back" for Americans who voted Republicans into office. It is time to call our soldiers home, and it is time to call in to Congressional Investigation the entire Sallie Mae scandal.

Found on one website, "Chiro Practice, ... medical doctors, dentists, and vetenarians, (I) guess you just get used to having a constant pit in your stomach due to (the) monkey on your back. I mean the average salary of an associate is what 30-40K/yr? The average for a self employed Doc is what 70 K? How can you pay 2 grand a month even on this income? What the hell was I thinking!!!" You want references, then google any quote.

Yet another website. "Look at the bright side...after you pay your loans and compounding interest you can get to work on your mortgage and retirement..this SUCKS!" Just how has Sallie Mae faired since Bush and the Republicans took over the business of big business.

Percentage of market share

1994 3.66 percent; $0.8 billion
2003 29.81 percent; $12.8 billion

Don't you just love statistics?

Another quote! "Student-loan debt collectors have power that would make a mobster (look small time)."

"Where is all this money going? While former students are being extorted by Sallie Mae into indentured servitude for the rest of their lives, and even paltry Social Security checks are being seized by Sallie Mae's collection agencies, Albert Lord, CEO of SALLIE MAE, is bidding on purchasing sports teams, building his own private golf course, and awarding himself and his number two man literally hundreds of millions of dollars in salary and stock bonuses. And who is the biggest benefactor of Sallie Mae political contributions -- why House Leader John Boehner of course, at $133,000!" - another website of a student, dupped-into borrowing from Sallie Mae.

The rape of millions of students is happening semester after semester. I am sure the snobby ladies on the phone are making minimum wage, but I can't guarantee that. In fact, Sallie Mae has been known to hire out of country harrassers. Maybe Sallie Mae officials see itself as a "dot com" industry that can afford to pay all of its employees in stock options. If so, this is no longer a government for the people, but a government for the rich. "Shame, Shame, Shame!" So, let us all sing together the Sallie Mae song in harmony if you can!

"Mother in law, Mother in law-with apologies to A. Toussaint

Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
The worst company I know
Sallie Mae, Sallie Mae
She worries me so
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
She won't leave us alone
We could have a happy home
Sent from Republican hell
And grief I cannot tell!
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
Satan should be its name
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
To me they're about the same
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
Every time I lift the phone
She is threatening my loan
How can you stand so low
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
Come home with my pay
Sallie Mae, Sallie Mae
She asks me what I made
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
We think she's helping our young
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae
In the end our kids are stung!
Sallie-e Mae, Sallie-e Mae

It is time to put pressure on Democrats and Republicans to DO AWAY with SALLIE MAE. With huge reforms, the War in Iraq would no longer meet its quota recruitments, month after month. When students get a fair shake on student loans, there will be little demand for most of them to have to deal with Iraq.

(c) Dale Hill 2007
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