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We need to Know the Enemy to Defend America

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Do you try to combat America's downfall?

If you say you are trying to list the things that need to be opposed to get our country back on track. I submit that if any of them occurred in the last 75 years they are the equivalent to debating the difference between Bush & Kerry or Democrats & Republicans.

The roots of the controllers of American and there by Global power is in the era when America's whole people rose up in unified outrage against the excesses of the Robber Barons. The smart money of the latter 1800's saw the strain on the line and played out some slack to the fish they were playing in.

The Monopolists were organized and acted in unison before the public was organized enough to vote their outrage at the rape of their collective will. We were a widely separated people intent on providing our own family's sustenance, mostly from crops grown on our own land by our own efforts.

After the Civil War, most Americans had forgotten about the battle Andrew Jackson fought against international money trusts, (read Rothschild, Bank of England) the people supported Jackson. His administration was the last debt free American administration since. In the after math of the Civil War, opportunity was abundant for returning soldiers to start anew in the West. The war created the ultimate test laboratory for the Bessemer Steel Process in America that enabled the industrial revolution to perfect the manufacture of cannon and railroad track and engines. Before the Bessemer process, real steel was a small batch, hit or miss technique, closely guarded by smiths. ( read " The Arms of Krupp " ).

While Krupp was developing the process of continuous casting in Germany to arm Bismark, America was duplicating it to build weapons to fight the Civil war. At wars end the foundries had been built with government funds and were owned by private men. The American ' innovators ' that founded America's industrial revolution followed the exact same plan as did Krupp in Germany in the latter 1800's.

First they used their government's military needs to absorb the cost and experimentation aspects of the development process. Then their willingness to expand their production capacity, at government expense, was portrayed as a patriotic act of benevolence. During their period of patriotic expansion of production they were freely granted special access to the source of mineral resources to feed their furnaces and routes of transport of the minerals to the furnaces, all deeded to the producers in perpetuity.

The Krupp company supplied America with the wheels and axles of our first railroads. They owned the foundries, the iron ore mines, the coal fields and the railroads and the land the tracks sat on that connected them. When Krupp found that he required a new mineral to blend a stronger alloy, he did not contract a supplier, he bought the land at the source the mineral was rich in. Krupp then bought or usurped a route to his foundry. 100% monopoly, aided by governments from the city/state when the combine started, aligned with the Kaiser who unified the Germanic states to the fascist dictator that challenged the world, Krupp was dominate.

The same money that backed and partnered with Krupp, funded and aided Carnegie, Rockefeller and Morgan in the USA. At the same time that the US Civil war was ending, the German wars of unification were beginning in earnest. While the American people were taking advantage of the unclaimed land that was recently vacated by Native American Indian peoples avoiding the clash of white armies, and the government's encouragement by way of the Homestead Act and the funding of railroad expansion, our government advertised the open immigration policy of our Nation to the German states and encouraged the highly educated, hard working, dispossessed refugees of the twenty years of turmoil it took to unite the Germanic city states into the German Republic, to come to America. And come they did.

All of America's Robber Barons were strict monopolist, they utilized methods that would imprison them today to crush competition and control resources. In the late 1800's, with the input of the European immigrants, American workers were fore-warned of the danger of predatory capitalism and they saw it's direction with their own eyes and felt it in their social changes. They rose up against it in unison.

That point in our history is your nexus.

The Robber Barons turned into philanthropist. They funded schools, medical centers, research facilities, churches, public parks, zoos, and scientific expeditions. They created newspapers and orphanages. Museums and self sustaining charitable foundations. All of this was done BEFORE the initiation of the tax codes and labor laws were passed to force them to submit to the voter's outrage that was building against their blatant exploitation of American ideals. They were protecting the power their wealth projected, while hiding it in plain sight. Media sources they owned glorified their actions. Government puppets honored them from public podiums.

All of those institutions are still directed and led by the heirs of those monopolist today, however the institutions are now funded by the taxpayers they are designed to enslave and the original wealth continues to grow out of reach of the general fund of the people it was stolen from. The institutions created at the turn of the 20Th century have become the norms of our society and any thought of over-turning any ONE of them is viewed as ludicrous. It is necessary to over-turn them all simultaneously to effect the reform America requires to regain the Dream our fore fathers created and left to our care.

In the mid 1890's Americans were sure to elect socialist to government office to regain their voice and will in the direction of government on all levels. Europe was relatively stable, America was prosperous and the international money trust was stagnate. The idea of socialism was spread through Europe and America with the expansion of dictatorial industrial growth. For Americans, all political contention ceased because the Spanish military attacked a US Naval vessel, The USS Maine, in Havana harbor. American workers put their grievances aside and loyally followed their Flag to war with the duplicitous Spanish Empire.

American Globalist shills used the intermission to gain wealth, position government puppets, expand the reach of military dominance to a global reach by ' liberating ' Spanish holdings and organize a defense against the claims of America's working class who reorganized at the end of hostilities.

No American working class at the time knew that there was a cabal working against their National interest. It was always assumed that it was the unchecked greed of diverse individuals that had independently given rise to the predatory Robber Barons who rose to the apex of American society and that every American had the same opportunity to rise to equal greatness with hard work, dedication to goals, and fortunate breaks.

All agreed that the American Dream held no bounds. None knew that the dream was a ploy invented by international money trusts that allowed a portion of their serfs a higher standard of wealth and acclaim to act as an unwitting buffer between themselves and the truly exploited masses.

Historical records show that JP Morgan, the richest of the rich, the man who alone stopped a depression in 1907 and whose advise ushered in the Federal Reserve, died and his will was to prove Rothschild owned all but 19% of his supposed wealth. History proves the Hearst newspapers incited the Spanish American war and the Spanish or Cubans had no part in the explosion on the Maine. The currency of America was defended by Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Garfield, and Kennedy. Three of them shot dead, one shot at. Jefferson was before his time.

The education system they built has assured our ignorance, their media distracts our attention, their economic control keeps us servile, and their wars keep us seeking the sense of Order our base nature craves through all of the other Chaos they create to divert our energy.

Know your Enemy

Cliff Hoeft
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I am a tramp IBEW electrician.

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