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A partial history of our controllers

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America's history is replete with instances of the relationships of a small group of men effecting the direction of our society's growth. There is always a connection to those that make or influence the major changes in the course of mankind's advancement through the ages, to this (relative to the world's population) microscopically small group.

The front men of this group, those that I can link, seem to carry the same gene pool by blood. They skip multiple generations and re-emerge from obscurity to take up the tiller once again. Richard Bruce Cheney is a case in point.

Every institution that western society considers essential to our culture has been created or funded by these people and is controlled by their agents today following a well thought out, centuries old plan.

They control all religion as if in a symbiotic tonk, they virtually created our economic system and have never relinquished an iota of control of it, they developed and instituted the norms of the education of our youth, they control the legislation and judgment of our laws, the direction of our industry, we depend on them for our public security, they guide our expenditures toward charity, when not in a position of actual leadership, we hire them to man the research think tanks that our active leaders turn to for advice on policy decisions. We have freely granted the monopoly of our public information sources to these, our betters.

In order to convince the reader of that degree of control, I will have to show how it is possible for this group to hide in plain sight over generations. I will try to be brief. I hope the reader will continue with their own verification and research.

Let us begin with the base facts of our Nation's founding. Every adult alive today that was educated in America knows the pilgrims left their homes in search of a land where they could worship their God as they saw fit. These noble martyrs chose to cross a perilous ocean and braved unknown wildernesses, to follow the dictates of worship their God required. Very few Americans do not know that story as truth. Those of us that have not read a history book in 40 years, know the honorable character and fine stamina in the face of continuous adversity our pilgrim and puritan ancestors exhibited as individuals to tame a wilderness while maintaining their purity in the manner expected who were the embodiment of the goodness of the Lord's children. That was in 1620.

The University of Virginia was the first facility of higher learning in the world, that was not formed as a divinity school first and foremost. It was opened in 1819. Thomas Jefferson founded the University and laid-out it's foundations. More importantly, Jefferson drew up a curriculum of subjects he knew a free people would need to be conversant in to maintain their freedom. Jefferson was never out of debt. So it was the people of Virginia that paid for the construction and hewed the stone that built it. The people of Virginia must have agreed education was a worthy endeavor for their society. Thomas Jefferson also wrote extensively on his opposition to the moneyed trusts usurping our new Nations liberty, should they ever be released from strict government control.

From 1620, when our devout founders arrived, and 1820, when the people of Virginia created a school for the people of Virginia, a lot of things occurred else where on the globe Americans know little or nothing of. This period started our usefulness as a Globalistic weapon against the European restraints of Crown and Pulpit that had attempted to restrict the British East India Company.

Our public school education teaches us that the founding fathers were unified in their desire to separate from mother England in 1776. The most obvious friction of our Nation's birth is portrayed by the Federalist Papers, in the period of our government's birth. A political compromise held as a standard of dialog today, always with special emphasis on the civil and noble demeanor of the opposing factions. Americans are taught that their government's system was formed in debate, but always followed the will of the majority. We are taught that the true nature of the American character is to acquiesce to the will of his neighbors, be they in the majority.


Let me speak to what was going on in other parts of planet earth during this 200 year span.

In 1601, the British East India Company was granted a royal charter by Elizabeth I, and continued through the reign of James I, he is the first known ruler to be a sworn Mason and commissioned the English translation of the Bible. James I died in 1625 and Charles I assumed the throne. Charles took a European slant to the condition of private moneyed trusts vying for political power. The Roman church still looked at usury, the making of profit from debt interest, to be an sin warranting excommunication.

In 1649, Charles I of England was beheaded by his people. Charles I was altogether too much of a Papist for the wealthy of English aristocracy to abide. The British East India was the second joint stock company the world had seen. It was formed specifically to challenge the Dutch East India Co.'s monopoly on exotic trade.

In 1652 the English forced the Dutch to war. Oliver Cromwell over threw Charles I and the monarchy he represented and instituted a non- Roman catholic theocracy driven by his strongest supporters, the moneyed Aristocrats who wanted a religion that allowed a corporation's predation on the citizenry. The war with the Dutch served to promote the patriotism of England's recently successful revolutionist and to weaken the position of Dutch primacy on the Spice Trade. In 1658 the English people had had enough of Cromwell and in 1660 they invited Charles II from exile to take up his father's throne. Charles II ruled until his death in 1685. He took the Roman rites on his death bed.

From 1689 until 1702 they have William and Mary.

But it is not so much the succession of English monarchs that is of a matter worthy of argument,but the reasons for their rules' outcome is of vital importance. It all comes down to Very Rich men manipulating religion in England to gather a more controlled set of conditions for them to gather personal wealth and power while diverting the risk and hazard to the citizens through the government.

It was the protestant Dutch with their republican government that the rich aristocracy of England sought to replace in the Spice Trade. The Dutch East India had a virtual monopoly on the orient and it's trade.

Until his death in 1625 Charles I was a brutal and Imperial King with strong catholic leanings. The pilgrims that landed on Plymouth Rock were refugees from a civil war against their sworn monarch and the laws of their land based on religious conflict to the armies of both sides in England. The mass of people on both sides of the civil war fought for the religious freedom they were taught and that which benefited their individual society.

The protestants swore that corrupt church officials that dictated all levels of their lives had no legitimacy in the gospel and therefore an aberration of God's will.

The Catholics on the other hand saw their entire culture and heritage threatened by the anarchy that would result from the Anglican church's overthrow.

So now let's go back to America.

Before 1649, our founders were refugees from a civil war who were instilled with protestant beliefs. Not all of our founders were destitute, nor were the family ties to British kinfolk severed.

During the Cromwell years, many many catholics had reason to flee England for their lives and the prospects of the relations of Cromwell's allies in America took a definite turn for the prosperous. They were the smugglers and slavers. They were the land speculators and the buyers of influence.

Charles II was quite the political tightrope walker between opposing factions from 1660-1685. His government is the basis for the word CABAL. America was left to stew and grow. Old animosities were not obvious to our people because opportunities abounded. Those family links and combats for control of the English people was still being played out below the surface. Favoritism was always considered when the truly old wealth of England invested in an American enterprise, it was along the same family alliances that were so blatant in the civil wars.

The Royal Society was formed in London in 1660. It was formed by Scots Freemasons to direct the Empires great minds to the solution of specific problems, and acquisition of knowledge beneficial to the Nation's advancement, which coincidentally always benefited the owners of the East India Company. The Royal Society first set out to determine a way to plot Longitude with accuracy. In 1681 the problem was solved and the captains of the British East India Co. ruled the oceans of the world, and the trade it provided. Modern time keepers were invented as a quest for the answer to longitude and by 1730 the mystery was gone.

The revenue their trade brought to the holders of East India Co. stock shares allowed the owners to coerce the rulings of Charles II. Charles had given up his right to demand funds to govern when he agreed to sit in his father's throne, and he was dependent on the aristocrats for voluntary contributions to operate his Kingdom.

The Scots protestant control of a virtual monopoly of international trade and commerce benefited the distant family members of the American colonies far more than the distant relatives of catholic Americans that fled Cromwell's terror.

Another noble trait of our original founding fathers was their dedication to education. The control of educational resources has been instrumental in the corporate control of the English speaking citizens since 1660. Harvard started operation in 1636, only 16 years after the Mayflower arrived. Harvard was founded specifically to offer an elite educational alternative to the Catholic dominated European schools. In 1701, Yale was funded by active leaders of the East India Co. and has been in the control of their heirs ever since.

It all remains noble until you realize that In its first year, seven of the original nine students at Harvard left to fight in the English civil war. The school was founded by blood relations in England who funded with the blessing and encouragement of old English wealth dedicated to the overthrow of the constraints on private enterprise by the English Crown. Harvard was created to educate the sons of America's original elite leaders to give them the lift necessary for they themselves to lead their communities in their time. All schools before the University of Virginia were dedicated to producing future leaders for the colonist that followed the benefactor's political agenda.

The intermix of the introduction of predatory capitalism and the American quest for religious freedom is integral to our Nation's birth and growth. The common man and woman of our founders era I have no doubt, were sincere in their beliefs and motivations. I am sure the facts they saw justified the allegiance they gave their leaders, good men and true. After all, for the most part their elected leaders were the most successful among them, and had been exposed to a finer education and social upbringing than a majority of the new immigrants.

With their vast superiority of education in religion, the classics, and commercial financing. It was possible for a leading citizen of the colonies to guide public opinion in ways that made them and their family relations in England stronger and richer.

If one can accept the premise that America's founders were allies of a battle between a corporation and a King who ruled by the assent of religious leaders, for control of the English government for goals that benefited the corporate stock-holders, and that religion was used as a tool to mobilize the populace to shed the necessary blood on both sides. It should be an easy leap to see how we were hooked and played.

The inheritors of that initial corporate take over is the force that put George W. Bush in the oval office, And Bill Clinton before him. They are in apparent with John Majors becoming a director of the Carlyle group and Tony Blair laying over for Bush's illegal war.

I know more, it would do our Nation well for more of our citizens to research these links.

Cliff 567
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