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Impeachment blockading excuse: Fear ye, fear ye the terrorists! WHO are they? Read and see:

Message Kathryn Smith

Permission to reprint and widely distribute this article is freely granted. Permission is also granted to use ideas and facts from this article with no need to quote the author. This is about getting the facts on the public radar, and not about quoting any one person. Please email this article or any facts here to like-minded friends,  dial in to radio talk shows, post this article or your own all over the web, write journalists and activist organizations, and work like hell to get the real truth on the public radar! Thank you for your help in widely distributing the real truth. It's so important and it could protect some innocent people. Thanks.


Hello friends

Having tuned in today to KPFA Radio/Pacifica Radio, which gave six hours of coverage of the Congressional quasi-impeachment hearings, or at least the floor time as gesture in the direction of impeachment hearings.....I was so disgusted with what I heard coming out of the mouths of Congress members that I clicked off the radio.

Then I tuned back in later. Just in time to hear about people being kicked out of the room by John Conyers because of the crime of "holding signs which are not allowed to be in this room", according to a Congress member. And Conyers backed that official.

It's important to note that those accused of the crime of bearing signs had not made one peep the entire time the hearings had commenced. They were absolutely peaceful and not disruptive.

Well, America ain't no free speech country no more, or at least, that's how John Conyers wants it. Because he started to kick out those guilty of the crime of wearing impeachment buttons and bearing signs of undisclosed statements. And of course, when protesting their first amendment rights, sign-bearers were arrested. Free speech America, eh?

To her credit, Congresswoman Maxine Waters objected and told a policeman not to arrest a sign-bearing person.

Friends, please don't let this slide by. Please write letters to the editor about how unconstitutional such government censorship is. Come on, those in Congress know that. Shame them in public! Make people aware of what is really going on. Create a wave of objections! Ask people to fax Conyers and reprimand him.

Then we get the lame, lame "excuses" why not to impeach. You know, "distractions from what we need to do," "we must be very judicious in choosing when to impeach" (like a string of war crimes and Constitutional breaches is not such a moment? And of course, a sex act is the right moment to be "Judicious" about impeaching? Thank you, my friends in Congress; we know you for just who you are!) And above all, "fear those Muslim terrorists". That's really reason not to impeach, eh?

Well, I want to give it to you straight. The links and facts below will prove what I have repeatedly and vociferously been stating on this forum all along: It ain't no terrorists being targeted in post-911 America. It is, by and large, activists.

I am asking you friends, please, to pass these links and facts around everywhere. Because with the impeachment hearings going on, this ain't no time to support the illusion that we are fighting a legitimate war on terror. Instead, it's time to break through the lies and give the scoop for what it is: The war OF terror is a phrase I am repeating on purpose, because I am hoping that activists on this forum will pass it around everywhere you walk, talk, and write.

Check this link out first: It's short, but it tells the whole story. For those of you who have not seen this when I circulated it previously, it is an actual declassified FBI document downloaded from the ACLU's website, titled "International Terrorism Matters". See for yourself who is being investigated as "international terrorists", and why. But before you do, let me add as a ps to the picture which is worth a thousand words, that civil disobedience is NOT illegal as objected by one ignorant person who saw this. It is, in fact, a protected form of free speech under the first amendment, the right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances, so long as it does not become violent: http://www.aclu.org/safefree/spyfiles/28000res20060314.html

Here is my other favorite link, which shows how the FBI is cracking down on individuals for such crimes as bird watching, and others who are shackled/humiliated/put into contorting positions because of the suspicion of appearing to be Middle Eastern: http://www.rightsmatter.org/multimedia/
Here is another link with a poingnant statement by the ACLU's Ann Beeson:
"Since when did feeding the homeless become a terrorist activity?" asked ACLU Associate Legal Director Ann Beeson. "When the FBI and local law enforcement target groups like Food Not Bombs under the guise of fighting terrorism, many Americans who oppose government policies will be discouraged from speaking out and exercising their rights."
In fact, the ACLU's clients---formally accused as "terrorists" by the Bush Administration----include Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Food Not Bombs, Common Cause, and others. The ACLU itself is being spied on, as documented by more than 1000 FBI pages of spying on the ACLU.
Fear ye, fear ye?? Ohh, terrorists. Right. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Really, these "terrorists" are very good reason not to impeach.


Repeat: The above-named "terrorist" organizations are very good reason NOT to impeach. WHAT'S THE REAL MOTIVE HERE??? We'd better ask the question, in public. Sometimes it's dangerous to be ignorant. Grill politicians, put them on the spot, in public! Tell them in open letters to the editor and the Internet, that these "terrorists" being good reason NOT to impeach shows one hell of a motive on that Congressperson's part! Get the truth out there! Let people realize what's really at stake. And let them think about it, too! (Glare.....)
In fact, according to former FBI agent Mike German, now counsel to the ACLU, between the years 2003-2005, 183,000 National Security Letters were issued, 53% of them for Americans. That's 1,270 per week, folks, at about 674 per week for Americans. To boot, said Mike German, in that three-year time frame, only ONE terrorist was caught.
Talk about, errrr....literally beating around the Bush.
Let's make this very clear: National Security Letters are gag order-carrying FBI-issued subpoenas for "terrorist" phone, internet, library, and medical records. Anybody ordered to fork YOUR records over to the Feds who tells even their girlfriend about it, risks being jailed for five years. That's free speech America under the Patriot Act. The FBI now has the unilateral, whim-based discretion under which s/he may order such an investigation, thanks again to the deliberately misnamed Patriot Act. (You can read more about this on the ACLU's website, www.aclu.org punch in "Patriot Act Fact Sheets" into the search box and it will come up). To qualify, "an authorized investigation" as per the Patriot Act requirement, also involves no judicial review or warrant. Therefore, as attorney Stephen Schulhofer points out in the excellent book "Liberty Under Attack", basically "the FBI is self-certifying that they are acting in good faith". No wonder the numbers of NSL's exploded after the passage of the Patriot Act, since it requires no warrant or judicial review. Prior to that passage, when FBI agents had to go through the painstaking judicial review and warranting process, the numbers were less than twelve per year. Give the FBI one inch and they will take five hundred miles.
Check out which librarian "terrorist" was served such a National Security Letter (NSL) and gagged until the ACLU finally was able to get the gag lifted in court. Even the ACLU attorneys couldn't talk. No wonder we Americans think we still have free speech! Things are so secret that even Congress *can't* know the extent of the FBI abuses and even attorneys can't talk. Check out this true story here, printed by the Washington Post:
News of the classified (FBI) bulletin (about FBI crack-downs on dissent) also comes on the heels of an ACLU lawsuit against the Secret Service for the continuing practice of allowing pro-Bush protesters to remain visible to cameras during presidential appearances, and corralling anti-Bush protesters into pens or designated areas far from the media:

www.aclu.org/safefree/general/20073prs20050718.html This link takes you to the ACLU's statement that they, as an organization, are being spied on (more than a thousand FBI pages about the ACLU), as are other groups.

Ohh, lest ye think I have forgotten.

Those in Guantanamo have been proven innocent by the Center for Constitutional Rights and the ACLU----about 98% of them, anyway. The ACLU's movie "Stop the Abuse of Power" stated that (during the time that movie was made) there were 850 Guantanamo detainees, and (in my best recollection) about twelve of them were guilty. No "Best recollection" talking here: The ACLU and Center for Constitutional Rights echo each other with unremitting consistency, in stating that those released from Guantanamo were let go "Without so much as being charged with a single crime". The most recent announcement (less than two weeks ago) on the Guns and Butter radio show, in which Michael Ratner of the CCR was interviewed, was that there are currently 250 Guantanamo detainees. Again, most of them innocent, yet they are not being released, said Michael Ratner.

It just goes to say that a mere newspaper photograph plus a blurb about someone in captivity, said to be a terrorist ringleader, is not ample burden of proof. Knowing that these victims have no access to an attorney (if they are lucky enough to have an attorney fighting for them), no access to their own so-called "trials", and no right to challenge the "legal" grounds for their detentions, it just goes to say how gullible we Americans really are. Please spread word and get people thinking about this!

Does everybody feel really safe now, knowing that kidnapping and torture is sanctioned world-wide by the Bush Administration, including the kidnapping of American "terrorists"? Fear ye, fear ye, don't impeach, please! (I am being as sarcastic as they come. Mark my words!)

Just within the last week, during quasi-impeachment hearings (Or better said, floor time given Kucinich and his 13 highly credible witnesses as gesture of diplomacy) New York Congressman Maurice Hinchey said an interesting thing: While he called the Afghanistan attacks "Successful", he also said that something "interesting" happened. He said that Ashcroft simply let Bin Laden go and make his escape. Hmmm....

Then there's the no-fly "terrorists"----all one million of them, according to the latest ACLU statistic----including infants. Because you see, the US Government is so strong on terror that they have to target babies who can't walk yet, because their name happens to match someone else's name on the terrorist database. That person's name, by the way, happens to be someone like Joe Smith, whose name also matches some other Joe Smith's. Or for that matter, as computer sorting goes, Josephine Smith. Does everybody feel really safe, now?

But no matter. The "Real" terrorists who have actually and officially been targeted by the FBI, include Cat Stevens among them, who penned the song "Morning Has Broken". He became the reason why a plane was grounded. You see, he is Islamic and therefore, if a Buddhist or Catholic or Jew had been on board, it also would have been just as good reason for grounding that plane. Or, that's at least the point I am making. The War OF Terror is a war based on racial profiling, and not much more.

Well, let me correct myself. It is LOTS more.

It's all about who is "for or against us" as Bush famously said. Those against the Bush Administration's war profiteering and oil money are classified as "Terrorists". Like the University of California, Berkeley Students Against the Iraq War, who testified in a live ACLU Town Hall meeting in San Francisco, that they are being tracked by surveillance cameras and queried by police about speakers on campus. LIke Greenpeace, who threatens the Bush oil-money agenda.

Good "terrorists", eh? Fear ye, fear ye! Everybody quake in your boots!

Well, I suggest we all work together as citizen journalists to get this "terrorism" matter on the public radar, once and for all. Smash those myths of fear and initimidation! Embarrass the officials claiming to be so tough on terror, publicly! Grill them in radio talk shows. Grill them in letters to the editor, publicly, and hand them a copy of it! Tell the public and the officials, in no uncertain terms, that We the People ain't puttin' up with no more lies, and no more fussin' and a-fightin'!


 Immediately contact:

Electronic Frontier Foundation www.eff.org for no-fly list and electronic spying cases

ACLU www.aclu.org for torture cases and spying cases and more

Center for Constitutional Rights www.ccrjustice.com, or www.centerforconstitutionalrights.com  for torture cases

American Freedom Agenda http://www.americanfreedomagenda.org/About/feinbio.htm

Amnesty International www.amnesty.org or www.amnestyusa.org

There's no guarantee of course, but it might not be a bad idea to contact leaders of major activist entities such as moveon.org, True Majority and Credo epariser@moveon.org and info@truemajority.com,  info@credoaction.com  

And....Start a neighborhood government crime watch!

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