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Forget Politics and Cut the Control Lines: The Seven Abominations of Organized Coercion

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The Seven Abominations of Organized Coercion

"The subject must not realize that the mistreatment in the deliberate attack of an anti-human entity on his personal identity..." Dr. Benway from Naked Lunch*

Forget "politics;" cut the control lines. How might this be done? I have no idea, however the first step to disrupting the control system is identifying its primary large-group behavioral control devices. The global control cult, without any implication of secret occult orders or supra-human and extraterrestrial involvement, can be defined on the basis of its proven and documented behavior(s). These behaviors make the label "torture and death cult" applicable. 
The time for believing that by changing this law or that one, or by trying different systems of production and distribution, we can improve the quality of life for the subordinate classes has passed. The centralized, stratified, hierarchical and coercive social order has become the universal model for the nation state, and as such deprives persons at all levels of their humanity, regardless of the ideological window-dressing, and even when "leadership" appears to have noble and humane goals.

By these means, the control addicts(1) get their fix. Anchored in each of these devices, myriad chains of coercions direct our daily movements. Each dollar spent, each tank of gas burned, and every directive from "the boss" depend on these realities.

WAR: Removes all traces of individual liberty and choice from where it is practiced, and continues to be the primary justification for political authority. In the name of "liberty," as well as God, country, family, honor, human rights and justice, the strongest of the young are deprived of their humanity, and proceed to practice that which destroys all that they fight for. Those who survive may be welcomed as heroes, but are quickly discarded when observable long term damage is discovered.

MURDER: The termination of a single life, or small group of lives is practiced by governments, organized criminals, corporations, and individuals. In the case of individual killers the motives may be personal, financial, political, or simply the manifestation of an endogenous psychosis. However, when lethal force is shown both in media mythology and actual behavior of "leaders" and "heroes," to be the most efficient and often the only means to problem solving, individuals will be lead to similar conclusions. The "death penalty," in essence murder as the remedy to murder, is the ultimate demonstration of this belief in action.

Totalitarianism, whether masked in "right-wing" or "left wing" ideology depends on the belief that submission will spare the individual from violence, and that the state will provide protection from killers acting alone. As with war, the climate of fear justifies organized violence.

TORTURE: The cult of torture exists for the gratification of the the torturers, and is justified by the fact that death in and of itself is recognized as a meaningless threat. Therefore, there must be something "worse than death" existing as a credible threat. Those who have nothing to lose, and little or no fear of dying are potentially problematic to the controllers. The reality that torture is now marketed as a noble and heroic endeavor indicates that those who are in control, intend to retain control. Having lost their own humanity to this addiction, the slow deformation and destruction of human life is glorified.

RAPE: Coercive hierarchies are based on a chain of dominance and submission. According to Dr. Wilhelm Reich, there is an underlying sexual element in all authoritarian systems. Each coercion that takes place is a symbolic act of rape. While male on female rape accounts for the majority of literal rapes globally, men will rape other men, most often when when females are not available, although not exclusively. It is another act that deprives the individual of all choice with regard to their own body. Few politicians in the west claim to be in favor of rape, yet these same moralists endorse wars and prisons; institutions in which it is assumed the act of rape will take place.


The denial of affection and humane, healthy sexual gratification creates a sense of deprivation and aggression. The control system then offers substitutes, or makes sexual gratification conditional on certain behaviors. The insane materialism of the global elite, as well as the higher echelons of the subordinate classes can be traced, I believe, to the belief that sexual gratification can only be purchased with "success," as defined by the power structure. An evening of watching American television advertising is all one needs to see this principle in operation.


The prohibition of self-medication yet again declares the state/corporate prerogative to control every aspect of individual human lives, while creating a ready made hard currency for the international weapons trade, due to the ridiculous inflation of prices by prohibition economics. Heroin in reality costs less than aspirin to produce.
The life imposed on the subordinate classes is of a nature that can only be endured with some form of analgesia or even anesthesia. Alcohol, due to its predictable effects and cultural entrenchment has been designated to be the only sedative-hypnotic available without a prescription legally. Morally, it might even be said that alcohol abuse is its own punishment.


The same cartel and priesthood that can restrict your access to medications they deem to dangerous, abuse prone and/or addictive, also has the legal right to forcibly drug you with some of the most toxic and debilitating substances known to modern medicine. The Washington vs Harper decision of 1990 ( 494 U.S. 210, brief filed 6/89 in the United States Supreme Court) reversed a lower court's decision affirming the right of "mentally ill" prison inmates to refuse psychiatric medications, even when the prisoners had committed no act of harm to self or others. The right to a hearing before a court of law disappeared with this decision. One can now be forcibly drugged simply on the grounds that a "board" of brain police have concluded that you are dangerous, on the grounds of your belief system.

All of these systems have the commonality of violating the individuals right to determine the movement, actions, and chemical content of their own body, and thus have set the stage for the return of overt chattel slavery.

To blame "capitalism" is to overlook the fact that "socialism," (as practiced in the USSR) was unable to avoid, and in fact helped to advance the development of these control systems.

Michael Parenti, in his eloquent descriptions of "rational fascism," and justification of authoritarian socialism with the term "siege socialism," speaks of the Gulag as being both relatively humane, and necessary:

"Soviet labor camps were not death camps like those the Nazis built across Europe. There was no systematic extermination of inmates, no gas chamber or crematoria to dispose of millions of bodies. Despite harsh conditions, the great majority of gulag inmates survived and eventually returned to society when granted amnesty or when their terms were finished. In any given year, 20 to 40 percent of the inmates 20 to 40 percent of the inmates were released, according to archive records...."* (2)  

Parenti later cites the lack of prosecutions after the fall of the CCCP as evidence that it really was just a "normal" prison system for common criminals.

Of course every society will have its share of predators, but there is no evidence that the elimination of a monetarily defined ruling class, or the symbolic collectivization of property through a state-capitalist monopoly will eliminate the need to defy authority in one way or another. Intellectuals who complained were labeled "mentally ill," and for those who refuse to spend their days in obedience, conformity, and labor for the state, often the outlaw life was (and is) the only alternative. The phenomenon of forced obedience is not unique to any system of economic organization and exchange.
Capitalism and what has passed for "communism" are both fundamentalist-materialist sects, in which the the maintenance of hierarchical control is placed at a higher value than human lives. Anything that cannot function without the control lines described above is fundamentally thanatocentric in intent, effect and end result. All of the control lines are creations of "leaders," addicted to the most deadly and soul killing drug of all, control. The end product is always measured in dead bodies, and radiation and toxins released into the ecosystem. Control addiction, and those who advocate, feed, and submit to it are in themselves components of the machinery of planetary annihilation. The time for arguing over how to change the laws, or how to organize society has passed. Cut the control lines. 
Without these control lines in place, various forms or anarcho-communism, agorism and libertarian cooperatives will be free to evolve and grow. The predator class will be dealt with as an unfortunate natural phenomenon. Deprived of prey, intra-species predators will have to develop other survival systems.

(1)* Author William S. Burroughs in his landmark experimental novel "Naked Lunch" identified  "control addicts" (as opposed to drug addicts) as the true enemies of all humanity: "I deplore brutality," he said. "It's not efficient. On the other hand, prolonged mistreatment, short of physical violence, gives rise, when skillfully applied, to anxiety and a feeling of special guilt. A few rules or rather guiding principles are to be borne in mind. The subject must not realize that the mistreatment in the deliberate attack of an anti-human entity on his personal identity.The naked need of the control addict must be decently covered by an arbitrary and intricate bureaucracy so the the subject cannot contact his enemy direct." From Naked Lunch, William S. Burroughs pp19 NY NY Grove Press

**Getty et al Victims of the Soviet Pena l System
(2) Parenti, Michael ,( 1997) Blackshirts and Reds, 5, pp79 San Francisco, CA..City Lights Books
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