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By the way, you sorry excuse for a president your policies are reprehensible!

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In their November 10th face to face Obama will have to show steel in his spine to control himself from taking a swipe at big bro 43 over his differences with the figure head of GOP's contemptible policies. Obama is attempting to enact populist policies which will work for the bottom 99% instead of solely for the top 1%-- who have already received too much and are the only benefactors from a typical GOP swine such as W.

I can see Obama saying to W something to the effect "When I think of you I think of our desperate need for lame-duck legislation to help the poor and middle classes and how you are not willing to do a thing. What I want to call you matches lame-duck, except its second word begins with an f. You are not delusional. You know how our citizens need help, but you will do nothing! I'm vilifying your policies-consequentially you.

Obama has other aspects of W's despicable policies to attack, and he will, and he likely will approach these matters with W man to man, unlike the reprehensible GOP tactic of attacking Democrats via surrogates!

These GOP ghouls pretend to be bible thumpers. Any religious person knows that you shouldn't covet thy neighbors' property! These despicable monsters not only have coveted their neighbors goods they have raped the repeatedly raped the bottom 99% for the gain of the gain of the top 1%!

When Obama talks to big bro 43 his first topic will be the economy that W ruined for the top 1% advantage. How can they discuss this without some heated words being exchanged?

In November of 2007 the House Financial Services Committee chaired by Democrat Barney Frank of Massachusetts, passed the Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act of 2007, which would "reform consumer mortgage practices and provide accountability [and]...certain minimum standards for consumer mortgage loans." There's broad, if not unanimous, support among consumer advocates for stronger regulations of the mortgage industry.

In September of 2007 Senator Christopher Dodd , the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee stated that he would introduce legislation that would crack down on predatory lenders and give homeowners more protection against expensive loans stating "Affordable home loans are a good thing; predatory lending is not. My bill will end prepayment penalties which only exist in the subprime market, and which penalize homeowners for trying to do the right thing by refinancing their mortgage."

When both men's party had control they introduced legislation. Prior to the Democrats being in charge they warned of the subprime market crisis, but were ignored. The vile GOP denied the passage of each legislator's bill, just as big bro 43 is stating he won't approve the attempts of Democrats to pass a stimulus package during lame-duck congressional session. Obama has called for 90-day a moratorium on home foreclosures as well as a two-year tax break for businesses that create new jobs.

In their November 10th face to face Obama will have to show the steel in his spine that his Vice President Joe Biden remarked about to control himself. This is life and death as surely as wars are. If I was in Obama's spot I'd want to take a swipe at W over his differences with the figure head of GOP's contemptible policies. On November 7th Democratic commentator Lawrence O'Donnell stated that Herr Karl's policies depend on the ignorance of the vast red state common masses. There are 2 definitions of common-average and coarse, vulgar. That is the GOP base--those who listen to propaganda as truth and the infinitesimal top 1% who gratefully accept every last benefit they can steal. The GOP base, those who understand the policies and those who accept appeals to their base instincts without comprehension, historically swallows baseless hypocrisy and consequentially are as culpable as their leaders are.

During the latter part of the campaign, in a speech just two days before the final debate, Obama stated "I'm proposing a number of steps that we should take immediately to stabilize our financial system, provide relief to families and communities and help struggling homeowners," Obama told a crowd of 3,000. "It's a plan that begins with one word that's on everyone's mind, and it's spelled J-O-B-S."

What was the GOP's response? Mini-me spokesman Tucker Bounds, a Herr Karl robot, accused Obama of planning to raise taxes if elected, something that would "have a devastating effect" on the already-troubled economy.

If you had your "1984" duplicity decoder you would understand that to mean that the GOP don't like policies such as this because the "Ranger" and "Pioneer" contributors to GOP campaigns won't be able to steal off of corpses' eyes.

Obama said "Together, we cannot fail. Not now. Not when we have a crisis to solve and an economy to save. Not when there are so many Americans without jobs and without homes. We can do this because we've done it before."

The article "Obama Calls On Congress to Act Fast on Stimulus -- Jobless Rate Hits Highest Level Since 1994" at

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states "With fresh evidence that the U.S. economy is shedding jobs even faster than expected, President-elect Barack Obama said yesterday that his top concern is passage of a multibillion dollar stimulus package to create jobs. In his first news conference since winning the presidency, Obama said he would tackle the nation's financial crisis "head on" and called on Congress and the White House to approve a stalled stimulus plan that could include money for new public works projects and aid for the nation's teetering automakers. If it does not get passed soon, he said, "it will be the first thing I get done as president of the United States."

Why doesn't the GOP have any decency and why can't the common man see through their ploys and act in their own self interests?

The article continues "Speaking to reporters before Obama's news conference, White House spokesman Tony Fratto said the administration would review any legislation but that the stimulus proposals floated by Democrats are "very limited and very forward-looking and long range," such as large-scale public infrastructure projects that could take years to complete. Fratto also dismissed proposals for another extension of unemployment benefits, noting that one extension had already been approved and that some states could extend benefits further with federal matching funds."

We need the GOP to cooperate with us if we want to overcome this crisis that big bro placed us in, but the above quote makes clear that W's administration doesn't care as long as the top 1% got theirs.

The article concludes "Economists said the rapid rate of job losses would beget more job losses. "As job destruction takes hold it effects consumer spending, demand weakens, and then companies need to cut more jobs as demand for their products weakens," said Joshua Shapiro, chief U.S. economist at MFR. "We're still in the relatively early stages of this. To expect this to be painless and short is delusional." Wall Street seemed to shrug off the news, with the Dow climbing 248 points, or nearly 3 percent, as traders bargain-hunted following two days of steep declines."

The depraved GOP doesn't care about Main Street as long as their beloved top 1% get theirs and they are going to fight any acts to help our bottom 99% until they breath their last breath!

This economic crisis resulting in a bailout for W's blue blood chums is too ironic not to be a vile plan! I can see Cheney echoing his words about the 2nd tax break for the top 1%. W said it was too much but Cheney said words to the effect of "It is our due. We deserve another tax break!"

Is it possible that these ghouls plotted this collapse? They plotted torturing detainees, eavesdropping on US citizens, lying to the US and the world about the "imminent threat" Iraq was. Why wouldn't they plan one last chance for the pigs to get their surfeit at the trough? The funds that we are paying the top 1% losers are being thrown away on vacations-AIG to a spa, and paying dividends.

In the article "AIG Gets More Government Bailout Cash" at

click here

a poor lost soul wrote "My husband just got layed off the lumber mill he's worked at for 35 years after learning we lost $40,000 of our 401K.. No one is buying lumber, the economy is a disaster.. but there is 1/2 million to provide these executives with spa vacations. Bail outs? They should be sent to prison. Who is bailing my family out?"

The AIG spokesman sounded like Rove as the article continues "AIG chief executive Edward Liddy defended the vacation by pouring gasoline on the fire saying "Such trips "are standard practice in our industry. Let me assure you that we are re-evaluating the costs of all aspects of our operations in light of the new circumstances in which we are all operating. We understand that our company is now facing very different challenges -- and that we owe our employees and the American public new standards and approaches."

The Democrats care about Main Street but the GOP wants the top 1% to get every last dime. It is not only AIG. Some members of Congress who supported the government's massive bailout legislation are now concerned that banks might misuse the funds. Remember the afore-mentioned Barney Frank (D-MA), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. He threatened to pull funding for the second half of the government's $700 billion rescue plan if banks spend their money for anything other than making new loans saying "Banks that spend government funds to pay dividends, executive bonuses or buy other banks would be in violation of the law."

White House spokesman Tony Fratto said at a news conference that the current law contains appropriate restrictions, and that adding new ones could amount to a bait-and-switch on the lending institutions. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has urged banks to lend the money, but he has not publicly commented on Frank's concerns.

The corrupt fat cats in the big bro 43 administration gloated when the bailout was passed because it is giving failed top 1% losers money for the express reason that they failed! In the good old US of A the GOP tough love propaganda is that you gain through your hard work-not handouts.

In addition to his ruination of the economy, I can see Obama talking with big bro 43 and in his professorial manner saying something to the effect of "By the way, you have ruined our standing abroad. I have to have investigations into the results of the Phase 2 investigations into the misuse of intelligence about the Iraq War."

Later in his geekish way he could say "what you did regarding the NSA eavesdropping into the US citizens was clearly illegal. We'll have to investigate that". Later in his calm way he could say "what you did regarding torturing detainees puts a stain of inhumanity onto each US citizen and thus was clearly illegal. We'll have to investigate that".
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