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October 2012

Wednesday, October 31:

Public Solutions Over Special Interests - Rocky Anderson 2012

Top Funders of No on Prop 37: Six Largest Pesticide Companies (1 comments)

Romney's Post-Truth Campaign: Auto Rescue Edition

Ex-Preacher, Mike Huckabee Threatens People With Damnation For Voting For Obama

David Corn: Obama Dares to Say It: Romney Lies

President Obama Gets Us One Step Closer To Single Payer Health Insurance

Voter Protection Still Needed 47 Years After the Enactment of the Voting Rights Act (1 comments) - Blog Archive - Big city commissioners talk politics of transportation reform (1 comments)

Tuesday, October 30:

Jacob Nzuma must see that the threats to these brothers and sisters stop | Socialist Organizer (1 comments)

Romney, Republicans Struggle To Play Politics After Sandy

Undecided? Check out GMO Myths and Truths (2 comments)

Industry-Funded "Experts" Promote GM Foods on Dr. Oz (5 comments)

Bush's FEMA Director, Michael Brown, Criticizes Obama for Responding to Sandy Too Quickly

A Big Storm Requires Big Government

A Foreign-Policy Mystery - Six Areas the Debate Missed, by Steve Coll at the New Yorker

In The Wake Of Hurricane Sandy Can We Really Afford To Have A President That Poo-Poos Climate Change?

Snookered by Bill Gates and the US Department of Education

Where Did Paul Ryan Find Inspiration for 'Reforming' Social Security? A Brutal Military Dictatorship, Naturally

Ryan & Romney's dream for America

Monday, October 29:

Mitt Romney In GOP Debate: Shut Down Federal Disaster Agency, Send Responsibility To The States

Democracy Now! Nuclear Plants from Virginia to Vermont Could Be Impacted from Massive Hurricane Sandy

Can Neuroscience Challenge Roe V. Wade?

Activist Post: Are the Globalists Outmatched

The Problem with the New American Exceptionalism by Charles P Pierce,

Paul Krugman: Medicaid on the Ballot (1 comments)

Sunday, October 28:

Mormons for Justice

Dr. Romney & Mitt Hyde For President? (1 comments)

Barack Obama for Re-Election (2 comments)

Saturday, October 27:

If Elected, Moderate Mitt Will Disappear

The Crop That's Linked to Suicide (1 comments)

Hey, Mitt! Don't Tell Me That You Love Women!

Friday, October 26:

US Presidential Election: Obama Leads "Bullsh***er" Romney in Several Swing States (1 comments)

How Team Obama Justifies the Killing of a 16-Year-Old American (4 comments)

Buying the Vote on GMOs

Steph Sherer: Medical Marijuana Is on Your Ballot (2 comments)

Paul Krugman: Pointing Toward Prosperity?

Sununu suggests Colin Powell's Obama endorsement racially driven (1 comments)

Globalist Dirty Tactics: War Crimes Are Now Opinions

Thursday, October 25:

GOP Rape Advisory Chart (1 comments)

Charles Blow: Paul Ryan's Poverty Play (2 comments)

Wednesday, October 24:

SOPA? CISPA? Whatever. The government's long term strategy is NSTIC. (1 comments)

Activist Post: What If We Adopted A System Where The Banks Did Not Create Our Money? (6 comments)

Activist Post: 3 Loose Shingles to Blow the Roof off Global Corporate Oligarchy (3 comments)

Vote Your Conscience Letter in Salt Lake Newspaper (1 comments)

Tuesday, October 23:

The Republican Ticket Twists the Facts About Health Care -

Obama as Commander-in-Chief, Romney as Dithering Bully

Monday, October 22:

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: GOP Debt Crisis Myth Dispelled by a Conservative

A Comprehensive Timeline Of Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Positions During The Campaign

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Goes Back To The Future

If You Don't Like Capitalism, and You Don't Like Socialism, What Do You Want? (8 comments)

Annals of National Security: The Redirection : The New Yorker

Plutocracy Rising With Matt Taibbi and Chrystia Freeland | Moyers & Company

The Undisclosed Mitt Romney

Sunday, October 21:

Paul Krugman: The Secret of Our Non-Success

Militarizing South Korea | Global Research

The Benghazi Controversy, Explained

5 Weird and Frightening Effects of Fracking You May Not Know About

Mormons Unhappy with Too Many Etch A Sketch Mitts (1 comments)

Saturday, October 20:

If You Think That Use of GM Crops Decreases Pesticide Use, Check This Out (3 comments)

David Ignatius: Benghazi intelligence revealed

Tagg Romney Invested in Ohio Electronic Voting Machines (10 comments)

GM Trees? What Next?

Clear and Present Danger: The Corporatist Parties' Duopoly

President Obama's Undeniable Record

Friday, October 19:

Snow Job on Jobs -

Paul Krugman: Snow Job on Jobs (1 comments)

Thursday, October 18:

Why California's Effort to Label GM Foods is Important

Should You Worry About Genetically Modified Food? (1 comments)

Billy Graham's lurch towards Mitt Romney risks his legacy

Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza

Daniel Geery | Vote Utah (2 comments)

Daniel Ellsberg: Progressives: In Swing States, Vote for Obama

Mitt Romneys Tax Dodge

It's Time for a Tax to Kill High Frequency/Junk Trading

Wednesday, October 17:

David Corn: Obama Strikes Back -- With "47 Percent"

Debate #2: Is that All There Is? (1 comments)

What Are We Doing to Ourselves With GMOs?

Frank Rich: The Tea Party Will Win in the End

Tuesday, October 16:

The High Price of GM Corn in India

Will Congo get a mention in the Obama/Romney foreign policy debate?

Americans Eat Their Weight in Genetically Engineered Food

Want to Ruin Teaching? Give Ratings - Deborah Kenny

Monday, October 15:

Making Mitt: The Myth Of George Romney

Only Organics Can Feed the Hungry World (5 comments)

E.J. Dionne Jr: Unlikable policies force Romney to keep flip-flopping

Canadians are ready for an adult conversation on Medicare -

5 Disturbing Stories About Mitt Romney That Expose His Private Worldview

Education Profiteering: Wall Street's Next Big Thing? (1 comments)

Republicans Have No Shame

Why Are Americans So Easy to Manipulate?

Don't Thank an Antifracktivist (1 comments)

CHAIT: How The GOP Destroyed Its Moderates

The GOP's Secularism Problem - Is GOP Base To Blame For Americans Turn From Organized Religion? (5 comments)

Is Romney really a job creator? Ronald Reagan's budget director, David Stockman say NO (1 comments)

Playing the ID Card: Why I Used to Believe That Voter ID Laws Really Were Just Common Sense

Paul Krugman: Death By Ideology

Sunday, October 14:

"Inverted Totalitarianism" by Sheldon Wolin (7 comments)

Why Conservatives Don't Really Want the U.S. to Run Like a Business

Saturday, October 13:

Chris Hedges on the "Death of the Liberal Class" (3 comments)

Nonviolent Protester of Drone Wars Sentenced to Federal Prison (2 comments)

NY Times: Time to Pack Up (1 comments)

Activist Post: Fear Itself

FBI -- United States Attorneys Jointly Announce Election Day Program

Matt Taibbi: The Vice Presidential Debate: Joe Biden Was Right to Laugh (5 comments)

Treehouses Block Keystone Pipeline (1 comments)

The CIA on C-SPAN (1 comments)

the lesser of two weasels - Our Salon (2 comments)

Utter Nonsense: More Voodoo Economics - Our Salon (3 comments)

Joel Shatzky: Educating for Democracy: A Modest Proposal for Standardized Tests (5 comments)

A Second Greek Man Has Been Found Dead Since The Emergence Of 'The Lagarde List', by Matthew Boesler (1 comments)

The "Moderate Mitt' Myth

Friday, October 12:

Paul Ryan: Murderer of Opportunity, Political Coward, Candidate for Vice President of the United States (2 comments)

VP Debate 2012: The Real Paul Ryan Is Bad for America (1 comments)

Dana Milbank: In vice presidential debate, Biden rattles Ryan (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: Triumph of the Wrong?

Thursday, October 11:

E.J. Dionne: Sherrod Brown's lessons for Obama

Charles M. Blow: Premature Desperation

Haborside Health Center: Oakland Files Lawsuit Against Feds to Prevent Closure of Pot Club - San Francisco - News - The

Our Most Corrupt Tax Breaks: 10 Loopholes to Close Right Now - Page 1 - News - San Francisco - SF Weekly

Redesigning the Peace Process By Richard Landes

Schumer Speech on Taxes Shakes Up Deficit Talks -Johnathan Weisman

Wells Sued By U.S. Over False Certifications of FHA Loans, By Susie Madrak

Long Live Paper - Justin B Hollinder

It's Not Just About Us -By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

What Everyone Needs To Know Before Watching The VP Debate

Freedom in Chains: Democracy as Pseudo-Savior, by James Bovard (4 comments)

How the Hype Became Bigger Than the Presidential Election (1 comments)

Wednesday, October 10:

Mitt Romney's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Foreign-Policy Speech

Barry Commoner: The Greatest Environmentalist of the 20th Century

Tuesday, October 9:

The 47% Don't Pay Taxes? Think Again, Mittens

Proof of Heaven: A Doctor's Experience With the Afterlife (5 comments)

Homeland Security 'fusion' centers spy on citizens, produce 'shoddy' work, report says, By Michael Isikoff NBC News

E.J. Dionne Jr: The campaign's moral hole

Monday, October 8:

Romney foreign-policy speech takes tough tone but proposes few changes

i am a republican now - daisyjane - Open Salon

In Defense of Violence (4 comments)

Romney Debates Self, Loses

Paul Krugman: Truth About Jobs (1 comments)

Sunday, October 7:

Romney and Obama: Too Cowardly to Discuss What Really Matters - Truthdig (2 comments)

Don't Mess With Big Bird - Charles M Blow

Scandal Rocks Boston as City Realizes that Thousands of People Were Falsely Convicted for Drugs, By Phillip Smith

Fraud in the Scientific Literature - (1 comments)

Saturday, October 6:

Matt Taibbi: Presidential Debate Aftermath: Mitt Romney Wins All-Important BS Contest

Charles M. Blow: Don't Mess With Big Bird

Socialist Global Central Bank Crime Syndicate QE-4-Ever Inflation Theft

Friday, October 5:

David Corn: Why Obama Didn't Mention the 47 Percent Video

Romney's tax deduction plan: Why won't he tell you which loopholes he'd close?

First Debate Completely Ignores Women's Economic Issues

Paul Krugman: Romney's Sick Healthcare Joke

Thursday, October 4:

Paul Krugman: Romney's Sick Joke

Top 7 Lies of the First Debate

Rev. Al Sharpton The Lone Voice Of Reason In MSNBC Debate Panel That Lost All Perspective (1 comments)

Jill Stein & Rocky Anderson Respond in Presidential Debate (5 comments)

Bill Blum: This Far-Right Supreme Court Is Reason Enough to Vote Obama

Poll: Distrust of media sets record, By KEVIN ROBILLARD (2 comments)

Obama & Romney: "Corporate Executive" Vs. The "Government Professor"

Wednesday, October 3:

Exploiting the Benghazi Attack

Maureen Dowd: Complicity in Duplicity (1 comments)

A Vote for Reason - THE STONE, Michael P. Lynch

Tuesday, October 2:

Domestic Violence: How Many Beat Downs Will It Take Before Annie Gets A Gun?

Eugene Robinson: Which Romney will show up to the debate?

How Romney Is Blowing It, According To Every Conservative Pundit

Amid Madrid protests, Catalonia bumps up elections in independence push, By Andrés Cala

Mitt Romney's Terrible Wall Street Journal Op-Ed On The Middle East Policy

Monday, October 1:

Eliot Spitzer: Wall Street bankers expect big paychecks -- even when their banks fail

"Democratic Womanism": Poet and Activist Alice Walker on Women Rising, Obama and the 2012 Election

Why Do America's Super-Rich Feel Victimized By Obama? (3 comments)

Westboro Baptist Church attendee seeks seat on Kansas education board (2 comments)

Video: Battle For Syria: View from the Frontline!

Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

5 Obscene Reasons Why Richest Americans grow Richer As Middle-Class Declines (1 comments)

Demand a Plan To End Gun Violence - Video

Paul Krugman: The Real Referendum (1 comments)


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