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July 2012

Tuesday, July 31:

72HourShootOut Competition (1 comments)

Sunday, July 29:

The Overthrow of Sauron (1 comments)

Do I trust Christopher Nolan or his Batman? (13 comments)

Same-sex weddings boost NYC economy, By Miriam Kreinin

Prescription drugs kill Many more Americans than homicidal shootings, by Mike Adams (3 comments)

Saturday, July 28:

Need More Rachel Carsons (3 comments)

The Lie of the Conservative Batman (3 comments)

The Cosmic Story: Aquarius Full Moon, August 1-2, 2012 (1 comments)

Friday, July 27:

Got guns? (1 comments)

Real Nowhere Men (and Women) (2 comments)

Sleeping Pill Death Linked to Obesity. (1 comments)

Olympic smiles: How to identify athletes' nationalities based on their facial expressions

Thursday, July 26:

From post-modernism to post-secularism (3 comments)

"Accidents happen" (2 comments)

Missed Step In an Eternal Dance (5 comments)

Wednesday, July 25:

Drug May Purge Dormant HIV

The Icelandic Revolution: Why Didn't I Hear About It? by Sarah Ruth Jacobs (1 comments)

The Drugstore in Your Meat and Other Table Top Terrors--book review by Hugh Iglarsh (1 comments)

St. Francis and Wolves (4 comments)

Tuesday, July 24:

*James Holmes Astrology

Health Alert (4 comments)

Monday, July 23:

Batman, The Dark Knight Rises...and Occupy Wall Street Falls (9 comments)

earth note 194

A Hole in My Heart (23 comments)

Something's Fishy about the Partnership for Sustainable Oceans

Saturday, July 21:

The Fluff Factor: Today's Journalism (1 comments)

Friday, July 20:

Got scams?

Gary Lindorff: Look at That!

If You Don't Know English Grammar, You'll Have Trouble Learning Foreign Languages (7 comments)

Thursday, July 19:

Albert Einstein: The World As I See It, by Albert Einstein (2 comments)

How to Deal with Anger: Quick, Effective Techique (1 comments)

Sun into Leo: Time to Open Your Heart and Shine Your Light (1 comments)

Wednesday, July 18:

George Stoney: A Life in Film (1 comments)

Surprising Links: How Big Banks Manipulate and Influence Your Health (2 comments)

Ambien Use Amongst Pro Athletes. Dara Torres Breaks the Silence. (2 comments)

earth note 193

Avoidable Miseries of the Workplace (1 comments)

Tuesday, July 17:

The Bible and Vegetarians

Monday, July 16:

YES! Magazine's Solutions-Oriented Journalism Tackles The Housing Crisis (3 comments)

Talking to a Sleeping Man (3 comments)

How to Talk About (Conceptual) Art, by Cat Weaver at Salon Online

Sunday, July 15:

The Cosmic Story: Cancer New Moon - Values to Live By (1 comments)

The Three Stooges Do Phonics!

Divide and Conquer in America -- 2012! (2 comments)

Saturday, July 14:

Life Lessons (3 comments)

Chronic Sleep Problems: Why Pilot Insomnia Leads to Psychosis. (3 comments)

Did Vincent van Gogh Paint The Last Supper?

New Way to Treat Diabetes?

Controlling Your Computer and More With Your Eyes (1 comments)

Friday, July 13:

Got Pot? (1 comments)

Art & Astrology: Cancer, Blue Moonrise, and the Art of Illumination (3 comments)

Thursday, July 12:

Munch's 'The Scream' Sold to Financier Leon Black -

Dear Poverty: It's not you, it's me. (54 comments)

The Phillies Are Not Phigments of Imagination (1 comments)

Wednesday, July 11:

Texas GOP rejects "critical thinking' skills. Really. (2 comments)

Tuesday, July 10:

Getting Off Sleeping Pills: New Study Shows Serious Risk of Death. (1 comments)

Monday, July 9:

Why a Constitutional Amendment Isn't Needed to Overturn "Citizens United"

Sunday, July 8:

A translation and interpretation of Rabindranath Tagore's poem, Africa (7 comments)

Matt Improving!

Learning from Native American Resistance to Colonists' Greed (3 comments)

Saturday, July 7:

Some Kids Can't See Well, But Some Grownups Lack Vision

Friday, July 6:

Last night's dream; inhuman humans (2 comments)

*Many Americans May Be Like Young George W. Bush (5 comments)

Got Tanks?

Bouncing on the Web

Philip Wollen's Inspirational Speech (2 comments)

Thursday, July 5:

The Disappeared (5 comments)

Mainstream Economics is a Cult (7 comments)

Taming the "Little Monsters" of Insomnia (1 comments)

Wednesday, July 4:

earth note 192

Middle-aged Foreplay (3 comments)

It's Happening Right Now (1 comments)

Monday, July 2:

Educating the Next Generation (2 comments)

4th of July Thoughts (1 comments)

Sunday, July 1:

*Complicated Bereavement: Some People Experience It But Others Don't: Why? (1 comments)

The Cosmic Story: Capricorn Full Moon, July 3, 2012 (1 comments)

Is sugar as toxic as cocaine? 60 Minutes: Dr. Sanjay Gupta


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