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March 2012

Saturday, March 31:

Nine Year Old Comes to Washington (3 comments)

Friday, March 30:

Senior moments - an operatic ode (Video)

300,000 Quebec students protest tuition hike

OWS = Recycled Beatnik Complaints?

Mercury retrograde in Pisces: Think spiritually (1 comments)

From Wylie, an Old Law School Pal Who Played an Acoustic Guitar... (2 comments)

Thursday, March 29:

Beatlemania 2012

Documentary on Rabindranath Tagore, by Satyajit Ray

earth note 178

The American Crisis: Fools Fathomed Five (1 comments)

Wednesday, March 28:

A Tale of Two (Giant) Cities (1 comments)

Consciousness and Independence Declaration (1 comments)

Hedge Funds or Hedge Fund Managers Own ALL the Pro Sports Teams?!?! (2 comments)

Four Artworks by Nell Blaine (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 27:

Athens based one man band is innovative, philosophical, subtle- and has a touchstone in Kandinsky

Constipation Can Cause Pants-Wetting and Bed-Wetting

Monday, March 26:

The Ethnocidal Civilisation (2 comments)

taconite conveyor

Emerging Archtypal Themes: The Hunger Games, the new Female Heroine and Aries Courage (1 comments)

Vanity License Plate "SMUGGLER' Caught Feds Attention (1 comments)

Breaking the News Corp. Phone Hacking Scandal | FRONTLINE Documentary - Airs March 27

Invisible Artist Liu Bolin

Sunday, March 25:

Plush Bunnies for Easter (2 comments)

People Aren't Smart Enough for Democracy to Flourish, Scientists Say, by By Natalie Wolchover (2 comments)

Saturday, March 24:

Movie Review: Hunger Games (6 comments)

The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing".. (9 comments)

My Kid did it: Where's the literature and dialogue when your kid is the bully? (4 comments)

earth note 176

Friday, March 23:

Republicans, pawns, and game changers

Thursday, March 22:

Etch a Sketch Romney - Hottest YouTube Satire

Mister Mitt Etch-A-Sketch - Satire

Underlying Dynamics that Breed Bullies (7 comments)

*Jonathan Haidt on the Righteous Mind, and the Catholic Anti-Abortion Crusade (REVIEW ESSAY) (1 comments)

Are You a Worshiper in the Cult of Mac? Have You Been to the House of Jobs? Do You Kneel Before His Throne? (4 comments)

Wednesday, March 21:

Linda Gartz: Digging up family history through letters and photographs (2 comments)

Best Places in the World to Retire

Dutch Model Deemed "Too Fat' Gets Her Day in Court and Poses to Prove Her Point (2 comments)

Mars, oh Mars

This Spidery Spring Morning

Tuesday, March 20:

We Are Enough

Should Children Learn to Read What the Writer Actually Wrote? (3 comments)

Monday, March 19:

Living Out the Creative Self: It's the Key to Bridging Differences and to a Meaningful Life. (1 comments)

Orgasm From Exercise: All Hail The Female "Coregasm'?

Spring Equinox and Aries New Moon 2012

Sunday, March 18:

Finally, Fake Chicken Worth Eating (1 comments)

Astrology: Sun into Aries: Time to Face Who You Really Are (5 comments)

Saturday, March 17:

Saint Patrick's Day Quotes, Sayings, Epigrams and Proverbs

Friday, March 16:

Déj- vu in Afghanistan?

i have a bicycle

Is Your Child Really Reading, or Just Guessing?

India -- and a visit to 'Little Tibet' (19 comments)

Does Your Child Need Drugs or Phonics? (6 comments)

Thursday, March 15:

The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: The Book Murdoch's Wall Street Journal Doesn't Want You to Read

Anti-Semitic Dutch Board Game Lets You Settle Canaan

The New Jews of Cameroon (1 comments)

Wednesday, March 14:

Emerging Archetypal Themes: The Last Wave by Peter Weir (3 comments)

Santorum family: How many vacation days do home-schooled children get? It's depends...

earth note 175

The Costs and Benefits of Belief: An Economic Perspective (12 comments)

Will red meat kill you? (5 comments)

Adolescent fertility rates in Latin America and Caribbean: 1 in3 women give birth before 20 (1 comments)

Film "Arise" Shows Power of Women to Heal the Earth

Tuesday, March 13:

Voters -- Danger Ahead!

Women's Work at the Oscars: Feminism and the Best Actress Category

The Academic Feminist: Spring Break Roundup

Monday, March 12:

"Chicken" I Could Eat (1 comments)

The Lorax: a Film-Which-Everyone-Needs (2 comments)

The Scale of the Universe (Interactive) (3 comments)

Sunday, March 11:

if the naive

The Devil's Dictionary; Revised and Updated (5 comments)

Animal Rights Thinkers of the Past (2 comments)

The Man Who Died (1 comments)

*Some People Just Don't Get It - But Then Again, How Could They Possibly Ever? (7 comments)

Saturday, March 10:

Woman finds out about her husband's other wife on Facebook

How to tell someone you have OCD, without embarrassing yourself (3 comments)

Friday, March 9:

Going Gonzo at the GDC

The Deplorax: The Lorax Goes Hollywood (2 comments)

Thursday, March 8:

On Clothes And Modernity (1 comments)

Birth Control and E.D. for Dummies: A Sex and Cost Comparison for Sluts and Others (13 comments)

Unjust Ag Gag Legislation

AP: Biggest solar storm in years races toward Earth

Wednesday, March 7:

Gettin' Down With Melissa Brown, by Charlie Finch at Artnet Magazine

Tuesday, March 6:

Vinie Burrows: Legendary Black Actress -- Dynamic Peace and Equal Rights Activist

Angel Flinn and Dan Cudahy: Opposition Confirms my Purpose (1 comments)


A Few Good Men

Uranus Square Pluto and the Cycles of Economic Recession and Depression (3 comments)

Monday, March 5:

The Cosmic Story: Virgo Full Moon, March 8, 2012 (1 comments)

New Mexico photo-journal (4 comments)

Things are not what they seem . . . (1 comments)

Saturday, March 3:

Lefsetz Letter - Davy Jones

Friday, March 2:

The Stepford Pundits?

Star Gazing:Comets, Actors, and Angelina's Right Leg (1 comments)

Thursday, March 1:

Worth (5 comments)

Anonymous (2011): Class, Conspiracy, and Shakespeare


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