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March 2009

Tuesday, March 31:

Pam Miles: Larisa Alexandrovna | Rove's former client to preside over Minor appeal... (1 comments)

Cynthia McKinney: *Cynthia McKinney Reports from London (7 comments)

Odyseus_97: How Japan's Other Hyrbid Can Save American Jobs | (1 comments)

Hans Bennett: German Academy of Arts Demands Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal (1 comments)

Margie Burns: Fitzgerald Subpoenaed Blagojevich for Dirt on Obama Contacts, leaving out Blagojevich donors (1 comments)

Pam Miles: Election Contest Ruling Deals MN Senator Coleman Setback (1 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Cold War Era Human Lab Rat Experiments Seek Care

Ed Tubbs: Buffalo Springfield, making a cake and fixing an economy

Mary Ann Gould: Peggy Holman on Voice of the Voters Wednesday, 4/1

Better World Order: Afghan Escalation OK with MoveOn, Anti-War Insiders

Dan DeWalt: Is This The Best That We Can Do (3 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 31, 2009

Margaret Bassett: British Hand Off to US in Oil-Rich Southern Iraq

Margaret Bassett: US to Seek Seat on UN Human Rights Council

Margaret Bassett: US, Iranian Diplomats Break the Ice at Conference

Joan Brunwasser: Holt's Election Reform Bill Edges Away From Disastrousness Prior to Introduction

Joan Brunwasser: Holt's Election Reform Bill Edges Away From Disastrousness Prior to Introduction

Amanda Lang: Seymour Hersh: Secret US Forces Carried Out Assassinations in a Dozen Counties, Including in Latin America (8 comments)

Sheila Samples: US moves warships into position for North Korean missile

Sheila Samples: U.S. to Pledge $40 Million for Afghanistan Elections

Sheila Samples: Iran Critical of U.S. Troop Buildup in Afghanistan

Sheila Samples: Israeli Military Closes Probe (2 comments)

Roger Shuler: A University Loses Its Moral Compass (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Cardinal Health to Cut 1,300 Jobs at Clinical Unit

Margaret Bassett: France is Threatening G20 Walkout

Richmond Shreve: German researchers score Conficker detection breakthrough

Margaret Bassett: Obama's Aunt Becomes Symbol in Immigration Debate

Sheila Samples: Talks on Expanding U.N. Panel Called Off (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Leaders to meet on Afghan security

Monday, March 30:

Sherwood Ross: Space Race Hikes Risk of Nuclear War (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Black Caucus Calls for More Diversity in Bailouts (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Locke Urges Census Volunteers to Boost Outreach

Joan Brunwasser: Part two of Interview with David Gewirtz, Author of Where Have All The Emails Gone?

Rady Ananda: Obama signs massive wilderness bill

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 30, 2009

Joan Brunwasser: GOP Sen. Promises 'WWIII' if Franken Legally Seated Before Federal Appeal, New Suit by Coleman (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: US soldier jailed for Iraq murders (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: 77 Names Added to Slain Journalists Memorial in US

Sheila Samples: Israel drops Gaza war crimes probe (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Banks Starting to Walk Away on Foreclosures

Sheila Samples: Gates reveals schism in Obama White House

Sheila Samples: Arab leaders urge Israel to heed peace calls

Roger Shuler: Alabama Corruption Fighter Is Corrupt Himself (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: PROMISES, PROMISES: Saving Teacher Jobs Tough

The Candid Blogger: A Salute to El Tigre - Simply the Greatest

Margaret Bassett: Obama Can Expect a Week of Protests Ahead of G-20

Margaret Bassett: Doyle Announces $2.3 Billion Tax Credit for Wis. Families

Rady Ananda: 100 Iraqis face imminent execution for being gay (14 comments)

Sheila Samples: Global 'cyber spy' network revealed

Sunday, March 29:

Sheila Samples: Pentagon chief: Economic sanctions on Iran better than diplomacy

Sheila Samples: Franken: ‘We will be seated. And by we, I mean me’

Sheila Samples: Prospect of Barack Obama show causes UK to clear its decks (2 comments)

Roy S. Carson: AD Deputy Demands Immediate Dismissal of Venezuela's Mibam Minister Rodolfo Sanz...

Sherwood Ross: Political Humor, "My Lunch With Drew, The Right Wing K Street Lobbyist" (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 28 and 29, 2009

Andy Harley: Zürich Elects Lesbian Mayor as City Gears up for EuroPride

Better World Order: Pinochet judge seeks criminal probe of Bush 'torture lawyers' (1 comments)

Barry Werner: PA dismantles W. Bank youth orchestra | Middle East | Jerusalem Post

Margaret Bassett: Major Cyber Spy Network Uncovered

Cynthia McKinney: *From Cynthia McKinney in London (4 comments)

Richard C. Cook: "Credit as a Public Utility: The Solution to the Economic Crisis": A Video in Six Parts (1 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Florida State Parks Reductions (6 comments)

Rob Kall: Subprime Swindlers Reconnect to Homeowners in Scams (Update1) -

Robert Arend: Scott Horton: Bush Torture Lawyers Targeted in Criminal Probe

Saturday, March 28:

Amanda Lang: GOP Rep Shimkus Says We Need Uncapped Carbon Emissions Because Carbon is "Plant Food" (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Peres to tell EU: Netanyahu will advance peace (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: AIPAC espionage case becomes US trouble (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: White House Debate Led to Plan to Widen Afghan Effort

Margaret Bassett: NYC MARCH ON WALLSTREET: April 4th

Grant Lawrence: India Predicts China War by 2017

Peter Dearman: NRC ordered to answer questions on depleted uranium (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama pledges more troops, funds to fight militants in Afghanistan, Pakistan (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Reid: Justice Roberts Lied To Us (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: DNC Ridicules GOP For Number-Free Budget: VIDEO

Amanda Lang: UPS Announces It Will Stop Advertising On Bill O'Reilly's Show

Amanda Lang: GIVE Mandatory Service Act Tack-on Strips First Amendment of "Volunteers" (8 comments)

Sheila Samples: China Chastises West in Leadership Bid Before G-20 (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: New "Foreign Policy Initiative" Think-Tank's Kagan & Kristol Already At Odds On How To Wack Iran (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries (4 comments)

Amanda Lang: The Neocons Have Started a New 'Think Tank' - Actually Adult Daycare for Disgraced Flock of Warmongers

Amanda Lang: G20 protests: Over 35,000 chanting demonstraters march ahead of talks

Amanda Lang: Coleman donor: US Senators don't make shit

Amanda Lang: Exclusive: Three Israeli Airstrikes Against Sudan

Martha Rosenberg: Thanks A Lot, HBO, Says Meat Industry

Margaret Bassett: Paddling Protest At Memphis Charter School

Margaret Bassett: Pakistan Army Raid 'Kills Rebels'

Kevin Gosztola: OpEdNews & Monsanto: St. Louis Post-Dispatch Covers OpEdNews Poll on Monsanto (4 comments)

Margaret Bassett: G20 Demonstrators March in London

Sheila Samples: Mubarak absence mars Arab summit

Craig Harrington: The Need for Clean Energy (4 comments)

Franz J. T. Lee: The global debacle is a profound structural energetic crisis

Friday, March 27:

Rob Kall: Bachmann Blasts Obama's "Economic Marxism," Calls For "Orderly Revolution" To Save Freedom (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: U.S. EAC Finally Releases Full Transcript of Stunning CIA Cybersecurity Expert Testimony Warning 'E-Voting Not Secure' (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 27, 2009

Sheila Samples: Barack Obama's aunt faces crucial immigration hearing

Sheila Samples: Army vet billed $3,000 for war wounds (1 comments)

Lynn Buske: Critical Pending Food Safety Legislation (3 comments)

virginius "gin" arnold: Have we firgotten Iraq

Danny Schechter: Needed: Blue Ribbon Panel To Investigate Financial Crimes (20 comments)

Sheila Samples: Success or Failure in Afghanistan Will Depend on Americans

Sheila Samples: Aided by Safety Nets, Europe Resists Stimulus Push

Sheila Samples: Pakistan and Afghan Taliban Close Ranks

Sheila Samples: U.S. Officials Say Israel Struck in Sudan (5 comments)

amicus curiae: FDA Suppressing it's own Whistleblowers

Margaret Bassett: US General: American Forces May Not Leave Key Iraqi Cities

Margaret Bassett: Investigator: NATO Countries Knew About Secret CIA Flights

Roger Shuler: Siegelman's Second Appeal Focuses on the "Explicit" Nature of Bribery Law (2 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Terrorists Again Strike In Tribal Areas, At Least 100 Killed

Margaret Bassett: Suicide Attack Kills 48 at Pakistani Mosque

Amanda Lang: A Letter From Inside AIG: "The Entire US System Is Committing Suicide" (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Senate Budget Committee backs Obama's budget blueprint

Amanda Lang: Pakistan Mosque Packed With Worshippers Attacked By Suicide Bomber, At Least 48 Killed

Amanda Lang: Cuomo Widens His AIG. Investigation: Did AIG Illegally Funnel Billions TARP $$ To Counterparts?

Jason Paz: Stimulus? US to buy Chinese Condums, Ending Alabama Jobs (6 comments)

Robert Arend: Senate Passes Kennedy-Hatch Service Bill

Thursday, March 26:

Grant Lawrence: 2 Priests Get Jail for Stealing $8 Million from their Church

Joan Brunwasser: Diebold's Chief Financial Officer, VP Steps Down Under SEC Investigation

Hans Bennett: Philly IMC: SDS Anti-War Rally in West Chester, PA (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 26, 2009

Sheila Samples: Military slow to fix showers that killed soldiers

Sheila Samples: Social Security, SSI recipients to receive $250 check in May (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Swiss banks ban travel on fears of crackdown

Sheila Samples: Israel defends use of flesh-eating weapon (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Despite Obama’s Vow, Combat Brigades Will Stay in Iraq (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Director of FBI Urges Renewal of Patriot Act

Bob Fitrakis: More than a million Ohio voters purged in run up to 2008 election Republican Party wanted 800,000 more purged

Stephen Fox: Obama Appoints Howard Koh Asst. Sec. of Health & Human Services (8 comments)

Rick Rozoff: Afghanistan: US, NATO Wage World's Largest, Longest War (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Tough Talk: EU President Says America is on 'Road to Hell'

Margaret Bassett: N.Y. Special Election a Preview of 2010

Margaret Bassett: China Fury at US Military Report (2 comments)

Josh Mitteldorf: China Proposes a New International Medium of Exchange

Roger Shuler: The Political Prosecutions of Karl Rove (4 comments)

John Lorenz: Afghan Strikes by Taliban Get Pakistan Government Help Say U.S. Aides

GLloyd Rowsey: US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites, by Mark Danner

Better World Order: Pentagon exploring robot killers that can fire on their own

Sheila Samples: Obama Administration Revives Tax Battle With Oil Industry

Wednesday, March 25:

Sheila Samples: Gitmo Lawyers Sue Obama Administration, Call for Sanctions Against Defense Secretary Gates

Sheila Samples: Geithner to Propose Vast Expansion Of U.S. Oversight of Financial System (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Anti-capitalist group boasts of attack on Bank Head (2 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: Oakland Police Massacre: A Desperate Act to Avoid Going Back to Prison (8 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 25, 2009

Joan Brunwasser: Exclusive: Diebold 'Nukes' Humboldt County!

Sheila Samples: N.Korea charged U.S. reporters with spying

Sheila Samples: BLOOMBERG: China May Press G-20 to Guard Its U.S. Assets, Researcher Says

Sheila Samples: Netanyahu to be 'partner for peace' (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Feds: Plane in Buffalo crash had stall warning

Sheila Samples: Israel accused of indiscriminate phosphorus use in Gaza (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: 'Global War On Terror' Is Given New Name (1 comments)

Gene Messick: Bailout cash moves to Campaign Contributions

Jason Leopold: Bush's 'Lawyer-Shopping' for Torture

Margaret Bassett: Lessons from Most Successful Schools Abroad

Margaret Bassett: US Tightens up Violent Mexican Border

Ann Garrison: The holocaust in D.R. Congo; war for the sake of war itself

Martha Rosenberg: Looking For a Job in Pharma? Get Ready for a Headache! (3 comments)

David Swanson: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Hears Complaints Against United States (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 24:

Amanda Lang: Hamsher on Maddow: "Pushing Back at Conservative Dems"

Dustin Ensinger: Stimulating the American Auto Industry

Amanda Lang: Cost of uninsured adds $1,100/year to premiums of insured families.

Amanda Lang: Obama Administration suspends mountaintop removal permits for further review...

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 24, 2009

Joan Brunwasser: Most electronic voting isn't secure, CIA expert says

Amanda Lang: FBI, SEC, and British Serious Fraud Office Investigate AIG's Six-Year Saga Of Fraud

Margaret Bassett: General: Obama's New Afghan Plan Needs Benchmarks

Margaret Bassett: BofA Shareholder Looks to Oust CEO from Board

Better World Order: TARP Helps Banks for Rich

Laudyms: Declass Board Tells Obama Openness is "At Risk"

Jan Baumgartner: Miami's VA Center Put Thousands of Vets at Risk of HIV

Barbara Peterson: My Response to MIAC Report by Chuck Baldwin (1 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: Peace Conference Canceled After S. Africa Bars Dalai Lama

Sheila Samples: JPMorgan Chase To Spend Millions on New Jets and Luxury Airport Hangar

Sherwood Ross: Solitary Confinement In U.S. Prisons Making Thousands Psychotic (4 comments)

Roger Shuler: Did Appellate Court Screw Don Siegelman? You Betcha

Center for Political Accountability Press Release: Political disclosure hits 60 companies, including 40 in the trend-setting S&P 100

JGideon: Action Alert - Keep the Tennessee Voter Confidence Act Intact

Margaret Bassett: Pakistan's Top Judge: End Judicial Corruption

Sheila Samples: Soldiers Sent to Iraq Despite Illness (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Levin raises questions over private protection

Monday, March 23:

Sheila Samples: Robots Take Center Stage in U.S. War in Afghanistan

Sheila Samples: US will appoint Afghan 'prime minister' to bypass Hamid Karzai (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Report targets Army policy on combat fitness

Grant Lawrence: Study: Red Meat Raises Risk of All Kinds of Death (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Russia Sees Chance to Boost US Ties

Margaret Bassett: Obama Commits to Plugin Hybrids, Battery Manufacturing (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Euro Currency of Choice as Fed Easing Devalues Dollar

Amanda Lang: DeKalb Co. Georgia To Launch Military Marines Institute: Military 'Magnet' Public High School (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Salmon and Pesticides

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 23, 2009

Joan Brunwasser: The 'Baghdad Bobs' of the E-Voting Industry

Joan Brunwasser: Black Box Voting: GA bill for voters to match birth certificate and drivers license will disenfranchise many

Amanda Lang: Benen: "He's Not Punch Drunk" (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Bailed-out JPMorgan orders two new luxury jets and a deluxe aircraft hangar. (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Foreign Firms Eye Stimulus Dollars Lobbying DC & State Capitals

Margaret Bassett: Los Angeles Times: Blacks Lose Ground in Job Slump

Amanda Lang: Dean on Wall Street compensation: Americans don't understand rewarding people who did 'a crappy job'

Amanda Lang: Bachmann: "I Want People" Armed And Dangerous On This Issue' Of Cap And Trade'

Amanda Lang: Terkel: I Was Followed, Harassed, And Ambushed By Bill O'Reilly's Producer

rob balsamo: 9/11: Flight Recorder Analysis - Wikipedia Displays Blatant Disinformation Once Again (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: ND Univ Cancels Classes to Help with Sandbagging

Better World Order: Death Squad Leader Was Top Cia Agent - Sunday Herald

sometimes blinded: Chernobyl still an issue: 'shows insect decline' (2 comments)

sometimes blinded: Brazil's Mato Grosso loses taste for GMO seed (1 comments)

sometimes blinded: Austria, Hungary Reaffirm rRght to Ban GM Crops (2 comments)

sometimes blinded: AIG Makeover: Changing Name and Look

Ernest: US Army Confirms Israeli Bryant Jordan (2 comments)

Eileen Fleming: Land Day 2009 and BDS Global Week of Action March 28-April 4, 2009

sometimes blinded: Holbrooke damns US Afghan drug effort

Sunday, March 22:

Sheila Samples: G20 warned unrest will sweep globe

Sheila Samples: Furor Over AIG Bonuses May Affect Dodd

Sheila Samples: In Iraq, Chaos Feared as U.S. Closes Prison

Joan Brunwasser: Diebold Failure: Not Just for E-Voting Anymore

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 21 and 22, 2009

Margaret Bassett: US 'needs new Pakistan strategy'

Sheila Samples: Goldman Insists It Would Have Lost Little if A.I.G. Had Failed

Muhammad Khurshid: Why This Is Happening With Me? (5 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Is a Food Revolution Now in Season? (1 comments)

Jason Paz: Two US Journalists Detained by North Korea

Sherwood Ross: Why Doesn't Obama Make Iraq The 51st State? (11 comments)

Amanda Lang: U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Bus driver delivers free home-cooked meals (1 comments)

Saturday, March 21:

Sheila Samples: Allies 'Out Of Troops' In Afghan South

Sheila Samples: Gordon Brown to order Iraq inquiry

Grant Lawrence: George Galloway: Banned From Canada as Security Risk

Sheila Samples: Soldier says rabbis pushed "religious war" in Gaza (1 comments)

Stanimal: Dialogue or Dictating Terms For One?

sometimes blinded: Amazing Vertical Gardens: Living Walls

Joan Wile: Peace Grannie Arrested in Times Square

Sherwood Ross: Close Down Guantanamo? What About Our Own Hellholes? (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: CIA Chief in Pakistan Amid Missile Strike Furor

Jason Leopold: CIA Has 3,000 Docs on Torture Tapes (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What We Can Do About It

GLloyd Rowsey: Boycotting Israel: On the Question of One-Sided Boycotts.

Sherwood Ross: Document 20 Bush War Crimes Against Children (3 comments)

Friday, March 20:

Sheila Samples: Soldiers’ Accounts of Gaza Killings Raise Furor in Israel (4 comments)

Jason Leopold: CIA Reveals it Has E-Mails, Transcripts Related to Videotaped Torture of Prisoners (1 comments)

Laudyms: Further accounts of Gaza killings released (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Snowe To Dems: Grow A Pair

Grant Lawrence: Selling Off America--Hot Debate on Corporatization of Assets

Margaret Bassett: Massive Sun Deal Poses Challenges for IBM

Margaret Bassett: Young Adults U.S., Latin America & Spain Want Reconciliation in Western Hemisphere

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 20, 2009

Sheila Samples: Republicans Vow to Slow Bonus Bill

Kyle Hence: Some say Cheney 'feeling the heat' over potential probes / Kentucky election officials nabbed in touch-screen vote scam

Stephen Fox: 22 members of Hawaii House of Representatives Sign Resolution asking FDA to Rescind Approval for Neurotoxic Aspartame (18 comments)

Sheila Samples: U.S. Federal Deficit Soars Past Previous Estimates

Sheila Samples: VIDEO: Pelosi: Don't Blame Us for AIG Mess

Sheila Samples: A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax Payments

Sheila Samples: Veterans of U.S. Diplomacy Try to Revive Nuclear Arms Talks With Russia

Sheila Samples: UN envoy: Gaza op seems to be war crime of greatest magnitude

Sheila Samples: Afghan leader Karzai says more U.S. forces "too late"

Laudyms: Hasbara Handbook: How to pretend to debate while smashing your opponent (7 comments)

Margaret Bassett: 13 Bailed-Out Banks Failed to Pay Taxes

Mike Kuykendall: Iran Behind Syrian Nuke Plans (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: GOP Pressed on Health Care

Margaret Bassett: Military Ready to Shoot Down NKorean Missile (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: US navy vessels collide in Gulf (3 comments)

The Candid Blogger: Obama Video Reaches Out to the People of Iran

Margaret Bassett: New Twist in the Old Saga of Under-Counting the Unemployed

chris rice: Reform Pot Laws (1 comments)

Jason Paz: Maldives: Dissident and Anti-Islamic Sites Blocked

John Bruhns: IRAQ: SIX LONG YEARS OF DECEPTION (7 comments)

Thursday, March 19:

Rob Kall: Madoff Employee Breaks Silence (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: KY Election Officials Arrested, Charged With 'Changing Votes at E-Voting Machines'

Joan Brunwasser: State Officials Allege Bush DoJ Involvement in Nevada's Pre-Election ACORN 'Voter Fraud' Raid

Bobby Ramakant: International tobacco control award for Dr Mira Aghi

Rady Ananda: French say no to Bankster Bailout; general strike called again

Hans Bennett: Black Panther, Asian American Activist Richard Aoki Dies at Age 71 (1 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: Preparing For Civil Unrest In America (3 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Citizens pushing for more access to public records

Margaret Bassett: Is Access to Clean Water a Basic Human Right?

Margaret Bassett: Dollar Nurses Mammoth Loss After Fed Opens Taps

Margaret Bassett: North Korean Officials Cross the Border to Arrest US Journalists

Sheila Samples: Gulf War Illnesses Debate Rages On for 18 Years: No End in Sight for the Sick

Sheila Samples: Baghdad's water still undrinkable 6 years after invasion

Sheila Samples: Citigroup May Spend $10 Million for Executive Suite

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 19, 2009

Sheila Samples: New Attorney General Guidelines on FOIA Released

Sheila Samples: 13 firms receiving bailouts owe back taxes

Sheila Samples: House Passes Heavy Tax on Bonuses at Rescued Firms

Sheila Samples: After Gaza, Israel Grapples With Crisis of Isolation (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: Army to Phase Out 'Stop-Loss' Practice

Sheila Samples: How the Fed Failed to Tell Obama About The Bonuses

Margaret Bassett: New Mexico Governor Abolishes Capital Punishment

Darla: Two Oklahoma Fathers Speak Out about Loss of Sons at Iraq War 6th Year Memorial

Curtis Walker: Los Angeles Times: Obama hears Californians' state of anxiety

Wednesday, March 18:

Jason Leopold: Bush Administration Engaged in a Conscious Policy of Torture (5 comments)

Sheila Samples: Holder Urged to Probe Allegations of Torture (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Veterans Groups Denounce Private Insurance Proposal (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Army Investigating How and Why Troops Were Sent Into Alabama Town After Murder Spree

GLloyd Rowsey: Freedom Rider: White Christian Terrorists With Nuclear Materials Ignored? (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 18, 2009

Joan Brunwasser: Obama and HCAN Marginalize Single Payer Health Care (1 comments)

Josh Mitteldorf: Obama disses Blackwater - then Renews their Contract (4 comments)

John Byrne: Raw Story: Senate quietly stripped measure restricting bonuses from bailout legislation (1 comments)

Rady Ananda: Day of Decision national action to follow CA Prop 8 ruling

Rady Ananda: Obama's New Deal for Blackwater (Xe) (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Rape Reports Rise in US Military

Margaret Bassett: Why Pakistan's President Gave in

Barry Werner: World Briefing - Middle East - Lebanon - Suspect in Plot to Bomb Hudson Tunnels Is Free on Bail -

Jason Paz: Take Back the Economy March 19th Nationwide (2 comments)

Eileen Fleming: American Activist Critically Injured By Israeli Military

Margaret Bassett: Just how bad off is the Republican Party (Part 2)?

Margaret Bassett: Exclusive Interview with El Salvador's New President, Mauricio Funes

Press Release: CA SoS's Office to Hold Hearing to Examine Ballot-Count Errors Previously Unknown

Linda Milazzo: Military Rape Reports Rise, Prosecutions Still Low

Sheila Samples: Jewish Canadians Concerned About Suppression of Criticism of Israel (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: IDF chief: Strike on Iran a concrete option (2 comments)

Tuesday, March 17:

Margaret Bassett: Kaiser to Cut 860 Information Technology Jobs

Joan Brunwasser: LA County board considers $1.1M settlement

Mark Crispin Miller: To "save" Coleman's seat, GOP eyes Bush v. Gore (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Why Are AIG's Contracts Sacrosanct But Not Union Workers' Contracts?

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 17, 2009

Sheila Samples: Pope claims condoms could make African Aids crisis worse

Margaret Bassett: Without a Pastor of His Own, Obama Turns to Five

Julian Rose: *HR 875's future: "The scandal of EU's deliberate policy to get rid of family farms for the benefit of the corporations" (8 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Add Shipping Exposure to European Banks' Woes

Margaret Bassett: Gates Readies Big Cuts in Weapons

Margaret Bassett: Big win for Pakistan protesters

Leon Neihouse: Cities of The Phoenix

Amanda Lang: In a first, bankruptcy judge rules Calif. city can void union contracts (1 comments)

John R Moffett: GOP 'trackers' stalk Dems in hunt for 'macaca' moment (1 comments)

Jeffrey Kaye: *Leaked! International Red Cross Report on CIA Torture (2 comments)

Darren Wolfe: Mexico retaliates with tariffs on 90 US products

Brasch: The Painful Cost of 'Breed Standards' (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Feds looking to freeze Ruth Madoff's assets

Sheila Samples: N Korea-US distrust halts food aid

Sheila Samples: Hardliner Avigdor Lieberman set to become Israel's foreign minister (1 comments)

Monday, March 16:

Ezili Danto: *Obama Should Stop Deportations to Haiti: Ezili's HLLN on report that 30,000 Haitians are to be deported from US

Amanda Lang: Cuomo Issues Subpoenas; Will See AIG in Court (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Would You Want to Live Near a Wind Farm?

Ron Freeman: The Irony of "Red State" Socialism

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 16, 2009

Sheila Samples: AIG Threatened with Subpoenas Over Bonuses

Sheila Samples: Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Troops in Afghanistan

Sheila Samples: Iraq: U.S. troops to stay in insecure areas

Amanda Lang: Obama's Full Statement on AIG

Amanda Lang: BUSH HANGOVER: Confidential' Red Cross torture report details 'suffocation' and head-smashing of detainees.

Laudyms: American critically injured after being shot in the head by Israeli forces (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: Blue Dogs wade in on health reform

Amanda Lang: LAUGH OF THE WEEK: Perino claims Bush was responsible for last week's stock market climb. (4 comments)

Amanda Lang: Bachmann Falsely Claims Her Earmarks Were 'Very Small' Compared To Average' Earmark Cost For Minnesota

Amanda Lang: No Mention Of Iraq In Bush's Presidential Library Bio

Amanda Lang: Fox News Edits Clip To Suggest That Biden Recently Declared "˜Fundamentals Of The Economy Are Strong' (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Election Dirty Tricks Again in Washington and El Salvador (2 comments)

David Smith: Case Study: Costs of My January Back Surgery. (4 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Left-Winger Wins El Salvador Poll

Mark Cudia: Republican Party Divided

chris rice: Transportation to "March on The Pentagon" (5 comments)

Press Release: Kucinich Requests Investigation into "Executive Assassination Ring" (12 comments)

Scott Baker: Northeast US to suffer most from future sea rise

Sheila Samples: Red Cross Described 'Torture' at CIA Jails

Sheila Samples: NYT analysis: Bracing for a bailout backlash

Jason Paz: Iran: In Defense of the Bahai Minority

GLloyd Rowsey: America's Search for the "Good Taliban" (1 comments)

The Candid Blogger: Another Idiot Challenges Obama's Right to Presidency

Margaret Bassett: U! S! A! We're Number .... 15?

Margaret Bassett: Holt Bill Would Create Commission to Probe 2001 Anthrax Attacks

Joan Brunwasser: What is Jeb Bush's role in the Lehman Brothers meltdown? (1 comments)

News Hound Ellen Brodsky: FOX News "Asks" If The Obama Administration Is A Bigger Scammer Than Madoff (5 comments)

Sunday, March 15:

Hans Bennett: INFOSHOP: Retrial of RNC defendant David McKay starts Monday (1 comments)

Muhammad Nasir Khan Khattak: Deposed Chief Justice supreme court, Pakistan Mr Iftikhar Chouhdary is to be restored (4 comments)

Stanimal: Buckshot Dick's Delusional Mind

John S. Hatch: Attack at Beit Ommar

Sheila Samples: AIG finally names names

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 14 and 15, 2009

Iftekhar Sayeed: Another student politician murdered in Bangladesh

Martha Rosenberg: Massacres Set Pro-Gun Legislation Back (8 comments)

Curtis Walker: New California budget faces $8 billion hole, analyst says (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Administration Is Open to Taxing Health Benefits

Josh Mitteldorf: NYTimes Publishes First-hand Accounts of Torture

Ron Fullwood: Taliban chief backs Afghan peace talks

Margaret Bassett: Police and Protesters Clash in Pakistan

Amanda Lang: Taliban behead three Pakistan tribesmen

chris rice: Strike Updates for March 15, 16, 19th 2009

Mac McKinney: Israeli Soldier Shoots American Activist in Face with Tear Gas Can

Saturday, March 14:

Sheila Samples: Obama Team Touts Economic Plans (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Stewart/Cramer Fallout: MSNBC Ordered to Keep Silent; CEO Quits (2 comments)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor: FDA Running Extortion Racket: Supplement Companies Threatened with Arrest if They Don't Pay Up! (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama's New Tack: Blaming Bush

Sheila Samples: Republicans Split on Need to Offer Rival for Budget

Sheila Samples: A.I.G. to Pay $100 Million in Bonuses After Huge Bailout

Mark Crispin Miller: Peter B. Collins going off the air (1 comments)

Better World Order: United Nations condemns US, Britain and other states over rendition

Amanda Lang: Banks scramble to return bailout funds (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Regulator: Before Banks Collapsed, They Pleaded With Feds To Let Them Fudge Their Books

Sherwood Ross: "Where's My Million Dollars?" Swindled Senior Asks (4 comments)

Amy de Miceli: Serfing The Third Wave (3 comments)

s moreno: Mental Health Care System

James Brett: There is a Problem at the Post (2 comments)

Leon Thompson: SPECIAL REPORT: Are Earmarks Defensible?

Margaret Bassett: In El Salvador, Cautious Optimism On What a Progressive Win Would Mean for U.S. Relations

Josh Mitteldorf: Obama Continues Bush Policy on Habeas Corpus

Linn Cohen-Cole: *HR 875 - the death of freedom in America (4 comments)

Linn Cohen-Cole: *A solemn walk through HR 875 (12 comments)

Friday, March 13:

Margaret Bassett: Debate Over Banks Repaying Bailout Money Early

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 13, 2009

Sheila Samples: Lieberman open to reunion with Democrats (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Iran dismisses 'childish' US sanctions

Sheila Samples: CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: Army fired 11 soldiers in Jan. as openly gay (1 comments)

Jason Paz: Justice for Darfur Victims: Bashir Warrant

Sheila Samples: Memo that told Blair aides Saddam Hussein posed no imminent threat

Margaret Bassett: U.S. Anti-Gay Leaders Holding Seminar In Uganda

Joan Brunwasser: Touch-Screen Failure in VA's 'Hotly Contested' Special Election Results in Republican 'Victory'

Stephen Fox: Dr. Margaret Hamburg Named FDA Commissioner; Dr. Sharftstein as Deputy (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Chavez Takes Over Transport Llinks (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: German Industry is 'War Zone' as Recession Causes Export Collapse

Margaret Bassett: Kenya's Power-Sharing Report Card: 'Unsatisfactory'

Margaret Bassett: US Urges a Global Economic Fix

Margaret Bassett: China Tries Peddling its Wares in "¦ China (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Pakistan's Sharif Capitalizes on Lawyers' March

Better World Order: Americans Losing Their Faith in Faith ... And Everything Else [Except the Military]


Sean Fenley: America is in urgent need of its own 'perestroika', says Gorbachev (9 comments)

International Peasant Movement (La Via Campesina): Women Farmers Launch International Declaration for Equality (8 comments)

Thursday, March 12:

Sheila Samples: House conservatives seek Patriot Act extension (7 comments)

Sheila Samples: Texas' Perry rejects stimulus for expanded jobless benefits

Sheila Samples: Bibi under pressure left and right

Sheila Samples: U.S. official: Obama won't cut military aid to Israel (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Obama: Troop Move to Mexican Border under Consideration

Lora Chamberlain: Single Payer Health Care, here in ILLINOIS, if we fight for it on Tues, March 24th!

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 12, 2009

Pam Miles: Why Are Newspapers Dying? (2 comments)

Leon Neihouse: Power without Borders

Patrick Henningsen: *EU President Klaus Opens International Climate Skeptics Conference (8 comments)

Jerry Policoff: Poll Excludes Single-Payer Healthcare; Respondents Implicitly Endorse It Anyway

Better World Order: Italy's high court sinks CIA rendition case

Mark David: Islamophobia is not the same as anti-Semitism | Jerusalem Post

Joan Brunwasser: AIG's Small London Office May Have Lost $500B

Rob Kall: A New Innovative Commenting and Comment Flagging System (47 comments)

Martha Rosenberg: A Merger From The Folks Who Brought You Vytorin

Wednesday, March 11:

Sheila Samples: Some wounded soldiers more likely to be punished

Sheila Samples: ACLU: Gitmo judge 'blatantly defied' Obama executive order

Ed Tubbs: Mr. Bobo and Mr. Weemo, and the murder of millions. (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Officials: Iran does not have key nuclear material (1 comments)

Jason Leopold: CIA Confirms 12 of 92 Videotapes Destroyed Showed Prisoners Tortured (1 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Fleischer: After 9/11, Bush Couldn't Take Chance that "Saddam Might Strike Again" (3 comments)

Hans Bennett: NAACP LDF Files Brief in US Supreme Court in Mumia Abu-Jamal Case (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Bernanke's Vision for Change

Joel Wendland: Employee Free Choice Act Promotes Democracy

Joel Wendland: Obama tackles comprehensive education reform (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 11, 2009

Sheila Samples: Freeman hits 'Israel lobby' on way out

Joan Brunwasser: Exclusive: All Charges Dropped Against FL Election Integrity Advocate Arrested Last November

Mark Crispin Miller: 4-5 MILLION Voters Disenfranchised in 2008 (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Bay Area technology Google & Options

Margaret Bassett: Live Webcast: Hate Groups in America

Dan Lieberman: Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa, Speaks Sensibly and Authoritatively (3 comments)

Dustin Ensinger: America's Icons Collapsing Under Economic Recession (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Seymour Hersh: 'Executive assassination ring' reported directly to Cheney (10 comments)

Laudyms: Bishop supports rapist over child who was raped- because she had an abortion

Laudyms: Charles Freeman's statement on shameful smear campaign

Margaret Bassett: Omnibus bill's Hidden Item: a Democratic Rift

M. Wizard: Jim Cramer Admits To Market Manipulation In Interview,Touts Illegal Activity

Scott Baker: Energy Dept. Said to Err on Coal Project

Mary Ann Gould: Tonight 3/11 on Voice of the Voters: BREAKING THROUGH: Innovative Solutions to the Impasse in Bucks County

Citizens for a Legitimate Government: Some wounded soldiers 'punished for injuries'

Tuesday, March 10:

Press Release: Feingold, Conyers to Chair Hearing on Proposed Constitutional Amendment Requiring Elections to Fill Senate Vacancies (2 comments)

Muhammad Nasir Khan Khattak: *International Women's Day celebration, a different way (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama Wiki fiddler caught red-handed

Joan Brunwasser: Top Federal Election Reform Priorities

Sheila Samples: Pentagon knowingly exposed troops to cancer-causing chemicals, document shows

Sheila Samples: VIDEO: Viva Palestina! British AID Convoy Arrives In Gaza

Sheila Samples: U.S. cybersecurity head quits, citing growing role of spy agencies

Sheila Samples: GOP Senators Question Intelligence Pick's Ties

Sheila Samples: U.S. to Toughen Its Stance On Trade

Sheila Samples: Once-Quiet Campuses See Surge in Anti-Israel Activism

Robert Parry: Obama's DNI Urged to Back Freema (2 comments)

Laudyms: Obama and US commander discuss military intervention in Mexico

M. Wizard: Report: Wall Street Spent $5 Billion For Political Influence

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 10, 2009

Mark Crispin Miller: Supreme Court takes its (first) shot at the Voting Rights Act

Iftekhar Sayeed: India's north-eastern rebels seek arms

Iftekhar Sayeed: Bangladesh government blocks YouTube

Rady Ananda: City Council of Medina OH recessed by fart machine: VIDEO

Roger Shuler: Snakes Alive! A Rift Develops in the Alabama GOP (2 comments)

Barbara Peterson: Lawful Rebellion Against a Treasonous State

The Candid Blogger: Obama Pushes Delete Button on Bush Signing Statements

Better World Order: Pentagon knowingly exposed troops to cancer-causing chemicals, document shows

Better World Order: Report: Slain US Nazi hated Obama, had parts for 'dirty bomb'

Better World Order: UK government pushes for discriminated Internet

Meryl Ann Butler: 2012 Quantum Leap, Mar. 13-15: Experience the Global Energy Shift NOW

Rady Ananda: One in 50 US Kids Homeless

Rady Ananda: One in 31 in Prison, Jail, or on Probation or Parole in US

Mark David: BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Tibetan people put through 'hell'

Margaret Bassett: Democrats Lean Heavily on Big Freshman Class

Mark David: Lost in the blur of slogans

Monday, March 9:

Pam Miles: Transcript of Don Siegelman with Rick Sanchez 3/9/09 (1 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 08 and 09, 2009

Sheila Samples: GOP Looks to Escalate Attacks on Obama

Sheila Samples: Obama Aims to Shield Science From Politics (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Oversight of Bank Bailouts Criticized

Sheila Samples: Sen. Joe Lieberman now sings Obama's praises (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Who got AIG's bailout billions?

Honest Reporting: BBC Digs Another Hole

Barbara Peterson: The Blood of Tyrants (5 comments)

Mike Kuykendall: China Harasses US Navy in East China Sea (4 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Health Sector Has Donated Millions to Lawmakers

gail combs: *Peanut Quality - How did the Food Inspection Fail?

gail combs: *Food Safety: Who's really in charge here?

Margaret Bassett: Pakistan's Tenuous Gains on Taliban (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Russians Push for Global Disarmament Talks

Jason Paz: Gaza Reconstruction Fettered by Political Motives

Curtis Walker: Calitics:: Ted Lieu Versus The Housing Crisis

Robert Arend: Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown

Muhammad Khurshid: Al-Qaeda Faces Defeat In Bajaur Agency

Press Release: State of Florida v Ellen Brodsky Trial Begins March 11th

Linn Cohen-Cole: *Monsanto's dream bill, HR 875 (63 comments)

Sunday, March 8:

Sheila Samples: Oregon veteran disabled by Iraq's 'Agent Orange'

Laudyms: Obama's economic saviour savaged as Keating lets rip (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Bush may follow Bashir to The Hague (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: How MI5 colluded in my torture: Binyam Mohamed claims British agents fed Moroccan torturers their questions - WORLD EXCL (1 comments)

Danny Schechter: The Financial Crisis Slams Into Europe/Goes Global (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Lawyer: Canada should bar or prosecute Bush (1 comments)

Stephen Fox: Obama Rescinds Edict Against Stem Cell Research; Dr. Lanza: "Emancipation Proclamation" (11 comments)

Devinder Sharma: *In honor of Monsanto's "Food Safety" bills: "Poison On The Platter" (22 comments)

Sheila Samples: Bloomberg Sues Fed for Bank Data

martinweiss: Private Prison Corp. Profits Soar

Sheila Samples: Obama Ponders Outreach to Elements of the Taliban (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: In Mideast, Clinton Turns Up the Caution

Meryl Ann Butler: Helen Thomas Radio Interview Mon. Mar. 9th, 8 am Pacific (5 comments)

Saturday, March 7:

Darren Wolfe: Tongue-tied Clinton gets warm EU welcome

Joan Brunwasser: Larisa Alexandrovna on Siegelman Ruling and Update

Roger Shuler: Appellate Court Butchers The Siegelman Ruling (6 comments)

Press Release: Protest Rally in Support of Don Siegelman on 03/08/2008 in Selma

Sheila Samples: Their Ranks Bolstered, and With Big Issues Ahead, Democrats Stumble

Sheila Samples: Judge Weighs Dismissing Case Involving Torture Memorandums (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: In Case You Missed It -- Unopened claims letters hidden at VA offices

Sheila Samples: U.S. Supreme Court rejects terror detainee's challenge

Sheila Samples: Israel annexing East Jerusalem, says EU

Sheila Samples: Israeli Spurns Criticism From Clinton

Sheila Samples: Palestinian PM resigns, paves way for unity talks

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 07, 2009

Laudyms: Scholes Advises 'Blow Up' Over-the-Counter Contracts

chris rice: Strike updates: U.S. Out of Iraq & Afghanistan!

MedicalWhistleblower: *Dr. Lokesh Vuyyuru Demonstrates Courage in Face of Retaliation

Sheila Samples: Yoo Defends His Legal Memos

Rafidan The Political Committee Baghdad The Republic of Iraq: Iraqi Resistance Responds to President Obama

Michael Richardson: Framed by the FBI: A dozen reasons the 'Omaha Two' deserve a new trial (6 of 6) (2 comments)

Jason Paz: Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of the Economy

mhenriday: Jailed for a MySpace parody, the student who exposed America's cash for kids scandal

keith harmon snow: AFRICOM'S COVERT WAR IN SUDAN (4 comments)

Dave Belden: *A Letter From The Grunts (5 comments)

Friday, March 6:

Jan Baumgartner: Mugabe Allies Intensify Bid To Take Over White Farms

Jan Baumgartner: Zimbabwe Mourns Death of Susan Tsvangirai, PM's Wife

Sheila Samples: Republicans Look for a Reliever in Kentucky

Sheila Samples: Spending Bill Stalls in Senate, 1 Vote Shy of Breaking Filibuster (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Franken asks judges to toss Coleman's suit

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 06, 2009

M. Wizard: Govt. Anticipating Massive Bank Failure: Senate Moves to Loan FDIC $500 Billion

GLloyd Rowsey: Africom's Covert War in Sudan, by Keith Harmon Snow (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Federal Judge Lambasts Obama Citizenship Case A Waste Of Time (6 comments)

Kathi Lieb: *Help save lots of trees with a few keystrokes and less than five minutes!

Joan Brunwasser: Is Obama Aide Trying to Protect Karl Rove?

Joan Brunwasser: FAIR Study: Media Blackout on Single-Payer Healthcare

Amanda Lang: Gingrich Planning To 'Look Seriously' At A Run For President In 2012 (4 comments)

Amanda Lang: SEIU laborers respond to O'Reilly attack: Come walk a day in our shoes.

Muhammad Nasir Khan Khattak: *Afghanistan, the historical facts and Obama recent decision (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Food Problems Elude Private Inspectors

Sheila Samples: Clinton: Israel's demolition of East Jerusalem homes harms peace efforts (1 comments)


Sheila Samples: In Last Days, Bush reversed wartime powers

Kenneth Barr: Vanunu Says No To Nobel Committee (3 comments)

chris rice: ACTION ALERT March 14th Protest and Rally

chris rice: Global GENERAL STRIKE March '09

Mr M: Baxter Pharmaceutical Mixed Avian Flu with Flu Vaccine (79 comments)

Jason Paz: Iran Can Inspire Nuclear Arms Race Warns Brzezinski

Ross Levin: Reverend Billy running for NYC mayor as a Green

Ashin Mettacara: *Myanmar: Burmese Student Monks in Sri Lanka to celebrate the recitation of Patthana texts

Michael Richardson: Framed by the FBI: A dozen reasons the 'Omaha Two' deserve a new trial (5 of 6)

Thursday, March 5:

Sheila Samples: Mexico condemns US 'corruption' (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Limbaugh conservatives continue 75-year-old "socialized medicine" smear (2 comments)

Todd MacSween: NOW is the time to get Venezuela mining resources back on track!

Susan Pynchon: *A New Attack on Civil Liberties by Florida's Secretary of State (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: No Oath Required for Rove, Miers Testimony, None Needed: House Judiciary Source

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 05, 2009

Mark David: Ombudsman blames teen's prison death on lack of services

Scott Baker: Middle-aged Women Keeping Zimbabwean Economy Afloat

Sheila Samples: Steele: 'I'm in the Business of Ticking People Off'

Margaret Bassett: It's the Pot Economy, Stupid (1 comments)

Rady Ananda: Shaking the Tree March 8th (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: No Legal Shield in Drug Labeling, Justices Rule

Margaret Bassett: Automakers Worldwide Seek Government Help Amid Collapsing Sales

Margaret Bassett: NATO Renews Russia Ties

National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association: *White Paper on NAIS (1 comments)

Rob Kall: The Status Quo Is NOT on the Table (18 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: Supreme Court arguments begin over Prop. 8

Press Release: Senate Bill Would Outlaw Notorious Voter Suppression Tactic

Joan Brunwasser: White House Counsel Greg Craig Asked to 'Step Down'

Jan Baumgartner: Bashir lashes out at West as fear mounts in Darfur

Michael Richardson: Framed by the FBI: A dozen reasons the 'Omaha Two' deserve a new trial (4 of 6)

Joan Brunwasser: Rove agrees to be deposed under oath after three subpoenas

Better World Order: Human & Bird Flu Mixed and Distributed in Europe (2 comments)

Better World Order: E-VOTE BOMBSHELL: Diebold Tabulator Drops Votes, Allows Undetectable Audit Log Deletion

Wednesday, March 4:

Vince Edwards: Campaign Calling for Accountability and Criminal Prosecutions

Amanda Lang: Pelosi: Rove Deal Is "Victory For The Constitution"

Sheila Samples: From 9/11 Widows: An Open Letter to Senator Patrick Leahy

Sheila Samples: Clinton travels to a hardened Israel

Sheila Samples: Bush emails not a priority: Congress budgets $650,000 to declassify Nazi war docs

Sheila Samples: Republicans Increasingly Unhappy With Steele's Leadership

Sheila Samples: Holocaust-denying bishop banned in LA

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 04, 2009


Laudyms: George W. Bush's Disposable Constitution (1 comments)

Mary Ann Gould: *Tonight 3/4 on Voice of the Voters: Internet Voting: Future Promise or Future Problem?

Amanda Lang: Rove & Miers Agree To Testify Not Under Oath But Under Penalty of Perjury (13 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Ex-Gen Re Executive Gets 1 Year in Prison

Al Krebs, 2003: *USDA and food safety. That's a joke, right? (4 comments)

Amanda Lang: Republicans Make a Case for Prosecuting Bush Officials before Senate Inquiry

Amanda Lang: Obama Mortgage Plan To Help 9 Million Unveiled

Amanda Lang: Obama's Orders Overhaul Bush/Cheney Disasterous 'Private Contracting' Award Policies

Amanda Lang: Private Sector Job Losses Reach 697,000 In February

Margaret Bassett: Stimulus Money Will Aid Schools, Pa. Governor Says

Margaret Bassett: Ritter Certifies Federal Stimulus Projects

Margaret Bassett: Midwest Moving on Plan to Reduce Carbon Emissions (1 comments)

Margaret Bassett: As Recession Saps Demand, a World Awash in Oil

Amanda Lang: IHC Exclusive: The Iraqi Resistance Responds to President Obama

sometimes blinded: Good Riddance, Yucca Mountain1 million years is the length of time that the Bush administration was preparing to guarant

The Candid Blogger: FEMA Camps Exposed by FOX News! (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: Merrill Lynch's top 10 earners made $209 million in 2008

Rob Kall: Interview with Barry Schwartz, TED Speaker, on Wisdom, Incentives, Education, Making Wise Choices and When Settling is

Amanda Lang: FDIC's Bair Says Insurance Fund Could Be Insolvent This Year (2 comments)

Michael Richardson: Framed by the FBI: A dozen reasons the 'Omaha Two' deserve a new trial (3 of 6) (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Obama FCC Appointee Who Could Change The Face of Media

Rob Kall: One in Five Homeowners 'Underwater'

Rob Kall: How To Create a Twitter Following

Mark David: The Obama Administration Double-Deals On Israel - (1 comments)

sometimes blinded: Fidel Castro: 2 leader undone

Jason Paz: Accommodating Modifications to Mortgage Loans

Better World Order: Scholars and Military Experts Call for Presidential Commission on Post-9/11 Detention Policy

Sheila Samples: Supreme Court turns down Agent Orange appeals from Vietnamese, US veterans

Sheila Samples: Clinton voices support for Israel

Tuesday, March 3:

Joan Brunwasser: Report: Diebold Voting System Has 'Delete' Button for Erasing Audit Logs

Sheila Samples: Obama Pressured by Israel Lobby to Boycott World Conference Against Racism (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israel Boycott Movement Gains Momentum (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Israel to double up West Bank settlers

Sheila Samples: White House-RNC Email Backed Up in Chattanooga?

Sheila Samples: Israel to present Clinton with 'red lines' on talks with Iran (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Yoo Memo Said Bush Could Limit Freedom of Speech During Wartime

Sheila Samples: Feds probably won't charge anyone for destroying CIA tapes

Sheila Samples: Clinton Pessimistic on Iran Outreach

Joan Brunwasser: Bush Administration Weighed Restricting 1st Amendment (8 comments)

Sheila Samples: Durban 2 draft: Israel's Palestinian policy is crime against humanity

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 03, 2009

Joan Brunwasser: GOP Chair Michael Steele: 'Franken Stealing Coleman's Senate Seat'


chris rice: Help yourself revolution

Paul Kruger: *This is important to OpEdNews. HR 985 (6 comments)

Linn Cohen-Cole: *Guessing at Michael Pollan's take on NAIS and industry's "fake food safety" bills. (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Feingold Urges Obama To Support Truth And Reconciliation Commission

Amanda Lang: MEMO: Bush Adm. Weighed Scrapping the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution

Amanda Lang: AIG Spending Your $$$ Millions on Top PR Firms to Spin Bailout

Margaret Bassett: China Readies Military Space Station

Margaret Bassett: 2 Blasts Strike Myanmar's Biggest City

Linn Cohen-Cole: *Has Reuters become a PR agency for Monsanto? (5 comments)

Percy Schmeiser: *Theft of Life: A story of the struggle against Monsanto and the corporate takeover of our genetic inheritance (10 comments)

Michael Richardson: Framed by the FBI: A dozen reasons the 'Omaha Two' deserve a new trial (2 of 6) (2 comments)

Jason Leopold: CIA Destroyed More Torture Videos (10 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Mercenary King Erik Prince Resigns as Blackwater CEO

Margaret Bassett: Desalination, With a Grain of Salt A California Perspective

Better World Order: Former Blair aide says government covering up Iraq war meetings

Better World Order: Obama administration releases secret Bush anti-terror memos

Robert Arend: Playboy Has Taken Down Its Santelli Story

Monday, March 2:

Sheila Samples: Obama DOJ Defies Federal Judge

Sheila Samples: Gates: US military can help Mexico in drug fight

Sheila Samples: Tactical Success, Strategic Defeat

Sheila Samples: Iran "not close" to nuclear weapon: Gates

Joan Brunwasser: The EAC Lied, Lever Voting Machines (Almost) Died

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For March 02, 2009

Margaret Bassett: C.I.A. Destroyed 92 Interrogation Tapes

Rob Kall: Thom Hartmann Leaves Air America; with interviews with Thom, AA CEO and more. (20 comments)

Cynthia McKinney: *Ruminations on President Obama's Tenure Thus Far and "Acceptable Punditry" (14 comments)

Amanda Lang: Dow below 7,000 as AIG posts greatest corporate loss in history

Amanda Lang: Republicans Concede Budget Is Hard to Block

Amanda Lang: GOP Senator Kyl's Earmark Hypocrisy: Requested $118 Million For Earmarks In Budget, But Railed Against Them In Stimulus

Amanda Lang: Acting US Attorney reveals that CIA destroyed 92 interrogation tapes. (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Limbaugh misquotes Constitution while arguing Obama policies are 'bastardization' of Constitution.

Margaret Bassett: Corrections and Public Safety - Pew Center on States

Michael Richardson: Framed by the FBI: A dozen reasons the 'Omaha Two' deserve a new trial (1 of 6) (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: DL Hughley: GOP convention 'looked like Nazi Germany'

Margaret Bassett: In U.S., Some Executives Step Down to Lower-Paying Jobs

Eileen Fleming: Vanunu Writes to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee: "I cannot be part of a list of laureates that includes Shimon Peres"

Better World Order: CIA destroyed 92 interrogation tapes

Margaret Bassett: Clashes in Nicaragua Show Sandinistas Control the Streets

Dan Rosenblum: Obama Climate Plan - A Giant Step Forward (3 comments)

Mark David: YID With LID: A.P. = Apologizing for Palestinians (1 comments)

Curtis Walker: Top Ten Congressional Districts With Over 10K Foreclosures Expected In 2009 Held By REPUBLICANS

Better World Order: Anthrax spores don't match dead researcher's samples (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: US shuns Hamas in Gaza aid pledge

Sheila Samples: Brown woos Obama on global deal

Sheila Samples: 'There was no Cabinet debate in run-up to war,' says Short as Government refuses to release minutes

Sheila Samples: Israel's attorney general says he'll indict Olmert

Sheila Samples: Interpol issues arrest warrants for 15 Israelis

Sheila Samples: Kansas Dems imagine future without Sebelius

Sunday, March 1:

Rob Kall: DEA to end medical marijuana raids (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Attending CPAC; A Visit To the Belly of the Beast (22 comments)

Glynn Wilson: Evidence of Bush-Rove Crimes Hidden Away in Southern Town? (9 comments)

JGideon: 'Daily Voting News' For February 28 and March 01, 2009

Amanda Lang: Genital Mutilation: African Women Risk Lives To Fight For Others

Amanda Lang: AIG To Get New $30 Billion Bailout

Amanda Lang: Mixed Message on Iran

Amanda Lang: Tony Blair: 'Gaza Destruction After Israeli Offensive Is Shocking'

Amanda Lang: Franken-Coleman Update: Under the Bus

Amanda Lang: Marine One Blueprints and Avionics Leaked to Iran Through Peer-to-Peer Network (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Worst job losses in 60 years expected - 4.2 million jobs lost since Dec. '07 (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Some nonprofits can't touch their money due to state laws

Amanda Lang: Washington state to allow 'dignity' deaths

Amanda Lang: Maine Town Passes Ordinance Asserting Local Self-Governance and Stripping Corporate Personhood (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: The Nation's Vanden Huevel rips Rove: "It's laughable for you to talk about fiscal responsibility."

Linn Cohen-Cole: *The criminalization of seed banking: hidden inside Monsanto "food safety" bills (8 comments)

Amanda Lang: Ex-cons run consultancies advising people how to survive jail

Danny Schechter: Calling Sully to the Rescue: How Bad Will It Get? (1 comments)

Michael Haas: U.S. in Afghan Haunted By Bush War Crimes (7 comments)

Linn Cohen-Cole: *Inside Cargill - knee deep in blood (14 comments)

Rob Kall: AIG; 80% US "Nationalized" Will Cost Another $60-$100 Billion

Rob Kall: Obama, Reaching Outside the Bubble (1 comments)


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