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April 2008

Wednesday, April 30:

Sheila Samples: Consider the Consequences of Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Power Plants, and Pray

Sheila Samples: Ted Rall: Arrest Bush

Sheila Samples: Hartmann: Interview with Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman

Sheila Samples: John Nichols: Interview with Jimmy Carter

Amanda Lang: ERIC BREWER: White House Blacklist Breakthrough: Online media team up for free press victory

Amanda Lang: Gotcha! Olbermann Rips Apart Bush Economy Speech (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Myriad Crises, but Inertia in Official Washington

Margaret Bassett: Analysis: Better the No. 2 Spot...or Going Back to the Hill?

Sheila Samples: The Demise of Democracy's Sacred Trinity

Robbrian: THE Energy Solution: The Gorlov Helix Turbine

Darren Wolfe: The CRA Scam and its Defenders (5 comments)

Cameron James: The Capitalist Workday, the Socialist Workday

Mark E. Smith: Consensual Political Intercourse

Margaret Bassett: The Democrats' God problem - Walter Shapiro

Sheila Samples: NYT Editorial: The Court Fumbles on Voting Rights

Sheila Samples: Ominous Signs That White House Advisers Want More Wars (7 comments)

Tuesday, April 29:

Sheila Samples: Froomkin: Cheney's Total Impunity (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Obama the Inevitable

Sheila Samples: The Pastor Casts a Shadow

Laudyms: No Problems!! (why we care about trivia)

Laudyms: The Iraq War Morphs Into The Iranian War- By Paul Craig Roberts (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: The GOP's Generation Gap: Thanks for Nothing, Dubya

Len Hart: The Origins of the Bush Regime in Hitler's Third Reich (5 comments)

Amanda Lang: Halliburton Bribe Case Haunts Cheney

Rob Kall: Barack Obama, Rev. Wright, and Racism, America Responds: We're Not Done With You Yet (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: "Message Force Multipliers" and the Handmaidens of Hell

Amanda Lang: John McCain & The Keating Five Legacy

Sheila Samples: With Friends Like These . . . Who Needs Hillary? (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Crazyman's Economics: Are Hedge Funds and Financial Speculation Behind the Food and Oil Crisis?

Laudyms: The McCain Health Plan: Millions Lose Coverage, Health Costs Worsen, and Insurance and Drug Industries Win

Laudyms: Debbie Almontaser and the Arab culture school- victims of the proxy battle over Israel and Palestine

Josh Mitteldorf: GOP managing the Dem Primary?

Bennet Kelley: Cyber-Swift Boating Obama

Amanda Lang: Massive Propaganda Laundry at the WSJ - Syria Reactor WASN"T

Margaret Bassett: April 7, 2008: Push, whack, shove, wallop and pound

Amanda Lang: Analysis | Pentagon Cozy With TV Generals

Monday, April 28:

M. Wizard: Why the Discredited Right Still Sets the Agenda and Dominates the Debate

Darren Wolfe: New Delhi's Food Failure

Ann Weaver Hart: Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Associated Content (1 comments)

Rady Ananda: REAL ID side effects

Laudyms: Principles of the Imperial New World Order (2 comments)

Laudyms: Race, Class & Democratic Primaries

Laudyms: "No Refuge But in Audacity": Barack Obama and the Democratic Party (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Ann Wright | Army Cover-Up of Rape and Murder? (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: A Hostage's Story: CBS Journalist Speaks

Sheila Samples: Tisdall: The old drumbeat

Sheila Samples: Chris Floyd: The Torture Election

Sheila Samples: Justin Raimondo: Is War With Iran Imminent?

Amanda Lang: Petraeus, Falling Upwards

Amanda Lang: Military Propaganda Pushed Me Off TV


Stephen C. Rose: Rev. Wright Detroit NAACP Speech (3 comments)

Sunday, April 27:

Laudyms: 3 Reasons the Economy Is Headed South (1 comments)

Laudyms: The "Green Peril": Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat

Kathlyn Stone: Independent Leading article: The price of our oil dependency

Sheila Samples: The neoconning of a nation: Vice-President, shilling troupe of retired generals, deliver fantastic tales for their cause

Sheila Samples: The Clock is Ticking for an Attack on Iran

Amanda Lang: Obama on Fox

Stephen C. Rose: Governor Rendell Honors Farrakhan (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Passover 1943: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising on Hitler's Birthday (9 comments)

Barbara Peterson: 9/11 Contradictions: When Did Cheney Enter the Underground Bunker? (7 comments)

Amanda Lang: Is McCain Impotent? (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: ELIZABETH EDWARDS: Bowling 1, Health Care 0 (5 comments)

Amanda Lang: Tracking the Spoils of the Private Sector from Bush's War on the Taxpayers (1 comments)

Len Hart: Bush's Conspiracy to Create an American Police State: Part VII, The Government Denies 'Due Process of Law'

Amanda Lang: How McCain Lost in Pennsylvania (1 comments)

Jim Freeman: "DEAR SENATOR OBAMA . . . " by Karl Rove (3 comments)

Saturday, April 26:

Sheila Samples: The Pentagon Strangles Our Economy: Why the U.S. Has Gone Broke

Sheila Samples: Collins: McCain’s Compassion Tour

Sheila Samples: NYT Editorial: The Tarnished Brass

Sheila Samples: News By Fortune Cookie

Laudyms: Why the US has really gone broke, by Chalmers Johnson (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: Idea of the Day: Reduce the High Cost of Being Poor


Andreas Umland: Kremlin Overkill: Why Putin's entry into party politics is the beginning of the end of Russian facade democracy (2 comments)

Laudyms: Ralph Nader: Disintegration is Everywhere (24 comments)

Rob Kall: Nothing Wrong With Perseverance, Right?

Amanda Lang: Executive Summary: Harvard's 14th Biannual Youth Survey on Politics and Public Service

Better World Order: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories May Contain the Truth

Friday, April 25:

Darren Wolfe: The U.S. Role in Haiti's Food Riots

Sheila Samples: Iraq War Is Everyone Else's Fault, Feith Explains

Sheila Samples: Greenwald: Skepticism toward Bush claims about Syria and North Korea

Sheila Samples: Morford: All the president's liars

Sheila Samples: The Plunge Protection Team

Rady Ananda: Western excess is the Earth killer

Amanda Lang: Is an Attack on Iran Imminent?

Amanda Lang: Delaying Bush Admin's Medicaid Regs Will Not Weaken the Program's Fiscal Integrity, 4/25/08

Laudyms: The Clintons Learned Their Lessons Well

Amanda Lang: Frederic Lemaitre | The Revenge of Agriculture

Laudyms: Bear Stearns Buy-Out... 100% Fraud

Stephen C. Rose: Stop Dissing Hillary? (4 comments)

Amanda Lang: They've Come to Suck Our Blood

Amanda Lang: No Golden Rule For Conservatives

Amanda Lang: The Future of American Power - Fareed Zakaria

Thursday, April 24:

Darren Wolfe: Hillary Hates Freedom

Peter Dearman: Everyday life in Ramallah

Better World Order: Bin Laden: Key enabler of "imperial mobilization"

Darren Wolfe: The Queen of Pork

Charlie L: Self-thoathing Liberals hire Tony Snow... in the hospital

Mike Kuykendall: I'm Surrounded by Obama-philes! (6 comments)

Laudyms: Latin America: the attack on democracy (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: McCain, Hagee and the Politics of God's Wrath

Sheila Samples: What the Iraq war is about (1 comments)

Stephen C. Rose: Unabashed Racism and Nice Guy Politics

Karen Fish: NYT Finally Shows and Reveals the Disaster that is Baghdad

Margaret Bassett: Will the Democrats flop in Denver? Madden gives "ifs"

Better World Order: Disjointed effort: After seven years, the U.S. still lacks a comprehensive anti-terror strategy (2 comments)

Wednesday, April 23:

Sheila Samples: Life Expectancies Dropping, Wages Falling, Food Rationing Reported -- What the Hell is Going on? (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: NYT Editorial: The Low Road to Victory

Sheila Samples: McCain's GI Bill Mantra: Fewer Benefits = Higher Retention

Laudyms: Compromise Efforts on FY 2009 Budget Resolution

Sheila Samples: Malloy: On to Indiana - and Pass the Syrup

Andreas Umland: Ukraine, NATO, and German Foreign Policy: Berlin and Russian Interests in the Former USSR (1 comments)

Darren Wolfe: Will the CIA Kill or Oust Ecuador's President? (4 comments)

Amanda Lang: The Great Silence: Our Gilded Age and Theirs

Kevin Gosztola: Corporate Reporters Tell Lies for a Living

Stephen C. Rose: Actual Pennsylvania Primary Results (5 comments)

Amanda Lang: What Makes Spending the Problem?

Amanda Lang: Greenspan's legacy vs Volcker's demarche (1 comments)

Len Hart: Imminent Arrest of Americans for War Crimes? (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: Elizabeth Edwards: 'This Is Not A Cheap Shot; It Is Potentially Life And Death'

Tuesday, April 22:

Sheila Samples: Message To Fed Chief Bernanke: "Enough With The Cuts, Already"

Sheila Samples: VIDEO: Bush has a sneering contempt for the law.

Laudyms: Hard Times

Amanda Lang: The First 21st-Century Campaign (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: The Endless Primary: Good For the Democrats (1 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): U S called a house of cards just on brink!

Margaret Bassett: Obama and Mellencamp, But Where's Edwards?

Amanda Lang: Step II in defining McCain: He's really wealthy

Amanda Lang: EARTH DAY RESOLUTION: No Biofuel from Food Crops

Sheila Samples: Un-"threat"-ing Iran: An Interview With Stephen Kinzer

Sheila Samples: It's Time To Defund Torture (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Bob Herbert: Clueless in America (2 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: To Hillary Clinton Supporters: Your Candidate Just Said She's Prepared to Murder Millions of Innocent People

Sheila Samples: Scott Horton: Which came first: memos or torture?

Laudyms: Putting a Check on Corporate Power

Sheila Samples: Former Bush Spokesman Joins CNN One Day After New York Times Reveals How White House Controlled Pundit Generals

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Scarborough Runs from Maddow (5 comments)

Amanda Lang: I know waterboarding is torture - because I did it myself (1 comments)

Joel Wendland: McCain's Back Door Deals Shatter Ethical Facade (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: A Developer, His Deals and His Ties to McCain (1 comments)

Darren Wolfe: Politically Contrived Gasoline Shortage

Stephen C. Rose: Obama Corner -- Pennsylvania Primary -- April 22, 2008

Amanda Lang: BOB HERBERT: Clueless in America

Darren Wolfe: Dangerously Counterproductive War on Terror

Margaret Bassett: The Homeownership Ideologues Whose Bubble? (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Steve Weissman | Baiting Obama as in Redbaiting

Monday, April 21:

Amanda Lang: George Monbiot: The most potent weapon wielded by the empires of Murdoch and China

Sheila Samples: Michael Moore: My Vote's for Obama (if I could vote) (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Next Version Of Telecom Immunity Will Be For Halliburton (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Parry: US News Media's Latest Disgrace (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Truth Vs. 'Trash Journalism': McCain's Weak Rebuttal to Damaging Allegations

Sheila Samples: Kathy Bay Malloy: A New Low

Amanda Lang: Pentagon Propaganda Pundits: The Video (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Which came first: Memos or Torture? (1 comments)

siriusss: War consumers alert

Amanda Lang: JON SOLTZ: The Pentagon's Spin Machine

Rady Ananda: GOP blocks tribute to labor legend Chavez

Amanda Lang: The Pentagon's Propaganda Machine?

Laudyms: Jose Can You See? Bush's Trojan Taco

Amanda Lang: NYT Investigation Exposes Pentagon Pimps & Propaganda Operation

Margaret Bassett: Obama risks alienating newfound GOP fans -Robert Novak (2 comments)

Sunday, April 20:

Sheila Samples: Talking to ourselves

Darren Wolfe: Fuels vs. Food (4 comments)

Saturday, April 19:

Laudyms: When bananas ruled the world (2 comments)

Laudyms: David Brooks' fictitious defense of his industry's behavior

Laudyms: A New Deal in Pakistan

Laudyms: If ABC ran the Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858

Stephen C. Rose: My New Magic Obama Number -- 59 (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Bush Has 'Understood Nothing, Learned Nothing' (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: NYT Editorial: Whose Privilege?

Sheila Samples: Torture: The Green Light

Friday, April 18:

Better World Order: The ABC Debate and the Danger to Democracy (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Torture and the Law

Tom Driscoll: Holmes & Co.

Better World Order: The next president should open up the Bush Administration's record (1 comments)

Better World Order: Mukasey dishonesty update

Laudyms: The *real* third-rail of politics

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: McCain's Gas Tax Holiday Hurts US Helps Oil Producers (6 comments)

Darren Wolfe: Has Capitalism Failed? (17 comments)

Better World Order: Public must fight to maintain net neutrality (1 comments)

Better World Order: Global Blowback: New American cover story on how US policies foster terrorism (5 comments)

Mac McKinney: THE ROVING EYE: My militia is more untouchable than yours, by Pepe Escobar

Margaret Bassett: Are the Clintons Playing Joe McCarthy?

Thursday, April 17:

Rob Kall: Paul Krugman; Obama Wrong On Most of his Bitter Comments (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: McCain confirms US ideological bankruptcy

Amanda Lang: The rise of the new energy world order (9 comments)

Amanda Lang: A diplomatic shuffle on Iran

Sheila Samples: For Chris Matthews, misogyny pays (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Round Four (3 comments)

Amanda Lang: Undercover Black Man: Cornel West on Barack Obama

Margaret Bassett: Hillary's Hypocrisy on Video (Updated)

Amanda Lang: McCain's Vietnam Lessons Unlearned

Laudyms: Thank you Jimmy Carter for everything, even for using the apartheid word

Amanda Lang: Does giving up a college deferment and six years on active duty count as loving one's country?

Rob Kall: In Pa. Debate, The Clear Loser Is ABC

Stephen C. Rose: Hannity > Stephanopoulos > Ambush Politics -- Part Two

Amanda Lang: Homeland Security head wields too much power over the environment

Sheila Samples: Top Neocon Calls For Destruction Of Constitution (4 comments)

Sheila Samples: NYT Editorial: The Supreme Court Fine-Tunes Pain

Sheila Samples: An open letter to Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulos

Rady Ananda: Acts of Hope: Challenging Empire on the World Stage (2 comments)

Joel Wendland: ABC News Presidential Debate Scores an "F"

Margaret Bassett: Michael Winship | Why Shouldn't We Be Bitter? (1 comments)

Wednesday, April 16:

Sheila Samples: Vladimir Putin strengthens bid to return to power

Sheila Samples: Morford: Free Tibet? Hell, free America!

Sheila Samples: The Cowboy and the Shepherd


Sheila Samples: Surprise: Election Reforms Politicized

Sheila Samples: Borowitz Humor: How Can We Miss Him if He Won’t Go Away? (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Closing in on Bush's Torture Cabal: Who Will Take the Fall? (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Tim Robbins Uses Sarcasm to Enumerate Broadcast Media's Failures

Sheila Samples: Buchanan: Petraeus points to war with Iran

Sheila Samples: Froomkin: Bush's Third Climate-Change Fake-Out

Laudyms: A man-made famine

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): NEW: ABC/Washington Post - Everything Poll - Huge - OBAMA - Surge

Rady Ananda: Men Explain Things to Me: Facts don't get in their way (4 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: ei: Carter's visit with Hamas' Meshal (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Dickipedia - A Wiki of Dicks: John McCain (satire)

Joel Wendland: Colombia Free Trade Agreement "Dead" – No Tears Here

Andreas Umland: Will United Russia become a fascist party? (7 comments)

Tuesday, April 15:

Sheila Samples: Whitney: Financial Collapse will End the Occupation (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Amid mounting food crisis, governments fear revolution of the hungry

Amanda Lang: Dick Cheney was never a "grown-up" (1 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Hillary Clinton's Strategically Delayed Gratification (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: A Confederacy of Dunces

Margaret Bassett: The Pope and the President By John Nichols

Laudyms: Demand Accountability for Bush's Top-Down Torture Policy

Rady Ananda: Sexism in the primaries (6 comments)

Amanda Lang: Will these men save the world?

Amanda Lang: How would you spend $3 trillion?

Sheila Samples: Still taken in by 'what it takes'

Sheila Samples: The Madness of Ben Bernanke

Margaret Bassett: The rubes and the elites - Disecting the Democratic Voter

Margaret Bassett: Mr. and Ms. Spoken: Comment: The New Yorker (2 comments)

Monday, April 14:

Mac McKinney: Financial Collapse will End the Occupation by Mike Whitney

Sheila Samples: Memo to CBS: If you’re looking for a news anchor, how about hiring Keith Olbermann?

Sheila Samples: NYT Editorial: All the Time He Needs

Sheila Samples: William Rivers Pitt: Project Update

Laudyms: You want elitism? You want bitter? I'll give you both

Sheila Samples: Sanctity of Contracts: Mortgages and Credit Cards

Sheila Samples: Krugman: Crisis of Confidence

Sheila Samples: Frank Rich: The Petraeus-Crocker Show Gets the Hook

Sheila Samples: Will the Constitution Be Altered to Eliminate Key Liberties?

Stephen C. Rose: Mayhill Fowler Violated The Rules

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Hillary & Mark Penn

Laudyms: Project Update

Laudyms: John Baer: Decades of working-class neglect - now that's insulting

Sunday, April 13:

Andreas Umland: Between the Weimar and Bonn Scenarios: Post-Soviet Russian Anti-Americanism and the Post-War German Experience (1 comments)

Stephen Hart: Article Nails the Obama "Bitter Voters" Question

Margaret Bassett: Robert Parry's analysis of Clinton campaigning

Laudyms: An Economy Built On Lies by Gary North

Sheila Samples: Eric Larsen: The Premeditated Murder Of The United States (2 comments)

Better World Order: Credit Default Swaps: Evolving Financial Meltdown and Derivative Disaster Du Jour (1 comments)

Laudyms: John Yoo: Spearhead or scapegoat? - Glenn Greenwald (2 comments)

Laudyms: Joe Bageant: Welcome to Middle-Class Lockdown

Stephen C. Rose: Mayhill Fowler Should Come Clean

Saturday, April 12:

Sheila Samples: Where will the buck stop over Iraq?

Sheila Samples: Pope won't break bread with Bush (3 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): It's Obama, stupid: Carter and Gore to end Clinton bid

Sherwin Steffin: What personality tests reveal about the candidates

Amanda Lang: Soros: Credit Crunch Is "Biggest Financial Crisis Of My Lifetime"

Laudyms: Coming Ecological Collapse: Failing Ecosystems the Mother of All Bubbles (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Listen Up McCain: It's Occupation, Not War (1 comments)

Amanda Lang: William E. Odom: Iraq Testimony from a Different General

Margaret Bassett: War-Weary Pa. Voters Wonder About Exit

Amanda Lang: The Next President's First Task: A Manifesto

Stephen C. Rose: Obama to McCain-Clinton: "People Are Fed Up!"

Sheila Samples: Memo to Petraeus & Crocker: More Laughs, Please

Gregg Gordon: Iraq and the US economy: ills feeding off each other

Friday, April 11:

Sheila Samples: The Very Annoying Washington Post

Sheila Samples: Greenwald: More on Michael Mukasey's false 9/11 and FISA claims (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Froomkin: Cheney on the Warpath Again?

Amanda Lang: BUCHANAN: Petraeus points to war with Iran (1 comments)

Laudyms: Hallucinations of Empire (3 comments)

Stephen C. Rose: To Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid : Impeach Bush & Co. (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: Krugman: Health Care Horror Stories

Joel Wendland: The Business of War

Thursday, April 10:

Margaret Bassett: Colombia Trade Fight is a Human Rights Test

Sheila Samples: New Roadblocks Delay Tribunals at Guantnamo

Sheila Samples: Bush Launches Economic 'Shock and Awe' on Iran

Sheila Samples: Spying on Americans: The FBI's "Quantico Circuit" -- Still Spying, Still Lying

Sheila Samples: War Crimes Investigation Ahead? (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: No answers, no goals, no exit

Sheila Samples: Conyers Wants Yoo, Too

Sheila Samples: Memo Shows Bush Administration Says to Hell With Fourth Amendment Rights

Sheila Samples: Parry: The Very Annoying Washington Post

Sheila Samples: Chris Floyd: Capital Crimes: Another Smoking Gun on Terror War Torture

Amanda Lang: Military docs reveal CIA role in Laos crisis - Nuke option was on table in '59

Kevin Gosztola: Jimmy Carter

Laudyms: "A Tale of Three Lawyers" by Scott Horton

Laudyms: Yoo's on First?

Amanda Lang: Catch 2,200

Amanda Lang: Blowing Them Away Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Mac McKinney: Evil Iran, the New al-Qaeda, by Pepe Escobar (2 comments)

Wednesday, April 9:

Joe Parko: In Defense of Rev Jeremiah Wright (1 comments)

Tri 'cat' Oxtail: McKinney 2008 -POWER TO THE PEOPLE (3 comments)

Laudyms: Pilger: Honouring the 'unbreakable promise'

Sheila Samples: Ghosts of A New American Century

Sheila Samples: Chimpeach Bush? Only Third Party Candidates are Discussing it

Sheila Samples: David Corn: Dems Miss Opportunity to Challenge Surge (1 comments)

Laudyms: Wash Post Opines on Future of Entitlements

Margaret Bassett: Petraeus, Crocker, McCain, Clinton, Obama and... Feingold (1 comments)

Dan Merica: Petraeus Testimony This Week Will Signal Iran Attack

Laudyms: Exhausted, Overextended Troops Ready to 'Unravel'

Laudyms: Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain- fellow POW

Stephen C. Rose: What The End Is Going To Look Like

Darren Wolfe: New Regulations Will Shape the Next Crisis

Gregg Gordon: Riding the Tiger: Muqtada al-Sadr and the American Dilemma in Iraq (3 comments)

Margaret Bassett: Interview With Tomas Young of Film "Body of War"

Sheila Samples: Basra battles

Tuesday, April 8:

Sheila Samples: Is David Petraeus Dirty? Ted Westhusing Said So, and Then He Shot Himself

Sheila Samples: Tom Engelhardt: Don't Betray Us, General: Admit That Iraq Keeps Getting Worse, And That The Surge Failed

Sheila Samples: New Yorker: Military Conflict

Sheila Samples: Documents prove FBI has national eavesdropping program that tracks IMs, emails and cell phones

Gregg Gordon: Robert Fisk: The fearful lives in a land of the free (2 comments)

Len Hart: You Can't Handle the Truth (8 comments)

Margaret Bassett: ˜Blue Dogs' Become Fundraising Powerhouse (2 comments)

Margaret Bassett: How 1968 changed Hillary -- Politial Party History

Russ Wellen: The Meekest Democratic Senator (No, Not Harry Reid)

Monday, April 7:

Rob Kall: Glenn Greenwald: Cokie Roberts Lies About the War and Where the American People Stand

Sheila Samples: Continuity of Government and the "ENDGAME" Scenario

Sheila Samples: Book: McCain temper boiled over in '92 tirade, called wife a 'C-word'

Sheila Samples: Jay Rockefeller: The Most Gullible Sheep in the Senate?

Sheila Samples: Over the Top Fed Actions Feed Conspiracy Thinking

Sheila Samples: Mark Penn and Senator Clinton: It's a Matter of Trust

Sheila Samples: Andrew Sullivan: Bush Administration Officials Will Be 'Indicted For War Crimes'

Sheila Samples: Ignoring Uptick In Iraq Violence, Lieberman And Graham Accuse War Critics Of ‘A Crisis Of Credibility’

Laudyms: The State Department's Trivialization of Anti-Semitism

Rady Ananda: Planet Earth: The Big Picture (4 comments)

Rob Kall: The Last Wish of Martin Luther King

Sunday, April 6:

Mark E. Smith: Student Given Weapons in High School (3 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Alan Dershowitz: Discriminating Between Policy Differences and Prejudice (2 comments)

Laudyms: Fed Up: Bernanke joins G-7 to Stem Global Financial Meltdown (2 comments)

Amanda Lang: Strategic Assets - Are Your Members of Congress War Profiteers? (6 comments)

Laudyms: The General and the Trap

Rady Ananda: Protecting Democracy Isn't Nutty (2 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Ruth Wisse WaPo 2007 Op-Ed: Are American Jews Too Powerful? Not Even Close

Dan Lieberman: Decline of the Party Power System (5 comments)

Saturday, April 5:

Sheila Samples: Army Worried by Rising Stress of Return Tours to Iraq

Rady Ananda: It's official, Alabama is the Soviet Union

Sheila Samples: ‘I'm your Viagra, okay?’

Sheila Samples: Basra, Baghdad and Beyond

Sheila Samples: Candidates to press Petraeus on Iraq

Sheila Samples: Obama and Hillary Spin a 'Big Lie' About Iraq (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: The Already Big Thing on the Internet: Spying on Users (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: US jobless figures: The specter of a new depression

Amanda Lang: Latin America and the U.S. Presidential Campaign: Nikolas Kosloff on John McCain

Better World Order: The DOJ comments on the Mukasey controversy

Amanda Lang: Who Is Iraq's "Firebrand Cleric"? An Interview with Patrick Cockburn

Amanda Lang: A Former GI's Perspective on the War Mea Culpas

Kevin Gosztola: Are Hillary and Obama Afraid of Talking About the New Deal? (1 comments)

Dan Merica: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Friday, April 4:

Sheila Samples: Perils in The Price Of Rice

Sheila Samples: Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: Should the U.S. End Aid to Israel?

Sheila Samples: Investors Stalk the Wounded of Wall Street

Sheila Samples: Krugman: Voodoo Health Economics (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: How the U.S. Just Got Schooled by a 'Rag-Tag' Neighborhood Army in Iraq (1 comments)

Sheila Samples: The Republican War on Voting (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: 81% of Americans Dissatisfied with Our Country's Direction -- the Highest Level Ever

Sheila Samples: Lieberman Creates New Imaginary Foe: Al Qaeda in Iran (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Where Was the Military Brass Against the Yoo Memo? The Political Leadership?

Sheila Samples: Bushwacked -- the Sequel: Jobs Down, Unemployment Up

Laudyms: Fed's interest rate games could destroy the dollar (2 comments)

Laudyms: Should the U.S. End Aid to Israel?

Laudyms: A Time to Break Silence: By Rev. Martin Luther King

Darren Wolfe: Strategic Assets (7 comments)

Andreas Umland: Taras Kuzio: Germany against Kyiv's Westward push

Paul Rye: The Fox is in the Hen-House (6 comments)

Laudyms: The Corporate-written Colombia Trade Deal (1 comments)

Laudyms: Soros: The false belief at the heart of the financial turmoil

M. Wizard: Randi Rhodes: We Believe VIDEO (3 comments)

Gregg Gordon: Calm -- and Hope -- in Indianapolis

Rob Kall: A Lie or Terrifying MSM Negligence: Why Won't Journalists Demand an Answer? (2 comments)

Laudyms: ACLU And NACDL Assembling Guantanamo Defense Teams

Sheila Samples: Glenn Greenwald: Why doesn't the 9/11 Commission know about Mukasey's 9/11 story? (10 comments)

Sheila Samples: Froomkin: Intimidating the Press

Sheila Samples: IRAQ: 'Handed Over' to a Government Called Sadr

Thursday, April 3:

Sheila Samples: "Emergency" Bill Tries to Make Electronic Voting More Accurate, But Will It?

Philip Knab: "War is Hell". The Bloody Facts.

Kevin Gosztola: Iraq Becomes Somalia

Rady Ananda: Rove caught in his own worst nightmare...

Margaret Bassett: Give to Impeachment Candidates Hear the ImpeachTeam

Rady Ananda: Rapists in the Ranks

Darren Wolfe: General William Odom Tells Senate Rapid Withdrawal Is Only Solution

Cameron James: Would You Like Change With That? An Analysis of Obamamania

Cheri Roberts: Evidence Room: Hijacker's DNA, FBI Fingerprints

Laudyms: al-Sadr- Who Is Iraq's "Firebrand Cleric"?

Laudyms: Doctors and Patients Agree

Laudyms: Why Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke tore up the rule book

Sheila Samples: Torture: The Green Light

Amanda Lang: GOVT WASTE: A Submarine to Fight al-Qaida's Navy

Better World Order: Countdown: FISA Fables

Dan Merica: NORAD Stand-Down

Wednesday, April 2:

Sheila Samples: 'How did Bush go from being an alcoholic bum to the most powerful figure in the world?' (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Ted Olson's Report of Phone Calls from Barbara Olson on 9/11: Three Official Denials (6 comments)

Sheila Samples: Iran: The Apocalypse

Rob Kall: The Republican War on Voting (3 comments)

Sheila Samples: Chris Floyd: Barbarossa Revisited: Bush Goes Bear-Baiting in the East

Sheila Samples: When Will Someone Ask Meghan McCain About Her Father’s Affairs or Her Mother’s Drug Abuse? (5 comments)

Sheila Samples: TED RALL: Don't Move On, Start Over - The Next President Must Make Bush an Unperson

Amanda Lang: One-Track Mind - In Bushworld, deregulation is the answer to everything

Josh Mitteldorf: Pressure the Dem Candidates to Take a Stand on the War (2 comments)

Tuesday, April 1:

Better World Order: Countdown: Bushed! March 31, 2008

Sheila Samples: Opposition to Treasury's Blueprint Gains Steam

Sheila Samples: Bush Administration Manipulates DNI McConnell As Top Intelligence Lobbyist

Sheila Samples: Bush Administration Manipulates DNI McConnell As Top Intelligence Lobbyist

Sheila Samples: Bush Administration Manipulates DNI McConnell As Top Intelligence Lobbyist

Sheila Samples: Paulson's Fixit Plan for Wall Street: Less regulation, More Power to the Fed

Sheila Samples: A Block in Baghdad Mourns Its Own

Sheila Samples: Bush Admin's Secret Iraq Intel Source "Curveball" Revealed

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