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just another concerned american victim of the corporate greed in this once great country.occupy congress, impose term limits to eliminate the crooks that make it all possible for the big corporations, the pharmaceutical companies paired up with a crooked FDA, big oil, a crooked judicial system feeding a billion dollar prison industry, and many other corporate interests to enslave and lord over the american people.
One of my main complaints is that pharmaceutical companies can push drugs through the FDA by padding pockets and are allowed to advertise drugs that many of the side effects are horrific and include death on tv and thats ok.Yet if someone wants to exercise what should be a personal choice like smoking marijuana they will get arrested and the american public then has to pay to house them, how convenient for the prison system. God gave us the plants and seeds of this universe to use and for profit they take that away from us. they take active ingredients from natural plants and then prescribe them back to us and a lot of time if you have no prescription you could end up in jail. Just this year the pharmaceutical companies are lobbying for the dea to release more of the chemicals that are needed to manufacture the drug adderall. adderall is a highly addictive amphetamine that they are prescribing to children to help with add because it supposedly allows them to concentrate. I believe parents have become lazy and rather than nip the problem at its root(lack of discipline!) That same parent looking for the adderall for their child is the same one asking for zanax or valium to help them cope. Meanwhile we are paying to house , find , and prosecute people for possessing ,growing, smoking and, selling a natural herb that has many healing qualities and has never killed anyone. To me there is a major problem there.
I feel there are many things that need to change and the only way that we can really have a say is to impose term limits. These people that are in there now are deep rooted in there and are corrupted by the padding that they are given by these tycoons that are bleeding the american people dry. We need to be able to remove them if they are not doing what we want them to do, and not allow them to suck the life out of us, misuse our retirement funds and not even be held responsible for the bad decisions the make with corporate interests in mind rather than the people they are supposed to be representing .

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