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My formal training was in experimental psychology with a smidgen of neurophysiology, evolutionary psychology and philosophy. As with many, I wound up in a career that had no relation to my major field of study. Soon after I left school, I found myself doing freelance programming. Over time, my path took me to international consulting on large systems design, implementation and operation. In the last few years of that time, as systems became more complex and interconnected, my focus shifted to Information Security and "designing security in" to systems. At that time, getting management to pay attention to their security needs was as hard as it was getting management to see the importance of Deming's quality control processes in the 1980s and '90s.

It finally dawned on me that the reason was that management really didn't understand the scope of risk management and how the lack of it exposed their organization. (As the crash of 2007 demonstrated, many still don't). Most of management's conception of risk management was having enough insurance. At that point, I shifted my focus from Information Security to overall risk management. It was a very unsatisfying task. As Upton Sinclair said: "It is difficult to convince a man of something when his salary depends on him not understanding it."

Small businesses have risk management issues, too. Small businesses rarely have the deep pockets that big businesses have, so any event would have a much greater impact on them than on large businesses, so I shifted my focus to working with small busineses. When the owner of a business understands the magnitude of a problem, it gets fixed.

I have had the good luck of having the opportunity to work on some interesting
projects with some incredibly talented people. That has given me the opportunity to publish articles and make conference presentations in both the psychological community and the information security community.

Besides the good fortune of having had in interesting career, I have the even greater fortune of having two incredible daughters whom I love dearly.

I have varied interests: cosmology and particle physics, string theory, many flavors of psychology - particularly evolutionary psychology, astronomy, the science vs. religion debate, neurophysiology/psychology, general systems theory, chaos theory, catastrophe theory and for grins and giggles, the plight of the Republican Party right now.

My current concerns are the deterioration of civil liberties in the US, the militarization of the DHS, the way Bradley Mannning has been and is being treated and how authoritarianism is affecting the culture and politics of this country.


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