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Feil writes...So if hydraulic fracturing in the natural gas industry is found to harm drinking water supplies, we don't have to wait to see if the world is really warming by what man does, it won't matter who is right. One percent of our world's water supply is drinkable.

Without jobs and affordable energy sources we would starve and freeze. HOWEVER, the reality of the "80/20 income rule" is PROOF that the few in charge tip the balancing scale in the interest of corporations.

When greed trumps, the absence of protective environmental regulations (that would otherwise erode the profit maker's bottom line) are essentially bought and paid for by lobbyists at all levels of government. Thus polluters legally hide behind laxed or nonexistent regulations.

WE are harming future generations by apathetically allowing greed and NOT exposing this truth. I believe that justice will be served when these cowards arrive at the heavenly gatekeepers doorstep and NOT be allowed in His mansion for those who choose to hide in darkness while on earth.

An effective, active Christian or other spiritual believer should be advocating environmental "strength in numbers".

God places such a great value on being fruitful and multiplying for future generations-yet he allows man's free will (greed/power over love) to dictate how this will play out.

Since hydrofracing is occurring in 34 of the United States and is growing worldwide, this 20 minute video teaches about the process of gas extraction that started in Colorado and also presents the health risks at each phase of gas extraction activities. The educational oil and gas sponsored videos do not cover the endocrine disrupter aspect of human exposure to this industry. You can listen to the video while you multi task . ".The best scientific opinion says any amount of exposure (BENZENE) is dangerous and more exposure is more dangerous. Industry thinks you can expose people to a fair bit safely and environmental scientists are worried about even low levels of exposure. approaching 11million hits on the documentary called "Home".

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