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Michael Daly, Artist  ((# of views))


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I am an artist, activist, writer. I am attracted to conceptualism and practice universalism.

WE NEED MASS OPPORTUNITY IN THE FACE OF CALAMITY. Emergency: humans are threatened and must now take an evolutionary leap instead of repeating things that made that emergency. I'm talking of eco (house); the ECO-nomic and ECO-logical collapse before us.

I wish to advance truth/transparency in government as the new norm, becoming our background currency - a truth standard. We need to eliminate corporate money in the present system of .gov worldwide - They can pay tax yes - but big business does NOT! They buy up whole states. The armed Colonialism business model remains: "If I pay-for/invest-in something, I own it -the cost to enforce ownership is a part of the purchase".

Globalization has hijacked democratic facilities and their potential. Corporate tax must go into the public pool without strings along with all fair tax.

In the longterm I'd like to see the development of systems of quickening public knowledge in general in all subjects especially issues of impact. Individuals throughout their lives must now appreciate their responsibility to their daily prosperity. This involves intellectual self-esteem: education. Sadly, the masses surrender their intellectual capacity. It's willfully suppressed at school and university.

Opening peoples' individual identity and dignity by allowing intellectual and creative development will make a valuable universally owned resource - a bank. People acting with full recreation does not mean the needed workforce is gone. The global "work" hours will be less as the intellectual economy replaces the current corporate slave-driver version: greed, power, waste, terror (unaccountable masters of violence and destruction).

Direct democracy can provide for production and maintenance through drafted community duty. With general intellectual and creative capacity begun the process will exist for best-possible/most-inclusive Public Made Decisions bearing in each region and having influence in every other region. The outcomes will not be perfect but compared to today's process of ignorance, prejudice, mass alienation and destruction it remains the evolutionary adaptation for the kind of fitness demanded NOW. Where direct democracy gets its wrong it will be organically predisposed to efficient correction.

We must project truth, sustainability, peace and wonder as our new trading place.


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