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Hello To All.My name is Ronald Lee Grim but will soon be changed legally to Coyote Lee Grim.Im more well known as Coyote Lee of an online News & Views Video Show named SmokeyC4.
I had 100s and 100s of SmokeyC4 deleted from youtube over my battle with Fox News,Rubert Murdoch and After that they thought I would go away but I didnt.I restarted SmokeyC4 and began putting the now C4 News & Views still under SmokeyC4 on video sites around the world and thus became even more popular.I faught for the innocent,I faught against Fox News,I faught against Republicans and far right bullys like Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity and Bill O'Rielly and big corperate companys and racism.
SmokeyC4 became very popular and very controvercial,I made thousands of fans but also many many enemys.
A lot of things started happening and my family and I had to move quite a few times,I received death threats and many close incounters but I would not stop doing the video shows.Then in the last elections I decided to run for City Council but half way into the campaign I began to get very ill,I was suffering from severe ear aches and bleeding ears and then I began to get very weak.My Dr's PA Julie kept telling Dr Jackson of my illness and he just said it was stress and just gave me ear drops,antibiotics and hydrcodone.Then I was attacked by Nebraska State Medicaid and falsily accused of going from Doctor to Doctor for narcotics for my back,I was put on an illegal lockdown in which I could see no Doctor or recieve any medication,I was on Trial via Telephone and was not allowed to face my accuser,I was not allowed an Attorney and I had to talk to a Nebraska Medicaid Attorney,Nebraska Pharmacy Personal and a Nebraska Medicaid Judge.I was so weak that I had to crawl on my hands and knees to the phone and all that I kept asking was name one Doctor?They could not but 10 days later I was found guilty.It was Criminal and it was a Sham.I was innocent and they knew that I was innocent.I could no longer do SmokeyC4 because after I locked in to see PA Julie Doctor Jackson took over after finding out that I was sent to an Endocrinologist whom diagnosed me with Addisons Disease but because the steroids,vitamins,nutrients,B12 and Testosterone were leaving my body so fast the Endocrinologist had never seen anything like it and it was flushing out of my kidneys faster than Addisons Disease ever does so he wanted a second opinion and was scared because he had never faced anything like this,But before he could get me anymore help Doctor Jackson vetoed all of his prescriptions and took me off of the Testosterone,I was bedridden for the most part of a year.Death was closing in.My wife wrote to every Nebraska congressional leader there is,we called medicaid and wrote medicaid begging for them to let me find another Doctor,We told Nebraska Medicaid over and over again what Doctor Jackson was doing to me and they still said no I could not find another Doctor.I did a couple videos on liveleak under THEC4EXPRESS and at Dailymotion and other sites asking for help.You could see that I was dieing.Finally Senator Nelson and Lt Governor Sheely contacted me and said they would help but time was running out,Finally my wife a nurse of 25 years got ahold of Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruining and begged him to generate my files and pull up the medicaid payments and it would prove my innocence.Attorney General Jon Bruining did and found me 100% innocent,I was taken off the lockin and quickly found another Doctor whom emedeatly gave me testosterone and steroids and vitamin D and B12 and I went back to the Endocrinologist whom tryed to save my life and whom we heard fighting with Dr Jackson and he suddenly and completly changed,as though someone or someones had got to him,He then wanted to shoot insulin in me to see if I would go into shock,I set up an appointment but my wife said no,it could kill me and she was right,The University Of Medicine in Omaha told us to get away from that Endocrinologist and they set me up to see a new Endocrinologist for Monday Sep12th.
Ive got about 30% of strength in my body and thats the most ive had in about 2 years now.Im going to do a SmokeyC4 and I opened up or rebuilt a social networking site id owned for a few years and made it into a political site to fight against corruption and hold lawmakers responsible.My wife and I and a lot of people now think that they were trying to silence me even if it ment killing me.Now im coming after them and im going to get justice for what they put me through,Theres a lot that I left out but for now im hoping its not terminal and then the battle begins between me and Nebraska Medicaid and all that were involved in this conspiricy or just plain crimes commited against me.I hope that many join my site.Thank You For Taking The Time To Read My Profile.
Coyote Lee

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recent picture of my wife and i, From ImagesAttr
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 12, 2012
Nebraska Medicaid Finally Won.They Murdered Me! After almost 3 years nebraska medicaid finally got what they wanted,They threw me into adrenal crises for 30 days and all hope is lost.
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, October 28, 2011
Nebraska Medicaid Attacks Continue And Now My Life Is On The Line. If you have read my first article then you will understand this.I forgot to mention other things but I feel this was enough,Nebraska Medicaid stripped me of all of my Constitutional Rights and shortened my life.I will protest in Lincoln Nebraska in front of the Nebraska Medicaid Building this Tuesday the 25th and will stand until I colapse,If I dont die I will go back and keep going back until I get Justice.
(18 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, August 16, 2011
NEBRASKA MEDICAID BROKE THE LAW,TOOK AWAY MY CONSTITUIONAL RIGHTS & WATCHED AS I SUFFERED & NOW MAY DIE The most haunting horrific things that ive ever gone through or could even amagine going through,Nebraska Medicadid are like terrorist.Now after almost two years I dont know if its to late to even save me.All of my Constitutional Rights were thrown out with the trash,And what this Doctor did to me with pretty much permission from Nebraska Medicaid to do it,Its almost as if Dr Jackson was taking orders from Nebraska Medicaid.