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In Major Shift, US Declares West Bank Settlements Do Not Violate International Law  - Live News 247 Thanks for watching my video. If you like my videos, please subscribe to the channel to receive the latest videos Videos can use content-based copyright la, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Pompeo, Israeli settlements no longer "inconsistent" with international law Yesterday Sec'y of State Mike Pompeo declared US policy toward settlements in the Israeli occupied West Bank are no longer "inconsistent" w/ international law. The West Bank is Israeli occupied territory. It is unambiguous. Under international law it is illegal for an occupying power to build anything in occupied territory. Therefore under international law it is illegal for Israel to build settlements in the West Bank.
Beyond Bathrooms: The Transgender Student Experience The battle over bathroom access for transgender students is heating up. The U.S. departments of Justice and Education issued a directive last month for the ..., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, November 14, 2019
Have we lost sight of what's important? What to make of some things lately in the MSM, internet & social apps i.e. This thing over sexuality. That designating a men's & women's room discriminate against transsexuals use of the rest room of their preference. Now there shouldn't be discrimination against anyone however they want to depict themselves. But is choice of a potty a critical issue? There are real problems facing this country. Potty use isn't one of them.
EU future tops agenda as Germany's Merkel hosts France's Macron EU future tops agenda as Germany's Merkel hosts France's Macron Emmanuel Macron is set to visit Berlin on his first day as France's president to hold talks with ..., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, November 7, 2019
It's time for European nations break free of the US yoke around their necks since the end of WWII France, the UK & Germany need to uphold the 2015 nuclear agreement w/Iran despite the US w/drawal from the deal last yr. Iran has begun enriching uranium beyond what it agreed in the 2015 deal. Iran has said it would return to the deals limits if the Europeans uphold their end of the deal. They are independent sovereign nations. It's time they acted like it & break free of the US yoke around their necks since the end of WW II.
Nancy Pelosi announces impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump on Tuesday, acquiescing to mounting pressure from ..., From YouTubeVideos
(13 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, November 1, 2019
What if Dems impeachment vendetta against Trump backfires and gets him re-elected. Who will they blame for that? The Dems have thrown down the gauntlet, using Trump's phone call to Ukraine Pres. Zelenskyy in July as the basis for his impeachment. Trump is horrible, a self important narcissist who conducts policy by tweets which often contradict what he tweeted previously. The Dems have been apoplectic since Trump was elected. But what if their impeachment vendetta backfires & Trump gets re-elected. Then who will they blame for that?
LIVE: Putin and Erdogan hold joint press conference in Sochi - Russian Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are due to hold a joint press conference in Sochi on Wednesday, May 3., From YouTubeVideos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Putin and Erdogan sign agreement ending Turkish invasion of Syria against the Kurds Yesterday's agreement signed by Russian Pres. Putin & Turkey Pres. Erdogan should be considered a game changer, a major turning point in the Syrian war. Erdogan agreed to end Turkey's invasion into NE Syria against the Kurdish militia's he sees as terrorists. Those militia's will move from the border area deeper into Syria. The agreement solidified Russia as a key player diplomatically as well as militarily in Syria.
Watch Pelosi's full impeachment inquiry announcement House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump in a Sept. 24 news conference. Read more: ..., From YouTubeVideos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, October 18, 2019
Dems pushing for Trump's impeachment reeks with hypocrisy The political saga of Dems pushing for Trump's impeachment reeks w/ hypocrisy. Sure the "Donald" is corrupt but so are those gunning for him. We know the majority of Dems & Repubs are in the pocket of the big corps, special-interest groups, Israeli Lobby that underwrite the politicos electoral campaigns. So let's spare us the Dems' uproar over Trump's phone call to Ukraine Pres. Zelensky.
John Bolton: 'Every Day That Goes By Makes North Korea A More Dangerous Country' | NBC News When asked if he thought North Korea was not giving up enough, Bolton says, .I don't think the North Koreans will ever voluntarily give up enough, because ..., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Bolton hasn't faded into the sunset, the MSM just embraced him as a new found friend Somehow one knew Trump's former NS Adviser John Bolton wouldn't just fade into the sunset. He was @ the Center for Strategic & Int'l Studies blasting Trump seeking a middle ground in N. Korea saying Kim Jong-un couldn't be trusted & a war was necessary. Incredibly the MSM lapped it up embracing Bolton as a new found friend. Embracing the war monger Bolton? The best way to put it, "The enemy of my enemy is now my friend".
Trump clashes with Pelosi, Schumer in Oval Office President Donald Trump met with Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) in the Oval Office where Trump vowed to ..., From YouTubeVideos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, September 23, 2019
There has never been a time clear headed diplomacy is necssary yet so lacking in "official" Washington Yemen's Houthi's recently sent drone missiles targeting Saudi Arabia's oil pipelines & refineries. W/out evidence the US blames Iran & threatens military action against them. Iran rejects the accusations but warns any military violation of Iranian airspace will result in a retaliatory strike. Clear headed diplomacy is necessary. Yet there has never been a time such a lack of this capacity is @ hand in Official Washington.
Israeli elections a referendum on Netanyahu's political fate Two days before nationwide elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday held a cabinet meeting in the occupied West Bank, an area he ..., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Today's snap election in Israel, a referendum on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whether he remains or is booted out Today there's a snap election in Israel. The reason: Israel had a gen'l election in April but Benjamin Netanyahu's party didn't capture a majority in the Israeli Knesset to form a new gov't as no minority party would agree w/ Netanyahu to form a coalition gov't requiring today's snap election. Israel being a parliamentary type gov't the people don't directly elect a new PM. But make no mistake. This a referendum on Netanyahu.
Trump Fires National Security Adviser John Bolton - The Day That Was | MSNBC John Bolton is the latest top national security official who has been forced out after clashing with President Trump. Trump said Tuesday that he had fired national ..., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Bolton finally gone from the scene Geopolitically, good news is rarely heard these days. Yet yesterday qualifies as one of those days. Trump's nat'l security advisor John Bolton was finally gone from the scene. Since last April when Trump named him as nat'l security advisor there's hardly been a day where news of Bolton brought any sense of relief some new US misadventure advocated by him was about to happen. Now he'll just be a sour footnote in history.
Watch Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's full speech to Congress Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint meeting of Congress in Washington, D.C. to say that the ongoing negotations between Iran and the ..., From YouTubeVideos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows he can act with impunity In 3 weeks Israel holds new elections. Last April's elections produced no majority. No new gov't could be formed but Benjamin Netanyahu remained the PM till next month's election. He's become more belligerent since April, annexing the Golan Hgt's, sent missiles into Syria, drone strikes into Lebanon & air strikes into Iraq. It's an old tactic riling up the public's natl'ism. Let's hope teh tactic fails & a new PM gets elected.
Protesters and 'baby blimp' balloon gather ahead of Trump's re-election launch | AFP As US President Donald Trump heads to Orlando to launch his re-election campaign, protesters and the giant 'baby blimp' position themselves just a few blocks ..., From YouTubeVideos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Democrats focus on Trump won't sway his base. It might even broaden it and get him reeleted next year On Sunday Rep. Illan Omar tweeted, "Could we take back our democracy if 1.7 million Americans marched for it?" The target & marching for it against Trump by connecting w/ Hong Kong protests. What Omar & Dems don't point out the original protests were over a bill allowing the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland China has been suspended. The protests are now to incite violence & get China to shut down the protests.
Corporate American Flag - CorporateAmericanFl  ~ The Corporate American Flag -- 3x5 ft and 2x3 ft Flags -- Company Logos were the stars would be in the USA Flag., From YouTubeVideos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, August 12, 2019
The ruling elite and its control of America There is a deep undercurrent roiling this country splintered & disconnected. There is no mutual respect between right & left. Too busy squabbling. A perfect illustration of divide & conquer tactics by the ruling elite. One thing right & left can agree on. Our electoral system is completely corrupt & controlled by the ruling elite. They are the beneficiaries. As long as that system remains in place nothing will change.
El Paso mall shooting: Dillard's evacuates, From YouTubeVideos
(8 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Any connection between "official" Washington's hatred's and violence with the hatred of those committing mass shootings? With the mass shootings in El Paso & Dayton it might be appropriate to consider a source behind them; namely hatred. Hatred of immigrants, minorities, blacks, browns, Muslims, a boss on the job, a teacher. What about official Washington's hatred of its enemies & the violence it commits against them? Could there be a connection between Washington's hatred's & violence & the hatred's of those committing these mass shootings?
President Trump defends tweet President Trump responds to questions about his tweet criticizing minority freshmen lawmakers in which he said they should .go back. to the countries from ..., From YouTubeVideos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, August 1, 2019
Trying to remain sane in the midst of a surreal "official" state of chaos Persuading the propagandized. That's what some of us attempt in countering what the gov't & its MSM claim as fact. Many people seem closed off from anything that runs counter to what they've come to believe. Unless one is open to other views there often is outright resistance. Now we have domestic & foreign policy by tweet from a Pres. Trump. It's like trying to remain sane in the midst of a surreal "official" state of chaos.
Trump: I'll meet with Iran 'anytime they want' President Trump and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte have a joint press conference after their meeting at the White House on Monday., From YouTubeVideos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, July 20, 2019
The hope, Trump has a moment of lucidity and avoids war with Iran Hardly a day goes by w/out an incident involving Iran. The latest had Iran intercepting two British tankers in the Strait of Hormuz detaining one then releasing the other. Other incidents have occurred. The US claimed it shot down an Iranian drone flying too close to a US Navy ship while the Iranian's denied any of its drones were missing. The worry is a miscalculation of the intent of an adversary unleashing a new hot war.
20161104 13 Cell Phones, From FlickrPhotos
(14 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Why Americans remain in denial over what their country is doing in the world Why do many/most Americans seemingly remain in denial or oblivious to what their country has done or is doing in the world? Possibly to avoid cognitive dissonance, a psychological term indicating a "mental discomfort experienced by a person...triggered by a situation in which a person's belief clashes w/ new evidence perceived by the person". So they avoid the new evidence that could turn their world upside down.
Boeing faces more problems with grounded 737 Max airplanes | DW News Airplane manufacturer Boeing has admitted that some of its 737 Max planes could have a defective wing part. The company has been under intense pressure ..., From YouTubeVideos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, June 23, 2019
Pilots sue Boeing over MAX 737, knowingly put profits ahead of safety A published account by RT has Boeing being sued by 400 pilots "trained to fly the 4th generation 737 MAX aircraft". They accuse Boeing of hushing up known concerns about the glitch ridden equipment installed in the jets. The lawsuit says, "Boeing engaged in an unprecedented cover up of the known design flaws of the MAX 737, placing corporate profits ahead of the lives of pilots, crews & the general public.
F-35A Lightning II Demo 2019 Melbourne Air Show 2019 Melbourne Air and Space Air Show Melbourne, Florida. Saturday March 30th, 2019. My trip out east was worth it. Watch as Capt. Andrew Dojo Olson ..., From YouTubeVideos
(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, June 17, 2019
The F-35, Design flaws mean plane might suddenly tumble out of control and crash It shouldn't come as a surprise Lockheed Martin's F-35 stealth fighter continues to have problems. The latest revelation. If a new F-35 "has to climb @a steep angle to dodge an enemy attack, design flaws mean the plane might suddenly tumble out of control & crash". Yet "Pentagon officials plan to declare an end to the testing phase of the F-35's development sometime in late 2019 & clear the fighter for mass production."
Oil under pressure after Gulf of Oman attacks on two oil tankers Cresset Capital Chief Investment Officer Jack Ablin beaks down the oil market and what the attacks on oil tankers in the the Gulf of Oman means for oil prices ..., From YouTubeVideos
(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, June 13, 2019
Early this morning two oil tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman This morning 2 oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman were apparently attacked causing explosions, damage to hulls,on fire &adrift w/sailors rescued. This after 4 ships were damaged off coast of the UAE last month. To date no evidence found though Pentagon immediately accused Iran. Trump's nat'l security adviser weighed in saying the attacks were mines "almost certainly" from Iran. Sec'y of State Pompeo accused Iran for todays attack

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