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I'm a politically incorrect conservative curmudgeon & retired USAF officer. I often describe myself as a 17-18th century classic liberal since as a Christian I believe we're our brother's keeper & view the word liberal as derived from liberty, not libertine. I believe science is the study of God's handiwork & the question isn't whether a subject is off limits but rather how the information is used. Though I believe in the Sermon on the Mount, I'm not a pacifist.

I've a degree in math & graduate hours in political science, although not finished as the government broke its promise to vets on the VA Ed Bill. It's a Christian concept that we're to keep our word, & that includes our government with regards to SS & Medicare, but we must put them on solid financial footing.

While a lifelong Republican, except in college when I (shudder) dabbled in the Libertarian Party, I'm inclined to be independent. I believe the GOP controlled by the neoconservatives betrayed its principles of the 1994 Contract with America & opted for a contract on America. Bush, even if meaning well, decimated the Constitution with the connivance of Congress.

I believe the Constitution should be read in an exegetical manner & is the Supreme Law of the land, not the SCOTUS. Both parties have gutted the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights. No longer can we say any of the first 10 Amendments are intact save the 3rd, so far.

I favor term limits; Write the Bills, One Subject at a Time, Read the Bills, & the Enumerated Powers Acts; but rather as amendments since what Congress gives it can take away. I also favor a Balanced Budget Amendment & a reaffirmation of the 9th & 10th Amendments as the Federal government was created by the States, not the other way around.

The Federal government's 1st obligation is defense, including our borders. The 2nd is protecting citizens' rights.

While we should welcome legal immigrants, we should deport those who come here illegally & shouldn't provide any benefits other than emergency aid. Officials who refuse to support such should be impeached & removed from office. If the Federal government is unable to or unwilling to fulfill its duty, the States have the right to do so.

The Constitution isn't static; there're the amendment & constitutional convention processes. As a former officer who took a pledge to protect & defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign & domestic, I take a dim view of what many politicians are doing today, be they Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives. It seems they've forgotten the adage that the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.

So let's return this once great country to a democratic Republic under the rule of constitutional law with a true free market capitalist economy backed by honest contract law.

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