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I'm a dentist and professional photographer who would rather be photographing nature and promoting my B.O.C.A (Bringing Oral Care to Allies) program than fighting in the information war for the future of humanity on this planet--waking Americans to the ugly truths of 9/11 which obviously was an inside job that also involved Mossad--and complicity of media, the Congress, courts, FBI, CIA, NIST, FEMA, heads of state, and a host of other conspirators in the cover-up.

Beguiling of mass media brings us mass deception. Mass media conglomerates should be broken up just like the Big Bells were divested. These Orwellian "Halls of Truth" must be taken down--to restore journalistic ethics and the role of journalism as the watchdog of renewed, Constitution abiding government.

Until awakening to the controlled demolition of Building 7 (wtc7.net and whodidit.org), I was very active in my dental professional organizations. Emergency conditions of treason and mass murder by high government officials and operatives necessitate a complete focus on getting our country back.

The perpetrators of 9/11 (whodidit.org for starters) must be outed and brought to justice. The truth will set us free--even though there will be some challenging times.

Give me liberty or give me death. This fight is worth laying down our lives. SCREAM 9/11's a Lie!


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