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Spitzer Is A Drop In The Bucket; The Sex Story America Doesn't Want To Hear

By William Cormier  Posted by William Cormier (about the submitter)       (Page 1 of 1 pages)   5 comments
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Liam Orleans

Watching the debacle unfolding about Governor Spitzer and the unbelievable media coverage it's generating is amazing. It’s hard not to chuckle at the indignation and response of the American public; however the public perception of this matter is belied by the greater depth of the issue that affects every major city in America. I’m not making light of the hypocrisy he exhibited - but more on the naïveté of the general public. No, I’m not a sex therapist, nor am I a PhD in human sexuality, but I did own and operate three (3) Escort and Modeling Agencies in the 1980’s and am well versed on the subject. Two turned-out to be state and federal “sting” operations, so I’m aware of, and was part of the behind the scenes operations that involved the DEA, FBI, US Treasury Department, ATF, and state and local agencies too numerous to mention that were involved in those operations. Granted, Governor Spitzer is somewhat unique; but to me, it wasn’t that much of a surprise to hear “The Sheriff of Wall Street” was ensnared in a sting of the type that he prosecuted himself while he was “The Enforcer” and acting as the Attorney General for the State of New York.

Did I personally suspect Governor Spitzer of this type of behavior before he was arrested? No. But, when you learn the industry and understand what happens across America every day, the only “surprise” is that more high-level politicians haven’t been caught and prosecuted for something that’s actually an everyday occurrence. Hasn’t anyone thought it was odd that the customer lists of Heidi Fleiss, the “D.C. Madam”, my own customer list for that matter, and those of other Escort and Modeling Agencies that have been uncovered in major cities across the United States are usually kept secret and unavailable to the public? You already know the answer, but I’ll repeat it anyway; The customer lists are almost never disclosed - at least in their entirety, because Escort and Modeling Agencies service high-profile clients in every major city in America on a regular basis - and many of those lists contain names that are “Pillars of their Communities” and all too often, prominent politicians in every level of government, state, local, and federal. Police and law enforcement officers also come-up on the lists - rarely I’ll admit, as do Preachers, CEO’s, and generally speaking, the “clients” represent the activities of a wide cross-section of affluent and Middle-class America.

The family of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, Governor’s Spitzer’s admitted “escort” was shocked and dismayed, understandably to find that their daughter, to put it in their words, “got involved in something much larger than her.” It would shock many American families to know that many of their daughters (and sons), whom number in the thousands, ply the sex trade by working as Exotic Dancers and Escorts in almost every small to large city in the United States. Many of them are college students who work at night and study by day - some who one day will emerge as Doctors, Lawyers, and yes, even as teachers. We’re not talking about hookers that walk the streets, but the ladies of the night that work for the thousands of Escort and Modeling Agencies that pepper the country, and yes, there’s a difference between the street-walking hookers and those that work for private agencies. There are several myths that surround Escort and Modeling Agencies and I’ll try to dispel a few - and add some facts many of you never knew.

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Many people believe that Escort Agencies primarily serve the conventions and business travelers in their respective cities, and they do, but the safest and most appreciated business is the locals who often turn out to be repeat customers, usually the safest and most profitable to serve. My business was comprised of 35-40 percent out of town customers, while the bulk of the business were locals, people who used the service regularly and many of whom ordered the same woman time after time, many treating them almost like girlfriends.

There are several types of customers, but the majority are businessmen who work their butts off all week, don’t care for the bar scene, and have the money to spend on a well-educated woman who can hold an interesting conversation as well as satisfy their sexual needs without trolling the local bars and coming-up empty handed, or even worse, catching something that Ajax Cleanser won’t rub off! Generally speaking, these customers are rather mundane in their sexual needs and many appear to enjoy the company almost as much as the sex - which is evidenced by multiple hour calls that often are filled with as much conversation as they are sex. In the 1980’s, these ladies worked for $150-$500 per hour, and that didn’t count the agency fee. Almost half of the business was conducted by Credit cards, for special customers checks, and the rest in cash. The customer I’m describing here might be the owner of your local auto parts store, an executive in a large business, a local sales manager, or even your Doctor, Attorney, and sometimes, even the clergy!

The next category is the couple, and that might mean your next door neighbors! There is an enormous business in sending out a single woman to a couple, often the birthday present of a wife to a husband, or visa versa, and these too sometimes become regulars - especially those that are prominent citizens who won’t involve themselves in the local swinger scene because of fear of being “outed.” Again, average Middle-to upper-class couples that are simply looking for some excitement in their sex lives, and as common in the industry as hooks are to a fisherman!

So far, nothing abnormal or different, but there are a couple of other type of regular customers, and each of these may surprise those who have never delved into the inner workings of human sexuality. The power-brokers, CEO’s, Executives that supervise large numbers of employees, politicians, the “movers and shakers” in our country to be exact - and with that power, these are some of the kinkiest customers any agency will serve! This is where the Dominatrix is often requested and ones that have always kept me scratching my head… When I fist became associated with the business, this is the customer that I envisioned that because of their wealth and power, would order multiple women at a time and basically, party their butts-off, but did I have a surprise coming! Perhaps it’s a feeling of guilt on how they treat their employees, manage people’s money, or serve their constituents, but invariably, these are the customers that request to be humiliated, whipped, defecated upon and a host of weird vices I won’t mention on an open-blog, and believe me, they have to pay big money for their dive into perversity - and they do, time and time again. They never seem to tire of being abused, and are the one type of customer that seems to keep going deeper into the nether-land of sexual diversity and perversion. I have always found a bit of humor in these power-brokers that are as twisted as a piece of licorice, and so can you if you’ll try this the next time your boss is taking-out his anger and frustration on you; while he’s ranting and raving and chewing your butt, form an image in your mind and picture him in rubber undergarments, being led around on his hands and knees by a leash with a red-rubber ball stuck firmly in his mouth… If that doesn’t offer you a bit of solace, then nothing will! (I’m not implying that all of these “power-brokers” are sexually oriented in this manner, however, this is where the majority of these types of calls emanate from.)

The last category of customer is the one I’ve always worried about, and these are the serious weird-o’s that make a lady stop by the grocery store on the way to the call, pick-up cucumbers and other similar vegetables - and use them on their customers when the call begins. I don’t believe a further explanation is necessary; however, the calls that border on the bizarre worry me - not because they call escort agencies, but because I wonder what happens to these individuals when the source of their pleasure is shut-down by the police, or they simply run out of money. Like anyone else that doesn’t understand a particular idiosyncrasy, when it’s especially bizarre, I have to wonder what these individuals do when they are without whatever it is that makes them tick - but ones mans pleasure is another’s pain, so I suppose I don’t have the right to be judgmental - but even the ladies shy away from and charge unusually high fees for these types of customers. The grocery store scenario was only an example, and honestly, one of the tamest ones I could place in print.

This is an extremely brief look into the world of Escort and Modeling agencies, otherwise known as prostitution rings, and to properly address the issue, it would take an entire book - and even then, unless it weighed thirty pounds and was 5,000 pages I doubt if we could cover all of the aspects of the sex industry and delve into the psychology and human nature that make it one of the largest illegal money-making enterprises in America. I don’t believe it should be illegal; what consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes or hotels should be their business, not that of the body politic.

We seem to have forgotten that many individuals with higher intelligence who are self-motivated - and in reality often guide the core businesses of our country and sometimes the governments itself are often those with unusually high sex drives. Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast. Some of our best Presidents were promiscuous and before the advent of electronic surveillance and cameras on every corner - governed this country with memorable Presidencies, and some of those men were among the most admired Presidents on record. As the religious-right attempts to press their will on the entire country, it’s notable they too are often “ousted” for the same type of behavior that Governor Spitzer engaged in, and as usual, many times it’s those who shout the loudest that have the most to hide.

The United States is a highly diverse, sexually charged nation. Many, if not most of our high-profile commercials flaunt beautiful, scantily clad women, and it’s also prevalent in our movies and even prime-time television shows. What we see on a daily basis is sex, sex, sex, and at night, if you turn to Fox, you’ll find some of the most provocative, sexually charged adult late-night programming from a network that continually harps on the “lack of values” in modern day America. We are a nation that says one thing and does another, unwilling to accept that sex is the second-most powerful human instinct we possess other than the will to survive - and rather than learning to understand an issue that has been with society since the beginning of time, we still live in the dark ages of suppressing our own desires in public, and when we believe no one is looking, revert back to the instinctive human beings that actually is more representative of humanity than the morals which are placed upon us that are so archaic - even those that makes the “rules” are usually in the lead of breaking them! When they are caught they tell us all “how sorry” they are, when in reality, they are only sorry they stood for something they couldn’t live with themselves and must now suffer the consequences of attempting to live a lie which they never truly believed in themselves.

Liam Orleans

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