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Saving face or saving lives.

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Message Robert Raitz
This past November seventh, We The People spoke loud and clear at the polls. We spoke so loudly and clearly that even the ever-moronic DUBYA heard us, if only for a second. He heard us loudly enough to drop Dumbsfeld like a really bad habit. He heard us clearly enough to drop "stay the course", at least in the sense of not spewing his chicken hawk catchphrase every minute or so in his well scripted speeches. But much like the spoiled brat child who will not be dissuaded from his goal of sticking his greedy hands into the cookie jar by whatever means necessary, he heard, but either he didn't listen, or he didn't care about the message received. Since we are still in Iraq with no real hope of leaving soon, it's obvious he still wants to stay the course. Maybe it's time to slip Barney a Snausage laced with Polonium 210. Of course, it would be one thing if it was only DUBYA who was banging the drum to keep our death dance with Iraq running like a not-so-well oiled machine. The media is also right in there, shaking their maracas, jiggling their rain sticks, and slapping their tambourines. And what is the name of this rhythmic cacophony they are banging out to all who have ears? How Can We Save Face In Iraq? How can we save face in Iraq? Is that even a legitimate question? How could anyone suggest that DUBYA be allowed the luxury of not being disgraced by this little bloodbath of his own making? Answers: No, we can't save face. No, it's not even a question worthy of the effort to release it into the ether. And no, saving DUBYA from a disgrace is not worth the loss of even one more life. We can't save face because the Iraq War will always be tainted by the truth behind it. It was and is a war of choice. It was begun under false pretense, and by ignoring the very open diplomatic channels at the time. It was a means for some impotent chicken hawk bastards to prove to the world they could still get it up without the need for Cialis or Viagra. This war is a disgrace on a global level. There is no way of getting out of it without being disgraced. To even suggest we could leave in triumph is to ignore the roots of this war of convenience. I find it disgusting that the question of saving face is on the lips of anyone, or in print, or is being spoken as if there is a hope for saving face. I find it heinous that anyone anywhere is even suggesting "we" have the option to save face with this fiasco. What's even more heinous is the use of the pronoun "we" in reference to who needs to save face. This war is DUBYA's bastard child. "We," as in We The People had nothing to do with it. "He," as in the a**hole in the White House remains the architect of this blood-drenched fiasco. It's his baby. He needs to face it in its entire bloody splendor. DUBYA could have saved face by humbly admitting he was wrong at the very outset. He could have saved face by staying in Afghanistan and actually catching Osama bin Laden and his dialysis machine. He could have listened to opinion polls, generals, his daddy, and everyone else who was telling him that going into Iraq was a bad idea, and bound to fail. But he didn't, and we see the results. He didn't listen. Now "we," as in American soldiers are stuck there and dying in the middle of a civil war based on interpretations of the Koran, a book that most Americans hold in contempt. Now "we," as in the American public are left to bear the shame of guilt by association. "We," as in progressive minded Americans have to watch in horror and disgust as the situation in Iraq descends more deeply into the caverns of anarchy. DUBYA simply doesn't deserve being saved from his disgrace. He needs to feel the full weight of the disgrace he so richly deserves. He needs to taste the bitterness and wretchedness of the serving of crow that awaits him. Moreover, he needs to swallow this unpalatable dish without the loss of even one more American soldier or innocent Iraqi civilian. Already, too many have died in the name of this disgrace. With every American and innocent Iraqi that dies in DUBYA's blood fest, the depth of the disgrace that is the Iraq War only worsens. It is long past time that DUBYA gets that message loud and clear. The sad part of this is DUBYA won't get the message. His past should clearly point to that. Everything that his hands have touched has fallen to ruin. He has left the skeletons of oil businesses in his wake. How anyone can lose money in the oil business is beyond me, but DUBYA did just that. He did it more than once, and had to have daddy and Saudis pull his ass out of the fire. He truly is the spoiled child that has never had to clean up his own messes. This is incredibly obvious. He missed out on getting the beatings that might have actually beaten some sensibility into his feeble brain. He had a host of people ready and willing to take the fall or clean his messes for him. This left him with the impression that he could do no wrong. And now, at long last, we see what this kind of "mind" set has wrought. He doesn't deserve to have his face saved. He needs to be forced to clean up his own mess by himself, or get the hell out of the White House. He needs to be so completely disgraced that suicide seems to be the only option left to save his aching soul. He needs to be shown that he's an adult, and must be held accountable for his failures. He needs to feel the pain of each of the deaths his actions and inaction have brought. Saving face or saving lives, I think it's clear which one is more important here. Unfortunately, as long as the media and DUBYA's handlers keep telling him there is a way to get out without disgrace, he'll keep putting more people in harm's way, or keep them there longer. Even when those voices stop, his fucked-up feeble brain will keep telling him he can make it all better. He can't. He's already lost this war. It was lost on the first day. Everything since then has just been one more nail in his self-built coffin, and in the coffins of those who are no longer alive because of his arrogance and stupidity. One final thought on this. I would personally like to send a huge, "thank you," and "keep up the good work," to Senator elect Jim Webb. Your icy snub of DUBYA was a thing of absolute beauty. More people in congress need to do the same thing. It is clear that Jim Webb isn't interested in DUBYA's face being saved. Of course, when one has a son in the line of fire, saving the face of the idiot that put him there is nowhere near as important as getting to see that son come home outside of a wooden box. Maybe we all need to snub DUBYA. I'm up for it! Blessed be! Pappy
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Harpist, unemployed blue collar worker, and Bush basher living deep in the heart of Texas.
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