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GW Bush is planning to initiate World War III before the next election. There are several underlying reasons for his planned course of action and he has been making hints, slips of the tongue and rattling of his perennial saber over the last several weeks, taking the same tact of fear and solemn pre-WW III verbiage, which reflects somewhat that of pre-Pearl Harbor talk in the 1930's. The Pre-Pearl arguments were justified, these are so ridiculous that one wonders, if this were a movie just released, how fast it would be laughed out of the theatres, or perhaps after screen tests, be withdrawn and made into a Saturday Morning Cartoon,

The situations between then (1941) and now are almost blasphemously different. The Pre-Pearl Harbor concerns were focused on two possible enemies, which then had the potential to do real damage to the US, and in fact later, did. This poor facsimile in Iraq is but a Yellow-Kid Wyle scam, so much like the pre-Iraq attack fear tactics that one wonder how stupid those who believe it are, if any do.

It will take weeks, perhaps months before he actually attacks Iran, unless a genuine opportunity arises more quickly. He may, in an effort to make his Euro-Allies feel he is doing something to solve the problem diplomatically, wait out what will appear to be a reasonable period of "trying," but his refusal to set up direct talks with Iran, are a clue to his real desire.

Some may ask why does he want to attack Iran? The reasons are few and have little to do with the excuses he is currently giving. If history is any lesson, in the case of this president, the reasons will change again and again.

If we could see a copy of The Oil and Gas Law of The Iraq Republic, we would undoubtedly have part of the answer as to why we attacked that nation. My guess is that it contains a much more profitable oil deal, not for the citizens of Iraq and America, but for the Oil Companies of the USA, Kuwait, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and a few others. Another reason may be the Bushite way around certain laws restricting campaign contributions. Perhaps the as yet, "unknown" criminals, who looted billions in cash from Iraq, will find a way to make some heavy contributions? Of course, there will be plenty of money from no-bid contractors for the Bushites candidates and maybe even from the family business, The Carlyle Group, which has profited so mightily from the current "war".

There is more, however. In Bush's latest speeches, his language is apocalyptic and biblical, sounding right out the Left Behind/Rapture fiction, which so many "Christians" apparently accept as Sacred Writ. He is making his case to win them over after some mild rifting, by making war upon another segment of the fastest growing religion on the planet, Muslimism. It was growing fast before the attack on Iraq and since it has been growing faster. Some groups want that growth stopped, is makes them nervous, and shakes their so easily shaken "faith." I don't know about them, but nothing has ever shaken the faith of true believers. I think, deep down the "Christian Right" (which is neither, and I think they know that) knows that God would not favor ethnic or religious, genocide, and that makes them even more nervous.

Bush has performed, however, four quite unexpected and genuine miracles, so maybe he is the messiah. The first was actually getting people to believe his lies about "why we must attack Iraq." The second was to get the same people to buy the same argument again. The third was to do what the Democrats could not do, which was to convert so many swing voters away from the Republicans, and the fourth was to win an election for the Democrats last fall.

So, now, feeling he has the bible thumpers well in hand, the oil companies and No-Bid contractors, salivating (Hint to Dems, make No-Bid Contracts over $500.00 illegal.) with jillions in stolen treasury money from three nations pouring in (USA, Afghanistan and Iraq), no-bid contractor slush money at the ready, Bush will go forward with wary confidence.

He wants the war in full bloom for the 2008 election, so he can bamboozle the easily frightened, the drooling, slack-jawed and the clueless, and the "Christian Right" (which are neither Christian or Right) once again into voting Red. Now the "Christian Right" can feel very confident that the illusion of religious and ethnic genocide against the hated Muslims is a reality, some might even enlist, something many of those though flag wavers and bible thumpers, have assiduously avoided. They don't like the idea of people to which they have not been formally introduced, trying to blow them apart or shoot them.

There are at least three goals here aimed at by Bush aside from the phony smoke screen of his embracing of a Christian jihad and Renaissance. (The easiest way to end a fast growing religion which is not "Christian" Fascist, is to kill most of the existing offending Muslims, giving "Christian" Fascism a slight numerical edge. However, in so doing, my guess is that if God is not now a Muslim, these actions will perform the fifth miracle, by provoking His conversion to Muslimism. There are strong ages old and continuing, historical evidence, that God loves the ironic, and in sharp reversal, will suddenly favor an underdog.)

The first of the (at least) top three goals of Bushites is to get the oil. The second is to win in 2008 and the third is to make, (after victims, (2) Iran, (3) Syria, (4) Venezuela), number (5) which will be... Yes, the USA! However, just the Blue states, so do not worry...What am I saying? That is... US!

A World War, Bush is convinced (via Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, Perl and Company), will give Bushites the power and longevity of FDR. Then they can rename our nation something like; The Corporate States of Bushism. Because, let's face it, corporations have gotten this Alfred E, Newman Look-Alike President, to use the US Military for the Private wars of Profiteering, ProCorporate, Privateering, Pirates.

His first step after these wars or war, will be to complete the Martial Law he has initiated by eliminating Habeas Corpus in 9 of the 10 points of the Bill of Rights, through the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and then in true Hitlerian fashion, follow that up with chucking the Constitution and creating a new Constitutional Convention based on his trio of inspirational books; Hitler's Mein Kampf, Orwell's 1984, and a degenerated version of both Judeo/Christian Testaments.

However, that is not the end of the Bushite hypocrisy and blasphemy, there is also a chance that some "Christian" archeologist's will "discover" a new version of the bible which cites Bush as Messiah, (ala, Josiah) and Jesus' as an armed revolutionary Messiah, disarmed by frightened early church hierarchies to appeal to Constantine, thus justifying his and his "minister pals) using Jesus as then poster-Macho-man, for war. This "True Biblical" document may be "unearthed" in either Israel, or Iraq or some other conquered Mid-eastern nation.

The next step will be the initiation of a Theocratic National Constitution, overseen by a New World Order, Inquisition.

If you have been reading my columns and predictions here on, or on other news sources, or my Old Newsletters or my blogspot, you know that I predicted that ala 1984, Bush will be found, if an investigation is begun, to be funding terrorists to ensure, ala Orwell, an active, well funded enemy. I have more than hinted that Osama may be an ally of oily Bushites, supported now by the billions in cash that has disappeared from Iraq. This may come to light very quickly now, and though I first mentioned it four years ago, this would be the time to invoke a Special Prosecutor.

There is only one way to stop Bush and it must be done quickly. A special prosecutor must be invoked and Bush Cheney must be indicted. Attempting to stop them by new laws, will fail because Bush has the right of veto and the Dems do not have the numbers to over come the veto, and they cannot count on the Supreme Court to uphold the Constitution or any injunctions filed against attacking other nations.

Although things look bleak, there is always the possibility of a sixth miracle, which would end the whole scenario, but I would not count on it. Altruism does not appear to be this congress' or this Supreme Court's long suit.

Well, Almighty Father, the ball is firmly in Your Court. We were not all taken-in, and as You well know, some of us knew what was going to happen from the beginning, by Your kind grace of enlightenment. So, could you kindly give us a hand?
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