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The mission to crack the 911 case gains traction

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After shouting from the rooftops for months, regularly aggrevating friends and acquaintences and pestering outright strangers standing in line at the grocery store about the travesty of the 911 attacks, I am encouraged to see that the movement to get to the truth is gaining legitimate traction. A sober, sensible examination of the events of 911 by a growing number of once-duped Americans is well under way, bolstered by an impressive collection of professionals in a wide variety of fields. The taboo once attached to questioning your government is fading, and rightly so.  The deliberate, insidious lies and procedures that cloaked the facts about the horrible attacks - and later lured the American public and Congress to support the Iraq catastrophe - shows just what persons of the highest power are capable of - in pursuit of hidden agendas, engaged in the worst kind of group-think and without conscience.

Even as skillfull and determined as the detractors have been, with the presumed legitimacy of a federal government as their chief sponsor, the collective lightbulb about the official obfuscation of the truth, the motives behind - and the actual results of the 911 attacks is beginning to glow brightly. Any five significant elements of the largest crime and mass murder in US history simply can't pass the smell test of the average eigth grader. And taken in tandem, the excuses/apologies leading to the massive failures in predicting and preventing the attacks - along with the 'offical story' quickly presented to the public in the aftermath - would cause a second-rate, drunken defense attorney in an actual trial to laugh hysterically at the presiding judge. Not one shred of the 911 Commission's final report was subjected to, nor would pass the most basic of evidentiary scrutiny or verification. Each and every fact that contradicted the offical story, drawn from an immense body of evidence, had to be carefully and deliberately ignored in order to prop up the official version. The report is, in it's very essense, a carefully woven fairy tale created while navigating a minefield of political agendas. None of them, as is now obvious, were honorable.

The first public announcement from the newly formed 911 Investigative Commission was, "... we're not out to blame anyone..."

George Bush vigorously and repeatedly blocked the formation of any investigation into the attacks of 911. Wouldn't one wonder why?  He succeeded for over fourteen months until pressure from the 911 victim's families and the general public caused him to relent. And the political wrangling that made the investigation of the Iran/Contra debacle look like a grade school prank was on. Simply stated, the 911 Commission was formed as a body determined from the start to support the 'official version' of the events on 911, to the exclusion of volumes of contradictory evidence - and myriad documents and witness testimony to the contrary. A grand apology, for a grand and extraordinary sequence of utter failures of the political, intelligence and military apparatus of the United States. Yet a complete list of the nineteen alleged suicide hijackers, their photos and connections to al Qaeda and bin Laden was being broadcast by the mainstream bullhorn across the United States within hours - even though no Arab names were found on any passenger list of the hijacked flights.

Lo and behold, America's new enemy is quickly indentified and located.

I bought it, and so did you - admit it. I admit that I didn't have the courage to question, to doubt, to look closely. Few did at the time.

Immediately following the attacks, we Americans had a brand new enemy to replace the former Soviet Union - this time, a worldwide scourge pre-assembled for our convenience. Military spending and activity could be restored - even incresed - with new and wonderful weapons systems and places to use them. With public cohesion restored, we could all surrender a few of our constitutional rights, just a few at first, to insure that our protectors, with wonderful new powers, could weed out the alleged evil residing among us - and abroad. And the US could begin the long-sought return to the world's center stage with an attack in Afghanistan, the home base of the accused, and remarkably, a long-recognized area of US strategic interest. Then, with a solid foothold in, and access to the Caspian Basin's massive oil reserves secured, a campaign of fear and revenge would soon turn toward Iraq, yet another central US strategic interest. And Weapons of Mass Destruction are a serious matter to fear and a connection between Iraq and al Qaeda called for revenge... I mean justice, of course. Wait - was it Saddam bin Laden or Osama Hussein? No matter - in the end, a mix of fear and revenge is a winning combination for public cohesion, and a sure fire way to make American blood boil.  In fact, with only cursory review, each known, main objective of the members of The Project for a New American Century was miraculously being realized. Some of the members may be familiar - to include Bolton, Feith, Jeb Bush, Libby, Perle, Armitage, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and of course, Cheney.

What a silver lining hath a terrible attack such as 911.

A bit of groundwork. A few crucial facts too long overlooked, seldom connected, that cannot be disputed:

The World Trade Center Towers, were in fact, a growing economic disaster widely recognized by inner circles since shortly after their completion in the early 70's. The substantial construction flaws came to be a major embarrassment and the required repairs and rennovations for these immense structures over the years for safety and infrastructure purposes - including hundreds of millions in costs for upcoming, legally required asbestos removal - was daunting. Ignoring these fundmental, mounting economic realities may result in missing the reasons that the Trade Center Towers were 'terrorists targets' - twice within eight years. President Bush's younger brother Marvin was a member of the board of directors of the company that furnished security for the World Trade Center Complex. His company also provided security for Logan International Airport, (departure point for Flights 175 and 11, both of which stuck the WTC towers), and Dulles International Airport, (departure point for Flight 77 that struck the Pentagon). His company's contract was scheduled to expire on September 11, 2001. Numerous long-term, World Trade Center Tower employees described regular, highly unusual, and unexplained construction sounds eminating from distant floors of the buildings, months and weeks before the attacks. The North Tower experienced an announced, yet unprecedented power disruption, ostensibly for improvements and renovation during most of the weekend before 911. Entire security systems were rendered non-funtional and a number of witnesses reported a litany of highly unusual activity by groups of mysterious people, sometimes with large equipment that required wheels to move, often during the night. No video cameras worked. On 911, each of the WTC towers was struck into a floor containing a major, highly secure computer center - having received recent, significant upgrades and repairs.

With warnings systems blinking red, what a time to have your pants down:

The Bush administration had cut anti terror funding soon after assuming the White House, even though the bombing of the USS Cole and the US embassies in Tanzania and Zaire had yet to be addressed.  A stunning array of warnings eminated from no less than eleven foreign intelligence agencies including France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Russia and Syria in the months and weeks before the attacks. Some that were especially specific, warning of hijackings of commercial jets to be used as missles against US targets. Richard Clark, the chief counter-terrorism expert under four presidents had been removed from the president's inner circle months before by the National Security Advisor to the President, Condoleezza Rice. His daily, documented warnings about "an intelligence warning system blinking red" went ignored. He was repeatedly denied an audience with the president. Daily Presidential Briefs, (daily updated assessments of the most important national security threats), including one titled "bin Laden determined to strike inside the United States", and a variety of similar DPBs were also being ignored on a regular basis. George Bush was on vacation the entire month of August 2001.  At least two separate FBI investigations of young, hostile Arab men training at flight schools were halted by their supervisors. Various mid-level FBI managers instructed entire teams of translators of intelligence documents to allow the system to back up, ostensibly in order to acquire additional funding. A number of crucial documents were found to have been included in this backlog that clearly indicted an impending, unprecedented attack on US soil. Several supervisors of the Middle east section of the FBI later admitted to suffering from "warnings fatigue". The alleged chief hijacker, Mohammad Atta, received $100,000 in funding for the 911 operation weeks before the attacks from a Pakistani Intelligence Chief who was having breakfast with two high ranking US intelligence officials on Capital Hill - at the moment that the airliners struck the Trade Center Towers in New York. Several of the alleged hijackers implicated in the attacks by the FBI had prior associations with various federal agencies and officials. Five Israeli intelligence officers that videotaped the 911 attacks in New York from across the Hudson River were arrested, questioned and released by the FBI. Three of these agents were later interviewed on a Dutch television program and they each admitted to having been sent - days before - to document the event. In the months before the attacks, George Bush personally intervened, and instructed the FBI to "back off" their ongoing investigations into the bin Laden family. 

Dick Cheney calls Tom Daschle during the 911 Commission investigation, (then, the Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate), suggesting that the Democratic party would pay a real price if it attempted to air some of the pre 9/11 intelligence issues in public. (Daschle did, the democratic party did in the next election and the 911 Commission managed to re-obscure much of the pre 911 intelligence simply by ignoring it).

The execution and speaking of Cheney:

Vice-president Richard Cheney, four months prior to the 911 attacks, was granted complete command and control of the entire air defense system in the United States, an unprecedented deligation of presidential authority in US history. The week-long practice drills being held that day were originally scheduled to begin on October 10th, 2001. They were rescheduled to begin September 10th, 2001. One of the drills that day required a wide assortment of "false blips", ghost images - indiscernable to actual aircraft - to be inserted into the entire Federal Aviation Administration's network of radar screens. These drills also required the bulk of northeastern US air defensive interceptor jets to be dispatched to far flung areas, leaving the Washington and New York areas undefended - the most sensitive airspace on the planet including the nation's capital and the central command for all US military forces. When the attacks began, with President Bush in Florida, Richard Cheney was the acting Commander in Chief of the United States and was in complete control from the White House bunker.

No interceptor jets were dispatched until the last of the four airliners had crashed, and no jets from Andrews Air Force base - only 10 miles from DC were employed.

American Airlines Flight 77 reversed it's course, traveled east for well over forty minutes, (after it was known to be a hijacking), covering over 300 miles, and the large, lumbering passenger jet managed to evade separate, highly sophisticated military radar and executed a remarkable near circling of the Pentagon before impact. The Pentagon's multi-tiered missle system did not function. Donald Rumsfeld admitted on September 10, 2001 that nearly $2.3 trillion in Pentagon spending could not be accounted for. Flight 77 struck the area of the Pentagon that housed accounting offices. The unexplained $2.3 trillion losses have not been mentioned by the main stream media, nor by any military or political official in a public venue since. Three separate video tapes from fixed security cameras, two civilian and one belonging to the State of Virginia, were seized by the FBI within minutes of the impact and explosion at the Pentagon and have been classified. Countless FOIA requests for their release have been ignored.

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