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Dear Mr. President--You Are Not Special--Something You Forgot

Message Dennis Diehl

"Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me"

These are not words the current President of the United States and those who identify with his vision or lack of vision have ever understood.  In six years, no public and meaningful "peace talks" of the sort where humans gather to work out their differences peacefully have taken place.  This "War President" has a mindset that is sinking the entire planet into a mental funk and fear unprecidented in my lifetime. There is an ugly and dark spirit in this administration and almost a scoffing sneer that they will be more than happy to pass it all on to whichever side of the same coin is the highest bidder.  We will truly look back at this time in history as one of, and hopefully not just the beginning of, the darkest times in American history.  Not because of the events of 911, but because of what's behind it and the kinds of humans who slipped into place to lead us through it all, if lead is a word we can use.

We are all paying for the foolishness and folly of a relatively few powerful narcissists (those around whom all things spin) and even psychopaths (A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse). We have allowed wealthy families to become our Dynasties of choice by election two or more members of the same family to high positions where, evidently, they continue for decades to do all they can to give one impression while acting out their dramas at our expense. Personally, I'd like a rule somewhere that no two members of the same family can ever run for President of the United States.  This would prevent dynastic family agendas from playing out. Ok, I am naive. 

Sooner or later human beings on this beautiful blue and green planet are going to have to decide that peace is a function of one human mind at a time. Whether God is your Father, Allah, Jesus or Buddah, human minds, one after the other and in agreement have to change for the good and cooperate with a deeper knowing that if religion won't reveal it to you, quantum physics can. We are one in the same and we all belong to that same one thing. Every atom in your body has spent time in every other life form and person on the planet and today you will inhale some of the same ones that leaders around the world and the poorest of the poor did as well a few weeks or years ago.

Every atom that makes up our body was born in the combustion of stars and the body you physically have today is not made up of the stuff it was made up of just seven years ago. Your skin is new every thirty days. Your blood is new every three months. Your organs are new every year and all we do is retain the form of ourselves in ways that the new can replace the old. Be nice if a bad liver would disappear in a year, but the form of badness stays and gets replaced with badness. If it is good, it gets replaced with goodness and health. Plainly and literally, we on this planet are all one and the same, divided by boundaries, language and religion, but not in our being all one and of the same one thing.

Peace begins in each heart and mind and is not something you demand of others before demanding it of yourself. Everyone....look at me! Are you looking at me? Put down your damn weapons. Look your "enemies" in the face. Look at their children. Look at the wives, partners and relatives. Listen to their hopes and dreams and see how they cry just like you do when the sh*t hits their fan, delivered by you perhaps. The fact that George Bush and Dick Cheney sleep at night is probably an indication that "it's no longer my problem" is the benefit they will enjoy when they have to leave office...if they don't come up with a way not to.

If I had to guess what we really are as humans, I'd say pure consciousness trapped in a limited five sensed carbon based wetsuit that gives the real "self" a way to get around, live a life and "see" what reality is. Of course there are so many ways to see and so many frequencies that we don't see or hear or experience, so we have to understand that all we see is not there is to see.

Sometimes I remind myself, when my ego is getting in the way, that I am pure conscious awareness having this experience and looking out through these eyes to process what's out there, which is really not out there at all when you understand it. Everything that seems out there, is a movie of frequency interpretation after it passes through some or all of our five senses. It's in our head and appears to be out there. Or as one person said and can give you a lot to think about, "whatever a tree is, it is not green." Green is the color a frequency of reflected light gives our brain to work with after it is turned into an electrical signal and passed on through the retina to the brain. The green of a tree is the frequency rejected by the tree and reflected to us. Frequencies are like bringing movies to the theatre to be played and give consciousness a sample of what is out there. Even though it is being played "in here."  Few humans will ever understand that we only experience whatever is "out there" in our heads and never completely. Maybe that's a good thing.

Remember the question about if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? I thought that was a joke as a kid, but the answer is no, it doesn't make a sound. It makes waves of frequency as it falls. The sound ONLY occurs AFTER the waves pass thru the eardrums of sentinent beings and are changed from waves to electrical signals to what we hear as sound. It all happens in the head. The world before it reaches our ears is silent. The world before it reaches our eyes is undefined and without color and form. And because what we call touch is really the resistance the atoms in our fingers feel to things touched, we never ever really touch anything. The feel of touch is the repulsion of touch by forces. You and i have never "touched" anything yet in our lives. We have felt their push back so they can't be touched. Like pushing the two positive ends of a magnet together. We feel the force and the "touch" but they don't touch unless forced and even then they don't literally touch. Perhaps if we really touched, at the atomic level, we'd explode into the thing we touched.

The fact is that in real ways we are all ONE and belong to the same ONE thing. This has nothing to do with religion, where you grew up on the planet or the hatred you and I were taught for others not like us. Once humans can realize we are all one and the same with just a very few difference in melanin levels and few tweeks of DNA switches for differences in outward form, perhaps we can make some progress.

Realizing we are all one and the same part of the one thing could end the tension we all are experiencing on the planet. Leaders would stop blustering, threatening and scaring the hell out of us all if they learned this first. Perhaps trickle down oneness would be a good thing to discuss first before one side demands this or that from the other, or the other side threatens them with annihilation. If all humans share 99.6% of the DNA of a chimp, then perhaps Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Gentiles, Shia and Sunni might be just a tad closer than we realize. Perhaps not we might suspect in some cases. I suspect the who Middle Eastern quagmire is merely a family fued between close cousins anyway. We're all ONE...ONE! Put down the damn guns, knives, RPG's, bombs and conflicting religious memes and lookt each other in the face. We are all ONE and part of the One SAME THING. Jerk!

We're going to learn this lesson one way or another. We can "realize it" through intelligent leadership, which would mean that most of the leaders on the planet would have to step down and be replaced by teachers, not those that think they already know everything and can twist it all to personal advantage. It means no more "my God can kick your god's ass." The whole Old Testament is the story of the jealous God kicking everyone's ass into obedience and the New Testament for Christians is the story of the kinder, gentler Son of the Kick Ass God urging humans to turn the other cheek. Somewhere along the line one of the gods realized that we're all ONE and part of the same ONE thing. Gods evolve you know in human understanding.

We need peace. Peace between people and peace between nations so all can prosper. We need compassion and those who don't have the ability to be this way with others simply need to consider your time of influence over. Go get a job and make your millions honestly and then use some of it to actually help the other parts of the ONE that are connected to you whether you know it or not.

You fat ass religious leaders need to get out of your bunkers and put your "knowing" on the line. Don't walk among your friends offering blessings and preaching to the choirs. Walk among your enemies and learn from them. Don't tell them what you think. Ask them what they think and then share what you think and then remind each other of the "we're all one" thing. Don't take a gun and don't use bodyguards. Have a little faith in your message of positive awareness. If you die, we'll get someone else who doesn't piss off the masses as much and can communicate better. Or if you are really worried about it, you can send someone who has not been such a butthead in the past and enjoys the ability to teach reconciliation where you evidently could only stir the pot for Jesus, YHVH or Allah.

We're all ONE folks. Right down to the atoms in our bodies that we have shared with stars, dinosaurs, Neanderthals and the Princess of Wales. Glad to say that the atoms of the leaders of the Axis of Evil and the Decider have mixed too and shared the one, so your "us vs. them" mentality is bogus. They are us and you is them George and Dick. I feel a bit awkward calling the President and VP George and Dick. However, in this context, they are no different than anyone else.  I would say they have forgotten, but after hearing Barbara Bush, shortly after Katrina say,

“And so many of the people in the arenas here you know, were underprivileged anyway. This is working very well for them.”

I knew we were in trouble and the Bush family was not really part of the same one thing we all are.  It's more like seeing the world through the eyes of Paris Hilton.

Smultsy I know but IF there is ever to be peace on earth, it really does have to begin with Me and You and Us and Them. Not so different actually. All one and the same part of the one same thing in the universe that is giving our limited five sensed, carbon based wetsuit incased consciousness a chance to learn from it all and keep growing towards something that is for everyone and not the chosen few. Add a few hundred more ways of seeing than we now have and eliminate all the filters something has installed to not see what we can't presently see and it could be quite an experience.


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Dennis Diehl is a former pastor of 26 years,  who outgrew the Literalism of Fundamentalism.  He writes about Pastoral and Church abuse and is available to speak on such topics or be helpful to any church suffering under abusive (more...)

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