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Nemesis Your Time Has Come

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Message dave stanley

America has been run full time by gangsters for a very long time now, ever since J.F.K. Prior to J.F.K., America was run by gangsters part time.
These were the people that sold off all of America's industrial prowess, installed the war industrial complex as the nation's backbone industry.

These corrupt people have profited greatly by America's demise. It was all going according to their great schemes, until the Neocons had grandiose ideas that somehow with the grand chess board, that Zbigniew Brzezinski had it right. They had no idea that his master plan was not only unbelievably stupid for a man in his position to write, but also it would be the death blow to not only America, but also for the NWO, Rothschild, Rockefeller, and all the rest of the village idiots that ascribed to the plan. By way of the American Soldiers arrogance, they turned what should of been a standing ovation freedom march, to get rid of Saddam. into a murder,rape ,torture and looting spree . Instead of setting out to win the Hearts and minds of the Iraqi and the war, they set out to prolong the war ,so the industrial war complex was kept greased. Where British soldiers dressed as Arabs instigated all kinds of ill deeds to promote and enemy where there was none. Then the arrogant of Mr bush and his handlers refused to cut their loses and it has come to this slaughter of all these people. and the bankrupting of America and other Euro and Anglo countries Economies. By way of a fraudulent derivatives scheme to sell BBB and worse than shaky loans derivatives as AAA financial instruments. which are guaranteed .

The banks of America cannot pay the Debt, the due date is today.

That they thought they could build a NWO built on gangster-ism is another amazingly stupid idea that only gangsters could dream up. Their plan, Project for the New American Century which was to take over the world, will go down in history as a blunder so poorly executed that it brought down all the evil that was behind it, along with America. Perhaps the rest of the Anglo and Euro world governments and their economies as well. They thought everybody was sleeping. They held all the levers of power, that no one would notice, much less care what they did . If it wasn't such a sordid affair, it would be laughable. They let too many senile old fools run the gangster order. It will cost them everything.

America is bankrupt, the debt is beyond repayment, the due date for it is today. The result is a complete blowout of the Anglo Euro world economy a historic event that will become a pivotal point in Man kinds history. Even 911, the self inflicted attack, in which they murdered Americans to get at Iraq's oil, was bungled so badly that only fools and village idiots are left believing the fairy tale they concocted to cover it up. A complete reporting of your financial backing puts your debt at 120 trillion, while your income is only 13 trillion. The war itself has turned into a major defeat where according to Veterans For Peace through their freedom of information request reveals that 73,000 Americans have lost their lives and another 248,000 are crippled for ever. The fools running the N.W.O. thought that a standing army could take out a determined civilian population. They never understood what Henry Kissinger meant when he said, "American soldiers are just grunts to be used in America's foreign policy." Standing armies are no match for a determined population. Look at Palestine for a good reference or how farmers in rags tore up Britain's red coats. ( Google( Black watch)) The Queen's Regiment an all conscript Regiment .
The Iraq war was the biggest war blunder ever since the British entered Iraq In 1915 after the close of WW1. Great Britain thought that even it's great Empire could defeat Iraq ,that ended in England's biggest war blunder until they entered Iraq in 2003.

The arrogance of the N.W.O. to have thought they could build space weapons to control the planet is another extremely ignorant scheme currently being tested. It is not going to work, for "what goes up, must come down," as the old saying goes.

The people of Earth have had enough of their war-for-profit dealings. We not only demand they stop all their wars, but if they don't, there will be hell to pay.
We have no need of war. Those that have made large sums of money off war will be held accountable and made to repay the money they got from their scum bag working habits. America's war industrials must be turned into peace industrials . The people of Earth no longer will put up with war mongering. Italians have brought down their government. Soon Americans will do the same to their government. Those in government had better come clean now or they will be held accountable. The N.W.O.'s machinations have been so badly executed that it has laid bare the fact that their's is a shadow government. That it is malicious and bent on world domination in order to enslave mankind. The facts are becoming very clear on this: they can no longer hide. When 80% of the American people demand they stop the war ,while both parties refuse to do as commanded by the people . Americans know the gig is up, last to usually know anything, The Americans are catching on. Foreclose your houses Americans, they want you enslaved .

There are two ways we can go about addressing this issue. Either you heed the fact that we the people of earth are now onto your schemes .Please put on a new mask, and hope we are blind. Or the people of Earth will begin attacking it outright, holding public guillotine parties. The days of the N.W.O. are drawing to a close. Either you're with us or against us. There are ways to bring you to your senses. You can witness some of them in the financial sector. The word is out, don't buy, don't consume, sell off all stocks, buy gold, and let them rot. The N.W.O. will no longer threaten mankind openly . Make no mistake about this. No bombs, guns, or underground security bunkers will save it . The media will no longer permit printed lies or omit information. All your security, spy machines, and all of your forces of evil are finished. This is only the opening round. We wish you would accept this opportunity to work with humanity with good will. If you fail to understand,then The people will openly respond with more financial chaos which will hopefully negate any misgivings you might still have.As more and more Americans realize their plight they to will join in the chorus.

The N.W.O. is out of order ! While we take heart that we can build a better world than you can. We certainly will not create enemies or begin preemptive needless wars where 1.2 million innocent people are murdered. We certainly will not be arrogant as to think we can own the planet. For we already know that all men are created equal, that if there is an injustice anywhere there is injustice everywhere. The American people pin their hopes on one man, Ron Paul. If he does not prevail, we shall see that the Americans will begin to bombard your installations with negative money bombs that reduce their military spending to a trickle. So come to your senses. It's over for the gangster N.W.O., let freedom ring ,your watered down facsimile will not do.Your Money is no longer good, a new one must be devised. Preferably with gold backing. With a global governance of international financial transactions that can be trusted. As Gordon Brown of the U.K. has brought up . The dictator of the world stance by the Decider, has inadvertently destroyed your currency ,economy and your army.  It is time to build a peace army,a peace industrial base all around the world .based on a level playing field .

Bastille Day by Rush

Theres no bread, let them eat cake
Theres no end to what theyll take
Flaunt the fruits of noble birth
Wash the salt into the earth

But they're marching to bastille day la guillotine will claim
Her bloody prize free the dungeons of the innocent the king
Will kneel, and let his kingdom rise

Bloodstained velvet, dirty lace
Naked fear on every face
See them bow their heads to die
As we would bow as they rode by

And were marching to bastille day la guillotine will claim
Her bloody prize sing, o choirs of cacophony the king has
Kneeled, to let his kingdom rise

Lessons taught but never learned
All around us anger burns
Guide the future by the past
Long ago the mould was cast

For they marched up to bastille day la guillotine -- claimed
Her bloody prize hear the echoes of the centuries power isnt
All that money buys
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