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Why this Republican says VOTE NO TO MCCAIN/ PALIN

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Rage from a disenfranchised republican

My fellow Republicans,

Thank you. Thank you George Bush, Dick Cheney, John Mccain, and everyone who has supported this new liberal, out of control spending version of the republican platform for the complete implosion of our party. I think those of you that chose to support Bush regardless of his horrific policies bare a lot of the blame for the current surge of liberalism in this country. Those spineless liberals can't stop the flow of BS coming from the white house even now with their majority in both houses of congress, and they showed they couldn't filibuster their way out of a paper bag when Republicans had the majority for 12 of the last 14 years, and the white house for the last 8, and yet we somehow can credit them with getting us to this terrible place in our nation's history?? They bare the blame for our country being run into the ground in this epic fashion?? You can not be serious. Going around blaming the liberals for this incredible, unimaginable 11 trillion dollar debt that your president and Republican controlled congress has bestowed upon us is ridiculous. We are the party of self accountability, are we not?? It is people like minority leader Mitch Mcconnell, John Mccain, and other fake republicans who have completely disenfranchised the nation from our party's platform. Mitch Mcconnell, in his desperate ads running in Kentucky to keep his seat in the senate, stated that he was able to bring millions of dollars in federal money back to Kentucky last year while they only paid in (i forget the figure) an amount far far lower. What in the hell is Republican about that?? To be proud that you siphoned tax money out of other hurting states plagued with job loss and foreclosure to your undeserving state? That is supposed to be commendable??

I think we really need to open our eyes to what in the hell our party is supposed to stand for. Aren't we to stand for balanced budgets, peace, small limited government and no special privileges for anyone? (THIS INCLUDES HETEROSEXUALS. GAYS ARE NO LESS ENTITLED TO THE RIGHT TO MARRY JUST BECAUSE YOUR BIBLE SAYS OTHERWISE. RELIGION DOESN'T DICTATE LAWS HERE. THIS IS AMERICA, NOT IRAN. ) Did George Bush not stand there and tell us in 2000 we are for a HUMBLE foreign policy, NO nation building and no policing of the world? No social programs at the cost of working folks and no out of control spending? Wake up Republicans, your party has accomplished NONE OF THIS and they had 6 solid years of complete legislative and congressional control to do it. Was it just not enough time? What other excuses are you going to make for these people?? This election season, they deserve to have their worthless lying asses handed to them, after passing a $3.2 Trillion dollar budget for 2008. $3.2 Trillion?!? What effing planet did these "Republicans" come from???

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We need to face the facts and admit this war was a beyond disastrous choice that was totally unnecessary, completely unorganized, planned more poorly than any operation in our country's history and it was orchestrated by people that never even bothered to measure the economic consequences (oh yeah, you were real spot on with that whole "it'll take 6 months, cost a billion dollars and it will all be paid for by Iraqi Oil." Nice prediction Ms. Cleo). Taking on a nation that every intelligence agency deemed not even remotely threatening to our country at the cost of the collapse of our economy is somehow conservative?? What are we saying to the rest of the country? The Republican way to remove a splinter is to use a chainsaw?? This idiot president's absurd deficit spending and horrific foreign and domestic policies are what caused this liberal avalanche. Everyone thinks these past 8 years represent a Republican run country, and why wouldnt they?? They had a vast majority in congress and a Republican president, what else could they possibly be led to believe?? They are led to believe that the housing collapse is a consequence of the free market, and why wouldn't they?? Idiot republicans de-regulated everything like they were supposed to EXCEPT FOR THE CREATION OF CREDIT, which is the very thing that should have been regulated!!! It's not a free market when banks have license to create money on a computer, take huge risks with it and get a handout from the government when it blows up in their face! Again I ask- WHAT IS REPUBLICAN ABOUT THAT?? Now we have a nation filled with people looking for government coddling in the housing market! Thanks Republicans! Rolling back environmental laws while corporations destroy the planet, and we expect no fallout from voters when it is linked to rises in retardation, disease and illness?? What planet are we living on??? It's people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity who have worked tirelessly to keep any accountability off of this president and current crop of Republicans and somehow have the gall to blame these impotent liberals who have controlled congress not even the past 2 years. WE ARE THE PARTY OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND WE SHOULD ACT LIKE IT.

We need to tell John Mccain and Sarah Palin to shove it. Why? Because they don't represent us, and they don't represent our party. The $850 billion taxpayer funded bailout?? Raising taxes so they can hand it off to irresponsible banks, just so they can loan it back to us to "keep the economy going"?? Are we a nation of 6 year olds with no comprehension of deductive logic? Am I in the twilight zone and it's the conservative candidate pushing for this?? Of course I'd expect it from the liberal candidate, but the conservative?? What the hell country is this?? We can then move on to both McCain and Obama supporting the recording of innocent Americans' phone calls without a judge's consent, as well as sifting through their emails with no probable cause! WHAT THE HELL. Has no one read the 4th amendment?? The founding father's would be vomitting in public after learning of this! Are we so arrogant to say the founding fathers and Colonial Americans all the way down to 8 years old spilled their blood to fight off the British Liberals just to have their own government monitoring it's own citizens and thumbing their nose at the simple principles they outlined for this country?? WHAT THE HELL. The NSA has even been caught recording intimate phone calls from our soldiers' to their wives and girlfriends back home using this program! And you dare to drive around with a "support the troops" sticker on your car?! Again i ask- what the hell!! Choosing Mccain over Obama? If our nation were a toddler and we were choosing a babysitter, voting Mccain would be like choosing a child molestor just because the alternative was a convicted child murderer- far worse! Would you use your same stupid lesser of 2 evils argument there, too? 

I don't like these associations Obama has to Ayers, or his "muslim" ties, whatever that means, but so what! They've also tried to say Christian preacher Jeremiah Wright somehow shaped Obama's mind with 20 years of spiritual counseling. So which is it? The guy is a Christian for 20 years and a secret Muslim at the same time? This is all so ridiculous! These stupid accusations cheapen the whole political process because they are purely inflamatory and play to only the most ignorant of voters. The founding fathers specifically said no man's religion should ever be called into question when running for public office and should be of no consideration whatsoever in your decision on who to vote for. Maybe the Bush's and Cheney's of the world no longer care about what the founders had to say, but I sure as hell do. Shame on every Republican who irresponsibly handed off their vote to this man without performing their ONE crucial role as an American- TO KEEP OUR ELECTED LEADERS ACCOUNTABLE WITH THE POWER OF OUR VOTE. Giving it away in mindless fashion to a man who said the Constitution was "just a damn piece of paper"?? He has tied for the lowest approval rating of all president's in our nation's history with A- bomb dropping Harry Truman! Congratulations Bush Republicans, you have succeeded in alienating the vast majority of the American electorate who now decide our fate on Tuesday. Good one. Next time you're in court why don't you chastise the jury for thinking differently than you, I hear it's a great strategy.

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Allow me to close this angry letter with a plea. From one Republican to another PLEASE don't vote for John Mccain. Your vote is not going to matter anyway, the dam has already broken and our party is nothing but the trees standing in the path of the Obama tsunami. He will win in landslide fashion, and you have yourselves and George Bush to blame. You should do what you should have done 4 years ago and vote with a clear conscience tomorrow for someone who deserves it. An actual conservative, be it Bob Barr, pastor Chuck Baldwin, or whoever. All of the blame for this huge Obama surge lies solely on the shoulders of congressional Republicans, media figures like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News and the like, George Bush, and all of you who irresponsibly laid down for this idiot president. If we would have just kept them to what they promised- balanced budgets, constitutional government and a reduction in government size- we would not be in this predicament. Republicans deserve to be handed crushing defeats this election season and I hope they get what is coming to them, regardless of what these backstabbing socialist Democrats have in store for us. WE are supposed to be the party of principle- act like it! DON'T VOTE MCCAIN PALIN. Show the establishment we actually give a damn about candidates who follow through on what they promise.

Or helplessly vote for McCain while crying "pretty please do the right thing! But if you don't I'll still vote for you in 4 years anyway."

Yeah. That'll show em.

Jeremy Frombach
one disenfranchised, disgusted Republican


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